The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 31

When Jiang Miao arrived downstairs at Ye Group’s building, the number of people in the live stream had exceeded 30 million in just one hour, and the director of the “Back to Nature” program was laughing from ear to ear.

When a group of people entered Ye Group’s Building, the bullet screen immediately filled with praises. The front desk had made arrangements in advance to lead Jiang Miao and her assistant Xiao Zhou to the conference room. Jiang Miao looked at the bullet screen on the screen and asked Xiao Zhou to switch the camera at everyone’s request, and now everyone could see the working environment of Ye Group’s Building.

As the headquarters of Ye Group, the building naturally exuded a magnificent atmosphere, looking simple and low-key, but could feel the comfort and luxuriously through the details.

It’s now 8:50 am, and the company’s employees have arrived one after another. The men were in suits and leather shoes in high spirits, and the women were dignified, capable, and elegant, making netizens envious.

[This is my ideal place to work.]

[Chasing stars makes me motivated. I want to work in such a company after graduation.]

[I found out that I had become a fan of a great idol, and suddenly I had the motivation to work hard.]

[By the way, are looks one of the things Ye Group’s recruitment looking for? Everyone looks good, especially the girl in front, she’s so pretty!! Baby Miao, let us take another look.]

Xiao Zhou has been paying attention to the messages from netizens. After seeing it, he didn’t think much and pointed his phone directly at the pretty girl at the elevator entrance.

The other party was standing sideways, from this angle, it was evident that she was wearing a beige French irregular suit dress with a dignified personality. Her long hair was tied loosely behind her head, revealing her slender neck. She wore a small black pearl earring on the ears, adding a touch of sexiness and playfulness.

The morning light from the skylight opposite fell on her body, outlining her perfect profile, which was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes away.

[Ah, ah, ah, this figure, this disposition, this profile! How did she manage to be both beautiful and outstanding?]

[I want to see her face. I think she alone can be my motivation to work hard to go to Ye Group! I want to work at Ye Group to chase the goddess!]

[+1 if you want to see her full face, I’m ready to take screenshots, I have a hunch that she’s no worse than a celebrity.]

Jiang Miao felt a little confused when she saw the large number of comments praising others, and declined, “It’s not very appropriate to take pictures of people like this…”

Before she could say the word “okay”, the pretty girl over there seemed to notice the movement and suddenly turned her head to look over.

Jiang Miao took a breath and frowned subconsciously, “Tang Nuan?”

Tang Nuan saw her and smiled brightly, “Baby Miao, you’re here already?”

[Oh my god, it turns out that her full face is more beautiful! I’m going to be dead by this beauty. A goddess!]

[Ah, does she know Jiang Miao?]

[What did Jiang Miao call her just now? Tang Nuan? Is she Tang Nuan?]

It was not surprising that people didn’t recognize her immediately. Tang Nuan’s previous hot searches were all about her sexy and charming style, especially in the past two days when the entire online has been hyping the excellence and capable goddess Jiang Miao. As a comparison, Tang Nuan, on the other hand, was a malicious good-for-nothing who only clung to men, was overly suspicious, and framed other excellent women. Thus, no one expected her to appear here.

Seeing that many netizens who were not clear about the entanglement were still praising Tang Nuan’s appearance, Jiang Miao’s fans became angry.

[Why is she here? Could it be that she knew that our Baby Miao was going to cooperate with the Ye Group and deliberately came to stare at people?]

[She forced Baby Miao to avoid suspicion and Young Master Ye could only sit in on the projects he’s responsible for. What else does she want?]

There were many passers-by in the livestream this time. They came to see the project demonstration content and Ye Shuyan but were not clear about the entanglement.

[What’s wrong with this girl?]

[After checking, I found out that this is the fiancée of President Ye’s company. I just wanted to say who could be worthy of such a beautiful goddess, but it turns out she is my idol.]

[Worthy? Laughing to death. She only looks good on the outside. If she’s confident, why would she follow our Baby Miao?]

[She might as well just stick herself to President Ye from now on. There are so many women in the world who want to compete with her for men, just to live of men. Truly low.]

[She lives up to her reputation as a thick-skinned woman and greets people so familiarly, green tea bitch*.]

(green tea bitch*­­ – young girls who appear innocent and refined but in reality, have a corrupted life, selling their bodies)

Fans were foul-mouthed, and some people couldn’t stand it anymore.

[Aren’t some people in the livestream speaking too harshly? What’s so strange about President Ye’s fiancée appearing in the Ye Group building? On the other hand, you started attacking someone else’s fiancée as soon as you saw her, aren’t you feeling guilty?]

[Who’s feeling guilty? Why are we attacking her? Isn’t it because she framed our Baby Miao?]


Jiang Miao’s fans’ combat power was explosive, and others were also just and forceful. There was a sudden commotion on the screen, but the administrator responded quickly and banned the comment. Jiang Miao’s fans seemed to have won a great victory.

Jiang Miao has turned the camera to herself. As for Tang Nuan’s greeting, she just nodded her head reservedly in response, and anyone could see that she was half-hearted.

[The fact that she can make our Baby Miao angry shows how disgusting that woman is.]

The elevator arrived, and the front desk wanted to invite them all to go up. Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Miao’s expression, smiled, and let Jiang Miao and the others go up first. She decided to take the one next to her.

[At least she’s tactful.]

[Isn’t this self-humiliating? How hilarious.]

The location of this live stream was arranged in the conference room on the fifteenth floor. The signal in the elevator was not good. When Jiang Miao came out, she saw that most of the messages were derogatory towards Tang Nuan, and she felt much better.

She couldn’t help but mock in her heart, that Tang Nuan was overestimating her abilities.

“Miss Jiang, welcome.” A clear and magnetic voice sounded and Jiang Miao raised her head. Xiao Zhou quickly turned his camera towards the incoming person.

The bullet screen became excited again.

[I originally came to watch the project, but I first saw all the handsome guys and beautiful women. It was a feast for the eyes.]

[Wow, the Ye family’s genes are really good, isn’t it? Is this Second Young Master Ye? He’s so handsome!]

Jiang Miao couldn’t help but feel a hint of amazement in her eyes when she looked at the man in front of her. Ye Shuchen used to be lazy and dressed casually. Today, he was wearing an iron-gray slim-fitting suit, a black shirt paired with a pearlescent silver-gray tie, outlining his tall and straight figure with broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. He stood there politely, lacking a bit of wildness from the past and adding a touch of yuppie flavor.

He curled his lips and smiled at Jiang Miao, “This way, please.”

A scream suddenly erupted from the bullet screen.

[What should I do? I also like this one, Second Young Master Ye. It looks like a good match for our Baby Miao. The yuppie boss and his sweet wife.]

Jiang Miao saw some emotions flashing through her eyes from the screen and quickly put on a smile to introduce him, “Well, let me introduce him, this is President Ye’s younger brother Ye Shuchen, and he will be hosting the live stream of the project presentation.”

Ye Shuchen blinked at the camera and said, “I’m looking forward to working with Miss Jiang.”

[Ah, ah, ah, so handsome, is he interested in Baby Miao?]

[With my eyes full of love, I do feel a bit spoiled.]

Jiang Miao’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly smiled, “Okay, the meeting will start in five minutes. I’ll quickly introduce you to my new friends.”

In the conference room, Susan and the key developers of Nuanyang System had already arrived. Jiang Miao had worked with them in the past two days and immediately stepped forward to greet them with a warm hug.

The live stream equipment was switched from Jiang Miao’s mobile phone to the panoramic live broadcast equipment that was arranged in the conference room in advance yesterday, resulting in clearer shooting angles and images.

At the same time, the live stream on Ye Group’s official website was also started.

Assistant Shen, who was in charge of the hotel upgrade project, greeted Jiang Miao with a smile and expressed a warm welcome, complimenting her, “This project is thanks to Miss Jiang’s mediation. I would like to thank you on behalf of the company.”

Jiang Miao said modestly, “Not at all. It’s all Erica.” Then she faced the camera and introduced the Nuanyang System team to the audience in the live stream, “This is Susan, who is mainly responsible for the operation of the Nuanyang System. This is Ryan, he is responsible for the core technology of the Nuanyang System, and this is…” She finished introducing them one by one and finally asked with a smile, “Of course, the biggest contributor is Erica, she is the founder of this system.”

“Where is she? Why hasn’t she arrived yet?” Jiang Miao asked casually. Up to now, she didn’t care whether Erica arrived or not. It would be better if Erica didn’t come, and the stage would be hers.

However, she was destined to be disappointed. Susan smiled and said, “She will be here soon. She was waiting for the elevator just now.”

Jiang Miao smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to this day so much. We’ve been on the phone and video only, haven’t seen her for a long time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and a familiar voice came with a smile, “I have been looking forward to this day too, Baby Miao.”

Jiang Miao was stunned and turned around to look at the person. Her expression couldn’t help but show a hint of edginess. Ye Shuchen next to her was a little surprised, thinking that she was here to cause trouble, so he stepped forward to stop the person, “Miss Tang…”

However, before he finished speaking, he heard Susan say in surprise, “Erica!”

Immediately afterward, the members of the Nuanyang team greeted Tang Nuan enthusiastically, “Erica, long time no see! I miss you so much!”

“I miss you too!” Tang Nuan hugged them and then winked playfully at Jiang Miao.

Jiang Miao froze immediately, her mind was blank, completely couldn’t understand what was going on. What did Susan and the others call her?!

In the live stream, those quick-witted fans shouted insults as soon as Tang Nuan appeared on the screen.

[This woman is endless, isn’t she disgusting?”]

It was a satirize of the warm embrace between the Nuanyang System team and Tang Nuan.

Normal netizens who were suppressed before could finally speak now.

[Haha, who is the one disgusting here?]

[Hahaha, I found that Jiang Miao is a master of humor, and everything she does is a joke. Before, she sympathized with Tang Nuan’s family’s misfortune and said it was chaotic. It turned out that her mental state was so good. Now as Erica’s good friend, she doesn’t know her at all.]

[It’s not that she doesn’t recognize her at all, she’s annoying!]

[When I thought about how she met Tang Nuan in the elevator just now, Tang Nuan took the initiative to greet her, but she ignored her and when she got upstairs, she gave her a big blow. She and Erica were good friends who hadn’t seen each other for many years and it turned out to be this kind of friendship? This is hilarious.]

[So, to summarize: Jiang Miao said that the Nuanyang System project was discussed and developed with her good friend Erica, but she doesn’t know Erica. What is the conclusion?]

[Tsk, tsk, I thought it was a live project presentation, but I didn’t expect it to be a mystery show. So, is this project credit of Jiang Miao or Tang Nuan?]

Although it has been asked this way, everyone has the answer in them.

However, Jiang Miao’s fans didn’t want to believe it and stubbornly cleared the air.

[Tang Nuan definitely can’t be Erica. She must have chosen such a name deliberately because she couldn’t stand it when everyone praised Baby Miao’s abilities and wanted to create trouble here.]

[Who knows if she bribed the team members to act? If she has the ability, she can do it herself! If she can present today, I will twist off my head and use it as a ball for her to kick!]

There was a commotion in the livestream. After Tang Nuan finished greeting everyone, she opened her arms toward Jiang Miao and smiled brightly, “Idol, are you surprised? Is it unexpected?”

Jiang Miao clenched her teeth and tried to maintain her expression, her mind racing, trying to figure out what was going on.

However, Tang Nuan had already stepped forward and helped her find an excuse with a smile, “Alright, let’s stop teasing the audience. The dramatic effect has been achieved and if we continue, everyone will misunderstand us again.”

She reached out and embraced Jiang Miao gently, chuckling in her ear in a voice that only two people could hear, “Don’t worry, I like your family jade very much, so I will keep my promise. Today I am your fanatical fan!”

It’s her!!!

Her eldest brother’s precious jade, and the person she had been trying so hard to please these days was Tang Nuan…

A surge of anger surged from her chest toward her head, causing Jiang Miao to tremble with anger. She clenched her teeth and tried to control her expression, but as if it wasn’t enough, Tang Nuan held her shoulders affectionately and asked her to face the camera, “Idol, pay attention to your expression.” She looked over at Xiao Zhou’s phone and said, “Wow, there are 80 million people in the livestream.”

She looked at Jiang Miao with admiration, “The traffic of the Almighty Goddess is indeed well-deserved!”

Jiang Miao: ……

At this moment, she wanted to reach out and tear the face in front of her to pieces! However, she couldn’t do anything. She even had to put on a natural expression, and her palms almost started to bleed clutching them.

Ye Shuchen sensed something was wrong, stepped forward extending his hand towards Tang Nuan, and used the handshake to block Jiang Miao on his side, “Miss Tang, what’s going on?”

Tang Nuan tilted her head and smiled, “Isn’t this a surprise?” She imitated Jiang Miao’s previous words and said seriously, “Originally, I didn’t want to return to my home country for development, but who made me a fanatic fan of Baby Miao? As soon as she spoke, I came back immediately.”

[Hahahaha… I can’t believe her. This woman has lied in front of everyone in the livestream without changing her expression.]

[No, I laughed so much that my stomach hurt. I realized that Miss Tang is an old hermaphrodite*. As a project developed by President Ye’s fiancée, Princess Jiang must also be involved in it to reach cooperation with the Ye Group. This is the funniest joke of the year.]

(old hermaphrodite* – an internet buzzword to describe people who are good at using irony and metaphor to express their opinions.)

Ye Shuchen was worried about the livestream and said teasingly, “You eat, drink, and have fun like me all day long, but you can create such a powerful system. It’s amazing.”

Was this implying that Tang Nuan was posing under a pretense? Tang Nuan was about to speak when an indifferent voice came from the door, “You know quite a lot.”

Everyone turned around and saw a tall and handsome man appearing at the door of the conference room. He had a pair of phoenix eyes similar to Ye Shuchen, but his temperament was cold and full of authority.

Everyone instinctively stood up straight and Ye Shuchen touched his nose, “Big Brother.”

Ye Shuyan nodded, and then his eyes fell on Tang Nuan. Tang Nuan gave him a dignified and appropriate smile. Ye Shuyan’s expression didn’t seem to show any change, but everyone felt that the atmosphere had relaxed a bit.

Assistant Wen who was next to him raised his hand and looked at his watch, “It’s nine o’clock.”

Ye Shuyan walked directly to the first seat on the side of the conference table and sat down. Behind him, Assistant Wen and four colleagues from the hotel’s intelligent system evaluation team took their seats one after another.

Tang Nuan and the core team of the Nuanyang System also sat down opposite them, and Tang Nuan thoughtfully left the first seat to Jiang Miao. Jiang Miao unconsciously looked at Ye Shuyan sitting opposite. He was not surprised at all, so he knew before that Tang Nuan was Erica!

So, was this also his intention? To embarrass her in front of tens of millions of netizens?

Jiang Miao couldn’t understand why he was treating her like this. The knuckles of her hands under the table clenched until they turned white.

Ye Shuchen, who was sitting at the head of the conference table, coughed lightly and said to the bewildered livestream staff, “There may be some secrets involved later. Let’s close the live stream for a while.”

The person in charge of Jiang Miao’s live stream quickly turned off the equipment as if granted a pardon. Jiang Miao glanced at him gratefully and was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she found that the staff of another group of devices next to him were still recording.

Ye Shuchen frowned slightly and was about to speak. Ye Shuyan, who was sitting next to him, raised his head at him and said, “We, the Ye Group, don’t have the habit of going back on our word. Let’s start the meeting now.”

His tone was light, but it carried an undeniable power. Ye Shuchen hesitated to speak and finally did not dare to say anything more.

Thousands of people have flooded into this live stream room that had only a few before. The people who just came in were not sure about the situation.

[I thought this livestream was going to be closed, but I didn’t expect it to be open?]

The people who hung around in this livestream were very happy.

[President Ye’s brother wanted to shut this too, but President Ye didn’t agree.]

[We, Ye Group, don’t have the habit of going back on our word. Ah, ah, ah, President Ye is so cool!! How can he be so cool!]

The person who just came in felt very regretful about the scene he missed.

[I should have come here if I had known earlier. The angle is so good and clean.]

[No, those noisy seawaters with water in their brains are annoying.]

[Haha, that livestream was just for praising Jiang Miao. I just raised a question and was banned.]

[I was banned at the same time. The administrator banned them with great proficiency. Now I suspect that those who used to curse Tang Nuan on the previous hot searches were using the same method. Apart from praising and cursing Tang Nuan, they couldn’t say a few normal words. Now that everything is fine, Jiang Miao is obviously in serious trouble, so she simply closed the live stream.]

[Fortunately, there is still this place…]

When netizens found the live stream again, the meeting officially began.

Ye Shuchen glanced at Jiang Miao, trying to figure things out, and smiled at Ye Shuyan, “Big Brother, do you know that Miss Tang is Erica?”

Ye Shuyan glanced at him lightly, “Start the meeting now.”

[President Ye’s implied meaning: Stop chitchatting and don’t involve family affairs.]

[Wow, my favorite kind of leader.]

[Our CEO is also watching the livestream, hoping that he can learn from President Ye. Talk less and do more to improve efficiency.]

[Do you feel that they are sitting in the wrong seat? Although I know that President Ye is here to listen, Second Young Master Ye feels uncomfortable sitting in that seat.]

[Speaking of this, I was about to say that when President Ye appeared, I couldn’t help but hold my breath looking at the screen. It turns out that handsomeness and strong aura are two different things.]

[Before, when I looked at Second Young Master Ye, I thought he was quite impressive, but now when I see President Ye, sigh, his younger brother is still a younger brother.]

Ye Shuchen glanced at Jiang Miao, but couldn’t think of any solution. With the live stream, his excessive favoritism would put her in an even more unfavorable situation. He could only say, “Miss Jiang, please.”

The assistant had already turned on the projector. When the lights dimmed, Jiang Miao took a deep breath, no, she couldn’t admit defeat. How could that idiot Tang Nuan be Erica? She must have impersonated to ruin her plan.

Since Erica liked gemstones, she could cooperate with the other party, and Tang Nuan could do the same. Maybe Tang Nuan, like her, used gemstones to make a deal with Erica…

In short, the most important thing today was the project showcase! She must show them her excellence! Her big brother was right, as long as she was good enough, no one else could defeat her!

The moment she stood up, Tang Nuan suddenly leaned over and whispered, “Idol, cheering for you and there seems to be some data problems in the PPT. You should have noticed them when you organized them, right?”

Jiang Miao’s movements froze, and her newly mustered enthusiasm suddenly burst out like a punctured balloon. Only then did she remember that Tang Nuan had given this PPT to her. How could there be no trap?!

She collapsed and glared at Tang Nuan angrily, but Tang Nuan smiled and made a cheering gesture, “Idol, you can do it!”

Jiang Miao felt her chest swell and her whole head buzzing. She looked up and saw everyone staring at her.

Tang Nuan has specially planned this! Make it difficult for her with no chance to back down!!

She could only take the laser pointer and start presenting the project when she thought of fighting back.

Jiang Miao tried hard to adjust her state of mind and tried to explain in full detail, but Tang Nuan kept holding her chin and looking at her with a half-smile!

Jiang Miao felt that she had fallen into her trap, hesitating whenever she talked about the data part.

So, the project presentation, which was relatively smooth at the beginning, became more and more uncertain as it progressed and Jiang Miao’s posture became timid and unconfident, like a novice intern.

Question marks began to fill the screen in Ye Group’s official live stream.

[So, did she memorize the script, or is she the kind who is not proficient in memorizing it?]

[Does she think netizens are fools? How can she dare to brag to be the Almighty Goddess at this level? Frankly, I can reach this standard too.]

[So, if she wants to be a celebrity, just be a stable celebrity. If she wants to establish a public persona, it is better to establish herself first. It’s the same as what was said in the above post. Isn’t it about fooling the fools?]

[How disappointing, are the seawater embarrassed? Hurry up and go back home, just be responsible for your beauty. Stop causing trouble everywhere.]

[This project is definitely not hers.]

Of course, how could fans be knocked down by such a thing?

[This is obviously Tang Nuan framing our Miaomiao. What did Tang Nuan say to Baby Miao just before Baby Miao started the presentation!]

[Yes, I saw it, too. Baby Miao’s expression suddenly changed. It’s Tang Nuan! So malicious.]

[If she has the ability, let her present. Isn’t she Erica? Isn’t she the person in charge? Let her present, I want to see if she can be better than our Baby Miao?]

Netizens didn’t want to argue with those seawater people who used the logic of bandits.

Here, Ye Shuchen also thought of the same thing. His eyes fell on the leisurely Tang Nuan and no matter how he looked at it, she didn’t look like the person in charge of the Nuanyang System. This project was not something that could be easily accomplished… Perhaps his eldest brother wanted to raise her position higher?

After Jiang Miao talked for about five minutes, Ye Shuchen was thinking of finding a reason to interrupt her when he saw Ye Shuyan next to him suddenly frowning impatiently and tapping his index finger on the table.

In fact, the sound was not loud, but some people’s presence was so strong that even a small movement couldn’t be ignored.

Especially Jiang Miao, who was already full of anxiety, couldn’t say anything else after a pause.

When Ye Shuchen saw this, he immediately smiled and said, “Are you too nervous about being stared at by Miss Tang?”

“Ms. Tang, I see that you have been looking at Miss Jiang. Do you have anything to add?” At this point, he said, “Well, since you are also the founder of this project, why don’t you present the rest.”

These suggestive words made Tang Nuan raise her eyebrows, and then refuse, “No, isn’t today Baby Miao’s social time for fans? I won’t take over the show. Besides, she has been discussing this project with me for several years and has a clear understanding of the core of the project.”

[Hahaha, here it comes, here comes the eccentric persona again. Jiang Miao’s live stream has long been closed, what a shame to the social with fans.]

[No, there are still some. Her fans watched her being slapped in the face, and then they all received a mental retardation benefit. From now on, they become good at troublemaking.]

[Laughing to death, is this called ‘knowing everything’? Is it so obvious that she can’t even read from the PPT?]

However, Tang Nuan’s refusal made Ye Shuchen more certain that she was a fake. Jiang Miao also understood Ye Shuchen’s plan at this time and walked back to her seat, “I’m not feeling so good, please help me with the rest.”

Things have been messed up and she no longer expects others to see her excellence. What was more important now was to expose Tang Nuan’s conspiracy!

Thinking of this, she sat down “weakly” and thrust the laser pointer into Tang Nuan’s hand without any refusal, “After all, you have researched this project more thoroughly. You can talk about it.”

Ye Shuchen took advantage of the situation to support Tang Nuan up, “Miss Erica, please?”

Tang Nuan looked at the two of them and suddenly smiled, “Okay, Second President Ye.”

Ye Shuchen: ……

There was only one President Ye and Little President Ye could do too. What the hell was Second President Ye?

Tang Nuan held the laser pointer and winked at the two of them. Alas, she really liked to see other people’s regretful expressions.

The author has something to say:
Second Ye: What the hell is Second President Ye?
Tang Nuan: Ranked second, still the second. Is there any problem?
President Ye: Yes, Second Ye.

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