The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 40

If Ye Shuyan took Tang Nuan from the middle of the seat to the front row, even if Ye Shuyan was not a celebrity, he would probably be on the hot search. The topic would be #The CEO of the Ye Group’s mental condition is worrying#, and then Ye Group’s stock price would plummet.

Thinking like this, Tang Nuan helped Ye Shuyan analyze the serious consequences of his terrible idea, and then said considerately, “I am too willful and not thoughtful enough. Let’s go upstairs instead.”

But Ye Shuyan held her in his arms and walked straight ahead, “No, I’m here to relax with you today. You can do whatever you want.” He smiled at her as he spoke.

Tang Nuan heard the gasping sound around her, and the aloof iceberg’s smile was indeed very impactful.

Since they arrived not early, the back row was already filled with people. Feeling curious or shocked eyes, Tang Nuan said considerately, “But I don’t want you to be criticized, so let’s go upstairs.”

Ye Shuyan had already found his seat and sat down directly to express his determination not to go up.

Tang Nuan didn’t know why she had a bad premonition in her heart. Sure enough, she saw his usually emotionless eyes bend slightly, revealing a bit of indulgence. He patted the seat next to him, and said in a gentle tone, “Be good, don’t worry about me. I just want you to be happy today.”

This Ye Shuyan, whom she had never seen before, made Tang Nuan’s back tingle. Feeling the curious and shocked eyes from all around, Tang Nuan once again confirmed her mistake today but unfortunately, she was too close to him and dared not to think about anything. She could only sit first and put off the argument later.

However, Ye Shuyan’s attack was so powerful that Tang Nuan was still in a daze and didn’t pay attention to her feet. She also knew that she tripped over something, and her body suddenly fell…

Tang Nuan was shocked. The fishtail skirt she wore today was so tightly wrapped around her body that she couldn’t move her legs. Amid the screams of those around her, she fell towards Ye Shuyan – this was the result of her struggling stubbornly. She absolutely shouldn’t fall to the ground!

[Ah, ah, ah, the angle is still not quite right!!!! I can’t fall like this, the posture is too ugly!!!!]

Ye Shuyan was worried at first, but when he heard the panicked screams, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so his extended hand changed from supporting her to wrapping around her back. With a slight force, Tang Nuan turned around and changed from the position of directly thrusting into his arms to sitting on his lap.

Well, the posture was very elegant, and Ye Shuyan felt a sense of accomplishment for some reason.

Tang Nuan, however, was still in shock and stared blankly at Ye Shuyan. She was sitting on Ye Shuyan’s lap with her arms around his neck. This posture made the two of them look at each other, and she could see the depths of his eyes. The smile was not the teasing one just now, but a real smile.

Her heart was beating uncontrollably for some reason. The man’s breath suddenly had a strong sense of presence, and she was caught in it. Tang Nuan swallowed her saliva unconsciously.

The smile in Ye Shuyan’s eyes gradually faded. His fiancée had a pair of beautiful foxy eyes, which were always lively and charming when she looked at him in the past, especially when she glared at him secretly. She looked like a sulky little animal now, making people happy vibrantly.

But at this moment, these eyes were round, clear, and moist, and Ye Shuyan could see his own reflection, as well as some other things…

The fragrant shoulder he held in his hand turned pink at some point. He unconsciously rubbed it, and the delicate and soft touch filled his hand. Ye Shuyan suddenly felt an itch in his throat, and his eyes shifted down uncontrollably, landing on the slightly pursed red lips…

Tang Nuan seemed to sense some danger and struggled for a moment as if frightened. Ye Shuyan came to his senses and calmly supported her wrist to stand up, “Be careful.”

Tang Nuan nodded and smiled naturally, “I’m going to the bathroom to tidy up.”

Ye Shuyan looked at her pretended calm back figure, then lowered his head to look at his hand. The fingertips seemed to still have the feeling of her frantically beating pulse…

[What is President Ye smiling at? Why does he look so attractive? By the way, was he holding Miss Tang just now? This is a public event! Oh my god, President Ye has been acting too abnormal lately. Could he be possessed over by some handsome elite boss from a novel…]

Ye Shuyan flattened the corners of his mouth and turned back expressionlessly, indeed seeing Assistant Wen appear next to him.

Assistant Wen saw his gaze and instinctively took a step back, coughing softly, “It seems that Miss Tang’s family is not here.”

Ye Shuyan frowned, “Understand, I’ll ask her later.”

After Assistant Wen left, Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but look at Tang Nuan who was walking away.

[Ah, ah, ah, it’s reasonable for a hero to give his heart after saving the beauty! Hormones tend to rise easily in panic, and that man is so good-looking…] The voice then stopped abruptly.

Ye Shuyan narrowed his eyes and gently rubbed his fingertips. Suddenly, he realized something and paused, looking at Tang Nuan who was almost ten meters away.

What’s going on? Has the distance between reading the mind become longer again?

While Ye Shuyan was puzzled, Tang Nuan was also slowly calming down in the bathroom. She took out her phone and clicked on the handsome guy’s video that Ji Yun sent her.

Yes, that’s right. The atmosphere, lighting, good-looking man, and the adrenaline released in a thrilling state can easily create a false impression of heart throbbing, and these emotions are often temporary.

Tang Nuan took a few deep breaths to make sure she had eliminated this illusion. She was about to go out when she heard someone talking about her outside.

“…Don’t tell me, that Tang Nuan is really capable. She has become a commoner and yet Young Master Ye didn’t even break off the engagement with her.”

“How powerful is she? Jiang Miao was defeated by her, which is really surprising.”

“Jiang Miao… Really! She doesn’t look like a fool either, right? No one in the Ye family liked Tang Nuan from the beginning. Jiang Miao’s father and brother, and even Young Master Ye’s mother supported her. As long as she waited obediently, she would be the winner. Why bother to do all that?”

“It’s great now. Not only may we not have any connection with Young Master Ye, but we have also tarnished our reputation. I don’t know what to do in the future.”

“She really loves Ye Shuyan, so she can tolerate it, but it’s really stupid. I don’t think she’s here today. She probably doesn’t have the face to see anyone, right?”

“I still don’t quite understand Young Master Ye’s choice. You say, it’s not like Mrs. and Mr. Ren of your family who have a good relationship. Even if Tang Nuan is a bit talented, 5% of the Jiang family’s shares are worth more than twenty Tang Nuan.”

The woman called Mrs. Ren smiled smugly, and then said mysteriously, “They may not be able to get married.”

“I heard from my sister that Young Master Ye actually used the live stream and Nuanyang System to punish his stepmother and Second Ye.”

“You also know that Sun Wanqiu has always been restless. In fact, three years ago, Young Master Ye did not resist and directly engaged Tang Nuan, and he took advantage of their scheme. Before, everyone couldn’t understand why he was engaged to Tang Nuan, but now looking back, after being engaged to Tang Nuan, who in the circle didn’t know that woman’s true face?”

“That’s right. Not to mention his stepmother, Old Madam Ye, and Director Ye are both said to be partial. How many people stabbed them in the back.”

Mrs. Ren continued, “It’s the same this time. She blew the pillow wind and wanted to help Second Ye. You don’t know that Director Ye wants to hand over such a big project with the Jiang family to Second Ye!”

The other two people were surprised, “It cannot be? Is Director Ye old and confused?”

Mrs. Ren said, “It doesn’t matter whether he is old or confused, hasn’t Young Master Ye solved the problem anyway? In the live broadcast two days ago, just because of Second Ye’s performance, even if Director Ye wants to help Second Ye again, the shareholders will not agree.”

One person was speechless, “They say Young Master Ye has a deep and truly lives up to his reputation. He is only twenty-seven and that’s too scary.”

The other person’s focus was different, “So he is just using Tang Nuan? It’s a pity that she doesn’t seem to understand and is still complacent. Looking at her sultry look just now, dressed like a vixen, and wished all the men’s eyes were glued to her.”

“She wasn’t like this before. Do you think she also knows that she and Young Master Ye can’t get married, so she is taking advantage of the opportunity to ride on the donkey while looking for a horse?”

Mrs. Ren sighed and said, “Oh, I don’t blame her. She went from a wealthy family to an ordinary person all of a sudden, anyone in her shoes would panic, too. Unfortunately, she can’t figure it out now. She can’t be mixed in the circle with her identity and even if she marries into the circle, she will also be isolated…”

“How could she be isolated?” A smiling female voice came from behind.

The three of them were startled, and when they turned around and saw Tang Nuan walking over, they felt a burst of embarrassment.

Tang Nuan walked to the sink, washing her hands and smiling, “Like holding hands and going to the toilet without me?”

Three people: ……

After Tang Nuan washed her hands, she walked out gracefully and suddenly stopped at the door. “Oh, by the way.” She turned around and touched her shoulder, making a seductive gesture. She gave them a seductive look and said, “Although I know I’m beautiful, I still appreciate the compliment.”

Three people: ……

Listening to the three women hopping mad, Tang Nuan was in a very good mood.

When she walked up to the hall, she saw Ye Shuyan turning his head and talking to the man behind him, who seemed to be Mr. Ren. She suddenly remembered that Mrs. Ren was the sister-in-law of the CEO of Miracle Media, so she was seated close to the front.

Seeing Mr. Ren holding the auction brochure and introducing something to Ye Shuyan, Tang Nuan was a little surprised. Ye Shuyan was interested in that?

It wasn’t that she said this kind of charity auction has good things, but it didn’t reach the level that interests Ye Shuyan.

Of course, she wasn’t interested either, Tang Nuan thought angrily, she was a pauper now, so it was useless to be interested in any of those. As for letting Ye Shuyan take photos?

She was determined not to! The things he bought for her now were all temporarily storage with her, not only temporary storage but also equivalent interest.

Tell me, is there anything so outrageous in this world? If she kept those things with her, even if there was no hard work, she would still get a lot of interest when leaving!

Black-hearted capitalist!

Ye Shuyan suddenly turned his head to look over. Tang Nuan was startled and quickly put on a sweet smile but was still angry in her heart. Heaven is so unfair. Since Heaven gives him a black heart, why give him such a seductive beauty? Isn’t this a scam?

As soon as she sat down next to Ye Shuyan, Mrs. Ren and the others also returned. Mrs. Ren was in the row behind Tang Nuan, and the other two were in the row behind Mrs. Ren, no wonder they followed her blindly.

As soon as Mrs. Ren sat down, she pouted and said coquettishly to Mr. Ren, “Hubby, help me apply some hand cream. It’s not convenient for me with this manicure~” She then gave Tang Nuan a secret glance.

Tang Nuan: ……

Mr. Ren doted on her quite a bit, and with a shy smile at Ye Shuyan, he applied the hand cream without complaint.

[Wow, how childish! Brother Shuyan, ask me quickly! You can also ask me something!]

Ye Shuyan looked at her with anger and amusement. When he was useless, he was a black-hearted capitalist. When he was useful, he was Brother Shuyan. Moreover, she used it very smoothly.

Anyway, he looked at her and still asked, “Do you want to apply hand cream too?”

Tang Nuan said casually, “Oh, how can I use these hand creams to apply on my hands?” She raised her fair slender hands to show Ye Shuyan, “Natural beauty, I don’t need to use those things.” She then gave Mrs. Ren a secret glance.

Mrs. Ren: ……

Who is childish here? Ye Shuyan couldn’t help smiling and reached out his hand to wrap her hand in his big palm, “Yeah, I get it, you are the most beautiful.”

Mrs. Ren’s face was so grim that Tang Nuan didn’t even bother to appreciate it. She looked at her hand being held and screamed crazily in her heart. I didn’t wash my hands just now! Let go! What kind of hooligan are you playing?

Ye Shuyan slowly curled up the corners of his mouth. Since he was accused of being black-hearted, how could it be justified not to charge any interest?

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