The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 32

Tang Nuan’s smile made Jiang Miao have a bad feeling in her heart.

Seeing the other party stand up calmly, the laziness and casual demeanor disappeared instantly, replaced by confidence and competence, as if she had been replaced by someone else.

Tang Nuan walked up to the projector with a laser pointer, looked around, and smiled generously. Finally, her eyes fell on Jiang Miao, and tilted her head playfully, “Then I will continue where Baby Miao left. First of all, as a pilot of smart cities, smart hotels…”

Her tone was relaxing and full of confidence, which was completely different from Jiang Miao’s. Jiang Miao’s grand plans and superficial things were suddenly easily dismantled by her, clearly displayed in front of everyone.

Ye Shuyan leaned forward and placed his hands on the table, watching Tang Nuan’s eyes gradually focus. He knew she could do well, but he didn’t expect it to be so good.

That was Tang Nuan, whom no one had ever seen before. She was charming and graceful, soaring with hope. Her every move and gesture seemed to radiate with light, easily guiding everyone into a brilliant future world…

Even the comments in the livestream dropped by half in an instant, as they were deeply attracted by her speech.

Jiang Miao clenched her fists tightly. She didn’t believe it. She didn’t believe Tang Nuan could be so good!

She must be pretending, maybe she needed to raise her status after losing her status as a wealthy family, or maybe she heard that she, who was also known as the Almighty Goddess, was going to cooperate with Ye Group, and was unwilling to do so, so she deliberately made trouble to disgust her.

There must have been some handiwork by Ye Shuyan, who was dissatisfied with the pressure from the Jiang family, and made him lose the project…

In short, Tang Nuan couldn’t possibly have such ability, and she would never let her succeed!

Jiang Miao looked at Tang Nuan with piercing eyes, just like Tang Nuan did to her before.

Sure enough, Tang Nuan also stopped, looked at her, and said, “Baby Miao, is there anything wrong with what I said?”

Jiang Miao took a deep breath, controlled her emotions, and smiled, “The functional facilities you mentioned are all very good, but there is another problem. There are some budget hotels under Ye Group and if these types of hotels are not upgraded completely, they cannot be considered smart upgrades. However, if the cost of complete upgrades increases, will the customer’s consumption costs also increase? That would be out of the scope of the economy.”

This kind of scripted speech was not difficult to practice proficiently, but if she broke her rhythm and asked more profound questions, she would definitely reveal her true identity. When the other party revealed her flaws, she would seize the opportunity to uncover her true face!

Jiang Miao looked at Tang Nuan steadily.

Tang Nuan was indeed stunned and Jiang Miao couldn’t help but smile. Tang Nuan suddenly smiled, clapped her hands, and said, “Ah, I forgot about Baby Miao’s cooperation segment. Thank you for asking about the common misconceptions about the trend of smart hotels for most nonprofessionals.”

[Hahaha, as an eccentric translator, let me tell you that Tang Nuan’s words mean: Jiang Miao, the question you asked is too amateurish.]

[Tsk, tsk, we have been working on projects together for many years, and we are still an amateur.]

Jiang Miao couldn’t help but frown. Tang Nuan had already begun to answer her question, “The hotel’s smart upgrade cannot be smart for the sake of smartness. In the final analysis, the essence of a hotel is service. The advantage of this system is that it can flexibly combine personalized customization, rather than simply replicating, so there is no need to worry about cost.”

Her expression was calm, without any hesitation or reflection, indicating a very thorough understanding of this industry.

Jiang Miao felt everyone’s eyes on her and couldn’t accept it. She continued speaking, her voice becoming increasingly loud, “No matter how flexible customization is, high-tech smart devices must be introduced, which is expensive. How do you ensure that the cost is controllable?”

The people in the evaluation team opposite frowned, and the people from the Nuanyang team looked at her strangely. Susan asked doubtfully, “Jiang Miao, what’s wrong with you?” Wasn’t she the introducer of our team? Why did she take the lead in making things difficult?

The live stream was also filled with question marks and exclamation marks.

[Is this goddess crazy? If you are not as good as others, then you are not as good as others. What is going on in this state of vowing to kill the other person?]

[Tsk, tsk, who is jealous of whom? It seems that all the online topics about Jiang Miao and Tang Nuan need to be listened to in reverse.]

The assistant Xiao Zhou who was watching the livestream was very anxious and kept winking at Jiang Miao. However, Jiang Miao was staring at Tang Nuan intently. Even without looking at the bullet screen, she knew that she was finished today. Therefore, she must expose Tang Nuan today. Only when Tang Nuan revealed her true face could she have a chance to turn over!

Tang Nuan met her resentful gaze. Not only did she not panic, but she also smiled happily, “It seems that Baby Miao has Ye Group’s best interests at heart.”

“The smart upgrade of hotels is not just about optimizing existing hotel equipment, but also subverting the entire operation and management mode. The introduction of smart equipment increases costs, while smart machines can replace labor, which can save a lot of labor costs and offset each other, making costs controllable.”

After saying that, she asked gently, “Is there anything else you want to ask?”

Jiang Miao could hardly control her expression. Seeing that something was not going well, Ye Shuchen hurriedly interrupted her and asked instead, “How about Miss Tang give us a detailed plan for different types of hotels under our Ye family?”

Tang Nuan glanced at Ye Shuyan, seeming a little embarrassed, and asked as if to delay, “What is your plan for the hotel and what are the upgrade requirements? I need some time to think about it.”

Ye Shuchen secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. He did not dare to look at Ye Shuyan’s gaze next to him, only focused on Tang Nuan and said, “Ye Group’s hotels have been developing for nearly thirty years and now it can be divided into three types: economy, business, and high-end vacation.”

Tang Nuan asked back, “Second President Ye, how many of these three types of hotels are there, where are they distributed, and which hotel has a higher priority?”

Jiang Miao’s tense lips finally couldn’t help but reveal a smile. It was obvious that when she talked about that, she had no idea at all. She finally found her flaw!

Ye Shuchen thought the same way and immediately calmed down, slowly introducing the plans, classification, quantity, and layout of Ye Group’s hotel.

After the introduction, everyone in the evaluation team looked at him with strange expressions in their eyes.

Before he could figure out what was going on, Tang Nuan asked, “Second President Ye, what you said is too general and why don’t you use a specific example.” She looked at him, “Let’s take your favorite Red Maple Resort as an example? How many types of rooms there are in Red Maple Resort? What are the themes? How many bedrooms are there in each type of villa?”

Ye Shuchen was asked, how could he know such a detailed question? But he was even more convinced that Tang Nuan was changing the subject. Just when he was about to seize the opportunity, Jiang Miao couldn’t wait anymore. Afraid that Ye Shuchen couldn’t answer, she directly interrupted, “You have studied the hotel system for so many years. Aren’t you familiar with the basic information of this resort hotel? Just follow the basic information.”

Tang Nuan turned to look at her, her eyes seemed panicked, and Jiang Miao finally couldn’t help but sneer.

Then Tang Nuan also smiled, she winked mischievously at Jiang Miao, turned back to Ye Shuchen, and said, “Second President Ye, that cannot be. You don’t even know the specific situation of your hotel.” She then reported the various room types and proportions of Red Maple Resort with familiarity.

Then asked, “There are four different themed rooms. What are your upgrade needs for each room type?”

She played tricks on them!

Ye Shuchen narrowed his eyes and suddenly asked, “When it comes to resort hotels, I think our White Orchid Resort Hotel in Haiya is the model. Do you know the basic information about White Orchid Resort Hotel and how to upgrade that hotel?”

Did he think she only knew information about one hotel? Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows.

Everyone in the livestream couldn’t stand it anymore.

[Now I know why Second Young Master Ye came to host the live stream. This is not to avoid suspicion at all, but crooked butt*. He also wants to sit on Jiang Miao’s lap.]

(crooked butt* – an internet buzzword which means biased)

[Are you sure this is not deliberately making things difficult for her? Do you have to force Tang Nuan to make a fool of herself? To be honest, in my eyes, they were the ones who made a fool of themselves.]

[Yes, Tang Nuan don’t be afraid. Even if she can’t answer, she has done a good job. He doesn’t know all the hotels in the Ye family, so why should Tang Nuan know…]

Just when everyone was trying to whitewash her, they heard Tang Nuan report the data effortlessly, then stared at Ye Shuchen and asked, “Second President Ye, am I right?”

Ye Shuchen choked and suddenly realized that he had done something stupid. He didn’t know the answer himself and even if Tang Nuan was talking nonsense, what could he say?

But there was nothing he could do about it. Just when he was about to give out some data to deny Tang Nuan, she had already turned to Ye Shuyan, “President Ye?”

Ye Shuyan said nothing, just tilted his head slightly. The person in charge of the operation of the resort next to him had already pulled up the data, “Miss Tang is right.”

There was a burst of laughing in the livestream.

[How could the Lord President pay attention to such a trivial matter? If he had to remember how many rooms in a hotel, he wouldn’t have to do anything.]

[I said that when Second President Ye proudly introduced the situation of the hotel just now, his colleagues over there looked at him strangely. I hadn’t realized it yet, but now it seems that the members of the evaluation team are probably thinking to themselves: Where did this fool come from? Hahaha.]

[What Second President Ye? It’s President Second Ye! At first, I was wondering if Miss Tang had made a slip of the tongue, but now I understand the deeper meaning. Why is Second President Ye so hostile to his future sister-in-law?]

[Hahaha, Miss Tang is so funny, making things difficult for others again! Has he been fooled?]

Tang Nuan smiled at Ye Shuchen, who had a dark face, “Well, Second President Ye, please put forward your requirements now.”

Ye Shuchen also learned the lesson this time and did not speak but looked at the person in charge of hotel operations.

But Tang Nuan tilted her head, “Why do you look at them? You should ask me.” She winked slyly, “It is the responsibility of Nuanyang System to create solutions for customers, you only need to provide basic information about the hotel, and then determine whether the solution we propose solution is feasible or not.”

She clicked her tongue and said, “Second President Ye, you are too unskilled as a leader.”

The livestream laughed again.

[Hahaha, low EQ: Do you know how to be a leader? High EQ: You are not very skilled at being a leader.]

[No way, our boss specially asked me to watch this live-streaming project presentation, but I laughed like a dog. My boss thought I was watching a comedy and almost scolded me. It’s too hard to laugh softer like this.]


Ye Shuchen’s fists were clenched just like Jiang Miao’s, and he figured that he couldn’t show it during the livestream, so he could only suppress his anger.

Ye Shuyan saw a smile flash in Tang Nuan’s eyes, and before Ye Shuchen and Jiang Miao caused trouble again, he said, “Continue.”

“Okay!” Tang Nuan immediately stood up obediently and began to talk about plans for the Red Maple Resort Hotel. She knew the hotel information at her fingertips and had a deep understanding of the system. The upgrade plan was at her fingertips.

With Ye Shuyan overseeing, neither Ye Shuchen nor Jiang Miao dared to act like monsters again. The meeting went smoothly, and an hour later, Tang Nuan finished her report and began leading the team to answer the questions raised by the evaluation team.

People were also communicating with each other in the live stream, and most of them were filled with admiration and yearning.

[Wow, this kind of hotel must be so comfortable. President Ye, upgrade quickly, I will definitely stay there!]

[Indeed, how long does it take to upgrade your hotel system? Will I have a chance to try it when I go on vacation at the end of the year?]


[By the way, Tang Nuan is so amazing. Who said she was a good-for-nothing flower vase? If she is a good-for-nothing flower vase, then we must all be a waste, right?]

Speaking of this, everyone seamlessly switched from professional to gossiping.

[Sigh? By the way, what about those seawaters who just said that if Tang Nuan could speak, they would rip off their head and let it be kicked as a ball? Are they accountable for what they said?]

[Haha, I just want to know, if someone like Tang Nuan is a good-for-nothing flower vase, then what about someone like Jiang Miao?]

[Fake and shoddy flower vase?]

[Hahahaha, laugh to death, fake and shoddy flower vase. Friends, do you have mental illness…]

Jiang Miao’s fans still resisted tenaciously.

[Could your fake and shoddy flower vase belong to the Department of Finance of Yanda University? Does your fake and shoddy flower vase play the piano and give a speech?]

[Everyone can tell that something is wrong today. Are you all blind? Let Tang Nuan show her academic qualifications. Can someone who can’t get into college and has to study at a foreign unregistered university have such ability?]

Some people couldn’t help but argue with them.

[Yeah, how can it be right? Baby Miao, a talented student from Yanda University, doesn’t know her best friend in the joint research project, and she can’t even recite the PPT fluently when participating in the research project. Can you tell me what’s wrong?]

[Everyone said that Tang Nuan framed her!] Fans didn’t know if they had been brainwashed or not, but they were very firm. [Baby Miao was fine before her presentation, but it was after she said something in Baby Miao’s ear that our Baby Miao became like that!]

[Haha, why don’t you just say that Tang Nuan can do magic and transfer all the knowledge in your Baby Miao’s mind to her own? That’s why Tang Nuan became the Almighty Goddess, and your Baby Miao became a fake and shoddy flower vase.]

[Hahahaha, if there is magic, just clean all the seawater out of the brains of these seawater people. I really can’t stand it anymore. In front of everyone, Tang Nuan directly used the PPT that Jiang Miao used. What conspiracy theory is this?]

[Then why don’t our Baby Miao recognize Erica!]

[Good question, we also want to know why she hates Erica, her fanatic fan and partner who traveled thousands of miles to the country for her.]

[By the way, doesn’t Jiang Miao have live-streaming welfare? Now that the company secrets have been presented, it’s time to open the live stream to explain today’s situation.]

Xiao Zhou noticed something was amiss and quickly signaled Jiang Miao.

So, as soon as Ye Shuchen announced that the meeting was adjourned, Jiang Miao immediately stood up and prepared to leave. She had to hurry back and find a solution quickly. She would never let this matter slide like this!

Tang Nuan, just wait for me!

“Wait!” Tang Nuan called her, “Baby Miao, don’t leave in a hurry.”

Jiang Miao pretended not to hear and planned to leave directly, but Tang Nuan sighed and said, “Baby Miao probably has something to do, so I’ll explain it myself. Anyway, having a recording is enough.”

Hearing the word “recording”, Jiang Miao froze and turned back to look at Ye Shuyan.

Seeing that Ye Shuyan was still sitting in his seat, he looked at Tang Nuan who was talking in front of the live stream equipment, motioned for the others to leave first, then turned on his phone and started watching something, as if he was waiting for Tang Nuan.

Ye Shuchen walked out and looked at the pale Jiang Miao. He frowned slightly, hesitated for a moment, reached out his hand to support her, and said, “You should go back first.”

Jiang Miao’s feet seemed to have taken root.

“…What happened at Jiang Miao’s birthday party?” Tang Nuan sighed at the camera and started to take out her phone, “Wait, I’ll look for it…”

Jiang Miao gritted her teeth and walked back. She walked up to Tang Nuan, tried to control her emotions, and asked slowly, “What are you looking for?”

Tang Nuan looked at her with a surprised look on her face, “Oh, why are you back again? I see you are quite busy, and I just thought I could explain it myself.”

Jiang Miao took a deep breath, “Explain what?”

Tang Nuan pointed to the message on the screen, “Take a look.”

After the live stream of the project presentation, many netizens left, leaving only fans of Jiang Miao who were watching the excitement and any crazy plays.

[Tang Bitch, you framed our Baby Miao! This is not the first time, don’t go too far! Will you only be happy when you kill her?]

[Our Baby Miao has already avoided suspicion, what else do you want?]

[Wuwu, wuwu, my Baby Miao have carefully prepared this live stream for so long, it’s despicable…]


Jiang Miao felt a little better when she saw her fans defending her like this. As long as they believed in her, she could always turn around when she thought of her arguments.

But Tang Nuan opened her Weibo and showed it to her, “They kept saying that I framed you, and of course, some said that you framed me. They were arguing all day long.”

“You may need these topics if you are a celebrity, but I feel so annoyed and don’t want to be the scapegoat, so I might as well explain it clearly during this live stream. I was just thinking about which topic to explain first, but now it seems I don’t have to choose.”

Jiang Miao was secretly happy when she saw the trending topic #Tang Nuan owes Jiang Miao an apology# on the Weibo hot search. She thought that Jiang Zhan had organized the team to take action, but when she saw the content, she was so angry that she couldn’t control her expression.

The earliest content under the topic was two weeks ago. It was about Tang Nuan pushing Jiang Miao into the water at her birthday party. Not only did she not apologize, but she also turned the table and said that Baby Miao was jealous and that she was pushed by Young Master Ye’s fiancé.

Two more posts were added today. One was that Tang Nuan hinted at the airport that Jiang Miao was the third party, damaging Jiang Miao’s image as a celebrity.

The other post was today, after Jiang Miao was forced to avoid suspicion, Tang Nuan persisted and came to Jiang Miao’s live stream to cause trouble, intercepting Jiang Miao’s project and causing her to become a clown.

Originally, Jiang Miao’s fans were impatient to listen to any project presentation. When they saw Jiang Miao being bullied by Tang Nuan in the live stream, it was Jiang Miao’s shining moment that became Tang Nuan’s home ground. They were very angry and decided that it was Tang Nuan who bullied Jiang Miao again. So, she began to collect what Tang Nuan had done to Jiang Miao and analyzed the reason why Jiang Miao was still framed by Tang Nuan this time.

They raised this topic on Weibo because they were so angry and even crowdfunded to buy the hot search. At this moment, they just raised the topic and demanded Tang Nuan to apologize to Jiang Miao.

Tang Nuan almost laughed out loud when she saw the clown. What level of education were Jiang Miao’s fans that they actually saying their idol was the clown?

Jiang Miao bit her teeth hard to prevent herself from showing any unnecessary expression: These things only know how to make trouble! Isn’t it enough to mention the airport and today’s doubts? Why did they bring up the birthday party?

Did they witness the birthday party with their own eyes? Just talking nonsense!

At the same time, a chill rose in her heart. Now she finally understood why Ye Shuyan would rather give up the cooperation opportunity with Ye Group to Ye Shuchen. Perhaps and wanted to hear the truth of that day from her own words.

She thought he just didn’t want to be deceived and wanted to apologize to Tang Nuan, but she didn’t expect that he wanted evidence for Tang Nuan!

She couldn’t help but look at Ye Shuyan.

This time Ye Shuyan finally looked up at her, but his indifferent expression was the same as that day!

She still remembered that she was forced to open up her despicable heart and admit that she pushed Tang Nuan into the water, just because she wanted to know who was more important in his heart.

But after listening, he had a cold face and was unmoved, as if she was an irrelevant ant. As long as she didn’t disturb him, it didn’t matter whether she was alive or dead, noble or despicable…

Tang Nuan looked at her with a smile, “Let’s start with what happened at the birthday party. Should you explain it? Or should I?” She said while stroking her phone.

“I’ll do it.” Jiang Miao’s face turned pale as she had no other choice. If the recording was directly made public, there would be no chance for her to turn over again.

“Thank you fans for paying attention to the recent issues between me and Tang Nuan. However, it was not Tang Nuan who pushed me into the water at my birthday party, rather I caused her to fall into it. Please stop spreading rumors.”

Tang Nuan was a little surprised by Jiang Miao’s straightforwardness. She was actually deceiving the other party. She didn’t have the recording in her hand at all, but Jiang Miao didn’t dare to take any more chances. She didn’t expect things would go so smoothly?!

Perhaps it went too smoothly, her fans didn’t believe it at all.

[Baby Miao, were you being kidnapped? If you were kidnapped, would you just blink?]

[???? Yeah, what are you talking about? Don’t tell me that we’ve been helping you for so long and we’ve all been wrong?]

[Did she threaten you with anything? Baby Miao, don’t give in, we all believe in you.]

Tang Nuan looked at the bullet screen and said earnestly, “So, don’t listen to the wind or rain online. You didn’t even attend the birthday party, so what do you know?”

She turned back to Jiang Miao and said, “Why don’t you apologize to me directly on Weibo? Didn’t you apologize on behalf of your manager last time? I think the effect is quite good, otherwise they would always suspect that you were kidnapped by me.”

In your dream!! Jiang Miao bit her tongue.

Tang Nuan said, “Or if you’re busy, I’ll also post on Weibo then…”

Jiang Miao took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I’ll post it when I get back.” I’ll think of a way when I get back, there must be another way. Jiang Miao felt like she was about to explode.

Tang Nuan still smiled at the live stream camera, “As for the other two things.”

She looked at the seawater on the screen who were as angry as mad dogs, and restated the questions they wanted to know, “It seemed like nothing happened on the day of the airport pick-up, right? She and Aunt Deng went to pick up the plane, and they happened to run into me.”

“Speaking of which, it’s all because of you all. If you all hadn’t spread the rumors, why would the gossip bloggers go there? She probably got confused and reacted slowly, so she made herself a third party… I didn’t imply it. Aren’t those questions all asked by netizens? I wanted to clear mine and her innocence…”

[Hahahaha, I couldn’t figure out if she was a good person or a bad person for a moment. Does this petty person seem like a female villain?]

[Tsk, tsk, the netizens in the live stream that day were really wrong. Watching a live stream turned them into scapegoats.]

“What happened today?” Tang Nuan turned to look at Jiang Miao, “Why doesn’t she recognize me?”

Jiang Miao clenched her fists, wanting to see how she would explain. She must find a loophole in it.

Only to hear Tang Nuan say, “The right to explain this matter belongs to Baby Miao. I will accept whatever she says.”

Jiang Miao almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. What did she mean by the right of explanation belongs to her? She has no way to explain this matter at all!

[No, I don’t think Jiang Miao can hold on anymore. I believe there is a hidden truth about this matter, but the truth is not with Jiang Miao.]

[Ms. Tang, you are so mean. You’re keeping our curiosity up. What is going on today?! Did Jiang Miao buy a project to show off her excellence?]

[Our Baby Miao doesn’t need to buy projects! You, Tang Bitch, who framed our Baby Miao, you should go die!! You will be punished for bullying Baby Miao!]


[I don’t know if Tang Nuan will suffer retribution, but it seems that you are about to suffer retribution. Everyone, go check the Weibo!]

[I also saw it, my God, it was so spectacular. Tang Nuan had suffered so much before.]

Tang Nuan looked at the message on the screen and was stunned, then lowered her head and opened her Weibo.

There was no need to search for anything. As soon as she opened it, she saw a massive apology in the open:

@Everyday Entertainment V #Owes Tang Nuan an apology# We apologize for our previous wrongful behavior of spreading false rumors without verification and infringing on Ms. Tang’s personality and reputation…

@Seawater Support Association V #Owes Tang Nuan an apology# We apologize for our previous wrongful behavior of spreading false rumors without verification and infringing on Ms. Tang’s personality and reputation…

@Happy Melon Eater V #Owes Tang Nuan an apology#…

@Dragging Sister V #Owes Tang Nuan an apology#…


[God, so many! Can these big Vs drive an ordinary person to death?]

[Seawater, come and take a look, who is wronged? Out of the fifteen accounts, your seawater accounts for one-third…]

[It was simply shocking. I saw a massive cyberbullying of Tang Nuan back then, but just mentioning it led to being chased and scolded. I was just a passerby…]

[Damn! Even though I was not involved cried when I saw it. With so many days and messages, how many grievances had Tang Nuan suffered?! Let me put it here, even if Tang Nuan did it on purpose today, I still have to curse, Jiang Miao deserves it!]


Tang Nuan stared blankly at those apologies. Although she had never felt sad, why was her chest so sore and swollen…

A message popped up on the phone, it was Tang Yue: [I said I would make them kneel to apologize to you, Nuannuan, look at them.] The eldest sister kept her promises.

Tang Nuan raised her hands to cover her eyes…

The author has something to say:
President Ye:!!! Hateful, why did she move so fast?!
Tang Yue: Haha, you’re a little brother.
President Ye: ……
Angry, he fired Assistant Wen.
Assistant Wen: !! Don’t worry, we also have a trump card!!
Continue playing tomorrow.

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