TIGR Chapter 79

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 79 Bestowing a Marriage

Peng Ze was in a daze after a monk he met for the first time correctly guessed his worries, and he walked away with his eyebrows pinched. Peng Ze was so immersed in his world that he didn’t notice there were a lot fewer worshipers in the temple, and even the sweeping monks were missing.

After Peng Ze walked out, the visitors who seemed to be worshiping Buddha turned around and quickly slipped away to a side room and knocked on the window three times. This was the secret code they agreed upon. If they knocked three times, it meant that Peng Ze was no longer in sight.

In the secure side room, there were Imperial Guards disguised as ordinary people surrounding Lu Heng. Lu Heng glanced at the real monks who were knocked unconscious at his feet and said: “Peng Ze is gone.  The four of you stay to deal with the aftermath, don’t raise their suspicions. The rest will keep an eye on Peng Ze, regardless of where he goes, you will follow him closely.”

The Imperial Guards immediately dispersed, doing their own things. Lu Heng pushed open the door and walked out in the sunshine. He even took Wang Yanqing to burn incense in front of the temple. Wang Yanqing looked at his actions and said helplessly: “Brother, isn’t this too much?”

He overtook the Buddhist temple, knocked out the monks, then had people pretend to be monks to deceive another, and now he even came back to offer incense in front of the Buddha. If Buddha had a spirit in heaven, it would have been furious.

Lu Heng inserted the incense stick into the burner and said calmly: “It would be a good thing if it could really hear and see. What I’m afraid of is that it would close its eyes and ears and not listen.”

Peng Ze’s visit to this temple today was indeed spontaneous and there was no ambush planned in advance. However, Lu Heng already had someone following Peng Ze. When the Imperial Guard saw Peng Ze entering the temple, he immediately went to notify Lu Heng. After Lu Heng learned about it, he thought it was a good opportunity and issued them to take action.

While Peng Ze was praying to the Buddha in the main hall, the monks behind him were silently knocked down. Monks shaved their heads and were difficult to impersonate, so the Imperial Guards could only pretend to be worshippers, wandering around aimlessly and blocking people who wanted to come in and offer incense.

After the Imperial Guards disguised the scene, Lu Heng arrived with Wang Yanqing. Lu Heng also brought a person who specialized in monk impersonation. This person liked to shave his head and although he was an Imperial Guard, he had a kind face and was always jokingly called “Monk”. He simply shaved his head, put six ring scars on his scalp, and pretended to be an outsider when performing tasks, which often yielded unexpected gains.

He promptly changed into the monk’s clothes and stood watching at the gateway to the temple, waiting for the fish to take the bait.

If you knew a person well enough, it was not difficult to predict their behavior. Although the fake monk said nothing, Lu Heng was confident that Peng Ze would walk up and talk to him.

Sure enough, Peng Ze fell into the trap. Although Peng Ze was superstitious, he became the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Appointments. His vigilance and sharp thinking were not bad. If a fortune teller or a high-ranking monk took the initiative to talk to him, Peng Ze would not believe it even if he spoke beautifully; if it was a choice that Peng Ze chose himself, it would be easy to gain his trust.

As the fake monk told Peng Ze the words he prepared beforehand, Wang Yanqing and Lu Heng stood in the side room and carefully observed Peng Ze’s expression. Seeing Peng Ze’s face, Lu Heng was sure that Peng Ze had a guilty conscience, but he still asked for a concurring opinion: “Qing Qing, did you pick something up from Peng Ze?”

Wang Yanqing stood in front of the Buddha statue, watching the thin firelight flashing on the incense and the white smoke rising, covering Buddha’s face and blurring everything as if separated by a layer of fog. Wang Yanqing said: “It was too far away, so I couldn’t see the details of his face clearly, but I could see that his eyes were wide open, and he kept frowning as he left, and his arm swung less than when he walked before. He heard someone he didn’t know saying that he had wronged someone else, but instead of getting the least bit angry, he showed concern.”

Lu Heng stood in front of the Buddha statue with his hands behind his back. The smoke of the incense lingered around him, giving him a sense of transcendence. It was impossible to tell that he was the ruthless commander of the Imperial Guards in court. Lu Heng asked: “Anything else?”

Wang Yanqing sighed softly and said: “Normal people would be surprised or angry if a stranger made an unreasonable guess, but they wouldn’t be afraid. He acted more like this was something he knew about. ​ Moreover, the fake monk’s words were very vague and could be used to explain anything. Often when one is worried about something, they will think that the Zen language is implying something. After he heard those words, he looked worried. He even suppressed his walking movements unconsciously, indicating that the person he wronged was a threat to him, otherwise, what he showed would have been contempt.”

The words of the fake monk were given by Wang Yanqing. The mysterious Buddhist words from before were just smoke. Firstly, they were an attempt to mimic a high monk, and secondly, they lowered Peng Ze’s defense.

What Wang Yanqing wanted to ask him was actually only in one sentence.

You have wronged him in this life.

There is no mention of who the “him” was here, but from the look on Peng Ze’s face, he clearly had someone in mind. Then he also did not run away. A person who hadn’t done anything would not show such a depressed attitude even if he was intimidated.

“So, they indeed read Xue Kan’s draft.” Lu Heng was not surprised and said, “There is no need to check Zhang Jinggong. It was he who handed the document to the emperor. As Peng Ze knew about it, Zhang Jinggong was surely involved.”

“So Xue Kan and Cabinet Elder Xia were wrongly accused?”

“Not necessarily.” Lu Heng said, “Now we can only prove that Peng Ze leaked Xue Kan’s memorial, but that doesn’t mean Xue Kan’s memorial is without issue. Who knows whether Xue Kan thought of it himself or if he was instructed to write it by someone.”

“Do you doubt Cabinet Elder Xia?”

“It’s not me who doubts it, it is the emperor.” Lu Heng also had a headache when he thought of Guo Xun, Zhai Luan, and Qin Fu who were fighting like a pot of porridge, “It’s really troublesome to bypass the three of them just to see Xue Kan. Forget it, let’s start with the people outside prison.”

Lu Heng walked out, and Wang Yanqing followed silently. After crossing the threshold of the high Buddhist hall, the sunlight outside suddenly pierced their eyes. Wang Yanqing raised her hand to block out the sun and asked: “They have been friends for more than ten years, isn’t that worth anything?”

Lu Heng just smiled softly: “Friends are nothing. If benefits are big enough, one could even give up their wife and children, let alone friends?”

“Why does the imperial court choose these kinds of people to become officials.”

“Those words aren’t right.” Lu Heng stopped and looked back at her with a smile. The sunlight passed over his shoulders, making his eyes particularly calm and deep, “People who become officials become like this.”

In other words, only by becoming such a person can one survive in the officialdom.

Lu Heng couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Wang Yanqing’s expression, unable to accept the new outlook on the Ming Dynasty. He held her hand and said: “Don’t worry, my country is peaceful and prospering, nothing bad will happen. The internal fighting among officials shows that we have vast land and rich resources. Only with a rich country and a strong military will there be opportunity for struggles. Other small countries have neither territory nor property, and they even must use our writing. How can they have any ceremony, music, punishments, and government?”

Wang Yanqing couldn’t say anything to refute for a moment, so Lu Heng tightened his hold on her hand and said: “It’s a rare trip out, let’s go for a walk around. I don’t know if their prayers for marriage in temples are effective.”

Wang Yanqing thought that even if it was effective if one knocked him down with a stick, the Buddha would not bless him. Lu Heng took Wang Yanqing and wandered around the temple. When passing a door, they saw a young monk struggling to get up from the grass and as soon as he moved, he rubbed the back of his neck in pain. He looked down at his hands as if wondering why he was there.

Wang Yanqing suddenly became nervous, and her body tensed up. Lu Heng’s lean palm wrapped Wang Yanqing’s hand with a steady and firm force. He smiled at the little monk and asked enthusiastically: “Did the little master fall asleep?”

Was he asleep? The little monk nodded confusedly: “It seems so.”

Lu Heng smiled and said: “Then little master, you should be careful next time.”

The young monk clasped his hands together and said gratefully to Lu Heng: “Thank you benefactor for reminding me. Merciful Buddha, this benefactor is really a good person. ​ ”

Wang Yanqing watched silently as “good person” Lu Heng responded to these words without any shame, walked through the temple with a swagger, and continued walking away.

Lu Heng took Wang Yanqing around at his own expense. When he slowly sent Wang Yanqing back to the mansion, he received a reply from his subordinates. After Peng Ze came out of the temple, he was restless and finally went to the Zhang Mansion.

Lu Heng smiled faintly, and a trace of light flashed across his eyes. It seemed like the second Head Auxiliary would be falling into his hands.

It was unknown whether Lu Heng had a crow’s mouth. But after he said that the Ming Dynasty was peaceful, that people would be safe and nothing would happen, a battle report came from the front line. The Mongols were causing a commotion at the border and the Datong Prefecture asked for emergency assistance.

|| Crow’s Mouth (乌鸦嘴) refers to a person whose good wishes don’t come true, but if they say any bad things, they will come true.

The dynasty was at war with neighboring countries all year round, but the Mongols were undoubtedly the most powerful threat. The Datong Prefecture was the most important barrier among the nine towns. If Datong fell, the capital would be in direct danger. The matter of establishing a prince had not yet been cleared up, but now the matter of war was put on the agenda.

Fu Yue, the old Marquis of Zhenyuan, was once stationed in Datong and defeated the Mongols several times. Now that the old story had been brought up again, Fu Tingzhou became a hotly discussed candidate to lead the army. Fu Tingzhou knew this was an opportunity and actively moved around the court, hoping to unite people to recommend him.

But fighting a battle involved many things, the generals were not of all the same mind, and the government officials would not just sit idly by. Fu Tingzhou ran for a long time but was still unable to gain military power. It seemed as if someone was secretly tripping him and deliberately opposing him.

Fu Tingzhou worked hard for a long time to no avail and gradually realized that he could not do anything alone and that he needed support.

At this juncture, the only person he could turn to was the Marquis of Wuding.

It just so happened that Guo Xun was also investigating Xue Kan’s case. This case was actually not difficult to investigate. What was difficult was the people involved. This case of an insignificant Xue Kan involved three cabinet elders, and the outcome of the investigation was directly related to who loses and who wins among the two government official factions. Head Auxiliary Zhang relied on his influence to continuously intervene in the case, while the other protagonist, Xia Wenjin, remained silent and made no moves. Guo Xun consciously pinched the lifeblood of the government officials. Conveniently, Fu Tingzhou came knocking on his door, so Guo Xun booked a banquet in a restaurant to host Fu Tingzhou and Xia Wenjin, in hopes of making an exchange with Xia Wenjin.

The concept of entertaining guests in a restaurant was different from hosting a banquet at home. If Guo Xun scheduled it to be at the Wuding Marquis Mansion, Xia Wenjin would definitely not keep his appointment. In the end, Guo Xun decided to host the banquet at the best restaurant in the capital. This restaurant was used to receiving distinguished guests, and there were matching private rooms inside, so there was no need to worry about safety.

Guo Xun had the financial resources to rent out the entire building, but he didn’t need it. So as not to bring the emperor’s awareness to their meeting? After officials dispersed from their office, treating guests to a meal was a normal occurrence. If the whole place was cleared, it would only be asking to reveal what one has intended to hide.

Guo Xun had been in the court for many years, so he still had a level of social prestige. On that day, Fu Tingzhou and Xia Wenjin both arrived on time. The banquet had not yet begun, but music was already playing in the room, the sound of the pipa was melodious and gentle, and the sound of the guqin was low and harmonious. The female musician was sitting behind a screen, playing the instrument meekly.

Guo Xun was quite proud and already thinking about how to blackmail Xia Wenjin and how to use Fu Tingzhou and Xia Wenjin for his own purposes. Guo Xun was the host and sat at the main seat without any surprise. Xia Wenjin and Fu Tingzhou took their seats on the left and right. Guo Xun raised a glass for a toast and said some words to introduce the topic when suddenly there were footsteps outside.

For the Marquis of Wuding’s banquet, the storekeepers had long since separated this area so that no one without eyes could barge in. Anyone who could walk through couldn’t have entered by mistake. Guo Xun stopped talking, and the expressions of Fu Tingzhou and Xia Wenjin at the table with wine also changed slightly.

The door opened and a man walked in. He glanced at the whole place and said with a slight smile: “The Marquis of Wuding, Cabinet Elder Xia, the Marquis of Zhenyuan, greetings. Today, I came to Ruyi Tower to dine and overheard that the Marquis of Wuding was also here. We must be destined to meet each other. It would be rude not to pay my respects when I knew this, so I am here to say hello to you all.”

Fu Tingzhou quickly exchanged glances with Guo Xun. Guo Xun’s surprise did not seem to be fake. Even Xia Wenjin looked surprised. Apparently, no one expected this uninvited guest. However, after he came in, Guo Xun could not drive him out, so he smiled and said: “Master Lu, you are too polite. I didn’t know you were also in Ruyi Tower, I am very negligent. Since we are meeting today, if Mr. Lu doesn’t mind being shabby, you might as well show your respect and stay for a few drinks together.”

Lu Heng was suddenly polite and unexpectedly stayed. Guo Xun had no choice but to ask the store owner to add another pair of bowls and chopsticks.

Before Lu Heng came, Guo Xun took the main seat, and Xia Wenjin and Fu Tingzhou took their seats one after another. Now that Lu Heng came, Fu Tingzhou stood up to give way, but Lu Heng declined with a smile and sat at the last place. Fu Tingzhou felt that Lu Heng had evil intentions from the beginning. But now that Lu Heng didn’t bother to tread on their faces, he felt even more that Lu Heng had another scheme.

Fu Tingzhou was secretly vigilant, and the other two were also considering this in their hearts. They didn’t believe that Lu Heng really came to the restaurant for dinner and came up to say hello. It was more believable that he came specifically for them. Although Guo Xun’s dinner was private, it was not difficult for the Imperial Guards to find out the time and place.

Naturally, the people present recalled the recent matter of the establishment of a prince. During this period, Guo Xun and the cabinet were in chaos, while the Imperial Guards were particularly quiet. Regardless, Guo Xun didn’t believe that Lu Heng would ignore such a big matter.

Guo Xun already ran through several thoughts in the blink of an eye. He was not sure what Lu Heng wanted to do, and he didn’t dare to say anything for a while. Everyone exchanged glasses and toasted to each other, smiling, and saying polite words. The atmosphere in the private room was very friendly, but in fact, everyone was testing each other’s intentions in coming.

Lu Heng seemed to come here to eat. He didn’t mention a word about government affairs and chatted earnestly with Guo Xun about home life. Lu Heng asked Guo Xun: “I heard that you were blessed with a child this month. Congratulations to the Marquis of Wuding. Do you know when you will hold the first-month birthday event?”

To Lu Heng, who even knew how many concubines other people had, and when they gave birth to children, Guo Xun smiled and said: “It’s just one kid, so there is no need to make a big deal. We will just have a family meal. If they have big events from when they are young, I’m afraid he will be spoiled.”

“The Marquis of Wuding has a good way of teaching his children, I admire you.” Lu Heng said with a smile, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to spare the time, so I can only make up for the first-month birthday with a present. I hope the Marquis of Wuding can forgive me.”

Naturally, Guo Xun kept saying polite words. While Lu Heng and Guo Xun were exchanging pleasantries, they did not forget Xia Wenjin. Lu Heng asked: “Elder Cabinet Xia’s grandson should be attending school, right? I heard that your grandson is very smart and could recite poems at the age of three. I wonder which tutor you hired?”

Xia Wenjin was naturally a loner, but when it came to his children and grandchildren, he was embarrassed to keep a straight face and couldn’t help but say a few words. Wherever Lu Heng went, you never had to worry about an awkward silence. No matter who he met, he could start a conversation with an unending stream of topics. Fu Tingzhou sat on the side and listened, thinking that Lu Heng was really disgusting, no mother-in-law gossiper was worse than him.

He didn’t know if Lu Heng heard Fu Tingzhou’s silent critics, but he suddenly turned his gaze, looked at Fu Tingzhou and said with a smile: “I heard that Marquis Zhenyuan is getting married. Indeed, this is a great event. I wonder when I can drink the Marquis of Zhenyuan’s wedding wine?”

Fu Tingzhou was stunned for a moment, looking a little unhappy, but due to Guo Xun’s presence, he reluctantly said: “These matters are handled by the inner house, I don’t know much about it.”

“Oh?” Lu Heng looked surprised. He looked around at Guo Xun and Fu Tingzhou and suddenly realized, “So, the Marquis of Zhenyuan hasn’t proposed marriage to the Yongping Marquis Mansion yet?”

Fu Tingzhou almost wanted to throw his wine glass in Lu Heng’s face. Fu Tingzhou didn’t believe that Lu Heng was so well-informed yet didn’t know that he and the Hong family had not yet settled a marriage. But Lu Heng just so happened to mention it at the dinner table, in front of Guo Xun.

Fu Tingzhou even suspected that Lu Heng came here today just to disgust him with these words.

Lu Heng couldn’t be that bored, right? But Fu Tingzhou thought about it and felt that Lu Heng was completely capable of doing such a thing given his level of wickedness. But in any case, after the topic was raised, Fu Tingzhou had to give Guo Xun an explanation.

Fu Tingzhou drank the wine in one gulp. The strong wine flowed down his throat, carrying a burn along the way. But after the heat, it became twice as cold. Fu Tingzhou said: “There have been too many things since the Southern Patrol and now there is another war. I want to inherit my grandfather’s legacy and guard the border at Datong. Now that I don’t know whether I will live or die, it’s better not to delay a woman’s life. If I could come back, it wouldn’t be too late to talk about the matter of children.”

Lu Heng held a smile on his lips, but in his heart, he scoffed. If Hong Wanqing was replaced by Wang Yanqing, Fu Tingzhou would be in a hurry to marry, take her home, and put his stamp on her. How could Fu Tingzhou have the face to pretend to be a gentleman?

There was no selfishness in front of the country. After Fu Tingzhou said that he would serve the country, what else could Guo Xun say? Guo Xun didn’t say anymore, but Lu Heng took over: “The words of the Marquis of Zhenyuan are wrong. The sword has no eyes on the battlefield. If you can’t come back, it’s even more important to leave an heir in the mansion.”

Fu Tingzhou squeezed his wine glass tightly. Lu Heng smiled and added more wine to his glass. As wine poured into the glass, two people had a standoff. One of them smiled and the other looked grave, neither of them wanted to look away. After the wine was filled, Lu Heng put the thin-mouthed silver pot aside and said with a smile: “Besides, the Marquis of Zhenyuan is a man and age matters little, but for a lady in her chamber, it’s not the same. If this battle takes two or three years, Miss Hong can’t wait forever, right?”

Fu Tingzhou was sure that Lu Heng was here just to cause trouble for him. The Hong family had nothing to do with Lu Heng. Lu Heng didn’t care whether Hong Wanqing could be married or not. On the contrary, when he spoke earlier about Fu Tingzhou not coming back, Fu Tingzhou completely believed that Lu Heng was sincere in his words.

Guo Xun looked at Lu Heng in surprise and then at Fu Tingzhou, feeling very strange for a moment. Hong Wanqing was his niece, why did Lu Heng care more about this than him? Guo Xun almost thought that Lu Heng also liked Hong Wanqing.

Guo Xun felt that it was not the case, but at the same time, he felt that the atmosphere at the dinner table was strange. He didn’t know why things were so tense between Fu Tingzhou and Lu Heng. Guo Xun laughed loudly and tried to mediate: “The Marquis of Zhenyuan is very proud of his ancestors. He will be able to push back the Mongols bravely and return safely. My sister and brother-in-law are both reasonable people and will not care about such things. I remember Master Lu is two years older than the Marquis of Zhenyuan. I wonder when Master Lu plans to get married?”

Lu Heng gently swirled the wine in his glass, his eyes reflecting the sparkling light: “The Marquis of Wuding has forgotten that I am still respecting the grieving period for my father. But after the grieving period ends, arrangements can be made.”

Guo Xun and Xia Wenjin were a little surprised when they heard this and asked quickly: “Which family is she from? Why haven’t I heard anyone mention it?”

Guo Xun was genuinely curious about Lu Heng’s wife. At his age, Lu Heng didn’t have a wife yet, so Guo Xun always thought that Lu Heng had some health problems. Now that he suddenly changed, how could it not attract attention?

After Guo Xun finished asking, the sound of a heavy collision was heard on the right. Guo Xun glanced at Fu Tingzhou, wondering what he was doing. When Lu Heng glanced at Fu Tingzhou, his eyes were cold and without any warmth. When he turned to Guo Xun and Xia Wenjin, his smile returned: “She doesn’t like publicity, so aside from her family, no one else was notified. When we get married, we will send everyone invitations. We will be sure to invite the Marquis of Wuding, Cabinet Elder Xia, and the Marquis of Zhenyuan to join us with their families.”

Guo Xun smiled and agreed generously, but in his heart, he was wondering which family wanted to marry Lu Heng. Fu Tingzhou already regretted coming to Ruyi Tower for the banquet today. If he had known that Lu Heng was coming, he would not have shown up even if he offended the Marquis of Wuding.

This disgusting person was really good at these unfortunate meetings.

However, Lu Heng did not intend to stop there. He turned to Fu Tingzhou and said: “I cannot hold my wedding because of my grieving period. Why is the Marquis of Zhenyuan so concerned with other things? Could it be, that the Marquis of Zhenyuan has doubts about this marriage?”

Fu Tingzhou’s heart skipped a beat, and he narrowed his eyes at Lu Heng. Lu Heng was waiting for him, with a smile in his eyes, but there was a hidden edge in them: “Or is it that the Marquis of Zhenyuan has other interests in mind and deliberately delays the wedding?”

Fu Tingzhou’s face had completely turned cold. Holding a smile on his lips, Lu Heng picked up the wine bottle and leisurely poured himself a glass.

Guo Xun originally didn’t care about the feelings between man and woman. Since Fu Tingzhou agreed to him, then it was unlikely that he would back out. Moreover, in Guo Xun’s opinion, it was Fu Tingzhou who was eager to be tied up with the Guo family’s boat.

But now that Lu Heng pointed it out, Guo Xun also found Fu Tingzhou’s attitude strange. Even if Fu Tingzhou was busy after returning to Beijing, didn’t he even have time to invite a matchmaker? The engagement did not require Fu Tingzhou himself to come forward, so it should not affect his outside affairs at all.

Fu Tingzhou was procrastinating. What exactly did he want to do?

Lu Heng was indeed a professional in the prisons and he was very good at stirring up dissension. There was already something wrong with the way Guo Xun looked at Fu Tingzhou. Normally, it would be fine, but this was a critical point if Fu Tinzhou wanted to fight for the right to lead the army in Datong. He would need the help of the Guo family so he could not break up with Guo Xun now.

Fu Tingzhou gritted his teeth with hatred for Lu Heng, and he had to hold back his urge to get back at him. He said to Guo Xun: “Master Lu has become accustomed to handling cases, and his thinking is too complicated. I attach great importance to this marriage, and I was afraid that proposing the marriage in a hurry would not be grand enough and would humiliate Miss Hong, so I carefully prepared again and again. This feeling can be reflected in the sun and the moon, there can be no half-heartedness.”

Bang, there was applause from the side. Lu Heng stroked his palm and said with a smile: “The Marquis of Zhenyuan has a deep affection for the third Miss Hong. It touches the hearts of those who hear it. Since the Marquis of Zhenyuan will not marry anyone other than a daughter of the Hong family in his life, why not ask the emperor for a marriage decree. It will not only allow the Marquis of Yongping to marry off a daughter in a dignified manner but also allow the Marquis of Zhenyuan to go to the battlefield with peace of mind.”

Asking for a marriage decree? Of course, Fu Tingzhou didn’t want to, but at this moment it was no longer up to him to have the final say. Guo Xun felt that Lu Heng’s proposal was very good. As an old hero, he could say it was easy for him to ask for a marriage decree, but this kind of thing required the man to take the initiative to show his sincerity. Guo Xun narrowed his eyes and looked at Fu Tingzhou with an expression that was waiting for him to curry favors with the older family man. Fu Tingzhou was brought here step by step, and he could only bite the bullet and say: “If I can be bestowed a marriage, it would be my great fortune. But with the recent turmoil in the court, is it inappropriate to ask the emperor for a marriage decree at this time?”

Lu Heng answered with a leisurely smile: “How could it be inappropriate?”

Lu Heng was calm and composed, with an expression almost waiting for him to make up his next excuse. Fu Tingzhou was so filled with hatred that he could swallow Lu Heng alive. He gritted his teeth and said: “I hope to be riding in a short amount of time, so I’m humbled before the emperor. In the future, when I submit my wedding decree, I would also like to ask Master Lu to speak kindly in front of the emperor for me.”

There was a smile in Lu Heng’s eyes, and he showed his first sincere smile of the night: “Okay, I will try my best.”

Fu Tingzhou was so angry that he couldn’t even eat a bite of the food anymore. Lu Heng was acting as if he had taken the wrong medicine today. He refused to give up and forced the Fu family to ask for a marriage decree with the Hong family. In addition to Fu Tingzhou’s anger, he also felt a hint of vigilance.

Something was wrong. Lu Heng never did anything without benefit. He was actively promoting the marriage between Fu Tingzhou and the Hong family. What was there to gain? At this time, there was a soft sound from outside the room cover. Someone accidentally knocked over a decoration and hurriedly bent down to pick up something.

The people sitting in the private room were all famous and must be accompanied by an entourage when going out. They were drinking and talking inside, and the attendants stood guard outside the floor-to-ceiling cover. Since they were all close confidants, there was no need to shy away. Fu Tingzhou instinctively looked at the carved door and noticed that one of Lu Heng’s entourage was particularly slender and fair, and shorter in height, unlike an Imperial Guard.

Just now, he was the one who knocked over something.

Alarm bells immediately rang in Fu Tingzhou. Could it be that Lu Heng brought Wang Yanqing today? Those words that Lu Heng led him to say were all for Qing Qing to hear?

|| Author’s Note:

“On how to save yourself on the way to the crematorium”

1. Improve your competitiveness

2. Actively suppress competing rivals and lock opponents into the incinerator in advance.

—-Lu Heng’s Debriefing Report

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