TIGR Chapter 68

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 68 Evil Dog

Lu Heng stretched out his hand and signaled Wang Yanqing to come over. Wang Yanqing ran over immediately, of course, and the intimacy and dependence in his words came naturally. Lu Heng caught her, pulled her behind him, and looked at Fu Tingzhou with a smile.

This action was full of demonstrative meaning as if a beast was marking its territory. Fu Tingzhou blocked his bleeding wound with one hand, and clenched his other hand into a fist, his eyes eager to tear Lu Heng’s body to pieces.

There was a smile on Lu Heng’s lips but there was no such smile in his eyes. He was insincerely surprised, and said: “Ah, the Marquis of Zhenyuan was injured? Why was the Marquis of Zhenyuan so careless, the injury wasn’t in a critical spot, was it?”

Wang Yanqing hated Fu Tingzhou for kidnapping her and tricking her again and again. This time she was at her last straw and stabbed him with a blade. But she knew the severity of her actions. Her life was not the same as the life of the Marquis of Zhenyuan. If something happened to Fu Tingzhou, the Zhenyuan Marquis Mansion would never let her go.

Wang Yanqing didn’t want to cause trouble for Lu Heng, so this knife didn’t go to a vital point. At most, it would shed some blood and cause some pain, just to teach Fu Tingzhou a lesson. The body of a martial artist would fully recover within a few months. However, looking at Fu Tingzhou’s performance, it seemed the knife may have hit a fatal point, and his face turned completely pale.

But Lu Heng insisted on saying some sarcastic remarks to provoke Fu Tingzhou. Wang Yanqing was afraid that something was amiss, so she quietly tugged on Lu Heng’s sleeve. Feeling her movement, Lu Heng seemed unhappy and gripped her hand.

Lu Heng exerted strength in his hands which slightly pained Wang Yanqing, so she restrained her movements silently, and obediently stood behind Lu Heng. Only then was Lu Heng satisfied. Fu Tingzhou saw the hands of the two people clasped, and his eyes were red, like a wounded beast.

He sneered, his voice cold as a blade: “Lu Heng, are you playing tricks?”

“How can you call this a trick?” Lu Heng smiled calmly, narrowing his eyes slightly, “Things shouldn’t be repeated more than three times. The first two times you disturbed my younger sister, I restrained myself, but now you still want to take her away. Fu Tingzhou, you broke into my compound. You can’t say that she merely stabbed you out of self-defense, even if you were shot to death by a stray arrow from the Imperial Guards, you would still deserve it.”

“Lu Heng, aren’t you afraid of retribution for acting like this?”

“What would I be afraid of?” Lu Heng laughed softly, “I’m just helping you with your worries.”

The two of them knew what they were talking about, but Lu Heng didn’t say it straight, and still spoke in ambiguous riddles. He just solved an urgent need for the emperor, so even if trouble came before the emperor, the emperor would protect him. So what if Fu Tingzhou took the woman by force? Why should he fight with Fu Tingzhou?

Fu Tingzhou’s fingers tensed unconsciously. He tried his best to suppress himself. The wound on his waist was stimulated and torn again, bleeding for a long time. Fu Tingzhou didn’t want to spend too much time talking with Lu Heng. This person had no shame and talking to him would only make him angry. Fu Tingzhou looked at Wang Yanqing and said: “Qing Qing, he is lying to you, come here.”

Lu Heng snorted coldly, turned around, and said to Wang Yanqing: “It’s getting dark, and the woods are damp, you should go back and rest first.”

Wang Yanqing glanced at Lu Heng and Fu Tingzhou quietly nodded obediently and went to leave. Fu Tingzhou was so angry that his liver and gallbladder tore open. He said loudly again: “He is lying to you. Your household registration and old things are all in the Zhenyuan Marquis Mansion. The Fu family has a maid who has served you for ten years, and many people know you well. What does he have in his hand?”

Lu Heng sighed and said to Wang Yanqing: “I have said that this person is crazy, and he will say anything to drive us apart. You don’t need to talk to this lunatic, go back quickly. Ling Xi is waiting for you outside the forest.”

Wang Yanqing thought that they were both crazy. She nodded silently, turned around, and disappeared into the woods. Fu Tingzhou watched her walk step by step along the route she came from. He spent so much effort to help her escape this place, but in the end, she walked back by herself.

Fu Tingzhou seemed to be unable to hold on any longer and leaned against the tree without strength, and the bark was immediately stained with bright red thick blood. After Wang Yanqing left, Lu Heng didn’t have to pretend anymore, he walked towards Fu Tingzhou slowly with his hands behind his back: “Marquis of Zhenyuan’s stab wound is really serious, it seems that she used a lot of strength at that time.”

Fu Tingzhou sneered: “Lu Heng, did you do it on purpose?”

Lu Heng just smiled lightly at this: “What else. Do you think you can freely come and go from under my nose?”

“Someone came to tell me she was under house arrest, that was you too.”

Lu Heng nodded and admitted without hesitation. Fu Tingzhou kidnapped Wang Yanqing in Qixian County, and Lu Heng was already full of anger. Lu Heng would not admit that what really angered him was that Wang Yanqing first concealed Fu Tingzhou, trying to cover for Fu Tingzhou in front of him. If it weren’t for Lu Heng’s quick reaction and turning the situation back in time, it might be him who was suffering from the enemy now.

Lu Heng took advantage of the opportunity to lock Wang Yanqing up yesterday, and when he returned to the palace, what Fu Tingzhou saw was Wang Yanqing followed by heavy guards. Fu Tingzhou didn’t know what happened in Qixian County later, so he naturally suspected that Wang Yanqing had seen through Lu Heng’s lie, and Lu Heng became furious and tore off the disguise completely.

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Lu Heng had known for a long time that Wang Yanqing carried a dagger with her, and hid it under her pillow even when she was sleeping. He deliberately delayed outside today, fully exposing an opportunity for Fu Tingzhou, and then used his plan to deliberately leave a gap, allowing Fu Tingzhou to escape from the house with Wang Yanqing.

The Imperial Guard’s defense was lax because the manpower was outside. Lu Heng set them up outside the forest, even if Fu Tingzhou escaped with Wang Yanqing, he would not be able to enter the territory of Five City Soldiers and Calvary. Lu Heng did this just to see what Wang Yanqing would do, whether her amnesia was real or fake.

Fortunately, God was still on his side. Wang Yanqing did not recover her memory and believed in him deeply.

Lu Heng walked around and looked at the environment a little bit. The grove Fu Tingzhou chose was really good. It was remote and deserted, away from people’s eyes and ears. No matter what happened, no one would know. The sun had already set, and the night was descending layer by layer. The forest was gloomy, and there seemed to be a pair of eyes silently staring at them in the darkness. Lu Heng approached gradually and casually said: “Who made you stupid. Such a straightforward hook, yet you were willing to bite.”

Fu Tingzhou clenched the tree trunk tightly, and his bleeding fingers almost picked out holes in the bark: “Do you think it’s because of your clever calculations? I fell for it just because I was worried about her and didn’t want to risk her.”

Lu Heng smiled at this: “Then why is she willing to believe me, but not you?”

This sentence hit Fu Tingzhou where it hurt and he said angrily: “That’s because you deceived her with your sweet words! ”

Lu Heng didn’t refute and raised his eyebrows innocently: “I was just trying to reason with her. After rational analysis, she felt that I really cared about her, and you were the fake one. Who’s to blame?”

Fu Tingzhou was speechless, yes, who was to blame for this. Even if Lu Heng was proficient in attacking minds and brainwashing, it was because Fu Tingzhou made too many mistakes that Lu Heng could take advantage of.

Fu Tingzhou never knew that she didn’t like the smell of mutton and that she didn’t like the bright colors. Wang Yanqing’s ability to perceive emotions was too strong. Before they realized it, she had already extracted what the Fu family liked, and then silently presented herself like that. She had been like this for ten years and Fu Tingzhou believed it. He never once thought about whether she would like it or not.

Fu Yue said that people should treat Wang Yanqing as his own granddaughter, but how could an orphan girl living in another family be the same as a proper Miss Fu. Old Marquis, Fu Yue, fought all his life as a soldier and dealt with the desert yellow sand all his life. When he returned to the capital in his later years, of course, he liked bright things. In Fu Yue’s eyes, children had to be dressed up in red and pink to look good. Fu Tingzhou thought his grandfather’s taste was not aesthetically pleasing and never wore them. However, Wang Yanqing dare not disappoint Fu Yue.

She knew that the Old Marquis liked it, so she often wore bright and colorful clothes, especially red. Seeing that Wang Yanqing often wore them, Fu Tingzhou firmly believed that Wang Yanqing liked these colors for many years. Until today. It was like a slap in the face.

He, a person who grew up with Wang Yanqing for ten years, unexpectedly couldn’t tell what she liked. But Lu Heng, a fake, could make a lot of fanfare, how ironic.

Fu Tingzhou was vain and conceited, and he thought he could control everything, but now he was stabbed by the one he loved. There was a lot of blood on the ground, but Fu Tingzhou’s injury from the knife was just superficial, his heart hurt the most.

Fu Tingzhou felt pain in his heart. However, he didn’t want to be inferior in front of Lu Heng, so he snorted coldly and said: “Although I neglected her, I never lied to her. Whereas you have been built on lies from the beginning. She has laid such a heavy hand on me now, but when she finds out that you have been lying to her in the future, how will she treat you?”

Lu Heng had always been calm, watching the show with a slight smile, but when he heard Fu Tingzhou’s words, his smile darkened for a moment. As Lu Heng approached, he suddenly grabbed the handle of the knife without warning and twisted it deeply.

Wang Yanqing was not willing to play dirty, but Lu Heng was different. Cold sweat broke out on Fu Tingzhou’s forehead, but he remained motionless and looked at Lu Heng coldly.

Lu Heng had done this kind of thing too much, and he knew how to make people hurt best. Lu Heng turned the dagger with a smile, but there was no smile in his eyes. He stared at Fu Tingzhou and said: “You don’t have to worry about the matter between me and her. Speaking of it, I should thank you. Thank you for taking care of Qing Qing for the past few years. What a pity. Now she is mine.”

The wound that had finally stopped bleeding was torn again, and this time the wound was enlarged, and the severity was completely different from just now. The veins in Fu Tingzhou’s neck were all stretched out, but he still didn’t say a word, staring at Lu Heng, cursing each word: “Lu Heng, if you do too much unrighteousness, you will die yourself. In the future, you will suffer far more than this knife.”

The two men were each in charge of an army, and they were both well-known figures in the capital. But now, the two looked at each other coldly, neither of them willing to give in. A night breeze passed between the two of them, and there seemed to be the sound of swords and daggers.

Since Lu Heng entered the Imperial Guards, he had always relied on his coldness and rationality. He was confident that no matter how difficult the prisoner was or how extreme the situation is, he could maintain his sanity and never be provoked.

But now, he found that he was a little out of control. Lu Heng stared into Fu Tingzhou’s eyes, and for a while, he wanted to kill this man here.

Fu Tingzhou could see what Lu Heng was thinking. Fu Tingzhou finally felt that the initiative was back in his hands, calmed down, and waited for Lu Heng as if watching a good show.

People didn’t get angry at things they didn’t care about. He was this worked up, did he step on a sensitive spot?

The night was as cool as water, the evening wind was blowing, and the leaves were billowing under the starry sky. The woods are quiet and soft, like a picture scroll, but the two people in the picture scroll were at war, secretly accumulating strength, and each one ready to strike.

Wang Yanqing stabbed him and Fu Tingzhou neither dodged nor fought back. But with Lu Heng, he would not be that polite. Lu Heng also knew that there was no turning back an arrow when he loaded a bow, once he made a move, he had to kill.

Just when the two were secretly preparing, there was a sudden rush of bird calls outside the forest, and chaotic footsteps sounded from the other side. Lu Heng and Fu Tingzhou were startled. The sound of birds was the signal for the Imperial Guards’ emergency contact, and the sound of footsteps came from the direction of the Five Cities Soldiers and Calvary. The Imperial Guards and Five Cities Soldiers and Calvary alerted at the same time, what happened?

Lu Heng’s face darkened suddenly, he glanced at Fu Tingzhou coldly and pulled out his dagger unceremoniously. Pulling out a sharp weapon was a very dangerous thing. Experienced people would try their best to make the wounded feel as painless as possible. On the contrary, Lu Heng put all his strength into making Fu Tingzhou suffer.

Fu Tingzhou snorted and quickly held back. Lu Heng had already turned his back and strode out of the woods. There were many Imperial Guards outside the forest, and they kept looking inside, hesitating whether to go in or not. Seeing Lu Heng coming out, they breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly surrounded him: “Commander, something serious has happened.”

“What happened?”

“There was a fire in the palace. It happened to be near the emperor’s bedroom.”

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