TIGR Chapter 67

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 67 To Stab

Wang Yanqing tilted the teacup and slowly blew on the brown sugar ginger tea inside, her eyes a little lost.

After she lost her memory, she stayed by Lu Heng’s side the entire time, but she didn’t seem to really know Lu Heng until last night.

When Lu Heng said those words, Wang Yanqing was undoubtedly very surprised. Lu Heng had helped Liang Fu and Qin Ji’er in the past, and Wang Yanqing gradually felt that he was an upright and righteous person. Although he was in a high position, he still cared about the truth and upheld justice for ordinary people. Yesterday, he suddenly showed a ruthless side, and Wang Yanqing realized that he was the commander of the Imperial Guards, the head of the world’s largest secret service agency, and the living king of the underworld who frightened countless people in the government and public.

He was not an upright person. Every time he solved a case, he got promoted and richer. He was smart, keen, and ambitious, as he said, he was an executioner born of darkness and blood. This huge dynasty was like a giant ship, slowly sailing on the vast ocean. Some people were forceful, constantly uncovering happiness and prosperity under rotten and water-logged decks, wanting to bring the sun and moon to new skies, and what Lu Heng had to do was fill up these holes.

He was another killing machine carrying the weight of the nation.

In the past, Lu Heng never mentioned the dark side of the Imperial Guards to Wang Yanqing. Investigating cases was only a small part of the Imperial Guard’s duties. Lynching, extorting confessions, assassinations, and collecting money was the majority of their daily tasks. He only wanted Wang Yanqing to see the glamorous flying fish suit, and he didn’t want her to touch the blood on the embroidered blade, so Wang Yanqing also pretended not to know and never looked into it. But recently, he suddenly took her into the darkness, showing her another side of himself.

The real him.

Wang Yanqing sighed again. Her second brother was not a good person, and could even be considered a treacherous official many years later, but who called him her elder brother. She remembered that when she went to ask questions at Liang Fu’s house, he stood at the door with his hands behind his back and waited for her. When her legs ached in the rainy weather, he was the first to bring hot tea.

He claimed that he was not a good person, but Wang Yanqing felt that he was a very responsible man. He was so kind to her, how could she have the heart to criticize him, even if she could only walk into the darkness, she would accompany him.

But Lu Heng seemed to have misunderstood Wang Yanqing’s silence. Afterward, Wang Yanqing was controlled, and no matter where he went, she would follow behind. Returning to the palace today, Lu Heng went ahead to report the case, and Wang Yanqing was locked in the room. Wang Yanqing had no intention of competing for presence in this kind of matter since Second Brother was worried, she let him go. She still had her period, so she didn’t want to go outside either.

He left someone outside to guard her, but warm brown sugar ginger tea was still prepared for her in the room. Wang Yanqing took a sip of tea, secretly thinking about where Lu Heng was now, and which version of the “truth” the emperor would adopt.

Wang Yanqing drank very slowly, and the cup of tea slowly bottomed out. She stared at the indistinct reflection in the dark red tea and was about to turn her head when her mouth was covered with both hands: “It’s me. I’m here to save you, don’t speak.”

Wang Yanqing moved her eyes and nodded slowly. Seeing that she was in a stable mood, Fu Tingzhou let go of her hand, and quickly walked in front of Wang Yanqing: “Qing Qing, did you remember?”

Wang Yanqing looked at the eager eyes of the person in front of her, and shook her head truthfully: “No.”

Fu Tingzhou was not without disappointment, but he changed his mind to comfort himself. How could she recover from amnesia so quickly. Maybe Wang Yanqing forgot and he could cultivate a relationship with Wang Yanqing from the beginning, and let those unpleasant things be buried in the dust forever. Fu Tingzhou said: “It’s okay, after we go back, you can think about it slowly. Now you should trust me, right?”

Fu Tingzhou returned to the palace one step ahead of Lu Heng. These two days, Fu Tingzhou was quite anxious. Based on his understanding of Lu Heng, before Lu Heng received satisfactory benefits, he would not commit murder and tear up tickets. Wang Yanqing’s safety should be safe. But it was Qing Qing after all, and Fu Tingzhou was afraid of what might happen.

Fortunately, Wang Yanqing returned to the palace safely. The spy he placed in the palace told him that Wang Yanqing was locked in a room by Lu Heng, her movements were restricted, and she was not even allowed to go out. The speculation in Fu Tingzhou’s mind confirmed that after he told Wang Yanqing the truth that day, Wang Yanqing really went to Lu Heng to test it out. Fu Tingzhou didn’t know what Wang Yanqing asked, but he thought, Lu Heng noticed, and that’s why this scene happened.

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Things have come to this point, and it is only a matter of time before the two sides tear their faces apart. Fu Tingzhou was not afraid to confront Lu Heng, but he wanted to rescue Wang Yanqing first.

In the capital, it would be very difficult to take someone from Lu Heng. But now they were on their way to the south. Fu Tingzhou was in charge of patrolling and guarding the palace, and Lu Heng had just returned from another place, and his manpower had not been settled yet. This was the best opportunity for Fu Tingzhou to gather the right time and place.

Therefore, Fu Tingzhou took advantage of Lu Heng’s report in front of the emperor and personally came to Lu Heng’s backyard to take someone… No, save someone.

Seeing that Wang Yanqing didn’t speak, Fu Tingzhou couldn’t help feeling anxious: “Qing Qing, the evidence is right in front of you. Do you still want to be deceived by that dog thief?”

What a coincidence, Wang Yanqing thought, Fu Tingzhou called Lu Heng a dog thief, and Lu Heng also called Fu Tingzhou a Fu thief. Wang Yanqing had no intention of distinguishing which of the two was more treacherous, and said flatly: “He can’t be trusted, then why should I trust you?”

Fu Tingzhou held Wang Yanqing’s shoulders with both hands and said anxiously: “Your household registration and family letter are in my hands. How can I still lie to you? I came out in a hurry this time, and I couldn’t bring too many things with me. There are books and clothes you have read since you were a child in the Marquis Mansion. Fei Cui has served you for ten years and knows all the details of your life. How could it be fake? If you don’t believe me, then come with me first, and after returning to the capital, I will ask Fei Cui to come and speak to you. If you have any questions, just ask them to see who is lying to you.”

The strength in his hands was a bit strong as if he was afraid that Wang Yanqing would hesitate. Wang Yanqing silently looked into his eyes and nodded slightly.

Fu Tingzhou, however, was overjoyed as if he had received some kind of pardon. He quickly glanced at Wang Yanqing, frowned, and asked: “Did he make things difficult for you after you left that day?”

Every inch of Wang Yanqing was covered with brocade makeup and gold. She was holding a warm teacup in her hand, as she looked at him silently without saying a word. Wang Yanqing’s appearance didn’t look like one of a hostage, and some could even believe that she was a womenfolk of the Lu family. Fu Tingzhou smelled the pungent ginger in the teacup, and his complexion was a little stagnant.

Even if he didn’t care about the affairs of the inner house, he still knew that women drank brown sugar ginger tea when their monthly time came. Lu Heng was aware of Qing Qing’s physical condition, so he prepared warm tea for her?

The implications of this was quite thought-provoking, and Fu Tingzhou didn’t want to think about it anymore. Falling off a cliff was not what Wang Yanqing wanted. She lost her memory and then became confused, it was understandable for her to be deceived, as long as she came back.

But his heart was still unhappy. Fu Tingzhou put the dazzling cup of tea on the table, held Wang Yanqing’s arm, and stood up. Fu Tingzhou asked: “How did you tell him, why are you being imprisoned by him?”

Wang Yanqing was not used to standing so close to men other than Second Brother. His hand clutched Wang Yanqing’s arm, but she held back and said: “I asked him where my household registration was, and he said it was in the capital. Later, I found that there were many more people around me for no reason.”

Fu Tingzhou sighed, Wang Yanqing still lacked experience using strategic words, how could Lu Heng not be suspicious when she asked such a straightforward question. Fu Tingzhou said: “It’s okay, I’m here to save you. While he is still answering in front of the imperial court, hurry up and follow me, and you will never have to worry about Lu Heng again.”

Fu Tingzhou pulled Wang Yanqing out, and Wang Yanqing followed silently without saying a word. For some reason, the yard that was full of dark guards just now was empty. Fu Tingzhou took her out through the side door, turned left and right, and quickly entered a path surrounded by trees. After entering here, Fu Tingzhou breathed a sigh of relief and said to Wang Yanqing: “Few people come to this place. After passing through this forest, in front is territory patrolled by the soldiers and calvary of the five cities. Once you’re out of the woods, you’ll be safe.”

Wang Yanqing looked along the path, indeed, the lush vegetation on both sides covered the sky and the sun, and the light was dim after sunset. This place looked like a secret space. Wang Yanqing asked: “Are you alone, where are your guards?”

Fu Tingzhou thought that Wang Yanqing was hard-spoken and soft-hearted after all. She said she didn’t trust him, but she couldn’t help but care about his safety. Fu Tingzhou said: “They went to lure the Imperial Guards away. Lu Heng is a very difficult person, and he will become suspicious at the slightest disturbance.”

Fu Tingzhou was worried about letting any man touch Qing Qing, so he personally took her away at a risk. Wang Yanqing’s wrist was in his grasp as she followed blindly after him on the quiet trail, and she asked: “Are you really my second brother?”

Fu Tingzhou sighed: “Of course. You have been in the Fu family since you were seven years old, and your grandfather was afraid that the servants would neglect you, so he asked you to call me Second Brother following the young ladies in the Fu family.”

Wang Yanqing nodded and asked again: “What do I like to eat?”

How did she remember to ask these questions? Fu Tingzhou frowned, thought for a while, and said: “Beef and mutton? Your ancestral home is Datong, where there have been wars with the Mongols all year round, and your diet was also biased towards Mongolia.”

“Then what color do I like?”

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“Scarlet powder.” Fu Tingzhou sighed, “Are you still doubting me? It is still my fault. I had matters with Lu Heng because of my position as the military commander of the five cities, so he took you away to take revenge on me. You did grow up in the Zhenyuan Marquis Mansion, and there are many old things of yours in the Marquis Mansion. People from other families saw you when they came to the Fu Mansion, and they can also testify.”

Fu Tingzhou never took Wang Yanqing’s suspicion of him to heart. There were witnesses and physical evidence everywhere in the Zhenyuan Marquis Mansion, but Fu Tingzhou was currently on a southern tour, and Fu Tingzhou couldn’t show her for the time being. In his heart, Wang Yanqing became suspicious because Lu Heng, that bastard, brainwashed Wang Yanqing. After he returned, he had plenty of ways to convince Wang Yanqing.

Leaving now was the most important thing. The people outside won’t be able to hold on for long, and Lu Heng may come back at any time, so he wanted to get Wang Yanqing away as soon as possible. As long as Wang Yanqing was taken out of Imperial Guard territory, even if Lu Heng came to take Fu Tingzhou, he wouldn’t be afraid. If worst comes to worst, he would make a fuss in front of the emperor, let the emperor judge, and see who was at fault.

Fu Tingzhou walked fast, and Wang Yanqing was pulled behind him, almost trotting. Suddenly Wang Yanqing let out a cry of pain, and her body stiffened. Fu Tingzhou was startled and hurriedly turned his head to see Wang Yanqing bent over and covering her lower abdomen. Her face was pale, her lips were clenched tightly, and she looked very weak.

She wasn’t struck by an arrow, Fu TIngzhou was relieved, and came back to the situation. He realized that he forgot Wang Yanqing was still here, he was so focused on his journey just now that he completely ignored her body. Fu Tingzhou approached Wang Yanqing, supported her, and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Wang Yanqing shook her head and said weakly: “It’s okay, just slow down a bit.”

Fu Tingzhou looked at the way he came and went, and immediately made a decision: “I’ll carry you and go.”

Wang Yanqing clutched her stomach, unable to refuse. Fu Tingzhou encircled Wang Yanqing’s arm and was about to lift Wang Yanqing horizontally when he suddenly felt a pain in his side.

Fu Tingzhou looked up in disbelief. Wang Yanqing held a dagger in her hand from some point. She held the handle of the knife tightly, and blood continued to flow from Fu Tingzhou’s wound, staining Wang Yanqing’s fingers red, which immediately wet the expensive white makeup on her body.

Fu Tingzhou was taught how to fight the enemy since he was a child. After being attacked, he should immediately fight back and kill the attacker. She was so close to him and Fu Tingzhou could break her neck with a single bend. But Fu Tingzhou couldn’t bear to do it, he endured the pain in his body and asked: “Qing Qing, why?”

Wang Yanqing’s skin was as white as snow, and her eyes were like black jade. This was the face he was used to seeing, but at this moment, the gentle and cute look he was familiar with was no longer in those eyes, they were cold as ice. Wang Yanqing looked at him coldly and said: “Marquis of Zhenyuan, for the sake of the face of the two families, I have repeatedly endured, but I didn’t expect you to go so far because you don’t know good from bad. You don’t even know the flavors and colors I like, how could you be my brother who has been with me day and night for ten years?”

Blood gushed out and dripped from Wang Yanqing’s fingers, forming a small puddle on the ground. Due to blood loss and pain, Fu Tingzhou’s face quickly turned pale, but he kept staring at Wang Yanqing, completely ignoring the wound on his body: “What did you say?”

“I hate the smell of mutton very much, and I don’t like bright red and green. Seeing that I am from Datong Prefecture, you take it for granted that I like to eat beef and mutton, which is ridiculous.”

Fu Tingzhou stared at her as if her stab did not hurt him as much as this sentence: “You don’t like them?”

Wang Yanqing sneered and felt it was ridiculous: “You want to deceive people, but you don’t even want to put in such a little effort? Unfortunately, I was almost deceived by you and doubted my real second brother.”

The last trace of blood on Fu Tingzhou’s face faded, he seemed angry and betrayed. He gritted his teeth and said: “Do you still believe Lu Heng?”

“She is my sister, of course, she trusts me.” A calm voice suddenly sounded from the depths of the forest shadows. With one hand behind his back, Lu Heng walked towards the evening wind with a smile on his face, “Marquis of Zhenyuan, I trust you have been well.”

When Second Brother came, Wang Yanqing let go of the dagger, took a step back, and distanced herself from Fu Tingzhou: “Second Brother.”

Seeing that her hands were covered in blood, Lu Heng naturally stretched out his arms and motioned for her to come over: “I kept saying that I didn’t need you, but you still insist on being the bait. How is it, are you hurt?”

Wang Yanqing was a little flustered after stabbing someone, but when she heard what Lu Heng said, she ran over quickly, looking like a child in trouble, and said a bit coquettishly: “No. Older Brother, I caught the Fu thief.”

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