After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 89          Stars and Moon

The outcome was naturally to proceed at the same time, regardless of the order.

When Huo Du walked out of the hot spring pool with her soft body in his arms, Le Zhi’s whole body was almost out of strength. Her hands hugged around his neck tightly, her legs wrapped around his waist, her chin rested on his shoulder, and her whole body hung on him like a lazy cat.

The two hugged each other closely as if they were one.

Le Zhi was shy and embarrassed in her heart. Although they had done all kinds of intimate things, she still felt shy and embarrassed.

“Help me put on my bedclothes.” She whispered softly.

Huo Du supported her with one hand and stroked her back with the other. Hearing her words, he raised his hand and rubbed the back of her head, a chuckle overflowing between his lips and teeth.

“Is it necessary?” His breath brushed the side of her neck, tickling and tingling, “But I’ll have to take it off later.”

Le Zhi’s face suddenly burned, her palms clenched tightly, and her fingernails ran across his back.


A low hum sounded in her ear.

Le Zhi’s heart skipped a beat, and hurriedly lowered her eyes to look. Sure enough, there was a long thin red mark, and a few fading ones around… mottled, printed on the cold white back which was particularly distinct.

They were all scratched by her.

“Le Zhi, are you a cat?”

The smiling tone made Le Zhi feel more guilty. She spread out her palm and gently rubbed his red marks. Although Huo Du was happy to tease her, he still carried her to the long table, put her down, and then took out the bedclothes for her to put on.

“You wear it too!” Le Zhi grabbed the corner of her clothes tightly, blushing and turning her head not to look at him.

Huo Du tutted lightly, picked up the innerwear on the side and put it on him casually, looked at her with her head stuck to a side, and said with a smile, “If you turn more, you’ll sprain your neck.”

Le Zhi turned her head back and coughed unnaturally.

The air around was hot and humid, and there was still some lingering seductive smell. Le Zhi did not want to stay here any longer, so she opened her arms and winked at Huo Du with obvious meaning.

“You can’t even walk?” Huo Du reached out and pinched her earlobe.

Seeing that he did not carry him, Le Zhi lowered her arms, glared at him with dissatisfaction, and whispered angrily, “Who made you keep pulling my leg just now…”

Huo Du caressed her head, hugged her, and picked her up horizontally, then lightly bumped her forehead with his forehead. Looking at each other, he hooked his lips to expose her, “Lying.”

Le Zhi smiled slyly, hooked his neck, and leaned against him cheerfully.

Huo Du did not care and strode toward the second floor.

As soon as the sore and tired body hit the bed, Le Zhi closed her eyes comfortably, and let out a satisfied groan between her lips. Feeling the person next to her lying down, she moved to the side carefully and muttered, “I’m tired.”

But the little hand was still held by him, and with a gentle tug, Huo Du pulled her into his arms again.

“Ah!” She pushed him subconsciously, muttering, “You’re so annoying.”

Huo Du held her down gently, straightened her head, and said, “Open your eyes.”

Le Zhi was not sleepy at all, but just because she was afraid that Huo Du would disturb her, she deliberately closed her eyes to pretend to be sleepy and opened her eyes when she heard the words.

The bright moon with the sky full of stars, filled with brightness, all of them were printed in her eyes.

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment, feeling as if she was in a dreamland, and everything in front of her was too beautiful to be real.

“Do you like it?”

Huo Du’s eyes always fell on her face, staring at her stunned lovely naive appearance, and a smile could not help appearing in his black eyes. Although he asked her whether she liked it or not, he was already certain that…

She would definitely love it.

When he enjoyed the moon with her that day, he knew how much she liked the moon and stars. So, he asked people to find this monocular. Although it looked no different from ordinary monoculars, this piece of monocular could enlarge the scenery in a distance, as if moving the scenery to the front.

Since she liked it, he found the moon and stars for her. Accompany her to sleep and give her a good sleep.

Le Zhi slowly turned her head and looked at him deeply. Her nose was a little sour, she nodded and hurriedly drilled into his arms, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

After a long time, she suddenly remembered something, and whispered close to Huo Du’s heart, “My shops are making money.”


She said coquettishly, “The money I borrowed from you before…”

Huo Du was amused by her incomprehension. At such a romantic moment like this, she actually talked to him about paying back the money!

Did he seem to be the type of person who was short of money?

“Ready to pay back the money?”

However, the person buried in his arms shook her head silently. Huo Du gently pulled the person away and lowered his gaze to her face, only to see a pair of shimmering lovely smiling eyes.

He was a little puzzled, “That’s it?”

Suddenly, the palm on his abdomen suddenly moved down.

The black eyes suddenly shook, Huo Du grabbed her restless wrist, his Adam’s apple rolled, and he asked with his only remaining reason, “Didn’t you say you were tired? Are you being possessed?”

Le Zhi’s long eyelashes trembled a little, but a flirtatious smile appeared on her flushed cheeks. Leaning closer, she said softly in his ear, “I think, Your Highness would prefer something else than money.”

The last word, together with her breath, was swallowed up by Huo Du. The hand that grabbed her wrist tightened, and took advantage to hold her down.

In the deep desire, Huo Du laughed softly and leaned against her.

I really underestimate her, ah.

The chaos in Shengyang City really surprised the civil and military courtiers in the morning court.

Nobody could figure out that this Taizi actually had some real skills.

During the morning court, Emperor Qi praised Huo Du with a big smile on his face, and then changed the subject, taking advantage of the happiness at this time to casually find an excuse to relieve Huo Xu’s restraint.

Huo Du stood before His Majesty with his cane but did not smile.

After the court, the courtiers who had previously avoided Huo Du came to congratulate him one after another for the first time. Was not normal for this group of people to sail with the wind?

But seeing that His Highness Taizi was in no mood, they also returned with embarrassment. But after this time, they could not understand His Majesty’s thoughts in their hearts. The third prince, who was originally thought to be very promising, was now gradually declining, but Taiz, who has always had a bad reputation, seemed to be rising again.

But his leg…

As the monarch of the country, if he was disabled, he would be disrespected by all the countries.

Who did His Majesty prefer? They looked at each other and were in a dilemma in the end.

And Prime Minister Shen Huai, who was walking at the end, looked at the dark-colored departing figure with a slightly frozen expression. What Qingyan told him a few days ago, coupled with the achievements of Taizi this time, had made him wonder.

Did he really misjudge Taizi in the past?

Was he really blindsided by his judgment of others’ temperament through superficial appearances?

Therefore, just now he also wanted to come forward to say a few words with Taizi. But suddenly thinking of his daughter in the mansion, he stopped again. It was his ignorance that made his daughter suffer so much injustice. Now, it seemed too late to regret it.

Thinking of this, the man who had passed the age of forty turned red in his eyes.

At the same time, Shen Qingyan, who was in the Prime Minister Mansion, was also restless. After the imperial physician detected the happy pulse, she was stunned and could not recover for a long time.

She raised her hand and put it over her lower abdomen.

Shen Qingyan’s eyes moved slightly. Was there really a little life here?

She could not distinguish the complicated feelings in her heart. This child came at the wrong time and should not have come at all. But the motherly nature in her made her unable to give up this little life mercilessly.

She did not know what Empress’s intention was to let Imperial Physician Jiang check the pulse. Was this what she really wanted?

Shen Qingyan could not be clearer. Empress was not really happy with the arrival of the child. She was happy that she had the weakness that she could grasp between her and her father.


Lu Ying jogged into the room, her breath still unsteady, and she hurriedly said, “This is a letter from Taizifei to you.”

Shen Qingyan took the letter and opened it to take a closer look, her eyes sank a little. After a long while, she looked up as if she had made up her mind with resolute eyes, “Send a letter to Taizifei for me, saying that I want to meet her.”

“Yes!” Lu Ying responded, turning around and hurrying out.

Coincidentally, at this time, the silver charcoal in the furnace in the room burned out. The surrounding temperature gradually cooled down, but Shen Qingyan did not feel cold at all. Not knowing whether it was the determination in her chest or the strength given to her by the child in her belly, which made her whole body warm.

Shen Qingyan thought to herself that Empress might be disappointed.

Having this child strengthened her determination. The child brought her not weakness, but strength as a mother. She must never allow herself and her child to be coerced. This was her own child alone, and she would definitely protect him well.

Would not let anyone take advantage of or harm him.

Her eyes were clear. After living for so long, Shen Qingyan felt that now was her most logical moment.

In the imperial study, Emperor Qi sat in front of the desk with his eyes darkened.

“Report to Your Majesty, Empress is here.”

As if he knew it earlier, Huo Changyun said faintly, “Let her come in.”

With the phoenix robe floating gently, Lin Wanning approached with a smile and saluted respectfully, “Pay respects to Your Majesty.”

“Empress is exempted from the ceremony.” Huo Changyun smiled and asked, “What makes Empress so happy, please tell me about it.”

Lin Wanning was waiting for his words, and she smiled even brighter when she heard the words, she said, “I just found out that the third imperial concubine is expecting!”

Hearing this, Huo Changyun was obviously startled, and then he curled his lips into a smile, “It’s good news, certainly a happy event!”

Lin Wanning saw every expression on his face. She came here to find out Huo Changyun’s reaction. After all, this was his first imperial grandson. For the sake of bloodline, he would definitely re-examine Xu’er.

Lin Wanning was betting that he would keep his promise and pass on the throne to Xu’er.

In Huo Changyun’s eyes, her careful thoughts were really a little trick. But he still cooperated with her, pulling the curvature of the corners of his lips deeper.

“That being the case, I will give Xu’er a big gift in advance.”

Huo Changyun unbuttoned the newly drawn imperial decree on the table with his fingers, signaling Empress to come and take a look. Lin Wanning understood it, walked to Huo Changyun’s side with a shallow smile, and then stared at the words on the imperial decree.

Suddenly, her pupils shrank a little, and her body swayed slightly in shock. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Huo Changyun in disbelief but saw that he was still looking back at her with a clear expression.

Lin Wanning’s thoughts were a little chaotic. Could it be that she misread it?

She turned her eyes and looked at it again, making sure that she did not miss a word.

Lin Wanning’s heart was deeply puzzled.

Did Huo Changyun want to abolish Taizi? He actually wanted to abolish Taizi at this moment.

The author has something to say:
Du: Just abolish it, who cares [smile]. I want to watch the stars and the moon with my wife, hee, hee!
Zhi: I don’t like romantic people.
Du: ???

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