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Thank you all so much for your continuous support. We are a few weeks out from completing our 2nd translation on the website!! Whoop whoop! All of your comments and interest means a lot to us.

You may have noticed some changes to the website… hehe, I’ve been playing around. We want to improve the website in looks and functions while keeping it very easy and simple.

We have also thrown around the idea of connecting to more readers on other platforms… like Discord, Instagram, and Twitter.

One of our kind readers mentioned Kofi a couple days ago. The addition of monetary support was something we hadn’t yet considered as we have been invested in translating for you all. However, we love hearing your thoughts and input.

Ultimately, we want to ask you amazing individuals for your insightful feedback as readers that have found JustforFun Translations. Between us we have two minds, but together we have much more. So please let us know your thoughts below!

8/3/22 Feedback

What do you think about our website?


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