After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 90          Care

The next day.

Shen Qingyan put on the dark blue cloak and hurried to the mansion gate to go to Le Zhi’s appointment. But as soon as she stepped out of the mansion, she ran into Huo Xu who was getting off the carriage.

Their eyes met, and both of them were stunned.

Shen Qingyan frowned as her stomach surged, and suddenly turned her head to retch a few times. Not knowing if was it due to the nausea of morning sickness or due to seeing someone who she did not want to see.

“Are you alright?”

With her arm held, Shen Qingyan turned her head suddenly and saw Huo Xu looking at her worriedly, “Follow me back to the mansion.”

Her heart sank suddenly, and her face turned pale. She broke free from his hand with force and took two steps back, full of rejection. But after all, outside the mansion, she could not make it too obvious.

Seeing this, Huo Xu naturally understood.

The worried look on his face instantly dissipated, replaced by deep sullen anger. He really could not understand the woman in front of him. Before, she desperately wanted to marry him, and after entering the mansion, she made a big scene out of jealousy toward the bedwarmer. Was not it all because of him?

Now that she was pregnant, he had also come to pick her up in person, should not she be crying tears of joy?

What with the look of avoiding him?

“There must be a limit to the nonsense.” Huo Xu stepped forward and approached Shen Qingyan, his eyes were gloomy, and there was oppression in his deep voice, “You’re already a mother, don’t be like a child.”

Shen Qingyan’s body trembled and felt dizzy. Fortunately, Lu Ying, who was beside her, supported her in time to prevent her from falling. She did not want to be entangled with Huo Xu and knew in her heart that she might be unable to escape now. Thinking of this, she turned around and prepared to go back to the mansion until he left.

But the man behind her seemed to be deliberately opposing her, bypassing her and blocking the road in front of her.

“Don’t make trouble, go back with me!”

This time, his tone was more impatient than before. Shen Qingyan frowned and replied coldly, “I won’t go back with you. It was His Majesty who allowed me to live with my father.”

Today, her father was invited by an official of the Minister of Rites to discuss important matters after the court, and now no one in the Prime Minister Mansion could suppress Huo Xu. She thought that using His Majesty should be able to deter Huo Xu a little, right?

However, Huo Xu remained unmoved, and there was even a proud smile on the corner of his mouth. He grabbed Shen Qingyan’s wrist forcefully and said with a smile, “Imperial Father is only temporarily allowing you. Now that you are pregnant, what would it look like to continue living in the Prime Minister Mansion?”

After saying that, he dragged her and strode in the direction of Che Yu.

Even though she already had a baby in her womb, Huo Xu still showed no pity. The force exerted on her hand was quite strong until she sat in the carriage, and Shen Qingyan’s wrist had a circle of red marks when he released her hand.

Because of the child, she did not dare to break free forcefully just now for fear of hurting him. But at this time, a feeling of despair gradually rose in her heart.

The Baoxiang Pavilion.

Le Zhi waited in the side room for a long time, but Shen Qingyan still had not arrived.

“Li Yao, did you tell Lu Ying the wrong time yesterday?”

“No, I told her chenshi (7 am – 9 am) several times, and there should be no mistake.”

Le Zhi nodded and she naturally knew that Li Yao would not be so careless. But if this was the case, could something happen to Shen Qingyan?

“Let Xiao Ming go to the Prime Minister Mansion to investigate.” Le Zhi said.


After waiting for another hour, Shen Qingyan still did not show up for the appointment and on the contrary, Xia Ming, who went to investigate, came back.

“Master, she was picked up by Third Prince when Miss Shen left the mansion this morning.”

“What!” Le Zhi stood up abruptly, her whole person trembled. She clenched her fists tightly and frowned.

It was her carelessness. She should have thought of this when she heard that Huo Xu was released from his confinement yesterday.

She should have met Shen Qingyan yesterday.

But why was Huo Xu in such a hurry? With his temperament, he should not be so eager to take Shen Qingyan back to the mansion. Unless… there was a reason to pick her up.

“Let’s go back to the mansion.”

The Baoxiang Pavilion was located in a corner, and Le Zhi also came out in an ordinary carriage, so it would not arouse the thoughts of others. On the return trip, Le Zhi was struggling to understand. She raised her eyes to look at Li Yao and asked, “Li Yao, when you met with Lu Ying yesterday, did you find anything unusual about her?”

Hearing this, Li Yao lowered her eyes and pondered, recalling all the expressions Lu Ying had yesterday.

“It seems that there is something she wanted to say but didn’t.” Li Yao thought carefully and murmured, “I also asked a question at the time, but she didn’t say anything, just said that you’ll know when her master meets you.”

It seemed that something must have happened to Shen Qingyan.

Suddenly, the horse’s hoof seemed to have stepped on something, and it skidded suddenly, and even the carriage shook violently.

Le Zhi was thinking about things wholeheartedly and was thrown forward by the sudden shock.

“Be careful!” Li Yao held her up.


A small porcelain bottle fell out of Le Zhi’s sleeve and made a sound. Li Yao bent over, picked up the small porcelain bottle, and handed it to her.

The red porcelain bottle stung Le Zhi’s eyes. Looking at this porcelain bottle, the mysteries in her heart seem to piece together one by one.

Imperial Physician Jiang, Lu Ying’s hesitation to speak, and Huo Xu’s impatient.

Could it be because Shen Qingyan was pregnant?

She suddenly clenched her palms tightly, and the coolness from the porcelain bottle penetrated into her palms. Le Zhi frowned. If it was true as she guessed, Lin Wanning and Huo Xu would definitely use this child to coerce Shen Huai.

At this moment, the coachman tightened the reins, and the carriage slowly stopped.

Le Zhi was so anxious that after getting off the carriage, she hurried to the mansion. But when she stepped into the gate, her heart suddenly skipped a beat and had a bad premonition.

Although the Taizi Mansion was usually quiet, there were always some busy figures and gentle voices of maids and manservants, never had been so silent.

She looked around and found that more than half of the original guards and soldiers were missing.

Something is wrong.
Something is really wrong.

Following her heart, Le Zhi raised her legs and hurriedly walked toward the inner courtyard. After walking a few steps, she saw An Xuan approaching, and her heart was a little calm.

Since An Xuan is still there, things may not be so bad.

“An Xuan, what happened?”

An Xuan’s face was not good either, and he talked to her about the whole event with his voice lowered.

“Abolish, abolish Taizi?” Le Zhi froze in place, her back stiff until painful. She stabilized her breath and asked in a deep voice, “What’s the reason?”

She could not understand and believe it. Such a shocking change took place overnight.

Obviously, Huo Changyun was still full of praise for Huo Du in the morning court yesterday.

…there must be something wrong with this.

“The reason is that this trip to Shengyang City to quell the chaos was set up by Chu Yan and His Highness to accumulate fame for His Highness.”

Complete nonsense!

Le Zhi sneered, “Where’s the evidence? Who dares to talk nonsense and implicate Taizi casually?”

An Xuan’s eyes became even darker, and he said, “Is… His Majesty.”

Huo Changyun?

The hands hidden in the spacious sleeves clenched into fists tightly, and the foxy eyes flashed with anger.

He can frame people just like that.

“The imperial decree only abolish His Highness’s position as the taizi and removed some of the mansion soldiers. Everything else was the same as before.” An Xuan frowned and said, “His Majesty has not issued a confinement order, nor has he sent troops to guard.”

Le Zhi raised her eyebrows slightly, not understanding what trick Huo Changyun was trying to play.

“Where is His Highness?” she asked.

“In the greenhouse.”

She nodded and walked towards the greenhouse.

After a few days, Shen Qingyan returned to her familiar and unbearable bedroom. Her body was so uncomfortable that she leaned weakly against the embroidered pillow, and the whole person had no strength.

Only when she returned here did Shen Qingyan find out that Jiang Man was also pregnant.

For a moment, she had so many thoughts. She really did not want to stay here as this was not her home after all.

Even her unborn child was being taken advantage of. Huo Xu… could he be even more shameless?

At the same time, another person was fidgeting in the room in the western courtyard.

“What should I do!”

A soft murmur floated to the window, and a figure outside the window jumped into the room.

Jiang Man panicked and almost cried out in surprise. She covered her lips and asked in a low voice, “Why are you here!”

“Isn’t it because I miss you.” The man hugged her tightly, his hot breath approaching her, “And our precious child.”

Hearing this, Jiang Man froze all over. She pushed him away and reprimanded, “You’re crazy! You clearly know it’s not safe here as Huo Xu will come over at any time. In case, in case he finds out…”

“What are you afraid of? It’s too late for him to be happy!”

The smile on the man’s face could not be hidden when he thought that the aloof Third Prince raised his son for him!

So comfortable!

“Stop making trouble. This is not a joke. Hurry up and go!”

Jiang Man looked panicked. For some reason, she had been particularly frightened since she was pregnant. After all, the flesh in the stomach was not Huo Xu’s, if the deeds were revealed…

How could she not be afraid?

“Alright, alright, let’s get down to business.” The man said sternly, he took out a packet of medicinal powder from his sleeve and handed it to Jiang Man.

Jiang Man reached out to take it and wondered, “This is?”

“Do you know that Huo Xu brought Shen Qingyan back to the mansion today?”

Jiang Man nodded.

After all, it was normal to take Shen Qingyan back to the mansion before they divorced.

“She’s pregnant too.” The man said concisely.


Jiang Man was startled, feeling a little lost. If Shen Qingyan was also pregnant, then her child would not stand a chance.

Seeing this, the man laughed and tapped the medicine packet in her hand, “Our son’s future depends on you, the mother.”

“You, you mean…”

“This is abortion medicine.” The man approached Jiang Man’s ear and whispered, “Look for an opportunity and slip it in Shen Qingyan’s food.”

The hand holding the medicine packet suddenly trembled, but fortunately, the man held her hand before letting the medicine packet fall. Seeing her gloomy face, he opened his mouth to remind her, “If her child is born successfully, what status do you think our child will have in the future?”

After speaking, the man gave her a serious look, then jumped out the window and left.

After a long time.

Jiang Man slumped down on the soft chair disappointedly. She looked at the medicine packet with her lips quivering.

After running all the way to the greenhouse, Le Zhi’s cheeks and hands were reddened by the cold wind.

Without hesitation, she pushed open the door of the greenhouse and walked in with her legs raised. Her frozen body was suddenly surrounded by warmth and she frowned a little uncomfortably.

She raised her eyes and saw Huo Du sitting on the edge of the gardener’s table in front of the poppies.

At this moment, did he still have time to paint?

Knowing that she came in, Huo Du got up leisurely and walked toward her. His face remained calm as if being abolished had no effect on him.

Le Zhi was dumbfounded as she did not understand. Did he know of this long ago or did he not care about it at all?

She suddenly remembered that when she first met him, he was like this and did not care much about everything. For some reason, this realization made her heart, which had always been calm, suffocated.

“In this world, is there anything that makes His Highness care about?”

She looked at him with gloomy eyes.

Huo Du did not speak for a long time. Le Zhi lowered her eyes, walked past him, and sat down on the edge of the gardener’s table.

A white mark was bitten out of her cherry lips by her.

She obviously came here to talk to him about it.

Was she really possessed to suddenly ask him such a question?

With the cool mint scent approaching, Huo Du stood in front of her and leaned over to stare at her. His figure blocked some of the light in the greenhouse.

After a while, Le Zhi heard him speak.

“You, ah.”

Her heart seemed to stop for a moment. She raised her eyes in astonishment and saw her flustered appearance in his peach blossom eyes. Unable to look at it anymore, she hurriedly lowered her eyes, but saw the drawing paper on the gardener’s table.

It was not poppies or anything else painted on the paper.

It was her.

The author has something to say:
Dog Xu: Hehe, I’m going to be a father!!!
Du & Zhi: … Do you want to tell him?

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