After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 88          Flirting

In the early morning, the bedroom of Yongning Palace was already bright when the sky was not yet bright.

“Empress, Taizi… Taizi is back.”

“What!” Lin Wanning’s eyelids had been twitching these few days, and her heart had always been filled with inexplicable worry. When she heard this, her whole body swayed, and her tone was also very unbelievable, “Didn’t Wu Zhiyuan send a letter a few days ago saying that everything was going well?”

In the letter, Wu Zhiyuan mentioned that Shengyang City was about to be besieged, and as soon as the soldiers of the country Jiang arrived, it would be extremely easy to trap Huo Du to death in the city.

What has changed in this?

Qin Momo supported Empress with a gloomy expression on her face. She whispered, “Empress, it seems that Wu Zhiyuan and the insider you set up in Shengyang City may have already been eliminated by Taizi.”

Lin Wanning’s body froze, the blood in her whole body seemed to freeze. A coolness spread from her heart and even her hair was oozing with coldness.

Yes, ah. Huo Du was able to see through her plan and easily cracked it without her even knowing it at all, and even prevented her from hearing the slightest bit of news.

How capable is he?

Lin Wanning lost her strength and slumped down on the beauty couch disappointedly. Shengyang City was her last chance, but she could not get rid of him. Could she still have a chance now?

At this time, the palace maid’s voice came from outside the palace, “Empress, Imperial Physician Jiang wants to see you.”

Lin Wanning frowned slightly.

What is he doing coming here early in the morning? Can it be… a long-awaited hope poured into her mind, making her brighten up unexpectedly. She handed out her hand to Qin Momo to support her and walked to the bronze mirror to put on makeup.

“This official pays respect to Empress.”

Lin Wanning just arrived at the front hall, and as soon as she was seated, she saw the people in front of her respectfully saluting her. She bowed her head slightly and asked, “Why is the Imperial Physician Jiang coming to see me in a hurry today?”

“Empress, this official goes to the Prime Minister Mansion every five days according to your instruction to check the pulse. When I went to check the pulse yesterday evening, I found out that the third imperial concubine is more than a month pregnant.” Imperial Physician Jiang reported in a deep voice and added, “Because the third imperial concubine has been weak recently, plus her pulse has been unstable, so only now could find the happy pulse*.”

(happy pulse* – pregnant pulse)

The dead heart gradually returned to life. Sure enough, there was always a silver lining.

A smile appeared on Lin Wanning’s lips, she looked at Imperial Physician Jiang and said, “Who else knows about this?”

Imperial Physician Jiang’s expression was slightly restrained, and he answered in a loud voice, “The third prince is still grounded… so he should not have known yet. Whereas Your Majesty…”

“I will talk to His Majesty about this.” Lin Wanning interrupted him, “You just need to take care of the third imperial concubine’s unborn child, understand?”

Facing the tone that could not be ignored, Imperial Physician Jiang’s eyes darkened, and he sighed silently in his heart. If it was not for the fact that his brother was doing bad things outside and was used against him by Empress, how could he be manipulated by others?

Over the years, he had done so many dirty things for Empress openly and secretly, that which had long lost the original intention of being a physician. In the silent night, he had struggled numerous times.

However, there was no turning back. Once he had taken the wrong step, he had to keep going until the day he stepped into the abyss.

“Jiang Lin?”

Hearing his name, Jiang Lin suddenly returned to his senses, he silently nodded and said, “Yes.”

After going away for a while, and stepping into the Taizi Mansion again, Le Zhi’s heart was a little sour, and some strange feelings gradually bubbled up in her heart.

It was the joy of returning home.

It was hard to imagine that she had regarded this place as her home.

“Master!” Li Yao had been waiting outside the bedroom early in the morning, and when she saw Le Zhi’s figure, she could not stand any longer and ran over to her.

Seeing this, Le Zhi was also a little emotional. Looking at Li Yao’s somewhat thin cheeks, she raised her hand to shake hers and asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes!” Li Yao nodded with a smile, “Master, don’t worry.”

At this time, the housekeeper came over with a large stack of account books, and so happened to hear these words, he stroked his beard as he smiled softly, and said after saluting Le Zhi, “Taizifei does not know anything. This girl gets up at maoshi (5 am – 7 am) every day and goes to the shop whenever she has time!”

So, that’s the reason.
No wonder this silly girl lost so much weight.

Le Zhi looked at her in distress, but Li Yao smiled indifferently, and scratched her ears a little embarrassedly, “No, don’t listen to the housekeeper’s exaggeration.”

“Hey, I’m not exaggerating!” The smile on the housekeeper’s face became deeper. He weighed the account books in his hand and said, “Taizifei will know by looking at this.”

Le Zhi blinked suspiciously.

It was not until she had roughly flipped through the account books that she knew the meaning of the housekeeper’s words. Previously, she had changed the types of goods in the shop, and with Li Yao’s diligent daily care during this period, her shops not only did not lose money but also made a lot of money. Unexpectedly, all the principal was earned back!

“Li Yao, you are so amazing!” Le Zhi praised sincerely.

Jing Xin and Lin Yue on the side were also amazed and could not stop praising. On the contrary, Li Yao was embarrassed by the praise, her cheeks reddened, and lowered her eyes with a shy smile.

The master and servants chatted for a while, and Le Zhi could not help but ask about the condition of the people in the capital.

“Master, don’t worry. The third prince is confined to the mansion and is very peaceful.” As soon as the conversation turned, Li Yao was a little stunned and said, “However, I don’t know why since the third imperial concubine went back to the Prime Minister Mansion, the palace has sent an imperial physician to the Prime Minister Mansion from time to time.”

Imperial physician?

It was fair to say that it made sense to check the pulse for the third imperial concubine’s health reason. But so often… Le Zhi frowned slightly, thinking of Lin Wanning’s treacherousness, and a burst of worry rose in her heart.

“I will write a letter later. Tomorrow, you will go to the Prime Minister Mansion and hand it over to Lu Ying in person.”

Li Yao nodded her head in response.

After they left, Le Zhi wrote the letter and pondered quietly for a moment.

There were too many uncertainties in the future, and she had been worried. If one day she suddenly met an accident, what should these three girls do? Jing Xin would be accompanied by An Xuan, so she was not too worried. Lin Yue was a smart person, so she should not suffer any loss. But Li Yao… had no one to rely on since she was a child. If she was gone, what should Li Yao do?

Now, she was not worried anymore.

That shops could be set aside for the three of them in the future. Girls, it was always more at ease with money and silver on them.

Thinking of this, she curled her lips and smiled reassuringly.

Third Prince Mansion was peaceful.

Huo Xu sat in the study with a bad expression on his face.

It had been so many days, and his imperial father had not calmed down yet. Not only forbade him from leaving the mansion but also forbade others to visit him. He almost forgot what day it was today. He also did not know what happened to Zhizhi.

Recently, he frequently thought about those years when he was a hostage in Great Li, and every time he felt like a needle pricked deeply in his heart.

He missed it and regretted it. Yes, he regretted it.

If he was given another chance, he would definitely not be that ungrateful person. So, he would not be trapped here now.

Counting the days, if those things had not happened, he should have married Zhizhi at this time, maybe there would be his child in Zhizhi’s belly.

So beautiful!

Huo Xu was immersed in his own fantasy until the door of the study was pushed open. Qin Yu entered the room with a face full of panic, saluted, and said, “Your Highness, the western courtyard… the western courtyard…”

“Why are you so panicked?” Huo Xu frowned and stood up.

Qin Yu hurriedly replied, “The person in the western courtyard just fainted. The doctor in the mansion checked the pulse and said it was a happy pulse.”

Jiang Man had always had no name or no status. She was only favored in the mansion as a bedwarmer. The servants also found it difficult on normal days and did not know how to address her. They had no other choice than to address her with “that one” instead.

“What!” Huo Xu was a little surprised, but then a little happy.

The corners of his lips curled up unknowingly. He was going to be a father!

Thinking of this, he quickly walked towards the western courtyard.

Le Zhi stood outside the hot spring pool for a long time, and the hot mist inside floated out of the door a little as if it had a seductive feeling when it fell on her eyes.

Her heart was pounding.

These days, because of traveling and taking care of Yu’er. It had been a long time since they had not…

She gasped. So, there should be a wolf inside now, right?

“Still not coming in?”

A familiar voice came, low and deep as if tugging at her heartstrings. She calmed down and pushed the door in.

Thinking of the last time she and Huo Du shared a bath here, Le Zhi could not help curving her lips. It felt like a lifetime!

But what about the person who should be immersed in the hot spring? Where did he go?


The next moment, the waist was encircled, and her back was pressed against his warm chest. Le Zhi’s cheeks burned red suddenly, and she pushed his arm with her little hand, and said softly, “Take… take a bath first!”

She did not have any hope that Huo Du would listen to her, but as soon as her waist loosened, he really let go of her and said, “All right.”

Le Zhi turned around and saw that he was wearing only a thin scarlet shirt, loose and baggy. However, it covered all the places that should be covered.


What was she thinking? What should be covered…

The room was hot and misty, and Le Zhi was neatly dressed, but she really felt hot right now, and even thin beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

“What are you doing in a daze?” Huo Du smiled slowly.

Le Zhi put her hand on the lace at her waist, pursed her lips, and asked, “Aren’t you going to bathe?”

Le Zhi regretted it right after asking. He looked like he had already finished bathing. Not knowing what bad thought she had!

“Then why don’t you go upstairs and wait for me?”

The second floor was a warm room full of fragrance. It was the most comfortable to rest there after soaking in the hot spring.

But how could some people do what she wanted so easily? He took a soft chair calmly, sat beside the hot spring pool, and said earnestly, “I’ll accompany you.”

Who, want, your, company!

Le Zhi was in full gloom. The feeling of cutting flesh with a blunt knife was really uncomfortable.

She took a deep breath and thought it would be better to take off her clothes quickly and jump into the hot spring pool. But the clothes she was wearing today were complicated with many buttons. She had to unbutton it for a long time, even though her hands were sore, she had not finished yet. But she was so anxious that she did not even stop and continued to unbutton.

The busier she got, the more chaotic she became. When she was unfastening her innerwear, she accidentally made a dead knot.

Le Zhi had never been so embarrassed, she bit her lip and tried to pull it.

Suddenly, a warm palm covered her hand and gently took her hand away, “I’ll help you.”

There was some helpless sigh in his voice, “What’s the hurry? I won’t run.”

Le Zhi’s pupils tightened. Was he talking to himself again?

Who’s in a hurry?
Really shameless!

The warm breath brushed against her neck, which was warm and hot. He seemed to be doing it on purpose, slowly untying the knot. Moreover, his fingers always seemed to rub her soft skin gently.

Finally, the innerwear was undone, but the hand on her waist did not let go, rather going downward.

Le Zhi raised her head in shock and shrank her shoulders abruptly.

But her shoulder had long been held down by Huo Du. He pressed against her from behind and kissed the tip of her ear with his thin lips.

“Do you want to bathe first?” His fingertips moved slightly, he chuckled in a muffled voice, and asked softly, “Or do you want me first?”

The author has something to say:
Zhi: It’s over. . . QAQ
Du: Tsk.

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