After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 87          Bid Farewell

The heater in the room was burning brightly, and the faint soothing incense mixed with a trace of red plum blossoms drifted into the bed. And the breath of the two people who were entangled in the bed was a little chaotic, and the temperature on each of them was getting higher and higher.

At this time, there was a knock on the door sounded, low but clear.

Le Zhi became lucid almost instantly, she panted and pushed him away, her cheeks were so red like blood was dripping, “I’ll open the door.”

After that, she put on her bedclothes loosely, opened the curtain of the bed, and was about to get off the bed. But her wrist was held back, she turned her head and saw the redness in Huo Du’s eyes that had not yet faded, and her heart trembled slightly.

“Let go of me! There must be something urgent coming at this hour.”

“I’ll go.” Huo Du said in a deep voice, pulled her back, rolled over to get off the bed, straightened his clothes, and walked out.

When the door opened, he was met with a pair of timid eyes instantly.

“Your Highness, the young master can’t sleep well, and he wants to find Taizifei.” Lin Yue said with a troubled face.

“Little Uncle…”

Huo Du frowned, looked down at Le Yu with a sullen face, and looked at Lin Yue with disgust, but in the end, he still stretched out his arm to pick up the person, and then said lightly to Lin Yue, “You can withdraw.”

When he carried Le Yu to the bed, Le Zhi looked at his shrinking nephew and asked in a gentle voice, “Is Yu’er scared?”

Le Yu hummed in a low voice, and his eyes were red, so pitiful.

Le Zhi raised her hand and rubbed his little head, and said, “Then little aunt will sleep with Yu’er tonight.”

Hearing this, Le Yu’s eyes lit up, and his heart was much calmer. He lay between Le Zhi and Huo Du, closing his eyes obediently. On this day, he was frightened and panicked and cried for a long time, so he was already exhausted. Now he soon fell asleep after lying on the soft pillow.

However, Le Yu, who was asleep, moved toward Huo Du unconsciously. Until his little head was next to Huo Du’s arm, and his little hand tightly grabbed the sleeve of his bedclothes.

The two grownups were completely awake by the sudden arrival of this little guy. Le Zhi’s expression was slightly stunned when she looked at Yu’er who was about to hang onto Huo Du, recalling that he said that he did not like children when she asked Huo Du before, plus his face was not very good when they were interrupted by Yu’er tonight.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to gently break Yu’er’s fingers, trying to move him to her side.

But for some reason, Yu’er seemed to be conscious, clutching Huo Du’s sleeve firmly, and would not let go.

“No worries, let him sleep like this.”

Le Zhi looked at him a little unexpectedly and then lay down with him. Because she was worried about waking up Yu’er, she whispered, “Then, have to trouble little uncle tonight.”

Huo Du was amused by her serious expression of thanks, and he whispered back, “You’re welcome, little aunt.”

The long night was quiet, and the candlelight was waning.

Le Zhi fell asleep mistily but soon woke up again, she was surprised. It turned out that the sound sleep in recent days was only because she was in Huo Du’s arms. Once she lost his embrace, she returned to her usual shallow sleep.

Using her elbows as support, she got up and looked at the two people, one big and one small, in the dim candlelight.

The sleeping Yu’er rested her whole head on Huo Du’s arm. The child’s sleeping posture was very poor, and his head shook left and right. Fortunately, Huo Du put a hand on his head to prevent him from knocking his head during his sleep.

Le Zhi’s heart seemed to be stuffed with a ball of cotton, and it rose softly. She leaned closer, stared at his eyebrows carefully, and relaxed her mind.

After a long time, she leaned over slightly and placed a light kiss on his forehead.

The next day.

“Jing Xin, since you have recovered your memory, you and An Xuan don’t have to go back with us.” Le Zhi shook Jing Xin’s hand and said with a smile, “Look for a livable place and live a good life.”

But Jing Xin seemed to have known what she meant long ago. She smiled and shook her head, and said with a firm tone, “Master, I have discussed with An Xuan, that we will not leave.”

“Don’t be silly.” Le Zhi’s lips curled into a bitter smile.

In the whirlpool land of Great Qi, anyone that could leave was better than no one.

But Jing Xin insisted, and Le Zhi could not persuade her, so she let her follow them back. Going back this time, the road ahead was endless. Since Lin Wanning knew that her plan was ruined, there would definitely be a second move waiting for them.

As for Yu’er, she had to take him with her.

Since Zhao Lin of country Jiang intended to use Yu’er’s identity, she could not put Yu’er by her sister’s side which was too dangerous. A careless move was like sending a sheep into a tiger’s den. Why did not she know that there was no danger in bringing Yu’er to Great Qi?

But she had no other choice.

After packing her bags, she bid farewell to her sister.

“Zhizhi, didn’t you ever think of going the other way?” Le Jin looked worried, her eyes filled with distress, “You should know that Imperial Father and Imperial Mother would prefer you to live in peace rather than revenge.”

Le Zhi curved her lips and shook her head.

How could she not know? But the torment of hatred accompanied her day and night, and only by sacrificing the blood of the enemy could all this be quelled.

Besides, how could it be so easy forsaken now that she was in the chess game?

“Sister, I will keep Dong Yi here to protect your safety. You and Brother Fu Xian leave Huaxi City as soon as possible and find a safe place.”


Le Jin nodded and hugged her stubborn sister. She knew that she could not persuade her, the only thing she could do was not to give her any worries.

After leaving Huaxi City, they returned to Shengyang City again. After this trip, all the corrupt officials in the city were removed, and all the food and money for disaster relief were given to every citizen.

Chu Yan originally did not want to start a riot. Too many people from the old tribe died. For everyone that was left, he could not bear to let them be slaughtered again because of the riot.

It was enough to maintain relative peace.

More importantly, the words of his nephew, who was not close to him, the solemn vowed when he conspired with him to besiege the city, had been lingering in his heart.

Can he really do it?

The yellow sand filled the sky. The carriages were in groups, and the groups majestically left Shengyang City and returned to the capital.

And on the hillside not far away, a woman in a hood stared at the direction they were leaving for a long time.

“Are you really willing to part with Yu’er?”

The eyes hidden under the hat with a veil were dim, she said softly, “Yu’er will be safer following Zhizhi.”

“Why do you deliberately lie to them? About me and you…”

The woman shook her head slightly but did not answer. It was not until the carriage in her sight was gone that she took her eyes back, and turned to walk down the hillside.

“Yinyin!” The man called her, with a sad face, “Can’t we really…”

Fang Yin stopped and said, “Cannot.”

“Then at least let me take care of you.”

“Brother Xu Yang.” Fang Yin’s voice was cold, she turned her head and said, “Don’t follow me anymore. Find a good girl and live a good life.”

After speaking, she lifted her footsteps without any nostalgia and continued to walk forward. Xu Yang stared at her departing figure with a sad expression, but he did not catch up.

The cold wind picked up, and large snowflakes fell.

It fell on Fang Yin’s white clothes and blended with the clothes. Before she knew it, there was a mist in front of her eyes, and in this mist, she seemed to see the person who she had hated countless times again.

Countless pictures flashed through her mind and finally stopped at someplace.

When the enemy attacked the palace wall in one stroke, the man pushed her and Yu’er into the secret passage. He smiled at her and said, “If there is a chance to start over, I will definitely not force you.”

Before the secret door closed, she saw him silently mouth a few words to her.

“Ah Yin, I’m sorry.”

The wind was blowing so hard that Fang Yin could not walk anymore. She squatted down slowly and hugged her knees quietly. The wind blew the veil in front of her face, and then the veil gradually became wet.

She sobbed softly and murmured, “Bastard!”

Soon, the soft scolding was blown away and drifted by the cold wind.

Not knowing if it could float into that person’s ears.

The author has something to say:
PS. The brother and sister-in-law are sadomasochistic… QAQ

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