TIGR Chapter 71

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 71 Despicable

After Lu Heng finished speaking, he stared at Wang Yanqing’s expression for a moment.

Lu Heng first caught Wang Yanqing to negotiate terms with Fu Tingzhou, but later found out that she lost her memory, and out of some bad intentions, he pretended to be her Second Brother.

Wang Yanqing was a genius at spotting lies, so to deceive her, Lu Heng had to first deceive himself. Lu Heng imagined that there was a younger sister raised in his family, and he kept filling in the details of their relationship in his imagination. Slowly, Lu Heng was completely immersed in his own lies, as if he was really Wang Yanqing’s brother.

However, a fake was a fake after all, and the more detailed it became, the more embarrassing it would be to expose it later. Lu Heng didn’t think about the ending. He caught Wang Yanqing just to get revenge on Fu Tingzhou. Wang Yanqing’s reaction after learning the truth was not within his consideration. However, during the Shangsi Festival, Wang Yanqing secretly hid Fu Tingzhou, in Qixian County, Fu Tingzhou abducted Wang Yanqing, and not long ago she had a confrontation with Fu Tingzhou… Lu Heng’s growing jealousy and displeasure told him that he might have already counted himself in.

His feelings for Wang Yanqing went beyond acting and taking advantage of her. Even though he repeatedly reminded himself, Wang Yanqing still invaded his life step by step. After making an exception once, there were more and more compromises that followed. Gradually, he got used to having someone waiting for him whenever he came home, bringing him an umbrella when it rained, smiling at him, and softly calling him Second Brother.

——It would be better if she didn’t call him Second Brother, but called him something else.

He didn’t want to see Wang Yanqing approaching Fu Tingzhou and refused to imagine that Wang Yanqing would return to Fu Tingzhou’s side. When he looked at Wang Yanqing, these thoughts further developed. Lu Heng was a healthy and vigorous man and he easily realized that he developed feelings for Wang Yanqing, the most primitive kind of love and desire that a man had for a woman.

It had been nearly two hundred years since the Ming Dynasty was passed down, and several generations of emperors had rotated through the mighty chair, but the iron blood of Emperor Hongwu had fused into the blood of the Zhu family and was continuously carried down. Including the civil and military officer system created by Emperor Hongwu, the Imperial Guards, which belonged exclusively to the Ming Dynasty, also continued under the style of the survival of the fittest.

The Ming Dynasty was oppressive and fierce, iron-blooded and powerful. Lu Heng grew up in a family of Imperial Guards, which was closest to the darkness of the monarchy. He understood very early that while he had to make decisions carefully, he had to act quickly. Those who did not take the initiative to attack were only worthy of being sheep. Lu Heng was suspicious and cautious by nature, but once he understood his thoughts, he acted quickly.

He was unmarried and Wang Yanqing was unmarried, so they would be a couple. As for Fu Tingzhou, who cared what he thought. While Wang Yanqing had still lost her memory, he hastened to settle the matter and hoped that he would not be so unlucky that Wang Yanqing regained her memory the day before the bridal chamber.

The affairs of the Lu family were completely up to Lu Heng. As long as he liked it, he could write to his mother to let her know. She didn’t even need to worry about the wedding banquet. The only thing he couldn’t account for was Wang Yanqing. After all, Wang Yanqing had a deep-rooted affection for Fu Tingzhou in the past. When Lu Heng tried to test her half-jokingly, she was very resistant to staying in the Lu family.

Lu Heng really didn’t understand how Fu Tingzhou was worth her devotion, even if she lost her memory, she was subconsciously loyal to Fu Tingzhou. Lu Heng carefully observed Wang Yanqing’s reaction. Wang Yanqing lowered her eyes, unable to see the look in his eyes clearly. She paused for a while, and said: “Second Brother, this is a lifelong matter, you can’t joke around.”

Lu Heng stared at her closely and said: “Does it look like I am joking?”

He was extremely aggressive, and Wang Yanqing could feel his eyes locked on her even with her head down, completely invading her. Wang Yanqing was at a loss for a moment, and before she could think it through, she subconsciously asked: “However, the Marquis of Zhenyuan is going to marry a lady from the Yongping Marquis Mansion. Head Auxiliary Zhang, the Marquis of Wuding, and others have their own children. The relationship between the court and China is complicated. As the commander of the Imperial Guards, marrying a wife is not a simple matter.”

There was a deep gap between government and military officials, and they looked down on each other, but they married each other within the group, and they continued to use their sons and daughters to strengthen their alliance. Fu Tingzhou married the Marquis of Wuding’s niece and Head Auxiliary Zhang’s granddaughter married the descendant of a high official, from this it can be seen that this is one part.

Lu Heng was regarded as another balancing force besides the government and military forces. If he fell to any side, it would cause a big reshuffle in the court. She didn’t know how many people in the court were staring at the position of Madam Lu. Marrying a wife could bring a lot of conveniences. Would such a clear-headed person be willing to give up those ready-made benefits?

He thought about their brother-sister relationship now and didn’t care about these things. In the future, he would see the Marquis of Zhenyuan and others get the help of their wife’s families. Their high-ranking wives were good at dancing and flourishing in the social arena, but Lu Heng was alone, and could only rely on himself to do anything. Would he really not feel resentful?

Wang Yanqing didn’t dare to gamble on a person’s heart. Instead of seeing each other with disgust at that time, it was better not to take that step from the beginning, and leave a decent memory of each other.

Wang Yanqing’s tone seemed to be refusing, but Lu Heng heaved a sigh of relief when he heard it. It was a good sign that she was entangled in objective difficulties instead of rejecting them flatly. Lu Heng was only afraid that Wang Yanqing would not be willing. As long as she did not reject, no matter how many problems there were, Lu Heng could solve them.

Lu Heng asked: “Qing Qing, why do you think most of the concubines of this dynasty come from the common people and few high-ranking officials’ daughters become candidates?”

Wang Yanqing knew that this was a rule established by Emperor Hongwu: “To prevent the harem from interfering in politics.”

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“Not completely.” Lu Heng said, “Emperor Hongwu was… a person with strong opinions. In his opinion, only the old Zhu family was allowed to pick others and there was absolutely no reason for others to pick the Zhu family. Officials, Dukes, and Marquis were not allowed to choose. In that way, only women who were smart, beautiful, and gentle could advance. Every emperor could choose whatever type he liked. From Emperor Hongwu’s point of view, they were already all supreme beings, so what was the point of sleeping with a woman based on their face?”

After Lu Heng finished speaking, he coughed softly. He also knew that it was a bit vulgar to say “sleeping with a woman” in front of a girl who hadn’t left the cabinet, but it was generally around that idea. As long as he was not embarrassed, it was others who were embarrassed. Lu Heng looked at Wang Yanqing very calmly and said: “When I was young, I accompanied Monarch Xing’s Mansion and studied the ancestral precepts left by Emperor Hongwu carefully. I think Emperor Hongwu’s words are like a standard and very reasonable.”

Lu Heng thought he wasn’t a good person, but he still had some principles. He was indeed focused on power, but what he enjoyed was the process of climbing up, not the power, wealth, and prestige brought by reaching the top. He ran around in the Imperial Guard tirelessly, always thinking about how to protect himself and how to plot against others, for no other reason than to just live more freely without having to look at other people’s faces. It was rare for him to meet someone who could relax him, why should he give up this unique woman for some so-called “benefits”?

There are many high official ladies in the capital, but she was the only one who could stimulate his desire to win and possess, and make him willing to take risks to try marriage. It was okay if he didn’t feel it before, but now that he had someone to belong to, what would he be doing if he married a woman he didn’t like for the power of a certain noble lady’s father and brother, and even went to bed with her for the sake of children? Even if Lu Heng had no bottom line, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

If he could insist on not marrying for his own comfortable life, he could overcome all obstacles for the person he liked. What’s more, the things Wang Yanqing was worried about were not enough to be an obstacle at all.

Since he was twelve years old, no one in the Lu family has been in charge of his affairs and his wife wouldn’t let others dictate her decision. On the emperor’s side, Lu Heng was not worried. If Lu Heng married Wang Yanqing, it would be equivalent to giving up the power of his wife’s family, not falling to any faction in the court, and offending Fu Tingzhou and Guo Xun’s family forever. In the future, he could only rely on the emperor. The emperor would use him with more confidence and Lu Heng didn’t have to worry about his wife’s family being stupid and implicating him.

If it had to be said, Lu Heng’s death during this period would be quite difficult to solve.

If one lie was told, countless lies would be used to make up for it. Lu Heng was already beyond the point of no return. He couldn’t tell Wang Yanqing the truth. What was he going to say? He couldn’t say that he was Lu Heng, actually not her brother, but the one who plotted against her. He played the role of a good brother who was close to her when in fact, Lu Heng only saw her for the first time that day.

Maybe Wang Yanqing would stab him easily and immediately run back to Fu Tingzhou’s embrace. After thinking about it, Lu Heng still felt that he should carry on the shamelessness to the end. It was too late to change things now, so he would slowly plan regarding the matter of amnesia.

Lu Heng’s words had already reached this point and the meaning could not be more obvious. Wang Yanqing’s expression turned cold after hearing this, sleeping with a woman?

He wanted to keep her by his side, but he was only greedy for her appearance and body, and he was unwilling to let her marry another man? To put it bluntly, this was just possessiveness.

However, Wang Yanqing couldn’t tell what she herself was thinking now. She was an orphan and thanks to the blessings of the Lu family, it seemed logical that she would marry her adoptive brother when she became an adult. After she woke up, she spent most of her time by Lu Heng’s side. She understood how smart, powerful, and capable he was, and what was rare was that he was considerate to her. Whether from the perspective of a brother or a man, he was perfect. She was comfortable and relaxed by his side, and in her own heart, she felt that it would be good to live like this all the time.

But when Lu Heng brought up the matter of marriage again, Wang Yanqing flinched. She didn’t reject living with Second Brother, but she always felt that something was wrong, as if this kind of thing shouldn’t be decided so hastily.

Lu Heng could see that Wang Yanqing was hesitating. He didn’t want to hear her refusal, so he stopped her before she could speak: “Qing Qing, don’t consider any external factors, you just need to think about whether you are willing or not.”

Lu Heng’s eyes were firm, his tone was calm, and he looked like he was going to win. Inexplicably, Wang Yanqing felt sorry for Second Brother, lowered her eyes, and said: “I don’t know.”

Lu Heng cursed silently in his heart, why did he ask this question, now he got an “I don’t know”. Lu Heng still maintained a smile, and asked gently: “Qing Qing, do you have someone you like now?”

Wang Yanqing bowed her head and said nothing. Lu Heng reached out and raised her chin, not letting her hide. He asked again: “Qing Qing, do you have someone you like?”

Wang Yanqing was forced to lift her cheeks. She looked at him with wide eyes, pupils like a deer, and she shook her head blankly and innocently. Lu Heng secretly breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that fortunately, she shook her head, if she said a name, he would definitely send an Imperial Guard to assassinate this person.

Lu Heng asked again: “Is there anything you don’t like in the Lu family?”

This time Wang Yanqing shook her head much more firmly and Lu Heng said: “Then that’s it. You don’t have someone you like, and you don’t hate staying with the Lu family, which means you are willing. Anyway, the grieving period is still long, you can think about it slowly, and come to me when you figure it out. I’ll arrange the rest, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

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Lu Heng paused and then said: “But I hope before you think it through, you put me first. To save us from misunderstanding each other the next time you are cheated by other men.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Yanqing quickly explained: “Second Brother, I didn’t want to go with the Marquis of Zhenyuan today, I just wanted to test the authenticity of his words.”

“Oh?” Lu Heng asked slowly, “Did you test it?”

“He was lying to me.” Wang Yanqing was very firm and said with a cold face, “A man who dares not even tell the truth is simply despicable. From now on, no matter what he says, I won’t believe it.”

Wang Yanqing was scolding Fu Tingzhou, but Lu Heng remained silent. He paused for a moment, and asked casually: “What if he doubles his efforts in the future to make it up to you?”

“Then that’s his business. Anyway, I won’t trust a despicable person anymore.”

What Wang Yanqing said was resolute and decisive, so it can be seen that this was her real thought. Lu Heng smiled, but his eyes became silent.

Wang Yanqing applied medicine to Lu Heng and re-bandaged him. During the period, both of them were silent. Wang Yanqing glanced at Lu Heng quietly and found that he was thoughtful with a preoccupied expression. It was the first time Wang Yanqing was proposed to in person and she was a little shy at first, but when Lu Heng was out of her mind, her mood sank. She silently packed the medicine box, closed it and thought of something, and hesitantly asked: “Second Brother, I acted impulsively today, is the Marquis of Zhenyuan okay?”

Lu Heng was thinking about what to do when she found out the truth when he heard Fu Tingzhou’s name and his eyes changed instantly. He narrowed his eyes slightly and asked: “You’re still thinking of him?”

Wang Yanqing said: “After all, he was hurt by me. What if something happened…”

“He’s fine.” Lu Heng said coldly, “Even if something happened, he deserved it. What do you pity him for?”

Wang Yanqing still sighed, she did not regret stabbing him and was willing to bear all the consequences, but she was afraid of getting Lu Heng involved. After all, Fu Tingzhou was a Marquis. If the Fu family took this opportunity to impeach him, Second Brother would be right in the middle of a storm, wouldn’t it be troublesome?

Lu Heng saw that Wang Yanqing was worried about another man, it was offensively obvious. He suddenly reached out and pulled Wang Yanqing into his arms. Wang Yanqing was suddenly dragged down, and was afraid of bumping into his wound, so she hurriedly evaded: “Second Brother!”

Hearing this title at this time can be said to have added fuel to the flames. Lu Heng’s right arm had just been bandaged, and his sleeves had not been tied yet. His arm was on Wang Yanqing’s waist and his palm easily wrapped around half of Wang Yanqing’s waist. When Wang Yanqing moved a little, Lu Heng’s fingers tightened dangerously: “Don’t move.”

Sensing danger, Wang Yanqing stopped stiffly. Wang Yanqing leaned in Lu Heng’s arms and he could completely encircle Wang Yanqing with one arm. The summer clothes were thin, and Lu Heng could clearly feel the slender and soft waist under the palm of his hand, the cool and refreshing body fragrance, and the taut, slightly trembling curves of her side.

Lu Heng rubbed along Wang Yanqing’s waist, and Wang Yanqing especially felt that this time was different from the past. With a tense voice, she said: “Second Brother?”

Lu Heng pinched her waist punitively and said: “I don’t like you thinking of another man when you’re by my side.”

Wang Yanqing felt very wronged: “I didn’t, Second Brother…”

Before she finished speaking, Lu Heng pinched her again: “What did you call me?”

Wang Yanqing felt that he was simply unreasonable, she always called him Second Brother, what was wrong? Wang Yanqing pursed her lips and said: “Second Brother is used to acting as a commanding officer. Is that why you are deliberately picking on me? I asked about the Marquis of Zhenyuan because I was afraid of causing you trouble, and I meant to remind you. Why are you still blaming me?”

“You have quite the nerves, do you dare to provoke me at this time?”

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“It’s just the truth. If you have wronged someone, do you not allow others to seek justice?”

Lu Heng nodded slowly: “Okay, then I will let you know the price of justice.”

Lu Heng grabbed Wang Yanqing’s chin and suddenly bit down on her lip. He originally wanted to scare her, but when he came into contact with that soft jade light cherry, Lu Heng was reluctant to let go. Lu Heng’s arms kept tightening, trying to plunder the luster deep in her heart. Wang Yanqing was forced to lean back and slowly fell on Lu Heng’s lap. Seeing Lu Heng’s hand gradually go downwards, Wang Yanqing hurriedly bit Lu Heng’s lip. While Lu Heng relaxed, she quickly broke free, put her hands on Lu Heng’s chest, and said: “Brother, your arm is still injured.”

Lu Heng hadn’t planned to cross that line, but hearing her call him Second Brother was very irritating and he felt that it would be difficult to dispel the hatred if he didn’t do something—even though this “Second Brother” was recognized by Lu Heng on his own initiative. Now Wang Yanqing was lying under him, calling him Brother, out of breath. Her eyes were moist and bright, full of nervousness, and the inexplicable anger in Lu Heng’s heart suddenly dissipated.

He leaned over and bit her lower lip lightly: “It doesn’t matter if it hurts.”

Seeing that Wang Yanqing’s waist became stiff again, Lu Heng chuckled lightly, pressed her forehead, and said: “Do you still feel wronged?”

Wang Yanqing shook her head hastily, her eyes and movements were full of panic. Lu Heng sighed regretfully and said: “Then I’ll let you go for now. Just this once.”

Lu Heng struggled to resist the urge to stay here and handle her impulse. Not long ago he was thinking that it was too late to do anything now, as soon as she became his, even if she regained her memory, she wouldn’t be able to leave. But this kind of victory was useless, and the weak sense of morality in Lu Heng’s heart reminded him that he could not do this.

In the end, he managed to convince himself with great difficulty. When he looked down, he saw Wang Yanqing lying on his lap, staring at him secretly from the corner of her eyes, her lips still bright red. Lu Heng thought to herself that she really didn’t know the dangers of human beings, especially men. Lu Heng stroked Wang Yanqing’s neck with his fingers, slowly caressing her fragile skin: “Why, do you think you are right?”

Wang Yanqing really dared to ask: “Where did I go wrong?”

Lu Heng thought for a while and made up something: “You have already agreed to seriously consider being Madam Lu for the next two years. You still call me Second Brother, what will you do if the children hear this and misunderstand in the future?”

Wang Yanqing’s face was flushed crimson and she gave him a hard look. Where did the idea of children come from! Wang Yanqing deliberately angered him: “Then I can’t call you Commander, can I?”

“There must be another way, think again.”

Wang Yanqing frowned, racking her brain to think of what else to call him. He was not allowed to be called Second Brother, he was not happy to be called by his official title, and it was outrageous to call him by his first name, he couldn’t mean “Brother Heng” right? That would be too sappy. Wang Yanqing faintly felt that Lu Heng meant the last one. The thought of speaking like this in front of Ling Xi and others made her scalp tingle with embarrassment. She bit her lip, held Lu Heng’s uninjured arm, and shook it lightly: “Brother……”

Her eyes were wet, her voice was slightly hoarse, and she looked very pitiful. Lu Heng’s heart softened unconsciously. Forget it, although he couldn’t be clearly distinguished from Fu Tingzhou, at least he was no longer Fu Tingzhou’s substitute. Lu Heng sighed and compromised: “Okay, it’s up to you.”

Wang Yanqing was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and quickly got up from Lu Heng’s lap. After all this tossing, Wang Yanqing’s hair was all loose and her bun was slanted behind her head. Her emerald jade hairpin was about to fall off, like a begonia sleeping in spring, which was unbearable. Wang Yanqing couldn’t see clearly when she was lying down, but after sitting up in the light, she found a trace of blood on the corner of Lu Heng’s mouth, which would have been drawn by her. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to stay any longer, so she jumped off the bed in a hurry, and said: “It’s late, I’ll go back first. Brother, take care of yourself.”

After finishing speaking, she didn’t dare to stay and ran out without turning her head.

The beautiful woman was beautiful, but she was too timid and escaped like a rabbit without paying attention, leaving only a room full of fragrance. Lu Heng looked at the dancing candles for a long time and sighed lowly.

He knew that his behavior was despicable, but he would never let go of what he wanted, no matter a woman or an official position.

He could only become more despicable.

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