TCPCHW Chapter 10 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 10          Polo (2/2)

Xie Zhao had been keeping an eye on Xie Changyuan, and he also noticed Xie Changyuan’s momentary gaffe when he looked towards the west stand.

Was that Qin Yan on the west stand?

Xie Zhao only knew Qin Yan’s name and had never seen a real person. It turned out that she was such a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

Three years ago, in the Northwest Camp, he stood outside the main tent, like fish on a chopping board, waiting for the Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan, to decide on his stay.

He would always remember that cold female voice, which echoed in his countless midnight dreams, resounding in his ears and etched in his memory.

“Since he joined the army, his identity is only a soldier guarding the frontier and a son guarding his home and defending the country. He is the son of all the people of Great Xia at this moment, no longer the son of anyone, let alone the illegitimate son of anyone.”

Qin Yan’s remarks to the Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan, decided his fate and spared him from Xie Changyuan’s humiliation. At the same time, these words also changed his original intention of joining the army, that shameful original intention…

Marquis of Yongding, Xie An, was very satisfied when he saw Xie Changyuan appear on the field. That was his son, with noble blood and a handsome appearance, who could be rated as outstanding.

And when Pingxi Army’s team came out, he saw Xie Zhao at a glance. He had not seen this eldest son for several years. This was the son he had ever been most satisfied with and the son who looked the most like him, with a similar appearance and similar background. This was his pride. A hero could break through the world regardless of his origin.

Xie Zhao looked towards the west stand but avoided Xie An’s gaze. His past used to make him feel ashamed, but now, he just wanted to get what he wanted or what was once beyond his reach through his own efforts. His eyes turned to the west stand again, but not at Xie An, but at the amazingly beautiful woman.


Three teams moved to the side of the field.

With the rapid and violent sound of a horse’s hoofs, a person on the horse went straight into the field.

The horse was tall and strong, and the divine steed was extraordinary. The tail of the horse was tied, and the whole body was shiny in black, with only a little white at its forehead.

The man on the horse was dressed in gold thread embroidered five-clawed golden dragon black clothes, with a golden crown on his head. He had sharp sword eyebrows, deep eyes, and sharp facial features, which were very handsome. This was Taizi, Feng Zhan, the heir to the throne who held the most power.

Feng Zhan held the reins in his left hand and a black moon-shaped club in his right.

In the middle of the field, the ball guard threw the red-painted ball into the air, and Feng Zhan spurred on his horse to the front of the ball. He made a swift and aggressive shot and hit the ball with a precise swing. The painted ball flew straight to the goal.

Feng Zhan returned to sit up tall on his horse and faced the main stand.

The drums beat in waves from the three-way drums.

The palace people called loudly, “His Highness Taizi has scored!”

The players of the three armies shouted together, “Long live Taizi!”

The palace servants brought wine cups filled with wine to everyone, and the Emperor of Hui raised his glass, “Let the monarch and the ministers drink together, let’s work together!”

Taizi Feng Zhan’s face was calm, and after drinking, he said in a deep voice, “Start the game!”, then he kicked the horse and left the field.

Everyone admired Taizi’s excellent riding skills and handsome demeanor.

This also included Qin Yan. Qin Yan secretly praised, this Taizi really a beauty. Unfortunately, he was born into an imperial family, which she mustn’t get involved with.


Shence Army and Longwu Army came to the field. The players rode their horses with clubs and strived to hit the ball.

Xie Changyuan and Lu Chen had no desire to continue fighting. They just wanted to end the game as soon as possible and looked forward to fighting against the Pingxi Army.

The two sides agreed that whoever shot the first five goals would be the winner. After Xie Changyuan scored the first goal, Lu Chen immediately scored the second goal. The two took turns scoring the goal, and each of them quickly scored four goals. Then they were in a stalemate.

Although both want to end the game as soon as possible, before the game against the Pingxi Army, they were not willing to be the losers.

The sound of the drums became more and more urgent, and the two sides were competing intensely. Twenty horses were galloping at full speed, making the scenery spectacular.


The game became increasingly intense and exciting. In the stands, everyone was drinking and watching the game. The Shence Army and the Longwu Army often played against each other, but they had never seen the commanders of the two powerhouse teams take part at the same time, and everyone watched with relish.

Feng Yuyao and Qin Yan drank together and said, “Shizi Xie is very skilled. Just now, Xie Shizi seems to be looking at you and that look is complicated and tangled. I figured you’ll have a peach blossom calamity very soon.”

Qin Yan didn’t answer but looked at Feng Yuyao helplessly. Turning to look at Jiang Mu, who had not touched a drop of water, “Don’t eat or drink? Are you afraid that the person on top will put poison?”

Jiang Mu gave Qin Yan a cold look, but his stomach growled inappropriately. Jiang Mu was so embarrassed that his ears turned red and just turned his face away.

Qin Yan laughed out loud, “If that person wanted your life, you wouldn’t be alive until today. It’s still early, eat something to cushion your stomach, and don’t treat yourself badly.”

Jiang Mu was still awkward, but to avoid being too embarrassing later, he reluctantly took a piece of dessert and took a few sips of wine.

Since Xie Changyuan saw Qin Yan on the field, he had an inexplicable mood and his gaze always swept to the west stand uncontrollably from time to time. Until he caught a glimpse of Qin Yan smiling happily at the boy beside her. Xie Changyuan was distracted and allowed Lu Chen to lean over and intercept the ball.

Lu Chen rode his horse straight to the goal of the Shence Army, but Shence Army failed to block it. Lu Chen swung the club and the ball hit the goal.

“Longwu Army wins!”

“Longwu Army scored five goals, and Shence Army scored four goals. Longwu Army’s victory!”

The palace people sang the scores, and the game was declared over.

Emperor of Hui clapped his hands, “Good! Good! Good!”

Both teams left the field to take a rest. The drums stopped, and the music gradually started. Everyone cheered and reminisced about the wonderful game just now.


Xie Changyuan knew he had lost his composure, but Xie Zhao on the sidelines saw his interest.

In the Northwest Camp, Qin Yan was a topic that soldiers often talked about in their spare time, but there was no disdain for women or dirty jokes in the usual army camp. In the Pingxi Army, Qin Yan was mostly revered and admired.

During the war for many years, the military resources of the Ministry of War were often delayed, and Qin Yan repeatedly raised supplies for the Pingxi Army. The soldiers had never been short of provisions and winter clothes. The soldiers were very grateful to Qin Yan.

The news of Xie Changyuan’s refusal to marry Qin Yan also spread in the Northwest Camp.

He wondered if his younger brother regretted it now.


Taizi Feng Zhan took his seat which was the right of the Emperor of Hui, and everyone got up to greet Taizi.


Taizi’s voice was deep and mellow, and Qin Yan sighed again.

Qin Yan looked at Taizi Feng Zhan, and sure enough, the sharp eyes that met in the tea house before were this Taizi Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan also returned Qin Yan’s gaze. His old man’s recent actions frequently had the tendency to matchmake Qin Yan with him.

Qin Yan was indeed exceptionally beautiful, but people couldn’t see through her. Many mysteries about her couldn’t even be found by his people. She was a dangerous person.

And who was the person next to Qin Yan?

Princess Changle, Feng Yunchao, smiled for the first time since she took her seat. Her eyes were glowing when she looked at Feng Zhan, “Imperial Brother has good skills. Teach me another day.”

Feng Zhan had always loved this imperial sister, but he was indeed busy with official duties.

“How about letting Lu Chen teach you?”

Feng Yunchao felt a little wronged, but Lu Chen? It was also fun to tease that nerd.

“In Taizi’s opinion, how should we play in the next game?” The Emperor of Hui asked Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan didn’t comment.

“Why don’t we let the Northern and Southern Yamen Imperial Army select five players to form a team, and then play against the team of the Pingxi Army?” The Second Prince, Feng Xian, spoke first.

“Good, what does Taizi think?” Emperor of Hui looked at Taizi.

“Yes.” Feng Zhan’s words were like gold.

“Li Fuquan, make the arrangements.”

Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan’s eyes narrowed slightly, what did His Majesty want to do?

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