After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 98          Extra 2

Le Zhi raised her hand and pinched him, murmuring in her mouth, “Huo Du, you’re a bastard!”

Obviously, he had a cold immortal appearance but had such a habit in private.

Really… so indecent!

“I should sew up your mouth with an embroidery needle.”

“Sew it up?” Huo Du tutted, pinched Le Zhi’s red-hot cheek, then leaned into her ear and whispered.


Le Zhi’s face seemed to be on fire, and she pushed him away with a displeasure expression.

Never going to speak to him again. Humph, he was so annoying!

Le Zhi glared at him and went around the counter to go into the inner room to tidy out. But the little tail behind her would not be left behind, so he followed her to the inside.

Seeing her on tiptoe struggling to get down the account book from a high place, Huo Du went over to get it for her, took advantage of the situation, and circled her from behind, “Are you angry?”

A warm breath brushed the back of her neck, accompanied by a deep and low voice. Le Zhi’s heart trembled and murmured as if bewitched, “No…”

Instantly, behind her came a soft chuckled, and then Le Zhi felt his lips pressed on her soft hair.

“I knew that my Zhizhi likes bastard the most.”

Le Zhi did not deny it, but just snorted gently, then pushed away his arm around her waist, walked to the table, and sat down. Then she raised her eyes and glanced at him coldly, imitated his tone, and said, “You are really clingy.”

Huo Du smiled calmly, sat down beside her, and said resignedly, “I can’t help it. Who makes the bastard like Zhizhi more?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi’s eyes moved slightly, and she turned her head and could not help but bent her eyes.

Haiya! This guy is really getting… annoying.

Huo Du saw her giggling, but he did not expose her, lest she blew up again in embarrassment. But he suddenly remembered something serious. He took out the letter from his sleeve and pushed it in front of her.

“A letter from the capital.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi hurriedly turned her head, picked up the letter, and opened it carefully.

Even if they came to the south, they did not cut off contact with their old friends in the capital. Jing Xin, Li Yao, and Lin Yue all corresponded with her through letters, telling each other about their circumstances. Whenever festivals or to purchase goods, they would also come with the convoy to get together with her. So Le Zhi always felt that they never seemed to leave her side. At the same time, they also had their own good lives.

It was very good like this.

Today’s letter was sent by Jing Xin.

Jing Xin mentioned in the letter that everything was fine in the capital. After they left, An Xuan took up the position of commander of the Imperial Army. With him beside Yu’er, she was more relieved.

Li Yao and Lin Yue managed the stores in the capital very well. The two little girls got married last year, and their husbands were gentle and considerate. Both of them were pregnant this year, and Jing Xin and An Xuan’s son could walk a long time ago. When writing this letter, she just happened to be diagnosed with a baby again.

Also, Shen Qingyan made a name for herself in the world with her excellent embroidery skills. It was said that a wealthy young businessman from the country Ning had taken a fancy to her for a long time, but she had no intention of getting married and kept rejecting him. But the young man had no intention of giving up.

What surprised Le Zhi the most was that Qingyu, who kept saying that she would never marry, actually got engaged! Since the countries had traded, there had been more and more exchanges between countries.

After the chaos in the country Jiang last year, Zhao Hengqi used his own strength to fight back and reprimanded his relatives with great righteousness, helped the young taizi succeed to the throne, and eliminated the ruling politics of the country Jiang. Not long ago, he personally went to Great Xin as an ambassador to discuss trade matters.

Not sure what had happened. In short, Zhao Hengqi tried his best to marry Huo Qingyu, the princess of Great Xin, and his methods shocked everyone. Anyway, in the end, the princess finally agreed.

After seeing this long letter, Le Zhi could not help but gasp slightly. She frowned slightly as she turned her head to look at Huo Du, and asked, “Zhao Hengqi and Qingyu… Should we send someone to ask Qingyu, what if she doesn’t want to?”

“Don’t you know what kind of temperament Qingyu has?” Huo Du chuckled lightly, “If she doesn’t want to, who can force her?”

His younger sister was so willful. Originally, Huo Du felt that according to her idea, if she did not meet her fated person, it also would be good to be carefree and unrestrained all her life.

Now that she had found a good husband and her husband had enough ability to protect her whole life and keep her willful nature forever. Huo Du was very relieved.

Zhao Hengqi was meticulous and never invested too much in feelings. Thinking about it now, it could be that he had not met the right person. Or could it be that he had lost his rationality?

In this marriage between Great Xin and Great Jiang, Great Xin was the one that made a profit.

Le Zhi thought for a while and felt that Huo Du’s words made sense. She bent her lips, “It’s good, everyone is doing well.”

Putting away the letter, the two closed the shop. Although she was a little shy in her heart, Le Zhi went to the outskirts with him.

It rained a lot in summer, and there were still droplets of water left on the grass in the outskirts, filled with the fragrance after the rain.

As Xiao Jun said, there were many swings in the outskirts. Many parents brought their children here to play, and the constant cheers and laughter made Le Zhi feel a little emotionally moved.

She suddenly remembered what was written in the letter just now, Jing Xin and the others were all expecting, and not long ago, my sister also wrote to her telling her that she was expecting.

Why is everyone expecting?

Since running the candy shop, Le Zhi had been able to see many lovely children every day, and over time, some expectations had arisen in her heart. In the years after marrying Huo Du, they were busy with court affairs every day when they were in the imperial palace, which was really not a good time.

Now that their lives were comfortable and contended, was not time to have a child?

Only Huo Du did not seem to have this plan all along. As she had asked him earlier, did he really dislike children?

But he clearly taught Yu’er so well, and the children of Feng’an City also liked him very much.

Le Zhi did not understand.

What exactly is he thinking?

Perhaps he could see something was wrong with her complexion, Huo Du asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”


Le Zhi was about to speak, but a child in the distance suddenly shouted, “Look! There is a rainbow in the sky!”

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to it, and they looked up at the sky. Le Zhi was interrupted and stopped talking and looked at the rainbow, like everyone else.

After the rain, the rainbow appeared lightly in the air, dazzling and fascinating. However, within half an hour, the rainbow slowly vanished. The beautiful thing gradually vanished, always making people feel a little regretful in their hearts.

“Do you like it very much?” Huo Du embraced her, watching every little emotional change in her eyes.

She had something on her mind.

Le Zhi hummed softly and said, “The time when the rainbow appears is too short.”

“How about husband help you catch the rainbow?”

Le Zhi smiled, raised her hand to hug him back, and responded softly.

Although she knew that it was absolutely impossible to capture the rainbow, she just believed that her husband could do anything.

After dinner the next day.

Le Zhi was dragged into the candy room by Huo Du. This room was especially used to develop all kinds of candies.

“Do you want me to try some new candies again?”

Huo Du smiled and handed the candy box to her, “Open it and take a look.”

Opening the delicate lock, Le Zhi lifted the lid, and then her eyes widened.

There were seven colors on different shapes of candies, and each one was a rainbow in different shapes.

Her husband really brought down the rainbow. Also turned the rainbow into sweet candies.

Huo Du patted her head, “Try it.”

Le Zhi took one and stuffed it into her mouth, and the sweet taste melted on the tip of her tongue, making her whole body wrapped in sweetness.

Not sure if was it because of sugar or because of him.

“Is it so delicious?” Huo Du chuckled and raised his hand to try one.

But before his hand could touch the candy box, Le Zhi took it away and put it aside.

“Tsk, so stingy…”

Before the teasing words were finished, the soft lips pressed against his lips. Huo Du was stunned for a moment, and then he felt that she was gently opening his teeth with her eyes closed.

His eyes deepened, he hugged her tightly and deepened the shallow kiss.

The lips intertwined, melting the last bit of sugar on the tip of the tongue. But the two of them did not mean to stop, and the entangled breath became more and more chaotic. Le Zhi suddenly returned to her senses, “Go back, go back to the room…”

Fortunately, the candy room and the bedroom were not far from each other. Huo Du picked her up and kissed her as he walked quickly back to the bedroom.

Between the ups and downs, the thin mattress was crumpled by Le Zhi. Not long after, Huo Du’s palm covered the back of her hand and slowly interlaced their ten fingers.

After a long time, the moaning and groaning finally subsided.

Huo Du hugged the person in his arms tightly and pulled a thin blanket to cover her.

The blush on Le Zhi’s face had not faded yet, still panting lightly to calm her violent heartbeat. Then, she rubbed his heart with her soft cheeks and asked softly, “From today onwards, I will not take the medicine, all right?”

The body that hugged her became stiff evidently.

Le Zhi slowly raised her eyes and looked into his eyes, only to see that he was also looking at her. There were emotions in his eyes that she could not understand.

She was not in a hurry and quietly waited for his answer.

It took a long time for him to speak, but his voice was a little hoarse, “Is it bad just the two of us?”

Since both of them were smart people, the meaning of rejection in these words could not be more obvious.

Le Zhi was stunned, then nodded, buried her face in his chest, and muttered “yes” sullenly.

Having been together for so long, Le Zhi would never doubt his love at all. But he did not want children, which only showed that he really did not like children. Never mind, Le Zhi comforted herself.

In this world, some people like children, and some people did not like children. She could not force him to have children just because she liked them. Since he did not like it, then forget about it.

But there was still some regretful dejection in her heart. She shrank in his arms and adjusted her emotions. She did not expect with this adjustment she could not fall asleep until the sky was a little brighter.

And Huo Du, like her, stayed up all night.

Seeing the sunlight shining into the room, Le Zhi got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. After she came out, she saw Huo Du leaning on the bed, dazed without the intention of getting up.

In fact, she had almost adjusted her emotions.

It was nothing more than like children, and it was not a big blunder. On the contrary, she felt that Huo Du’s refusal was right, and it was better than having a child reluctantly because he followed her wishes.

In this way, she would really regret it in the future.

Thinking of this, Le Zhi smiled relievedly. She walked to the bedside, picked up the small medicine bottle by the bed, and ate one. Although the taste of red ginseng was bitter, it was accompanied by sweetness.

Then she sat at the bedside and pinched Huo Du’s ears with a smile, “Get up! It’s not a big deal not to have children, but it’s a big deal not to have breakfast. Get up and have breakfast with me!”

The hand pinching his ear moved down, took his hand, and pulled him up. And Huo Du also let her drag him out of the bed.

“That’s right!”

Le Zhi led him to the front, but suddenly her right hand was tightened, and she was pulled into his arms, tightly bound. She sighed silently in her heart.

Why was her husband so sensitive?

She turned around in his arms with difficulty, hugged him, and then whispered in his ear, “It’s enough for me to have you!”

This was what Le Zhi wanted to say from the bottom of her heart.

She loved him more than children.

“It’s not that I don’t like children.” Huo Du pressed against the tip of her ear and said slowly, “It’s not that I don’t want to.”

“Then why…” Le Zhi asked in confusion.

“Le Zhi.” He released her, stared into her eyes, and murmured, “I, I may not be a good father.”

He was born into an imperial family, and his father was the most unworthy person in the world to be a husband and a father. It was said that children were the mirrors of their parents, and he knew that Le Zhi would definitely be the best mother.

But what about him? With Huo Changyun’s blood on his body, could he really be a good father when he grew up in such an environment since he was a child?

Huo Du did not know. As much as he loved Le Zhi, he was also afraid of her disappointment.

With their eyes looking at each other, Le Zhi could clearly see the pain in his eyes. It turned out that he cared so much.

The corner of her eyes gradually turned red, and Le Zhi threw herself into his arms and said firmly, word by word, “You will be the best father.”

She could be absolutely sure. He would definitely be.


Le Zhi kissed the side of his neck, “Because you are already the best husband.”

No one was better than him.

Huo Du was stunned for a moment. Le Zhi’s words gave him so much confidence. A child… a child liked her was something to look forward to.


With his words, the corners of their lips curved up in unison.

“Yeah!” Le Zhi suddenly let go of him, and murmured in annoyance, “I wouldn’t eat it if I knew it earlier.”

What a waste of opportunity.

“No worries.” Huo Du smiled, “It’s all right to continue eating.”

“What do you mean?” Le Zhi was a little confused.

Huo Du raised his feet and walked toward the bathroom. As he walked, he said, “That’s not a child avoidance pill, it’s a medicinal candy to recuperate your body.”

Le Zhi’s expression was stunned, and it took a long time for her to regain her senses.

No wonder!

She was wondering how this medicine could be so sweet, and after taking it, it would not hurt the body as he said. She thought it was Huo Du who improved the child avoidance pill, but she did not expect that it was not at all.

The reason why over the years, her body had been conditioned better and better, and her complexion had become more and more ruddy.

Thinking of this, she hurried into the bathroom, approached the man who was washing, jumped on his back, and put her arms around his neck.

“Big liar!” she hummed.

Huo Du just smiled and did not answer. She was not wrong either.

Le Zhi rubbed her face against his neck.

Over the years, she did not eat the child avoidance pill, but she had not been expecting a child. Obviously, he took the medicine himself.

“But I really like a big liar.”

After saying that, she got off his back, took his hand, and walked to the high mirror. She carefully looked at the rare immortal appearance in the mirror and expressed her heartfelt thoughts.

“How beautiful our children will be!”

Huo Du looked at the beautiful person in the mirror, only to feel that her whole body was glowing. Her words filled his heart with endless warmth and a trace of urgency.

So, with the force of his hand, he pushed the person beside him onto the mirror.

Before Le Zhi could react, the hot lips covered hers. He kissed so urgently that she could not withstand it, so she had to hold his shoulder tightly.

Until her back was attached to the mirror, the cold feeling made her tremble.

The person in front of her felt her trembling, and immediately pulled her closer, then adjusted her posture so that she faced the high mirror sideways.

In this way, from the corner of her eyes, she could clearly see the person in the mirror.

It’s better to lean on the mirror!

As if seeing the embarrassment in her heart, the person in front of her suddenly raised his eyes slightly. Then he leaned over suddenly.

Le Zhi’s originally hazy eyes opened instantly. She pushed his forehead subconsciously, but her hand was held by him. Her toes could not help but curl up, trying to close together.

But he refused to let it go, and insisted on…

Going crazy.

Le Zhi was almost forced to cry by him, and her whole body was stiff and unable to move. But gradually, she followed his rhythm and filled the fear in her heart. There were moans between her lips, and she looked sideways slightly, unable to believe herself from the corner of her eyes.

Is that still her?

In the end, she with her soft legs was carried to the bed by him.

The sun poured into the room. With him leaning over her and blocking all the light, he brought her to enjoy the novelty of the world.


When she woke up later, it was already past noon.

Le Zhi woke up in a confusion, looking sideways at the smiling person beside her. Seeing that she woke up, he hooked his lips and asked her silently with his lips.

“Do you still want to sew?”

Le Zhi remembered the previous joke that she wanted to sew his mouth. He, he just…

In an instant, her face was burning hot, and was completely awake.

Le Zhi really did not want to feel embarrassed by him all the time.

Anyway, it was already late today, so might as well close the shop for a day. Moreover, since they planned to have kids, then how about…

With a decision in her heart, Le Zhi suddenly became more courageous. She moved her weak body, hooked Huo Du’s neck with her soft arms, and approached him with her curved lips.

“One more time? Huh?”

Her actions and words in one go made Huo Du’s eyes flash with disbelief.

Before he could react, she raised her eyes and smiled, then lowered her head to kiss Huo Du’s Adam’s apple.

Sucking lightly.

The author has something to say:
Du: !!!
Zhi: You are not tired (not allowed), right?
Du: ???
Everyone said that the chapter was sweet yesterday, but what about today? [Doge]

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