After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 97          Extra 1

After Huo Du succeeded to the throne, he changed the name of the Great Qi to Great Xin, and the reign name was Xinhe.

Since then, a new chapter had begun. All kinds of fierce battles had become a thing of the past, and the country had entered a state of reducing taxes and giving benefits to the people.

In the third year of Xinhe, Great Xin joined with the three countries, making people richer and the country stronger. The neighboring countries praised nonstop, and many people from other countries came to settle in the country Xin.

In the same year, Le Yu succeeded to the throne, but the new emperor, who was only eight-year-old, convinced everyone.

Then, was the beginning of the flourishing period of the Great Xin Dynasty.

Feng’an City in the south.

This small southern town, where birds chirped and flowers smiled like spring all the year round, had simple folk customs, which were tranquility and beauty.

Today, a very fresh candy shop opened in the city, and the candies sold in it were not only delicious but also beautiful. Candies were made into various different shapes, making the children in the city unable to move away. Not only that, but the material used in this candy was even better, even if eaten a lot greedily, it would not cause cavities in the teeth. In that case, the parents were more at ease.

Of course, the best-selling candy in the shop was the refreshing and good-looking Yile mint candy.

“That’s great!” A smiling madam took the candy wrapped in paper and smiled from ear to ear, “You don’t know, that kid at home is very snarky, except for the mints here, he doesn’t want any other mints. He refuses to drink the medicine these days… Fortunately, I bought this today!”

“Since the child likes it, that’s good.” A gentle soft voice said.

When the madam left, another family came in with their child to buy candy. When the child heard that the mints were sold out, the little child’s eyes immediately turned red.

“Wuwuwu… I, I want to eat candy, wuwuwu…”

When the child started crying, he could not stop, and it was useless no matter how the parents appease him. At this time, a white jade hand handed a string of candied haws over.

The navy-blue dress against the skin made the person extremely bright, and the sunlight outside was printed on the face, making the person look softer and gentler. And this string of candied haws was also different from ordinary candied haws. It was wrapped in honey with different fruits, and it was glistening brightly that the child could not take his eyes off and even forgot to cry.

“How about you eat this today?”

The child bent his eyes with tears still in them and responded childishly with a yes. He immediately took the candied haws and ate them.

The parent next to him felt relieved and said with a smile, “Thanks to the landlady, otherwise I really don’t know what to do with this little brat.”

“Yes, yes.” The child’s mother sighed again, “What’s so good about your candy shop? It’s just that the candy sold too fast and can’t be a little late.”

The landlady curved her lips and smiled, “Then I can prepare more!”

After sending the family away, the landlady looked at how many candies were left in the shop, smiled, and walked back to the counter, ready to close the shop. While concentrating on writing the account, she did not notice a shadow stepping in.

“Knock, knock.”

A slender cold white finger lightly knocked the counter twice, “Landlady, do you have any more candy?”

Le Zhi raised her eyes, and the person in front of her was wearing a light gray straight shirt with a light blue muslin robe, and the sleeves on the counter were embroidered with silverfish patterns. And his peach blossom eyes were looking at her with a smile.

“No.” Shaking and smiling slyly, “Come again tomorrow.”

“Tsk.” The visitor chuckled, leaning slightly across the counter to get closer, “Well, if you don’t have candy, I can also eat the landlady…”

Le Zhi covered the rest of his words with her hand, and her cheeks were flushed with a thin layer of red, and the tips of her ears were a little hot.

This person is getting more and more shameless in the broad daylight!

As if to confirm what she thought, the color in the peach blossom eyes gradually deepened. He smiled and suddenly felt a little wet in her palm that covered his mouth.

He touched it with the tip of his tongue.

Le Zhi hurriedly pulled her hand back, lowered her eyes, and her face became even hotter.

Seeing this appearance, the visitor who came here laughed even more. He walked slowly around the counter to the side, raised his hand, and pinched the red earlobe, “Why are you still shy?”

After being a husband and wife for almost four years, his little wife still could not stand the teasing, and she blushed after a few words.

Too cute!

“You’re so annoying…” Le Zhi slapped his hand away angrily and continued to start to write.

Ignore him!

The shop suddenly quieted down, and the visitor stopped making fun of her. He went to the sugar cabinets to clean up. Le Zhi slowly raised her eyes and looked at his busy figure, his movements seemed to be plated with a layer of light.

It was hard to take her eyes off.

Le Zhi could not help looking at him with a smile on her cheeks, and asked softly, “Why is Doctor Huo so free today?”

As soon as she said it, she felt annoyed again.

Nowadays, Huo Du had opened a medical clinic not far away. He was not busy as there were fewer sick people in the small town, which was a good thing!

Hearing this, Huo Du paused and walked toward her immediately. He rubbed her head and smiled, “I miss the landlady.”

Le Zhi caught his hand with a smile.

Miss him too!

“Then let’s go home.”

The two closed the shop and walked slowly towards the house, hand in hand.

“What soup do you have tonight?” Le Zhi shook his hand, looking forward with twinkling in her eyes.

Since the two of them left the palace and came to this small town, it was Huo Du who made soup and cooked. No, no, he really could do everything very well. Le Zhi thought that if he did not want to be a doctor, he could also open a restaurant. His craftsmanship was even better than that of a famous restaurant chef!

“You’ll know when you go back.”

Still keep me on tenterhooks!

Le Zhi did not care about the humming and did not notice the faint smile that flashed across the eyes of the person on the side.

They bought a beautiful small courtyard in a small town.

As soon as they entered the house, Le Zhi could smell the rich and sweet aroma of the soup. With a smile on her face, she walked quickly into the dining hall and opened the lid cover to take a look.

Sure enough, it was the rose donkey-hide gelatin candied jujube soup that she was thinking of!

This was Le Zhi’s favorite nourishing sweet soup. However, Huo Du felt that she ate enough candy every day, so he rarely made this soup for drinking. He only made it several times a month before her menstrual period started.

Today was exactly the second day after the end of her menstrual period. No wonder!

With a craving in her eyes, Le Zhi said with a smile, “I’ll serve the soup!”

Huo Du took the lid cover in her hand and put it down. Then took a closer look at her hand he picked up.

He saw that the fingertips of the two fingers that had held the lid cover of the casserole were scalded red.

“Go and sit down.” He frowned.

Le Zhi naturally knew the reason why his face suddenly turned gloomy.

He’s angry again?

She rolled her eyes, raised her hand, and pressed her reddish fingertips to his lips.

“It won’t hurt anymore like this!”

After speaking, the eyes of the person in front of her darkened and closed on her waist. Until the waist touched the cold table, Le Zhi trembled, and an image flashed across her mind, making her face hot.

“Don’t want to drink soup?” Huo Du leaned close to the side of her neck and chuckled, “Huh?”

Le Zhi felt remorse in her heart, raised her hand to push him away, and said with her voice trembling slightly, “I’m wrong.”

Knowing that he had endured hard work in the past few days, she still wanted to provoke him at this time. She really asked for it. But she was really hungry, if now… maybe she would faint halfway through?

What halfway through, what fainted…

She was really spoiled by him!

Suddenly, Huo Du loosened her waist, led her to sit at the dining table, and then turned to serve the soup.

It shouldn’t be!

He actually let it go like this, it was not like him at all!

The more Le Zhi thought about it, the more strange she felt. Even her favorite sweet soup did not smell as good. There was no reason for him to look at the person on the side while drinking one mouthful at a time.

“What? Didn’t you want to drink for a long time?” Huo Du looked at the person who suddenly became listless and laughed.

“Don’t you want to…”

…with me for a long time.

Le Zhi bit her lip and did not continue on. Being close to a bad person could make a person bad! Now it was really happening…

“Be good, open your mouth.” Huo Du took the soup bowl, scooped a spoon of sweet soup, and fed it to her mouth, “Drink a little more.”

His voice was low and clear, with a hint of sweetness. Bewitched, Le Zhi opened her mouth and drank obediently.

At night, the cicadas chirped in summer.

After the two finished grooming, they walked slowly to the courtyard in their bedclothes to watch the stars.

“Yay!” Le Zhi suddenly found that there was an extra swing in the courtyard, and ran over happily, “When did you build it?”

What a beautiful swing! It was made of mahogany, covered with a soft fleece blanket and two pillows.

Huo Du hugged her waist from behind, pressed his warm lips to her earlobe, and asked in a low voice, “Do you like it?”


However, Huo Du hugged her and sat on it together. Using the wind and internal force to make the swing freely.

In summer, even the night wind was warm. The wind brushed her cheeks, making her heart warm.

After swinging for a while, Le Zhi’s forehead was sweaty. She muttered perplexingly, “Why do you want to lay a fleece blanket on the swing on a hot day?”

“Are you hot?”

The warm breath caressed her with the faint mint fragrance. Le Zhi’s shoulders trembled slightly, and she turned over to suggest, “A little… stop, take off the fleece blanket.”

It can’t be stopped.

Huo Du’s lips overflowed with a soft smile, and he said, “It’ll be cooler later.”

Le Zhi was even more confused, how can it be cool in the scorching summer?

Until the tie at her waist was untied and her dress was loosened.

Le Zhi’s eyes moved, and her heart was shocked. Holding the front of her dress tightly, she looked to the person beside her with a panicked expression, only to see a leisurely look at the bottom of his eyes.

It was obviously intentional.

“You, you… you can’t even think about it!”

Huo Du suddenly encircled her waist with a little force, and let her straddle on his lap. He smiled leisurely, “Look, what do you think I’m thinking?

As soon as Le Zhi sat firmly, she felt that her legs were being poked by something. She felt her skin go numb.

But the swing kept swinging, without any intention to stop at all.

“Stop, stop!” She randomly went to grab his clothes, and the whole person became nervous.

This lunatic!
How can you be crazy?

Courtyard, on the swing… No way!

Huo Du, on the other hand, covered her back with the palm of his hand and pressed the person toward him. He chuckled and asked, “Let’s try it?”

Le Zhi’s face was about to ripen like a tomato. She pressed against his shoulder to distance herself from him a little. Pulling at the front of his shirt, she shook it vigorously, “No, no!”

Perhaps she used too much force, the lapel of his shirt was pulled loose, and it looked as if she was taking off his shirt.

Seeing this, Huo Du raised his eyebrows with a smile and hugged her tightly while kissing her.

With their breath intertwined, he deliberately teased, “So impatient. Why are you still lying?”

Le Zhi’s lips were covered, so she could not refute it even if she wanted to. A cool feeling hit when her dress was pushed to the waist. With the swinging of the swing, she lost focus as she was afraid and annoyed in her heart, but she only could hold on to the nuisance in front of her.

“Don’t be afraid, relax.” Huo Du kissed her neck and held her firmly.

As the swing went up and down, the corner of Le Zhi’s eyes became redder and redder. Although she bit her lip, she still missed a few moans. When she reached the climax, her body could not help but tremble. Leaning on the shoulder of the culprit, she bent her head to bite him.

When it was over, Huo Du wrapped the tired person with a fleece blanket and carried her back to the bedroom.

The fleece blanket still came in handy.

The next day at dusk.

The family came to buy candy again, and there were plenty of Yile mints today. When the little boy took the candy, he laughed happily and blossomed.

“Beautiful sister, why are you green here?” The little boy pointed to Le Zhi’s eyes thoughtfully, “Oh, I see! You must be like me, you don’t sleep well, right?”

He also often slept with his parents and sneaked up to play. His eyes would turn green like this the next day!

Le Zhi was stunned, and then her face turned red. It was not that she did not sleep well, it was because someone did not let her sleep.

Bad guy!

“Xiao Jun, sister is not as naughty as you are.” The little boy’s mother poked his forehead with a smile.

“Oh…” Xiao Jun thought about it for a while and felt that his mother’s words made sense. This sister is so good!

Thinking about it, his eyes lit up, “Sister, there have been a lot of swings in the outskirts recently, shall we go play together?”


Le Zhi’s legs were weak unconsciously, and she almost knock on the table in an instant.

Fortunately, the madam gave Le Zhi a hand and patted the back of Le Zhi’s hand, “Are you tired? Your business is so good that you can’t do it all by yourself. I saw Doctor Huo the other day. I can ask him to look for help!”

“That’s right.”

A familiar voice came, and everyone’s eyes looked out the door at the same time. Huo Du walked in with a smile and said to the madam, “Madam Liang is right, it’s my thoughtlessness.”

The madam smiled and replied, “That’s good you knew. Please hire someone quickly!”

After chatting for a while, the woman picked up the child and said goodbye to them.

When they walked to the door, the little boy leaning on his mother’s shoulder was still chattering, “Sister, let’s go play together! The swing is really fun.”

“Silly child, if sister wants to play, she will be playing with brother…”

The voices of mother and son drifted away.

Le Zhi knew that they were talking about the swing, but her face was red with a guilty conscience, and her hand hanging on the side clenched the sleeves.

At this time, the person on the side approached with his lips hooked, smiled, and hugged her shoulders, then asked earnestly, “Landlady, do you want to play on the swing?”

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Bastard!!!
Du: Huh? Don’t you like it? You were obviously enjoying it.
Zhi: Shut up!!!

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