After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 99          Extra 3 (Final)

In summer, incense was never burned in the bedroom, only a few jasmine plants were placed. The fragrance of jasmine was strong, and it blended with the charming interior.

Surrounded by fragrance, the two fell asleep hugging each other on the soft bed.

After a long time, Huo Du woke up. Although it was summer, the room was not cold, but he carefully took the bedclothes on one side and put it on for the person beside him.

When he fastened the lace around the waist, he looked up and saw Le Zhi looking at him quietly.

Huo Du paused at the hand that was going to put on the underpants for her, and smiled softly, “Do you still want more?”

Le Zhi felt that her whole body seemed to be falling apart, and her whole body was aching everywhere. Hearing his words and remembering her absurd behavior just now, her face instantly blushed, and she curled up trying to bury herself in the thin blanket.

“No more…” A muffled whisper came out.

Huo Du smiled and pulled the blanket down, exposing her head. It was true that she deliberately provoked him just now, but it was he who lost control later. Looking at the tiredness on her face now, he could not help feeling a little ashamed.

“Sleep again.”

He patted her head, then took the robe on the side and put it on him, ready to get her some food. But just he was standing up, the wrist hanging by his side was held back.

“Sleep with me for a while.”

Huo Du could never refuse any of her requests.

The two of them leaned together on the soft pillow, quiet and beautiful. Le Zhi hugged Huo Du’s arm and leaned against his shoulder, thinking about the future in her mind, and blurted out some words after muttering.

“When do you think the child will come?”

As soon as the words came out, she laughed a little.

This thing, who can say for sure?

But Huo Du was very sure, “At the end of summer.”

“You know this too?” Le Zhi murmured in surprise, a little disbelieving in her heart.

If this matter could be calculated accurately, he would really become immortal!

Huo Du just smiled and did not answer.

Not knowing if it was really calculated by Huo Du, or if it was really a coincidence in the world. In the late summer and beginning of autumn, Le Zhi was diagnosed with a child.

“You are really amazing.” Le Zhi looked surprised, and even forgot the joy of being pregnant. She pulled Huo Du and asked wholeheartedly, “Hurry up and talk! How do you calculate it?”

Huo Du first put on a thin cloak for her, then pinched her face, and said, “Just do the math carefully.”

Over the years, he had known her body like the back of his hand, including her monthly menstrual period and the length of each time.

Over time, some patterns were naturally engraved in his mind.

The reason why Le Zhi was pregnant at the end of summer was that he thought it would be a comfortable and pleasant climate when she gave birth. A woman had to suffer a lot in childbirth, some pain he could not bear for her, and he could only do his best within the scope of what he could do.

And Le Zhi’s body had been well conditioned by him in the past few years, and there was no uncomfortable morning sickness in the early stage of pregnancy. It was not until four months later that Huo Du diagnosed her with twins.

In addition to joy, he fell into endless worry. Being pregnant with one was already hard, and if it was twins, it would be even more dangerous when giving birth.

Since that day, Huo Du had not slept all night.

And all the discomforts during pregnancy also occurred at this time. Le Zhi began to be very picky about her diet, coupled with the changes in her body, her arms and legs were swollen and her back pain, making her mood swings more and more intense.

She began to become irritable, and she lost her temper with Huo Du because of trivial matters such as the soup being too bland, the rose shortcake not being crispy enough, and so on.

One day, because the fragrant tea that Huo Du made for her after dinner was a little hot, she threw the teacup and returned to the bedroom angrily.

Standing in front of the tall mirror and looking at the puffy face of the person in the mirror, she did not look pretty at all. But if she was given another chance to choose again, she still wanted these two children. Even before they came out, her heart was already overflowing with deep love.

But she did not look pretty, which was a big blow to Le Zhi.

She lay on the bed contradictorily in this way and fell asleep gloomily. Naturally, she could not sleep well with worries on her mind. When she woke up in the middle of the night, Le Zhi saw Huo Du sitting at the end of the bed, holding a warm handkerchief, and pressing her swollen calf carefully.

His fingertips were soft and pressed carefully, and he did not even notice that she had woken up.

Looking at his thin cheeks, Le Zhi’s tears suddenly welled up.

It was not that she did not know that she made trouble unreasonably and was angry with him on purpose, but she really could not control it. Ever since she became pregnant, Huo Du had been getting thinner and thinner.

The reasons were self-evident.

On a silent night, even a trace of sound was exceptionally clear. Le Zhi bit her lip, but still, let out some whimpering.

Huo Du raised his eyes, and through the dim candlelight, he could clearly see Le Zhi who was crying on the bed. His face sank, put down the handkerchief, and helped her up. He wiped her tears and asked in a warm voice, “What’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable?”

Le Zhi whimpered and hugged his neck tightly, rubbing her tears into his neck.

“I, I’m ugly and lose my temper now. I don’t like myself like this.”

Huo Du, who thought she was uncomfortable and nervous, was relieved to hear that. He raised his hand and stroked her back gently, again and again. The two hugged for a long time before he put her on the soft bed and wiped her tears with the clean handkerchief by the bedside.

“How can you be ugly?” Huo Du smiled and pinched the tip of her nose, “What about the others?”

“Also, you called this losing temper? Did you forget what I taught you in the past? You haven’t even torn down a house yet, and you still have the cheek to talk about losing your temper.”

In the end, Huo Du leaned over and dropped a light kiss on her forehead, then leaned against her forehead and said, “Considering that you’re still groggy in the middle of the night, I won’t argue with you this time. What do you mean by you don’t like yourself? I like my baby the most.”

Before she finished speaking, Le Zhi cried even more fiercely. Huo Du had no choice but to lie down and hug her, “My baby is really made of water.”

Unable to get his hands on the handkerchief, he had to use his lips to draw her tears into his mouth little by little.

“Tsk.” He commented with a smile, “Even tears are sweet when you eat too much sugar.”

The person in his arms was finally amused by him, and she laughed out loud with tears in her eyes. Holding him as if she could feel at ease, Le Zhi closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Due to Huo Du’s careful conditioning and pampering, Le Zhi’s discomfort during the pregnancy gradually improved, and her mood improved a lot. Thinking that his little fox had such a big misunderstanding of her appearance, Huo Du unceremoniously bought all the beautiful maternity clothes in the city and asked her to change three sets a day.

And he, naturally, painted every stage of her pregnancy with a brush.

No matter what period Le Zhi was in, he loved it immensely.

These were his most precious treasures.

In the warm spring of the following year, Le Zhi gave birth to twins, a boy, and a girl.

Due to the proper care during pregnancy, Le Zhi recovered extremely fast and even the neighbors found it incredible. After giving birth, women usually tend to lose their vitality. Somehow, Le Zhi’s complexion was getting better and better, as if she was better than before. Not just that, there was still an extra softness of motherhood on her body.

A few months later, Le Zhi would also visit the candy shop when she was free. Now that there were two helpers in the shop, she was really happy to be free.

After not seeing her for a long time, all the neighbors came to learn from her enthusiastically.

“Now you must be very busy and it’s not easy to take care of children. It’s hard at night, right?”

“I see that Zhizhi looks very good, but young people are different as they are in good health!”

“Does Doctor Huo have any secret recipe? My daughter-in-law’s morning sickness is really terrible. If there is a secret recipe, I’ll have to get one for her.”


Le Zhi curved her lips and smiled.

There was no secret. If there was, it was also Huo Du’s meticulous care that served her every day and every night.

When she was pregnant for ten months, he seemed to work harder than her.

“Both children are very well behaved, and they don’t make a fuss at night, which is really worry-free.” Le Zhi replied with a smile.

Thinking of her two lovely children, Le Zhi could not hide the smile on her face. She and Huo Du’s children were not only beautiful and cute but also well-behaved and sensible. They had never cried in the middle of the night since they were born.

It was because she slept soundly every night until dawn, that she was able to recuperate her body so quickly.

“How is it possible that there are children who don’t make trouble at night?”

“Yes! No matter how well-behaved children are, they will always make trouble a few times.”

After a few neighbors left, Le Zhi fell into contemplation. They make a lot of sense, but…

There are always exceptions, right? She had never heard a child cry in the middle of the night!

So, at nightfall that day, Le Zhi deliberately pretended to fall asleep, but actually wanted to see if the children would cry at night. Sure enough, a child woke up crying in the middle of the night.

At this moment, the person beside her released her, tucked the quilt for her, and got off the bed.

Through the bed curtain, Le Zhi heard him pick up the child and gently walk into the side room, closing the door carefully.

The crying was suddenly inaudible.

Le Zhi’s heart moved slightly. She lifted the curtain to get off the bed, walked slowly to the door of the side room, and opened a crack to look inside.

She saw Huo Du holding the child and skillfully coaxing her softly with a small toy in his hand.

It turned out that it was not that the children were well-behaved, but that Huo Du got up again and again at night to coax them so that she could sleep until dawn.

Le Zhi slowly pushed the door open with red eyes and walked to his side. Huo Du raised his eyes to see her, a little surprised, and asked in a low voice, “Did I wake you up?”

Because he was holding the child in his hand, Huo Du could not hold her. But it did not matter, Le Zhi hugged his waist and pressed her whole body against him. She choked and said, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s fine for me to do this.”

“But I’m also the children’s mother!” Le Zhi’s eyes reddened, and she muttered, “It would be too irresponsible for me to let you do it alone.”

“Nonsense.” Huo Du gently touched her forehead with his forehead, “Without you, how could they come to this world safely?”

The mother had suffered a lot, so in the future, let him as a father do more.

After coaxing the child to sleep and putting her back in the cradle, Le Zhi was still sobbing silently.

Huo Du had no choice but to carry her up and go to the bed together, lowered his voice, and smiled, “I just finished coaxing the little baby, and I still have to coax my baby Zhizhi.”

He held up her face with his hands and kissed her gently again and again until she stopped crying, and the kiss turned into a deep kiss. Gradually, their breath became a little chaotic.

It had been more than a year since the conception to the birth of the children, plus the days of recuperating Le Zhi. The two had not been so intimate for a long time, and naturally, there was some anticipation and urgency at this time.

Familiar memories overlapped at this moment, Le Zhi laced around his neck and slowly curved her lips.

The curtain of the bed fell, sealing the beauty inside. Only the gentle whispers between lovers overflowed from time to time, lasting for a long time without stopping.


In the autumn of the eight years of Xinhe.

The family of four went to the outskirts to play, accompanied by the fragrance of osmanthus. Le Zhi sat under the osmanthus tree and smiled as she watched Huo Du and the two children play with each other.

Not long after, the two children ran to her side, one of them lowered their heads and whispered softly in her ear in a soft childish voice.

“Mother, father said that you are more beautiful today than yesterday!”

“Mother, Father said he loves you very much!”

Le Zhi blushed slightly and glared at the person not far away.

She raised her hand and patted the heads of the two children.

Their Tangtang* and Guoguo*.

(Tangtang* (candy) and Guoguo* (fruit) – nicknames for their children)

Their son and daughter were very similar to her, but their eyes followed Huo Du’s which made people’s hearts sway with their peach blossom eyes. When they smile, they looked like a crescent moon, very beautiful.

Well, they were more than that.

Le Zhi leaned over and whispered a few words in the children’s ears, and then the two children ran towards Huo Du with a smile.

The two of them shouted in unison in front of Huo Du, “Father, Mother said she loves you more!”

The tenderness in Huo Du’s eyes was so deep to go unnoticed. He raised his eyes to look at the person under the tree, only to see that she was also smiling at him.

With four eyes looking at each other, their love for each other was undoubtedly revealed.

At this moment, Le Zhi seemed to see her eternity. He and the children brought her eternal sweetness.

The evening sun shone on the body cozily, which made Le Zhi fall asleep against the tree trunk.

“Mother is asleep again!”

Huo Du squatted down in front of her, and looked at her peaceful sleeping face, with his lips curled.

Just as her sister said, Le Zhi when she was carefree was someone who could fall asleep lazily anytime and anywhere.

He finally made her carefree and worry-free.

Picking up Le Zhi gently, Huo Du kissed her on her forehead and walked towards their home slowly.

Tangtang and Guoguo, who were behind him, muttered softly.

“Brother, I’m tired too.”

“But Mother fell asleep. Every time Mother fell asleep, Father didn’t have time to carry us!”

The two children shook their heads resignedly and followed their father’s footsteps hand in hand.

The setting sun shone on a family of four, sunny and warm.

The rest of their life was also very beautiful.

【End of full text】

The author has something to say:
The story of Zhizhi and Brother Du is up to here. They will always be sweet and happy together.

Translator’s Note:
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