After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 96          Hand in Hand

Spring came when winter left, and the earth was renewed. The warm spring sun melted all the icy snow, and the mountains showed tender new green.

However, the country Qi still had no emperor.

Even though the civil and military courtiers all pleaded together, Huo Du was still indifferent and had no intention to ascend the throne. Nevertheless, the usual urgent memorial was sent to the Eastern Palace, and handled by him, without any problem.

It was just that there was no monarch in the great country, which was really weird.

Seeing that it was useless to persuade Taizi, the courtiers thought about detouring back to beg Taizifei. And the Prime Minister, who had some connection with Le Zhi, was proposed as that person.

After seeing Shen Xiang, Le Zhi walked into the study while rubbing her slightly sore temple.

The candlelight was illuminating brightly, and the fragrance of agarwood was floating.

She lightened her footsteps and walked to the person who reviewed the memorial at the desk. And on his side, a small head rested, looking very tired.

Even Little Lame Huo in his arms fell asleep.

The person who had originally lowered his head to review seemed to be able to sense her and raised his eyes to look at her.

The two looked at each other and smiled, neither spoke in a tacit understanding. Huo Du put down his writing brush, got up and carried Le Yu up, and sent him back to his bedroom with Le Zhi.

Coming out of Le Yu’s bedroom, the two of them interlaced their fingers and walked slowly towards the bedroom accompanied by the moonlight. Although it was already spring, the night was still a little cold.

Huo Du took the person beside him into his arms, half hugging her and blocking some of the coldness for her.

“Are those old men bothering you again today?”

Le Zhi smiled and muttered, “It’s not too annoying either.”

Huo Du rubbed the back of her hand with his fingers, and asked slowly, “Do you blame me for letting Yu’er learn so late every day?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi paused and stopped to look at him. She looked at his face carefully under the moonlight, which showed some tiredness.

These days, he not only had to handle national affairs, but also personally thought Yu’er, and there were only a few hours left to rest every day. Le Zhi knew that he wanted to let Yu’er learn the responsibilities of an emperor as soon as possible so that he could succeed to the throne as soon as possible.

This was the reason why he refused to ascend the throne for a long time.

However, Le Zhi was worried that it would break his body if continued like this.

“The words of those old courtiers are not completely unreasonable.” Le Zhi stared at his eyes and said, “And I never thought that Yu’er must be…”

The ultimate purpose of revenge was not to take the world back into the Le clan’s hands.

Since the founding of Great Li, every person in power had not been a person with a lust for power.

“Le Zhi.” Huo Du straightened his expression and asked, “What do you think of the world?”


Le Zhi blinked and said, “Naturally it belongs to the people.”

“So does it matter who takes that seat?”

Huo Du chuckled. In the past, Huo Changyun had a strong desire for power, and he regarded the world as the possession of the Huo clan. This was a big mistake.

Those who occupy that position should not be from the same origin, but wise men.

“But I think you did a good job.” Le Zhi said softly.

Huo Du raised his hand and rubbed her head, the soft color in his eyes gradually deepened, “Yu’er is very suitable.”

Regarding his intention to pass the throne to someone with a different surname, the imperial family and nobles dared not say anything on the surface, but they all talked about it in private.

They all thought that he was crazy. For the sake of a woman, he handed over the throne to someone else.

But actually, that was not the case. It was Huo Du’s decision to give the throne to Le Yu after careful consideration.

Just like what Le Zhi said, Huo Du asked himself if he could do well, but he was not interested in that. In the first twenty years of his life, he had nothing else in mind apart from overthrowing Huo Changyun.

But now, he had other plans for the rest of his life.

He wanted to share happiness like ordinary people with her.

As for the other Huo family members, except Huo Xiang, no one could be of great use. And Huo Xiang’s ambition was to be in the army and led a military life.

These days he personally taught Le Yu and found that although Yu’er was young, the emperor’s appearance was already prominent. Many keen ideas were not like what a five-year-old child could think of.

As long as he was pointed in the right direction, Le Yu would be able to become a worthy monarch in the future.

“However, Yu’er is still too young.” Le Zhi knew what he was thinking, but she could not bear to leave his nephew to live the life they wanted at this time, “How about a few more years?”

After a long time.

Huo Du nodded and replied with a chuckle, “Sure.”

Seeing his promise, Le Zhi immediately curved her lips and tugged at his sleeve, “Then when will you ascend the throne?”

“Tsk.” The smile on Huo Du’s lips was even greater, “So eager to be the empress?”

Le Zhi was stunned, then glared at him fiercely, and turned around to leave.

Ignore him!

But her wrist was suddenly being held, her feet suddenly dangled in the air, and the whole person was carried in his arms. Le Zhi let out a low cry and wrapped her hands around his neck subconsciously.

Then she was lightly pecked on the lips.

Le Zhi blushed, hummed softly, and turned her head.

Then came a low laugh.

“Your temper is really getting bigger and bigger.”

Le Zhi hummed unhappily, “Being close to a bad person can make a person bad.”

“It makes sense.” Huo Du approached her ear and asked, “But… how close it is?”

Le Zhi’s lips parted slightly in shock at his words.

This man is shameless!

In the next instant, he lowered his head to kiss her lips, swallowing all her breath. It was a silent answer to her words.


When Le Zhi woke up dazedly, the person beside her propped up and looked at her with a smile. She pushed him angrily to keep him away from her.

“What? Like to be farther away?”

There was a bang in her head.

Le Zhi’s cheeks turned red, and her body shrank straight into the brocade quilt.

Near and far…

The broken scenes were reorganized, and with his snort and a chuckle in her ear, he said, “Being close to a bad person can make a person bad… So, from which place to be close?”

This man!
Is really shameless!

Seeing this, Huo Du leaned over and fished her out, smiling to comfort his angry baby. He kissed her hair and said, “Before ascending the throne, I want to take you somewhere.”

Le Zhi was extremely sleepy, hummed vaguely, turned to hug his waist, and continued sleeping.

She thought that Huo Du was going to take her somewhere in the capital, but when the carriage left the city, Le Zhi saw that there were many clothes in the carriage, and only then did she realize he was going to take her far away!

All the way to the south.

On the road all night, the carriage was getting closer and closer to the destination.

Looking at the familiar scenery outside the carriage, Le Zhi knew exactly where he was going to take her. But it was probably due to the complex mood of returning to her hometown, the previously shattered images of the city keep popping up in her mind.

She was suddenly a little scared.

Were the surviving people of the country Li doing well?

It was not that she did not want to come, but the fear in her heart had been holding her back, making her dare not come.

It turned out that Huo Du knew it all.

“Don’t be afraid.” Huo Du held her hand and said softly.

His voice seemed to have power, and Le Zhi found that the fear in his heart was gradually dispelled.

Finally, the carriage stopped outside the city gate.

Le Zhi got off the carriage and looked at the three words “Fan Le City” on the city gate that was no different from the past, and her eyes suddenly became a little sour.

The former capital of Great Li. She had come back.

Seeing her hesitation to go in, Huo Du took her hand and walked slowly into the city.

The warm wind was gusty, and the fragrance of the flowers was lovely. The city was very boisterous.

The bustling lively market, the shouting shopowners, and the people who came and went with smiles.

Le Zhi’s eyes widened in astonishment, a little in disbelief. Because she missed them that she asked Li Yao to buy goods from here when purchasing for her shops… thinking that it would make them all live a better life.

Now it seemed that their days were no different from those before Great Li was destroyed.

What’s going on?

Before she could react, the passersby people recognized her.


“Is it the princess?”

“The princess is back?”


Le Zhi watched them stop and looked at her with a smile, instead of being angry and accusing like in her dreams.

With tears in her eyes, she bent her lips and smiled, looking back at them.

Once upon a time, the imperial family of country Li and the common people were like a family. At this time, the relationship between them was not a monarch and subjects, but family members.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted, “Today is the princess’ birthday!”

Le Zhi was stunned.

After so many things, she had long forgotten about her birthday. It was actually today.

Voices of congratulations on her “Happy Birthday” resounded in her ears one after another, and a little girl stuffed a hydrangea into her hand.

“Sister princess, happy birthday.”

Her seventeenth birthday. It was very special and warm.

After the crowd dispersed, Le Zhi let Huo Du lead her to the end of the street.

She stopped suddenly and asked, “You prepared all of this?”

Huo Du smiled, “Some are, and some are not.”

It was indeed his hand to make the people here prosperous. But it was also the wisdom of these people that made life better and better.

“Le Zhi, in addition to here, other cities will become richer and happier in the future.”

Le Zhi’s eyes were full of tears. She stepped forward and hugged him tightly, and he also took advantage to hug her.

“Happy birthday.” He kissed her gently and whispered in her ear, “My princess.”

Le Zhi tightened her arms, and she wanted to hold him tightly. Then she leaned into his ear and said word by word, “I love you.”

Huo Du’s body stiffened, and his head was dazed for a moment. He did not expect her to say what he wanted to hear most so directly.

Not long after, he was also close to her ear.

“I love you too.”

The enthronement ceremony and the conferment of the Empress ceremony were on the same day.

Le Zhi would always remember that day, the sun was high with blooming spring flowers.

The gorgeous phoenix carriage walked around the capital three times, surrounded by lively and joyful sounds. Le Zhi sat in it, and suddenly recalled the day of her big wedding.

Those resentments, unwillingness, hatred, and fear had disappeared, and her heart had only been full of expectations. Looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him.

On the dark corner of the street, there was a man who looked like a beggar, lying on the ground like mud. He crawled forward slowly, eager to see her again.

Just one glance was fine.


“I finally found you!”

Huo Xu’s whole body trembled when the eerie and crisp voice came. He turned his head with difficulty and saw a familiar face.

It was Jiang Man.

“You, you…” With his crippled legs, he was suddenly enveloped in fear.

Jiang Man’s eyes were filled with hatred. She leaned over and grabbed Huo Xu’s hair and lifted it up, laughing wildly, “Hahaha, you didn’t expect it, right? I escaped from there, hahaha!”

She laughed louder and louder, her whole face distorted. Then, she took out the dagger on her body and stabbed Huo Xu’s back without hesitation.

The inhuman days in the secret prostitute establishment were all thanks to him. So, he must die!


The pain of the cracked spine made Huo Xu scream out, but soon he no longer felt the pain. He watched his blood turn the dirty ground red.

Finally, he exhaled a murky breath and lost all consciousness.

“What are you doing!”

The soldiers patrolling the city in the distance noticed something wrong and rushed over to capture Jiang Man. But the almost crazy woman just burst into tears and laughed, not afraid or regretful.


The phoenix carriage landed under the high platform in the palace city.

Le Zhi was led out of the phoenix carriage by Li Yao. Thinking of her wedding day, she could not help but smile. At that time, someone refused to come to perform the wedding ceremony with her!

Thinking of this, she raised her smiling eyes and looked at the high platform. But there was no one on the platform.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside her. Le Zhi turned her head and saw that Huo Du was also smiling at her.

In the ceremonies of conferring Empress in all dynasties, the monarchs were all on the high platform waiting for the empress to come up.

But Huo Du was under the high platform and walked up to the high platform hand in hand with her.

The platform was very high and there were many steps. But, Le Zhi was not afraid at all, because there was a warm hand holding her firmly.

She knew that he would always hold her.

Under the high platform, the civil and military courtiers paid tribute in unison. While the emperor and empress on the high platform did not care much about these.

With their eyes facing each other, they were the only light in each other’s eyes.

After the conferring ceremony was over, the sky darkened. Huo Du originally wanted to take Le Zhi to rest, but Le Zhi excitedly pulled him out of the palace and returned to the Taizi Mansion.

She had one thing in her mind that she must do today.

Huo Du followed her and let her lead him away until she stopped in front of the greenhouse.

“What are we doing here?” Huo Du was puzzled.

“Go in and have a look.”

Le Zhi pushed him into the door of the greenhouse, but she did not go in.

Huo Du walked into the greenhouse skeptically, only to see that all the poppies that had been planted were replaced by sunflowers at this time. Sunflowers bloomed towards him as if smiling at him.

He curled his lips and looked with pleasure.

But the intuition told him that there was more to this.

Sure enough, when he walked to the gardener’s desk, he was stunned.

The previous painting had long been completed by someone.

In the painting, Le Zhi, who was swinging on a swing, still with a happy face, but there was one more person beside her, hugging her with a smile and looking up at the stars with her.

That person was him.

His chest was filled with warmth, and Huo Du turned around and walked out of the greenhouse.

The lights were bright, which made Le Zhi look extraordinarily gentle. Huo Du strode towards her and hugged her hard.

Le Zhi’s eyes and brows were full of bright smiles. She hugged him back and looked up at the night sky. Regretted that the clouds were too thick tonight, hiding the moon.

“There is no moon tonight.” She sighed softly, with a little regret.

But Huo Du smiled contentedly. He let go of Le Zhi, held her face dearly, and lowered his head to kiss her lips. When their lips were pressed together, he said…

“There is.”

How can there be no moon? The clear and bright moon was in his arms at this moment.

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