After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 86          Uncle

After Le Zhi had enough fun, she used Huo Du’s shoulder as a pillow and fell asleep in a daze. Her cheeks were against the side of his neck, and the warm breath she exhaled brushed against the skin on his neck, making his body stiffer.

The back of the white hand was resting in front of his eyes, he lowered his head slightly, and kissed her fingers.

Because of her mischief just now, Huo Du’s cool lips were stained with a slightly hot temperature. Touching the back of her hand at this time made the sleeping person tremble instinctively and let out a soft murmur unconsciously.

But in the end, she was surrounded by the familiar faint scent, and instead of awakening, she held him even tighter. Following Huo Du’s footsteps, the person on his back could not help but sway slightly, and her lips lightly pecked on his neck as she swayed.

The moonlight was intoxicating, and the plum branches were fragrant in the wind.

Huo Du’s peach blossom eyes were filled with tenderness and… burning strangely. The long and sweet breath was close to his ears. He turned his eyes slightly, curved his lips, and a little light gradually emerged from the bottom of his eyes.

The little fox sleep really well.
Then, you don’t have to sleep tonight.

He had planned to carry her directly back to the bedroom, but, when he walked to the gate of the courtyard, he unexpectedly heard the cries of a child coming from inside.

Huo Du frowned, and before he could cover her ears, the person on his back had already woken up.

“…It’s Yu’er!”

Le Zhi’s heart skipped a beat, and she woke up suddenly. She hurriedly jumped off Huo Du’s back and rushed in. But her eyes were still dazed, she did not pay attention to her feet, tripped over the gate threshold, and fell inward.

Fortunately, a pair of big hands wrapped around her waist and held her back.

“Be careful.”

Huo Du’s voice was a little heavy but seeing the person in front of him with her head lowered aggrievedly, he lost his breath in an instant. He sighed in his heart, took her hand, and walked in steadily.

There was chaos in the front hall, and everyone was at a loss looking at Le Yu’s crying. Neither Le Jin nor Lin Yue had any experience in raising children, and the other men did not know what to do either.

They had to take turns coaxing him incompetently, but with little success.

“What’s wrong?” Le Zhi walked in with her skirt lifted, her face full of anxiety.

“Zhizhi! You’re finally back.” As if seeing a savior, Le Jin hurried to Le Zhi’s side and said to her in a low voice, “Sister-in-law left a letter and left.”


Le Zhi took the letter from Le Jin and opened it with a frown. The more she looked at it, the more somber her expression became.

Sister-in-law… Does she really don’t want Yu’er?

Le Yu’s cry became louder and louder and kept calling his mother, mother… Because he cried for too long, his voice became hoarse. Le Zhi’s heart tightened when she heard this, extremely agonizing. She walked to Le Yu and squatted down, took out the handkerchief, and wiped the tears on his little face. Looking at her little nephew’s red eyes, her eyes could not help but reddened too, and said in a choked voice, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Yu’er is a good boy, there’s little aunt here…”

“Woohoo… little aunt, woohoo…”

Although Le Yu was small, he was already a little sensible. In his ignorance, he also realized that his mother did not seem to want him anymore. Over the past few days, his father disappeared, his mother took him to hide, and now his mother was gone too, his whole being was enveloped in fear. There was only infinite fear.

Therefore, he could not stop crying.

Le Zhi was also suffocated with pain in her heart and could not help crying as she could not think of any way to stop Yu’er’s crying. She could only wipe his tears and comfort him softly.

At this moment, a familiar figure crouched down beside her. Then she saw Huo Du turn Yu’er’s body towards him and asked, “Do you still want to cry?”

Le Yu stared blankly at the unfamiliar handsome face with teary eyes and nodded.

Hearing this, Huo Du picked him up, sat on the soft chair, put the little man on his lap, and said, “Then continue.”

Le Zhi, who was held up by Lin Yue at the aside, and everyone in the hall looked a little stunned.

Xiao Yu’er was also stunned for a moment, then lowered his head and sobbed softly. But this time, after a while, he stopped crying. The little head swayed, and his thoughts were a little chaotic.

Just now, the big aunt and the little aunt kept comforting him in a low voice, but he felt uncomfortable and could not stop crying if he wanted to. But this good-looking uncle allowed him to cry, and he did not want to cry anymore.

“Have you finished crying?”

Le Yu timidly “en” and wiped his face with his chubby little hand, but the tears and snot on his face were mixed together, which was dirty and difficult to wipe off. Suddenly, a large sleeve appeared in front of him. It was the good-looking uncle’s sleeve.

He pulled over carefully and wiped his own face.

“Are you hungry?” Huo Du put his palm on his head and asked softly.

Le Yu blinked and sniffed, “No, I’m not hungry.”

“Then go back to the room and sleep.”

Huo Du stood up with him in his arms and handed him over to Lin Yue. Everyone was surprised to see this scene. Xiao Yu’er let Lin Yue hold it peacefully, but his eyes kept looking at Huo Du, and there was a novelty in his doubts.

“Who, who are you?” Children could not hide things in their hearts, so he asked directly when he had any doubts.

Huo Du just looked at Le Zhi and did not answer.

None of the people present made a sound. This question was too difficult to answer.

Between the country Li and the country Qi, between the Le family and the Huo family. The resentment between them was really hard to explain now. But the child did not know the reason, and no one knew how to explain all this to him.

Huo Du naturally knew their entanglement, but all he cared about was Le Zhi’s thoughts. So, he did not answer, just waited patiently for Le Zhi to speak.

However, she did not speak for a long time.

Huo Du smiled knowingly, and instructed Lin Yue, “Carry him in first.”

It did not matter. He never wanted to force her.


Le Zhi suddenly made a sound, stopping Lin Yue who had just turned around. She walked to Le Yu’s side, raised her hand to rub his head, and told him clearly, “Yu’er, he is your little uncle.”

Little uncle?

Le Yu still did not fully understand the addresses of his relatives, but there was only a one-word difference between the little aunt and the little uncle, so he should be very close to his little aunt, right?

So, he turned his head and blinked at Huo Du, and said softly in a childish tone, “Little Uncle…”

Hearing this, Huo Du’s heart flashed a feeling he had never felt before. He suppressed the emotions in his heart, took a few steps forward, imitated Le Zhi, reached out his hand to rub Le Yu’s head, and then “en” softly.

It was late at night, and everyone was tired, so Le Yu’s matter had to be discussed tomorrow.

Le Zhi was listless and had no strength at all, so she let Huo Du bathe her by holding her, wiping her body, and putting on her bedclothes. Then she sat blankly on the soft chair, staring blankly at the red plum that was brought back.

It turned out that happiness was really hard to keep.

After a while, Huo Du came out of the bathroom. He walked slowly to Le Zhi’s side, put one arm around her shoulders, and the other under her knees, and picked up the absent-minded her. Until the two of them leaned against the soft pillow together and lay on the soft bed. Le Zhi leaned against his chest, and the corners of her eyes turned red, but she tried her best to endure it and did not want to cry.

Also… she could not cry.

Many people were depending on her now, and she needed to be strong. The more she was like this, the more she could not cry.

“Why is it the little aunt worse than the nephew?”

There was a voice above her head, and Le Zhi lifted her head to look at him. She was confused and did not understand the meaning of his words for a while.

“Even children know that they have to cry when they are sad. For what are you holding back?”

She knew that Huo Du had seen it. She thought that her expression must be ugly at this time, and he could easily see through her. Or maybe she did not plan to hide it from him at all, so she showed her truest vulnerability in front of him.

But she still held back with great difficulty, she said in a low, hoarse voice, “But I’m not a child anymore.”

“Indeed you’re not a child anymore.” Huo Du took her into his arms, caressed her soft hair with his palm, and said in a clear and soft, “You’re my baby.”

After a pause, he added, “So, you can cry in my arms.”

Le Zhi’s eyes were boundless, and her heart was both startled and sour. He always had a way to draw out her tears.

So, she leaned on his heart and shed the tears that had been held back for a while. She cried for a long time, and the suffocation and pain in her heart dissipated with the tears.

She just felt bad for Yu’er, he lost her parents at a young age.

“What about Yu’er? He’s still so young…” She whimpered, not knowing what to do.

Even with her aunt, it was difficult to replace the mother’s position.

“What’s so difficult about it? I’ll send someone to get her back.”

“No, no!” Le Zhi hurriedly raised her eyes and shook her head vigorously, “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law is also suffering…”

She told Huo Du the past of her imperial brother and sister-in-law in detail. It was her imperial brother who made the mistake first. She could understand her sister-in-law’s decision and did not want to force her sister-in-law to take care of Yu’er.

Her sister-in-law had the right to choose her own life, and Le Zhi did not want to delay her anymore.

It was just that Yu’er was really pitiful, and her heart was uncomfortable. The child was the most innocent.

“Didn’t you say, he still has this little aunt?” Huo Du leaned over slightly, kissed her hair, and said, “Now there is an extra little uncle.”

Le Zhi raised her tearful eyes and looked at him deeply with her teary eyes.

Huo Du had a faint smile on his face. He raised his hand and wiped away the remaining tears from the corner of her eyes with his fingers, and then calmly said, “Don’t worry.”

Don’t worry, and don’t be afraid.
There is me here.

Le Zhi immediately stopped crying, and her messy heart gradually calmed down. Almost unconsciously, she leaned over, gently kissed the corner of his lips, and then backed away.

Seeing that she was much better, Huo Du let her lie down, pulled the brocade quilt over to cover her, then held her face and leaned over to kiss her. He lowered the curtain of the bed, hugged her, and muttered, “Go to sleep.”

In the dim bed, only a trace of candlelight streamed in through the gap.

“Is the little uncle not bullying me tonight?”

A soft voice came to his ears, and Huo Du could not help but chuckle in the darkness. His little fox was really stupid, she was indeed stupid at times.

In such a situation today, it would be too unreasonable for him to bully her again, right?

“No bullying.” He curved his lips and said, “Just owe it first.”

Le Zhi did not answer.

After a while, Huo Du thought that she must have fallen asleep, so he closed his eyes. However, …

“But I still want you to bully me.”

The low, humming sound came from being buried in the quilt. Huo Du almost suspected that he heard it wrong. When he opened his eyes to look at the person beside him, a warm breath reached him.

Even in the dark, Le Zhi could accurately find his lips and kiss them passionately.

Huo Du was stunned for a moment. Until a soft hand wrapped around his waist and used her fingertips to untie the belt of his bedclothes.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Surprised or not surprised?
Du: My whole body is burning… (Shocked plus)

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  1. Could it be the sister in law thinks that the child is safer with the taizi rather than with herself?

  2. Wow that ex sis-in-law really dipped at the first chance she had. It’s bad enough she’s shacking up with another man immediately after her husband dies but now abandoning her kid. It doesn’t matter if she perceives more safety with the others, she’s the kids only living parent and should not leave him alone. Selfish woman.

    1. I mean considering Imperial Brother forced her into marriage when she loved someone else, this baby is basically the product of rape. Remember, marital rape is also rape. She loved someone else but due to the selfishness of the guy she was forced to marry him while having no say in the matter and with the boy as evidence, we know she was also forced to sleep with him. In such a case where she finally gets to be with the one she loves, I am sure the existence of the boy is painful for both her and her lover. And if they have kids in the future, no matter how kind they are, they WILL show favoritism. Isn’t it better to leave the baby with two aunts who will definitely love him with all their hearts while the child is still young enough to move on? I think it was one of the better decisions to make. Trust me, a loving childhood in a stranger’s house is better than neglect and emotional abuse in a parent’s house. And kids are sensitive enough to know when they aren’t needed.

  3. tbh im glad the sister in law decided to leave the child with his aunts, its better for him to be with them, then to be with people who cant give him the love he need theough no fault of their own

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