After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 85          Mischief

“Yes, ah!”

Le Zhi was still immersed in the joy, unaware of the other meanings in the words of the person beside her. After a while, she realized something was wrong. She turned her head to see Huo Du’s indifferent expression, and her black eyes were looking at her with a solemn expression.

Knowing it, she hurriedly took a few steps closer to him.

But it obviously did not work. Huo Du reached out his hand to hold her face and turned it gently.

“If it’s not bad, then watch him a little more.”

After a pause, he tutted softly as if regretfully, “Unfortunately, he belongs to someone else.”

These words simply made the night breeze sour.

Le Zhi could not bear it any longer and burst out laughing. Seeing that the corners of her eyes and brows were curled up with joy, Huo Du withdrew his hand, and his complexion became even darker.

Seeing this, Le Zhi quickly hugged his arm, and a pair of smiling foxy eyes stared at him.

“This is?” Huo Du’s tone was cold, puzzled.

“Look at you.” Le Zhi curved her lips and said, “What Your Highness said is right, there is nothing to see in others.”

Huo Du was slightly startled. Her smiling eyes seemed to be soaked with honey, and even her words were sweet.

He turned his head away unnaturally, unwilling to let her discover the curve at the corners of his lips.

This awkward look fell into Le Zhi’s eyes, and her mood became cheerier and cheerier. She was about to reach out to tug at the tips of his slightly red ears, but she heard a burst of soft laughter not far behind her.

Huo Du obviously heard it too, turned around at the same time as her, and saw Zhao Hengqi walking towards them.

“Your Highness and Taizifei are in good mood.”

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment, not understanding why he returned after he left. Huo Du, on the other hand, was much more indifferent. He said slowly, “Don’t I have to thank Lord Zhao for putting on such a good show?”

Zhao Hengqi smiled, opened his mouth to Huo Du, and said concisely, “I owe Your Highness a favor. If there is a need in the future, please send someone to pass me a message at any time.”

After a pause, he looked at Le Zhi again, “Same for Taizifei.”

Le Zhi was puzzled. In the past few years, Jing Xin had been hiding in the Eastern Palace and the Prince Mansion, which could be considered as shelter. He said that he owed Huo Du a favor, which was reasonable. But for her, was not it seemed unacceptable?

Seeing Le Zhi’s doubts, Zhao Hengqi explained lightly, “Thank you Taizifei for teaching my sister.”

His younger sister, who has lost her memory these years, had been hiding in the Eastern Palace of country Qi. He knew that she was bullied by the palace maids, but he could not take any action. Until Great Li was destroyed, and the princess of country Li married Huo Du. Unexpectedly, she asked Jing Xin to be her personal maid.

Zhao Hengqi was suspicious since he was a child, and secretly sent someone to stare at this Taizifei, fearing that she had the intention to use her sister.

However, she just wanted to use Jing Xin to exchange favor with An Xuan, other than that, she did not take advantage of Jing Xin. More importantly, she treated people with sincerity. Since she followed her, her younger sister’s mood had improved a lot and her smile had increased. She even began to have her own thoughts and ideas, and she was no longer the fragile little girl.

He put spies in the country Qi and was vaguely aware of Le Zhi’s plans. He had heard rumors that the princess of country Li was very beautiful, but he was not very interested. Her beauty was not attractive to him. But the things she did after the subjugation of the country and her help to her sister made him very curious.

So, this time he came to Huaxi City, in addition to dealing with his sister, he also wanted to see the former princess with his own eyes.

Outside Shengyang City that day, the yellow sand was all over the sky, and the unwavering figure of her leading the mighty soldiers outside the city gate lingered in his mind. Such a woman was described as beautiful and gorgeous, which showed that the world was really superficial.

Just now as he watched the two laughing under the bright moonlight, he could not help but feel sad.

It’s a pity.
Such a pity.

Zhao Hengqi admitted that he admired and was moved, but it was really irrational to be the enemy of the Taizi of country Qi for the sake of mere emotions. He would never do such a foolish thing.

Moreover, there should be no one by his side. He should walk alone all his life.

Zhao Hengqi put away all the emotions that should not have been in his mind and said, “Farewell.”

Huo Du nodded expressionlessly, but Le Zhi smiled politely at him to say goodbye.

Looking at his departing figure, Le Zhi was puzzled. She remembered that the country Jiang’s people had found his sister-in-law, intending to use Yu’er, and even joined forces with Lin Wanning to make Huo Du die in Shengyang City.

But Zhao Hengqi… did not seem to have such intention.

“Strange…” she frowned and muttered in a low voice.

Huo Du seemed to see the confusion in her heart and said, “The one who joined forces with Lin Wanning is Zhao Hengqi’s father, Zhao Lin.”

Le Zhi raised her eyes in surprise, unable to understand the complexity of the Zhao family.

“From the beginning to the end, it was only Zhao Lin who intended to rebel.” Seeing the little fox in front of him with a rare expression of confusion, Huo Du smiled and squeezed her cheek, and then asked back, “Otherwise, how do you think that the old emperor and the frail prince of country Jiang could sit firmly?”

Le Zhi finally understood. Naturally, it was because of Zhao Hengqi.

It turned out that the rumors were indeed true and that the Zhao family had long been plotting to rebel. However, even Zhao Lin did not expect that his only son would be so loyal to the monarch.

Even if he did not know about martial arts, his father was no match for him. Therefore, he had to unite with other countries.

The distant figure gradually blurred, Huo Du raised his eyelids, and his eyes darkened. He understood Zhao Hengqi’s eyes just now, but fortunately, he stopped in time.

Huo Du was not surprised at all that he would like Le Zhi.

Who doesn’t like his little fox?

It was just that they could like her, but if they had other thoughts, they would be courting death. Fortunately, Zhao Hengqi was a smart person and knew how to weigh the pros and cons.

Thinking of this, Huo Du smiled suddenly.

Weigh the pros and cons?
If one really likes a person, the heart is full of that person, how can one separate the mind to weigh the pros and cons?

Ever since he brought An Xuan back from the slave market, Huo Du had not cared much about his and Jing Xin’s original identities. It was not until Jing Xin went to work by Le Zhi’s side that he deliberately went to check it out. He could not leave a hidden danger besides the little fox, right?

Later, Zhao Hengqi sent someone to inquire about the situation of his sister, and he also knew it. The reason why he let it go was that he knew a fact. For Zhao Hengqi, it was more beneficial to be a friend than an enemy.

Just because he had no martial arts skills, he could make many martial arts masters in the country Jiang willingly be his secret guards, which showed his subtle scheming.

Huo Du was certain that in the near future, Zhao Hengqi would be able to defeat Zhao Lin, help the young emperor, and establish a new order for the Jiang country.

Now, in addition to being in alliance with the country Ning, there was also favor from Zhao Hengqi in his hands. Then, his plan should be smoother.

“Are you still watching?”

“Ah?” Le Zhi was still thinking about all things between Zhao Hengqi and the country Jiang. When she heard Huo Du’s question, she was stunned for a while. Following his eyes, he saw two people embracing each other in the night, with their foreheads touching as if they were saying something sweet and tender.

If they continued to look more, perhaps it would be disrespectful!

Le Zhi’s snowy cheeks flushed red, and hurriedly tugged at his sleeve, “Don’t look anymore, let’s go back.”

However, the carriage that had just brought them here was too conspicuous, so they let the driver go back first. Now it looked like they had to walk back on foot. Fortunately, Huaxi City was only a small town, and the outskirts were not far from the city.

Perhaps she was in a happy mood, Le Zhi felt that the moonlight tonight had become much softer.

Taking advantage of the white cool moonlight, she lowered her eyes to look carefully at Huo Du’s right leg.

Step by step, he walked very steadily. There was no sign of the feebleness of the past.

She curled her lips, and the smile on her face became even more intense, and along the night breeze, she suddenly had some ideas in her heart.

“Aiya!” She staggered deliberately, then stopped and said aggrievedly, “I twisted my foot.”

Huo Du held her with great cooperation, looking at her poor acting skills with complexity, but he still followed her intention, walked to her, and squatted in front of her, “Come up.”

“En!” The corners of Le Zhi’s lips curved, and she climbed onto his back as she wished.

Huo Du carried her on his back and walked slowly along the forest path. Even with her on his back, he still walked steadily, which finally reassured Le Zhi.

When passing through a plum forest, she also broke a red plum branch.

“Does it look good?” She held the plum branch in front of his eyes, “Shall we take it back and put it in the bedroom?”

Today was the happiest day, and people always wanted to keep the joy a little longer. So, she broke the plum branch, as if looking at it, she could think of the happiness at this time.

“Sure.” Huo Du also had a smile in his voice.

Le Zhi’s eyes curled up, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the tips of his ears seemed to be redder than before. Out of curiosity, she reached out her hand to pinch it gently. A touch of warm feeling came from the fingertips.

She was so playful that she went to pinch his other ear. Until both ears became the same red.

“Le Zhi.” Huo Du said, his voice a little hoarse, “Don’t be mischief.”

Le Zhi turned her head and saw a rare trace of embarrassment on his face. She was instantly overjoyed and planned to continue to be mischievous. But this time, she did not pinch it with her hands, but put her face close to him and gently touched his earlobe with her soft lips. After playing for some time, Huo Du’s ears gradually became burning hot, so hot that even the neck was stained with a layer of red.

As soon as his footsteps stopped, he turned his head slightly and said in a deep voice, “You are so bold that you think I won’t do anything to you here, do you?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi’s heart tightened, she shyly hugged his neck in panic and whispered, “I’m wrong.”

Continuing to walk forward, Le Zhi instantly breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking of what she had just done, she was a little embarrassed to continue to lie to him. She leaned her head closer to his and admitted her mistake softly, “Put me down. I didn’t twist my foot… I’m sorry.”

But Huo Du did not stop, just chuckled. It seemed that he knew it long ago.

Le Zhi retracted her arms and hugged him tighter with a smile.

“Le Zhi.”


He smiled and commented, “Your acting skill is very bad.”

Le Zhi snorted in dissatisfaction, her eyes moved slightly, and she quietly leaned down to bite the tip of his ear.

Just like how he had bitten her.

This time, Huo Du completely sank his face, and the color in his eyes became darker. He suddenly quickened his pace, walking faster and faster, and whispered a warning as he walked, “Are you sure?”

She really overplayed it.

Le Zhi’s heart was clear, it seemed that she could not escape tonight. Even if she stopped now, he would not let her go. In this case, it was better to play for a while.

So, she moved her lips to the side of his neck and kissed it hard.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Exciting!!!
Du: … very good (smile)

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