After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 84          Moved

Le Zhi could not remember when she fell asleep. When she woke up in a daze, she felt warm all over her body and still had the light fragrance of bathing on her body. Even her hair was spread out comfortably, and the fragrance of hibiscus flowers lingered in the nose.

It was Huo Du who washed her after she fell asleep, and even dried her hair.

Through the dim light in the curtain, she saw that Huo Du was putting on her bedclothes. His movements were very gentle as if he was afraid of waking her up. He carefully raised her arms and slipped them into the sleeves, then fastened the belt around her waist.

Le Zhi’s heart was sour and soft.

He was always like this, bullying her wantonly when he was acting out, but he would be extremely gentle in countless details, making her irresistibly addicted.

The next moment, Huo Du raised his eyes and looked over. When he saw that she was staring at him quietly with her eyes open, a smile gradually emerged from the bottom of her eyes. The four eyes were facing each other, and the wet foxy eyes glowed brightly, imprinted on the bottom of his eyes which was brighter than the stars.

After looking at each other for a while, Le Zhi suddenly reached out her hand to wrap her arms around his waist and pulled him towards her with a slight force of her hand. Only in a semi-dazed state, she could obey her heart without any hesitation.

With their lips pressed together, Le Zhi first kissed lightly, then opened his teeth gently, and then kissed him passionately.

It was not until the breathing of the two people started to become chaotic that Le Zhi’s heart trembled, and then she released him after realizing it.

“Just now you cried and shouted tired.” Huo Du smiled as he hugged the person, bit the tip of her ear, and asked, “And now come to seduce me again? Huh?”

“No…” Le Zhi buried her face against his chest and shyly denied it softly.

“No what?” Huo Du deliberately misinterpreted her meaning, “No crying or no tiring?”

There was no chance of winning a quick argument with him.

Le Zhi knew this very well, so she pursed her lips and did not say anything.

Even if she got a bargain, he would even deliberately tease her. The more Le Zhi thought about it, the more unhappy she became, and the bolder she became. She nestled in his arms and said in a serious tone, “What’s wrong? I just want to kiss you, can’t I?”

Not sure if it was an illusion or not, Le Zhi felt the body of the person holding her freeze slightly, but it was only a moment before he returned to normal.

After a long time, she did not hear Huo Du’s answer. Le Zhi gradually closed her sleepy eyelids, and when she was about to fall into a deep sleep, a burst of warmth suddenly brushed her ear.

The gentle voice came to her ear as if a soft feather fell on her heart.

He only said four words…

“It’s a great honor.”

The next day.

Before Huo Du could tell her the whole story, Jing Xin waited outside the bedroom door in a daze, waiting to see her. Le Zhi saw that the sky was getting brighter outside, so she took Jing Xin to the back garden to talk about it in detail.

“Master, I, I remembered everything…” Jing Xin’s eyes were swollen, she obviously had been crying all night. At this moment, she was standing in front of Le Zhi with her hands twisting the handkerchief, and her voice was hoarse.

Hearing this, Le Zhi pulled her to sit down on the stone chair and nodded, “Don’t b anxious, speak slowly.”

“That person yesterday, he is… he is my brother.”

“Zhao Hengqi?” Le Zhi was a little surprised.

When she woke up in the morning, Huo Du told her some legends about the Zhao family in the country Jiang when he held her in his arms to wash up. Among the five countries, the country Jiang was located in the northwest with barren land and an unpleasant climate which was at a disadvantage over other countries.

Now that the country Li had been wiped out and the Shengnuo tribe had long since been embezzled, Huo Changyun had not yet attacked the weak country Jiang.

The reason lay in the Zhao family.

Since the founding of the Great Jiang, the Zhao family had been the barrier guarding the Great Jiang. The Zhao family was loyal and had been the commander in chief for generations. Zhao Lin, the father of Zhao Hengqi, was the resounding general of the country Jiang.

However, when it came to Zhao Hengqi’s generation, he did not follow the path of military generals that the Zhao family had followed for generations. He was fond of literature and became the youngest top scorer in the country Jiang.

At present, he served as the Taifu* of the country Jiang.

(Taifu* – the official responsible for teaching the prince, assists the monarch)

The emperor of the country Jiang was old, while the Taizi was young. The Zhao family’s father and son occupied the two major positions, a court official and a military general, which inevitably caused a lot of suspicions. There had long been rumors that the Zhao family had a different intention and attempted to usurp the throne.

Whether the rumors were true or false, no one knew.

Unexpectedly, Jing Xin was the daughter of the Zhao family.

The corners of Jing Xin’s eyes turned red, and she nodded, “I have had an unbearable headache recently, and I finally remembered everything a few days ago. My father, my father arranged a marriage for me and promised me to the imperial censor’s eldest son. I didn’t want to, but my father insisted on it. My brother has a cold temperament and has not been close to me since he was a child. I have no other way than to think of a way to escape the marriage.”

Speaking of the sadness, she lowered her eyes and wept. Le Zhi reached out and patted her shoulder lightly, trying to comfort her. After she calmed down a bit, she continued to tell the whole story.

The reason why she resisted this marriage so much lay in the son of the imperial censor. This person was a well-known dandy son of Great Jiang, with numerous concubines and a frequent visitor to brothels.

These were not the most important things. The most terrifying thing about him was that he had some special hobbies. The corpses of the concubines were often carried out from the back door of the imperial censor’s mansion and thrown into the mass graves. Some people said that those corpses were covered with bruises, some were whipped, and some were scalded.

“Master, I’m afraid, I’m really afraid.”

Le Zhi’s eyes darkened, she held Jing Xin’s trembling palm and said in a deep voice, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t let them bully you with me here.”

She did not know why Zhao Lin had to give Jing Xin to such a beast, but as a father, he would push his daughter into the fire pit which was really hateful!

“No!” Jing Xin shook her head suddenly, her tears falling one by one like a broken thread, “Master, I can’t implicate you.”

Following Le Zhi, these days were the happiest time since she lost her memory. But she knew that the situation of the master was also full of crisis, and she did not want to make the master enemies with her brother because of herself.

Her brother’s responsibilities had been heavy since childhood.

Her master’s every step was already difficult enough, and she could not cause trouble for her master.

“Don’t be silly, I have never regarded you as a burden.” Le Zhi frowned and said, “And An Xuan…”

The sobbing gradually stopped, and Jing Xin’s face became more worried.

An Xuan…

Jing Xin always thought that he did not like her. But all this time, he was always by her side.

“Don’t worry, leave it all to me.”

After Le Zhi calmed Jing Xin down, she then carefully understood the relationship between An Xuan and Jing Xin from Huo Du. After thinking about it, again and again, she decided to go to Pingyi Pavilion after dinner to have friendly chat with Zhao Hengqi.

She would definitely take care of Jing Xin’s matter.

But just after finishing the dinner, Lin Yue hurried into the dining hall with an anxious face, “Master, Jing Xin is gone!”

“What?” Le Zhi’s face sank as she stood up and asked.

“I don’t know either. In the afternoon, Jing Xin said that she wanted to take a break. But I didn’t see her leaving her room until dinner time. So I pushed the door in, and the bed was neat, but Jing Xin was gone.”

Le Zhi’s heart tightened. The silly girl would not go to her brother, would she? What if… what if she was caught and forced to go back?

She faced Huo Du and was about to speak, but a voice was faster than hers.

“Your Highness, please forgive me. This subordinate must go. If there is still life to come back, this subordinate will definitely repay Your Highness for your hospitality in the past few years.”

After he finished speaking, before Huo Du could reply, An Xuan hurried out and disappeared into the darkness.

“Xiao Ming, hurry up and keep up with him!” Le Zhi hurriedly called people and asked them to rush to help An Xuan. But she felt that the people Zhao Hengqi brought were not limited to those outside the mansion yesterday. She was afraid that it would be difficult for Xia Ming and the others to deal with when they went over.

“Your Highness, I…” Le Zhi wanted to ask him to borrow soldiers, but it was a little hard to speak out. After all, it involved two countries and became an enemy with Zhao Hengqi rashly might not have a very good chance of winning.

She wanted to help Jing Xin, and she did not want to put Huo Du in danger.

“What do you want? Say it.” Huo Du stood up and smiled wantonly, “Give me a kiss, and I’ll promise you.”

She was so anxious that her little face was wrinkled into a ball.

He’s still in the mood to tease!

Le Zhi bit her lip and looked at him resentfully.

“Tsk, your temper is really getting bigger and bigger.” Huo Du took a few steps forward, put his arms around her shoulders, and led her out, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to see a good show.”

“What?” Le Zhi was at a loss, but she felt a lot more settled in her heart.

“You’ll know in a while.”

On the outskirts of Huaxi City.

A gorgeous carriage was surrounded by a group of secret guards, and standing outside the circle was An Xuan who was full of murderous spirits.

At this moment, a dark blue figure stepped out of the carriage, passed the secret guards, and faced An Xuan. He hooked his lips, “An Xuan, you still dare to come?”

“Let her go.” An Xuan said concisely.

The smile on Zhao Hengqi’s face grew stronger, but the coldness in his eyes was bottomless, “What qualifications do a slave who raises horses in the General Mansion to say such a thing?”

A slave who raises horses.

An Xuan’s heart was stabbed.

Yes, there was no match between him and her.

Thoughts drifted away, An Xuan recalled the day when he first arrived at the General Mansion when he was young. Jing Xin, no, her name should be Zhao Jingyu, the only daughter of General Zhao.

That day, she wore a blue and white dress and flew a kite with her maid in the backyard. From then on, the kite had taken root in his heart.

As a noble girl, she had no friends since she was a child. The young master of the family was aloof and the relationship between the brother and sister was indifferent. An Xuan thought that he would not interact with her until the day she came to the stable.

“Your name is An Xuan, isn’t it? I want to learn to ride a horse, can you help me choose a more docile horse?”

She smiled at him, and he always remembered how warm the sun was that day.

Later, she often came to the stable to talk to him, and their interaction gradually increased. But An Xuan knew in his heart that the distance between them was just like the kite, it looked close, but actually far away. They would not have the slightest possibility.

He did not care either as he just hoped that she could marry a good husband and live a good life.

However, the old general promised her such a person. She came to him with red eyes. Although she did not say it clearly, he could understand her meaning, and she hoped he could take her away.

How could he not want to? However, without name and status, how could he do this?

She finally left in disappointment, and late at night a few days later, he saw her secretly leaving the General Mansion with a bag on her back. He was shocked and quickly followed.

But he dared not step forward, only dared to follow her from a distance. When she was walking on the mountain road, she accidentally stepped into an empty space and fell down the hill.

She forgot everything.

But the people from the General Mansion followed closely, and he could only think of a way to let different people lead her to Great Qi along the way. From beginning to end, he dared not show up.

But this was not the way to go on.

So, after arriving in Great Qi, he came up with an idea. He was deliberately caught and sold to a slave market. To avoid the people from the Zhao family, he had to find greater shelter.

In Great Qi, apart from the emperor, which had great shelter than the taizi?

…But in the end, they were still found by Zhao Hengqi.

An Xuan was not afraid at all and said in a deep voice, “I’m not qualified, but no one can force her.”

“Oh, after staying with Taizi of Great Qi for a long time, you’ve learned to be so arrogant.” Zhao Hengqi raised his hand, and the secret guards raised their swords and thrust at An Xuan.

With all the top masters, An Xuan could not resist, and even Xia Ming, who had rushed over, was blocked outside and could not get close to the carriage.

Not long after, An Xuan was beaten half to his knees, and a lot of blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

“I’ll give you a chance, get out immediately and I won’t kill you.” Zhao Heng’s voice was as cold as ice.

But An Xuan touched the ground with the tip of his sword, stood up tremblingly, and did not take a step back.

“You really don’t want your life?”

“Cut the crap and give your order.”

Zhao Hengqi narrowed his eyes, stared at An Xuan for a moment, then raised his hand to let the guards retreat. The person in the carriage was finally released, and she hurriedly got off the carriage and ran to An Xuan’s side. Seeing the blood on his body and lips, Jing Xin’s eyes were covered in mist, “How are you? Does it hurt?”

But An Xuan just stared at her in a daze and shook his head.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hengqi smiled, then turned around with peace of mind, and prepared to leave with the secret guards.

“Brother!” Jing Xin called to him.

Zhao Hengqi paused, turned his head slightly, and said coldly, “After tonight, there will be no longer Zhao Jingyu in the world.”

“Thank you.”

The faint thanks reached his ears, and Zhao Hengqi did not stop but continued to walk with his legs raised.

An Xuan will do.

Although he was not very satisfied with this silly brother-in-law. If it were not for his secret help, this fool still did not know if he could bring his sister to the country Qi.

But in the end, he was wholeheartedly devoted to his sister, and after seeing it over the past few years, he was relieved.

He would do his best to prevent his sister from returning to the devil’s cave in the Zhao family. Those demons naturally needed demons to stop them.

Now, he had nothing to worry about anymore.

After Zhao Hengqi was far away, Jing Xin turned her head and looked at the person in front of him. She could not help but threw herself into his arms. The tall figure was stunned, and after a long time, he slowly raised his hand and carefully wrapped his arms around her waist.

The moonlight was quiet, falling on them and pulling the hugging figures very very long.

From the moment An Xuan gave her his heart, there had been no Zhao Jingyu in the world.

I give you my heart, from now on, there is only Jing Xin.

In the distance, two people were looking at this beautiful scene quietly.

“Is the show good?”

The corners of Le Zhi’s eyes had been wet and red for a long time, and a few tears fell down when she nodded her head. She raised her hand and wiped away those tears casually. She said in a thick nasal voice, “Finally, their hardships are over.”

After a pause, she said with emotion again, “An Xuan is not bad!”

She was really happy for Jing Xin from the bottom of her heart.

Hearing this, the man standing beside her frowned and turned his head to look at her with a bad complexion, “Not bad?”

Is it necessary to be so engrossed in watching a play?
Why are you so moved?


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