After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 83          Scold Him

“Huo Du!”

Le Zhi glared at him with anger, her face turned pale, and then gradually revealed a flush of redness, “If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll ignore you!”

Seeing that she was really annoyed, Huo Du did not dare to tease her anymore. He just stepped forward and hugged her lightly, rubbing her head slowly.

Like stroking her hair.

After a short while, Huo Du carried her up.

Le Zhi let out a low cry of surprise when her body suddenly rose in the air. Her eyes were flustered, and her tone of voice was aggrieved, “I, I’m still in pain…”

She lied, except for the slight soreness and numbness in her waist, there was not much pain anywhere else. However, she was really tired, and it was daytime now. She did not want to go crazy with him!

Huo Du let out a soft laugh, carried her to the edge of the dressing table, put her on it, and said, “You this young lady, what are you thinking about in the broad daylight?”

“You!” Le Zhi choked, turned her head angrily, and ignored him.

The warmer sunlight shone on the high mirror, reflecting brighter light. Le Zhi’s cheeks were slightly hot, and she could not help but raise her eyes to stare at him.

What a big tail wolf!

When the bathing was over last night, she thought it was really “over”. Who knew that when he raised his hand, all the cotton towels in the bathroom fell to the ground and spread out. Then he slowly tugged the cotton towel wrapped around her. This was the absurdity in front of the high mirror.

Now he pretended to be dignified and awe-inspiring. At first glance, it could be seen that he was pretending!

“Tsk.” Huo Du took the toothpick and looked at her, “Open your mouth.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi’s outstretched hand hung in the air. She was stunned for a moment and opened her cherry lips slightly.

Huo Du carefully cleaned her teeth, cleaned her face, and cleaned himself up too. Then he took her hand and wiped her hands with a warm handkerchief. He wiped it very carefully with very little force as if he was afraid of hurting her tender white fingers.

Le Zhi stared at his face, and the soft light was printed on his cold white skin, revealing a little warmth. An absurd idea suddenly appeared in her heart.

If she and Huo Du were just two ordinary people, how great it would be if they could continue like this. Just thinking about it made her feel so wonderful that she yearned for it.

This was the first time since the subjugation of the country, Le Zhi felt from the bottom of her heart that it seemed interesting to be alive. However, the wonderful thing was illusory after all, just like the warm sunlight outside which was covered by thick clouds and would disappear in an instant.

Le Zhi saw that his face darkened a bit, and he turned to put the handkerchief away. The tip of her heart suddenly moved and she opened her arms and leaned around his neck, buried her soft cheeks in his neck, and rubbed hard.

Struggling and wandering in the sad reality and sweet delusion, she was trapped in the meticulous love net laid out by her own hands, and it was difficult to escape. The overflowing sourness and grievances filled her heart, and she suddenly felt suffocated and uncomfortable that she wanted to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Du hugged her and asked, “Not feeling well?”

Le Zhi shook her head, buried her face deeper, and said in a feeble voice, “Let me hug you for a while.”

A long time.

After a long time, Lezhi felt that she was torn, pieced together, and torn again. She felt that she was about to be pulled beyond recognition. But rationality eventually prevailed and it was hard to ignore.

She released him and put some distance between them. Then, she tentatively asked, “You… don’t like children, do you?”

Huo Du looked at the way her eyes were dodging and knew what she was thinking. He followed her expectations and said, “I don’t like it.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi was obviously relieved. She blinked away the inexplicable emotion in her eyes, and asked, “Then, that child avoidance medicine…”

“Don’t worry.” Huo Du picked her up and walked to the bedroom.

After Le Zhi got dressed, a small bright red porcelain bottle appeared in front of her.

“This is?” She took it and opened it, and saw small red pills.

Le Zhi raised her eyes and saw Huo Du smiling at her, and she immediately understood what it was. She poured one out and put it in her mouth.

The sweet taste melted between the lips and tongue. It was fragrant and sweet with a hint of rose honey, and the aftertaste was also slightly bitter with red ginseng.

Is this the taste of the child avoidance medicine?

Seeing that she was suspicious, Huo Du calmly explained, “The improved one doesn’t hurt the body.”

I see.

For the first time, Le Zhi thought that medical skills were so useful that she did not have to send someone to prepare the medicine. She put away the small porcelain bottle, and when she got up, she saw Huo Du’s smiling appearance and her heart choked for no reason.

If they had children, would they be more like Huo Du or more like her? There was no doubt that they would be lovely children.

The melted medicine slid into the throat, and the sweetness in the mouth gradually dissipated.

Le Zhi recalled the bitterness at the corner of her lips and smiled silently. There would be no children between them.

Fortunately, Huo Du did not like children. But in fact, she really liked children.

Seeing her struggling with a sad face, Huo Du did not speak and just stared at her quietly.

The night before she left, facing the seemingly endless crescent moon, his wish was that she could choose him. Huo Du, who never believed in Heaven, used great devotion when making this wish.

Then, the wish really came true.

During the days when he and Chu Yan locked down the city to lure the soldiers of country Jiang into the city, Huo Du had thought about this question. If Le Zhi knew the situation in Shengyang City, would she come to rescue him?

He was sure that she would save him. But, with her rationality, she should not come by herself. Before the great revenge was avenged, she would not impulsively disregard her own life.

However, she still came.

She still came even with the long windy yellow sand, the cold wind like a knife, and the dangerous and uncertain road ahead.

In this case, he would not give her another chance to leave.

Her thoughts stayed on the matter of the child, and Le Zhi suddenly thought of her imperial brother’s child, Yu’er… who was still in Huaxi City.

“Will you accompany me to Huaxi City?” She reached out to tug at Huo Du’s sleeve and asked him softly.

Huo Du pulled her up and said as he walked out, “If you want to go, you have to go after breakfast.”

The morning air carried a pleasant fragrance, Le Zhi walked beside him, looked down at the hands holding them together, and curved her lips unknowingly.

Now, he had finally developed the habit of having breakfast.

So good!

Because of Le Zhi’s worries, the two set off for Huaxi City after breakfast. Unlike the last trip by herself, this time they brought a lot of soldiers in case of a rainy day.

Someone from the country Jiang had already approached her sister-in-law, and Le Zhi worried that they would be unsafe if they stay in Huaxi City. Along the way, her eyelids twitched, and her heart could not calm down.

After entering the city, the carriage headed towards the courtyard and Le Zhi’s heart tightened when she lifted the curtain of the carriage to look at the gate of the courtyard. There was a group of strangers outside the gate, who seemed to know martial arts. Then she saw that Jing Xin was forcibly pulled out of the gate, and her sister and Fu Xian were restrained. The soldiers she left in the courtyard were obviously no match for this group of people and could not stop them.

“Quick! Quickly!”

Le Zhi turned pale and urged the coachman.

But someone was faster than the coachman. An Xuan took the reins and galloped away with a gloomy face. When Le Zhi jumped out of the carriage, An Xuan was already fighting with the group of people and the sword movement made people frightened.

“Get someone to help An Xuan!” She looked at Huo Du anxiously.

Huo Du looked at her leisurely with a calm expression. Initially, he wanted to tell her that these few people could not pose a threat to An Xuan, but seeing her cheeks reddened with anxiety, a teasing thought suddenly came to his mind.

“Help him?” He smiled and asked, “What’s the benefit?”

Le Zhi gave him a fierce look, feeling indignant in her heart.

So good, so what good, it’s all pretentious!

She grabbed his palm angrily, scratched his palm fiercely with her slender fingertips, and threw his hand away fiercely.


Huo Du waved his hand, and the guards behind him were ordered to step forward and joined the fierce battle. Seeing the person beside him breathe a sigh of relief, he slowly raised his palm, looked at the slight red mark scratched by her, and smiled triumphantly.

What an unexpected joy.

Finally, the fighting stopped, and the group of people was beaten to the ground.

Le Zhi ran to the gate with her skirt up, held Jing Xin’s trembling hand tightly, and said, “It’s alright, it’s alright, don’t be afraid.”

But Jing Xin’s lips were still trembling, and there was a hint of hesitation in her flustered eyes.

At this time, a golden-brown sedan chair was slowly approaching, and after it stopped, the sedan curtain was lifted, and a tall elegant man walked out.

“Does His Highness Taizi want to interfere in my household affair?” The man looked in the direction of Jing Xin and then asked Huo Du with a smile.

Seeing this, Huo Du sneered, “Zhao Hengqi, when it’s your turn to tell about this loneliness’s mansion people?”

Hearing this, the man’s face darkened. How could his own sister become the maid of his mansion?

Still so righteous, really hateful!

But he knew in his heart that if he had a head-to-head confrontation with Huo Du, he would have no chance of winning, and he could only give up after thinking about it.

“I live in Pingyi Pavilion for the time being, and come find me after you thought about it.”

“I won’t go back with you!” Jing Xin bit her lip and finally summoned the courage to shout at Zhao Hengqi.

However, Zhao Hengqi just smiled indifferently, glanced at Jing Xin, sat back in the sedan chair, and left indifferently.

But his arrival was enough to set off a wave, and countless mysteries hung in everyone’s hearts.

“Let’s go into the house first.” Le Jin said to the group of people who were standing outside the door in a daze.

Le Zhi nodded and asked Lin Yue to support Jing Xin to go in. She had a bunch of questions in her heart that she wanted to ask Jing Xin. However, Jing Xin’s face was pale, and still crying softly. Her incoherent appearance made her unable to bear to ask.

Fortunately, An Xuan was called away by Huo Du, thinking that many things could be answered by asking him.

After comforting Jing Xin, the sky was already pitch black.

“Take good care of her.”

Lin Yue nodded earnestly, “Master, don’t worry.”

Le Zhi was anxious and hurriedly walked toward the bedroom. Pushing open the door, she saw a familiar figure in the dim candlelight. She hurried forward and asked, “What did An Xuan say?”

“It’s not urgent, I’ll tell you later.”

Not urgent? She was dying of anxiety.

“What are you doing in a daze?” Huo Du said with a bewitching tone, “Come here.”

Le Zhi immediately understood what he meant. There was no other way as she promised him during the day, and now she could only bite the bullet and step forward.

The dimmer the candle, the hazier the room was.

She sat on his lap, humming softly and turning her head away from him.

“Tsk, how to untie this?” He bit her ear tip and asked deliberately.

Le Zhi scolded him a hundred times in her heart.

A*shole, shameless, big tail wolf!

He obviously untied it so quickly last night. She bit her lower lip, pulled the innerwear lace tie around the back of her neck with some force, and threw the innerwear into his face fiercely!

Huo Du by no means was angry. He picked up her innerwear and put it in front of his nose to sniff it, and then leaned into her ear to whisper, “Don’t be anxious, it’s just three times.”

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Help! Can you be more shameless!!?
Du: Yes.

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