After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 82          Craziness

The bathroom was filled with hot mist, bright red rose petals were floating in the bathtub and the steaming water vapor filled the room, condensing into beads on the petals.

Le Zhi’s white back was softly pressed against his chest, making her consciousness a little chaotic, and even though it had been a while, she was still panting slightly and adjusting her breath.

The scene just now gradually appeared in her mind. Apart from the initial shock and timidity as well as the slight pain she felt in the panic, she gradually relaxed following Huo Du’s rhythm. She seemed to have entered a wonderful place.

It was a strange world she had never set foot in.

“Still reminiscing?”

The fine sound seemed to brush her eardrums, making her tremble uncontrollably.

“Don’t say it…” She blushed in the steaming hot mist and reached out her hand to push Huo Du’s arm around her waist.

Instead, he hugged her even tighter.

“Don’t let me hug anymore, huh?” Huo Du said in a low voice, with residual heat still in his voice. He gently rubbed her upper back with his cold white fingers, and pressed his warm lips to her white shoulders, “Who was holding me just now and wouldn’t let go?”

Le Zhi pursed her lips and said nothing. She knew this person too well. If she responded to him just now, he would definitely have hidden something even more bottomless words waiting for her.


Absolutely, could, not, reason, with, him!

“What? Was it uncomfortable just now?” As if he knew what she was thinking, Huo Du approached her deliberately, pressing his palm on her neck, and making her head slightly tilted towards him. Then, he stared at the corner of her wet red eyes and kissed along the side of her neck.

“Aren’t you going to comment?” He held the tip of her ear, and his soft tongue wrapped around her softly. In the careful kiss, he whispered again, “Is this good, baby?”

Le Zhi was so stimulated by the sound of “baby” that her whole body trembled. In her messy memory, he also called her baby softly again and again until ecstasy.

Just… very good.

Le Zhi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she answered silently in her heart. Thinking that she thought he had a hidden illness before, she even made so many supplements for him. She was so regretful that her bowels were turning green.

This bastard, not sure how many times he made fun of her in his heart!

“You, have you ever had a bedwarmer or a concubine in the past?” As soon as the words came out, Le Zhi felt that this question was a little wrong, so her voice became softer and softer.

She never intended to explore his past when she asked this, just because he was too proficient just now.

Previously, due to his leg disability, Le Zhi read a lot of related books by herself, but when she really got there, she was still difficult to withstand and extremely jerky.

Unlike him, step by step, in sequence… which did not look like the first time at all.

In the moment of anger, her mouth was faster than her brain, so she asked so stupidly, and now she could not take it back.

She clearly felt the breath skimmed across her neck suddenly, and then the person behind pinched her waist slightly, making her face him.

Huo Du chuckled, “Can you say it again?”

The low hoarse voice was obviously somewhat suppressed. Le Zhi raised her eyes and bumped into his dark unclear eyes. She saw that his eyes narrowed slightly, and gradually stained with deep craziness.

Le Zhi panicked and shrank back, “I’m wrong…”

Before she could finish speaking, Huo Du raised his warm wet hand and clasped her chin, pressed his wet fingertip against her cherry lips, and rubbed repeatedly… while his other hand clasped her waist tightly so that she could not retreat, but stuck closer to him.

“You know you’re wrong?”

Le Zhi nodded almost without hesitation, but she forgot the finger on her lips, and as she nodded, it slipped into the gap between her lips slowly. Her white teeth inadvertently bumped on his fingertip.

“Ah!” Le Zhi quickly raised her head, which made her lips brush against his finger again.

Because of the slippery conditions, the lamps in the bathroom were much brighter than those in the bedroom. So, at this time, even though was separated by a hazy mist, Le Zhi could still clearly see that Huo Du brought his fingers to her lips and held them gently.

The senses were magnified infinitely, and Le Zhi wanted to escape in a panic.   

She smelled a strong sense of danger.

But he took her into his arms, holding her lower back with one hand and the back of her head with the other so that she could not escape. He approached her slowly, slightly raising his lips.

“Too late.”

The overwhelming kiss descended, not as gentle as before. This time he kissed hard and intensely. The warm water in the bathtub was surging, and Le Zhi suddenly froze in the gap of suffocation.

Something touched her leg.

Immediately after, he leaned forward.

Le Zhi’s eyebrows twitched. When she regained her senses, her weak hand rested on his shoulder and her eyes were half shocked and half angry.

“You’re crazy!” She bit her lip, trembling all over.

“Don’t you have any doubt? Then feel it well…” Huo Du kissed her again, and said in a hoarse voice, “What is the difference between just now and now.”

Le Zhi listened to her own heartbeat with both her hands on his shoulders. The corner of her eyes was reddened by his force, and she kept murmuring and begging.

The mist in the air was densely intertwined, while Le Zhi’s heart was gloomy and indescribable. If she could turn back time, she would not ask that stupid question.

She finally knew what he meant. It turned out that the first gentle entanglement was just because he took her into consideration and deliberately restrained himself. And now, was the real him.

Crazy and… a*shole!

The hot water in the bathtub had already become warm, but at this time, the water temperature seemed to be hot again, as if it was about to boil in the next moment.

For a long, long time.

After a long time, Le Zhi felt that her lower leg was starting to weaken, and her waist was sore and unbearable. If it was not for Huo Du supporting her, she would probably sink into the bathtub against the wall.

Finally, the heavy gasping on the side of the ear gradually calmed down. But he did not let go of her, instead, he raised his hand to put the black hair that was wet with sweat on her forehead and cheeks behind her ear, patiently caressing every inch of her skin with warm water and rubbing her sore waist.

Then, he approached her and touched her forehead. Looking at her tired eyes, Huo Du suddenly smiled.

“If you have examined it carefully, it’s indeed not the first time.”

Le Zhi was stunned, her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and then she lowered her eyes and made a muffled “oh” sound.

She had imagined it many times and knew that the deeply rooted tradition of three wives and four concubines in the imperial family of Great Qi, but when she heard this, her heart was still uncontrollably sour.

The hand hanging in the water clenched into a fist tightly, and with the movement of her hand, the water in her palm drained away. It seemed she was holding tightly, but in fact, she could not hold anything.

Suddenly, another hand in the water covered hers, held her fists, and separated her clenched fingers one by one. Then he put his fingers between hers, interlaced with hers, and clenched tightly without letting go.

Le Zhi raised her eyes in confusion and saw herself in his eyes, as well as the tenderness in his eyes.

“For the first time, it was in a dream.” Huo Du put a soft kiss on her forehead and smiled, “With you.”

Then he took the stunned person into his arms and pressed his lips to the tip of her ear. He said, “Le Zhi, I only have you.”

From the past to the present, from the present to the future.
You will always be the only one.

Le Zhi rested her chin softly on his shoulder, and his words clearly sunk to the bottom of her heart. She bent her lips unconsciously, leaned against the side of his neck happily, and kissed him gently.

After tossing for a long time, it was already the middle of the night when the two of them lay on the bed.

Le Zhi opened her eyes and looked at the curtain on top, and her eyes were clear. She also felt very strange. She was obviously sore and tired, but her mind was very clear, without any sign of sleepiness.

It’s not good to sleep too long the day before!

Perhaps they had broken through the last barrier between them. It was obviously the usual posture of hugging each other to sleep on weekdays, however, it made Le Zhi blush a little bit.

She shrank her neck and drilled into his arms, trying to hide the embarrassment on her face.

“Can’t sleep?”


Thinking that her actions disturbed him, Le Zhi moved her body outward and withdrew from his embrace. But he put his hand over her and pulled her into his arms again. The long fingers picked up her black hair and wrapped it around a few times, and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Le Zhi recalled for a moment and said, “What happened to Chu Yan and soldiers of country Jiang?”

Hearing this, the hand on her shoulder tightened lightly, and his eyes darkened. Huo Du lowered his eyes to look at her face. She was also looking at him, with some redness on the snowy cheeks, but the foxy eyes returned to clarity.

Huo Du was angry but also found it laughable.

The long night was full of sweetness. She was snuggling in his arms, so how could she still think of these things?

Also… was not it too unromantic?!

“Are you stupid?” Huo Du raised his hand to poke her forehead.

Le Zhi let out a soft snort and muttered in dissatisfaction, “You’re the stupid one.”

Seeing that she was really not sleepy, Huo Du simply helped her up and let her lean on him. Then she brought her legs over, rolled up her trouser legs, and massaged her lower legs while explaining the whole sequence of events to her.

From beginning to end, Chu Yan never had the heart to unite with the country Jiang. After experiencing the extermination of the nation, how could he not know that for a big country, they were just chess pieces?

How could it be possible for them to be a stepping stone for country Jiang?

However, there were inevitably some people who have different hearts among the old tribesmen. They were secretly tempted by Lin Wanning and became Lin Wanning’s chess pieces. The man who insulted Le Zhi in front of everyone before was one of them.

Bribed the old tribesmen, united with the country Jiang, and removed Huo Du. This was the chess game played by Lin Wanning in Shengyang City. However, after thousands of calculations, she did not expect that Chu Yan was just pretending to surrender.

He just wanted to take this game to clean up the fraction.

Regarding Huo Du, Chu Yan could not treat him like a family member, but he could not treat him coldly either. After all, blood was thicker than water.

“I see.” Le Zhi suddenly realized.

Feeling that the hands that were massaging her legs gradually moved up, Le Zhi raised her eyes in astonishment and saw a pair of peach blossom eyes that gradually darkened.

“If you’re really not sleepy, then…”


Le Zhi pushed his hand away and burrowed into the quilt. She shrank herself into a ball and buried her head in the quilt. Originally was to avoid the scorching gaze, but with the soft pillow, she gradually relaxed and closed her eyelids to fall asleep.

Huo Du pulled the quilt to expose her little head to prevent her from suffocating in her sleep. Afterward, he turned over to get off the bed, brought a jar of ointment, and continued to push up her rolled-up trouser legs.

Sure enough, both knees were a little red.

His eyes moved slightly and scolded himself a few words in his heart. Then, dip some ointment on his fingertips and gently apply it to her.

The morning sun gradually revealed, and the warm sun leaked in a few rays through the window.

Le Zhi opened her eyes and suddenly felt severe pain in her body. Turning her head, she looked at the culprit who was still asleep and glared at him angrily.

I really want to beat him up!

However, his sleeping appearance added a little warmth compared to usual. She stretched out her palm and gently pressed his cheek, and a delicate softness came out of her heart.

After a while, she carefully removed his arm from her waist and got off the bed softly and quietly.

Le Zhi originally wanted to wash up in the bathroom, but as she stepped into the bathroom, the messy floor brought back the memories of last night. Her heart shrank, and her eyes fluttered to a high mirror standing on the right.

The whole person was reflected in the mirror, and her eyes flickered, and she could clearly see the remaining handprint on the mirror.

It was left behind by him.

The broken images were gradually put together, and the knees seemed to be able to feel the coldness when they were touching the mirror. As soon as her lower legs softened, her body fell backward.

She was firmly caught by a familiar embrace.

Le Zhi pushed his hands away like a frightened bird, turned around, and saw the smile on his lips and the deepening eyes. She took two steps back and said vigilantly, “Don’t…”

The smile on Huo Du’s face became even stronger. He nodded solemnly and responded with “fine”. Then he took two steps toward her, hugged her gently, leaned over, and kissed the corner of her lips without desire.

“This mouth says no.” He let go of her, stepped back a little, his eyes slowly moved down, and chuckled, “What about the other one?”

The author has something to say:
Du: Scoff. I don’t understand why the comment area is anxious about it. (Spreading hands)
Zhi: Shameless!!!

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