After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 70          Gratitude

The soft tone made Huo Du’s eyebrows could not help but twitch. He suddenly wanted to grab her and take a good bite.

But he deliberately said, “After sleeping for so long, haven’t you slept enough?”

This tone sounded like a complete rejection to Le Zhi. She pursed her lips and said “oh” softly, then sat down on the bed and leaned over to pick up shoes and socks to put on.

However, before her fingertips reached halfway, her waist was tightened suddenly, and the whole body was pulled back by force. As the sky swirled, the quilt fell and covered her whole body tightly, leaving only a pair of spinning foxy eyes exposed.

The corners of the lips that were hidden in the quilt turned up, and Le Zhi curved her eyes, suddenly in high spirits. Although there was an exaggeration in what he said just now, it was indeed a little cold after standing barefoot on the ground for a long time. She blinked and moved her feet carefully. First, she touched Huo Du’s foot lightly. Seeing that he did not respond, she stuck both feet on his foot as if unintentionally.

A warm feeling came from the soles of his foot, and Le Zhi curved her lips in satisfaction.


The slightly hot breath skimmed over her ears, and Le Zhi could not help but feel a little flustered. She hurriedly wanted to shrink her feet back, but after only moving a little, she was slightly hooked by his two feet, and her feet were entangled with his.

Le Zhi’s snow cheeks burned red in an instant.

Obviously, it was just their feet stuck together, but the warmth seemed to reach the tip of her heart, causing her heart to tremble slightly.

“Let go, let go…” She put her hand on his chest and pushed back softly.

On the contrary, Huo Du held her tighter and sneered, “You stuck it yourself.”

Had not it always been like this between them? She always provoked him on purpose, stretched out her little paws to tease him, and when he found out, she wanted to slip away.

How could he allow it? Now that she had provoked him, she must continue it to the end.

Le Zhi knew that she was wrong, and did not dare to say more, only hummed twice and gave up. But her feet were tightly wrapped. Her brows moved, suddenly thought of something.

“Your Highness, your legs…” She looked at Huo Du’s eyes in surprise and asked, “Can move already?”

The right leg, which had no strength before, seemed to have strength at this time. Her foot could feel it most vividly.

Huo Du did not answer, just stared at her excited smile quietly, maybe he was infected by her, and before he knew it, his eyes gradually stained with a little smile.

“That’s great!” Le Zhi let out a soft sigh, her hand on his chest gradually loosened, and then she snuggled softly into his arms, with unspeakable joy in her heart, “Shouldn’t you thank me?”

“Thanks.” Huo Du chuckled, raised his hand, and rubbed the back of her head, “Certainly thank you.”

Perhaps she did not sleep well at night, but now that she calmed down, the person in his arms quickly fell asleep, breathing lightly and gently.

Huo Du released her and placed her cheek on the soft pillow. He leaned closer to her, counted her curled eyelashes, and then leaned over to kiss her eyes. Then, he put his head on her embroidered pillow and closed his eyes to sleep peacefully.

Not long after, the bedroom was completely quiet, and only the intertwined breathing of the two of them was left.

Le Zhi’s eyelids trembled slightly, and finally slowly opened her eyes, staring deeply at the person close at hand. The soft hand in the quilt stretched out as if trying to touch his cold white side face, but after a pause, she finally withdrew her hand back into the quilt.

Her heart was suffocating, then she closed her eyes and emptied her mind.

However, the tail of her eyes was slightly red, and there was still wetness.

Now that Le Jin had recovered, Le Zhi thought about letting her sister leave the capital of Great Qi.

As far as she was concerned, if her sister stayed with her, she had to worry about her sister’s safety. Therefore, she needed to get her sister to a safe place as soon as possible. In this way, she could continue to plan for the next step.

Coincidentally, Xia Ming and Ah Chan also came back at this time. After searching for a long time, they finally found some traces of her sister-in-law and Yu’er in the small remote town at the border of country Qi and Ning.

Thus, Le Zhi and Le Jin immediately decided that Le Jin would personally go to find them.

On one hand, Le Zhi could use this as a pretext to let her sister leave the capital, and on the other, she would be more at ease if her sister went to find their sister-in-law.

“Sister, take good care of yourself.”

Le Zhi raised her hand to tighten the cotton cloak on her sister’s body, with her voice choked up. Le Jin smiled and touched her sister’s face, “Don’t worry about me, you have to be safe.”

She wanted to say something, but finally stopped and did not go on.

Turning her head, Le Jin set her eyes on the person sitting in the wheelchair. Needless to say, she believed that he would remember what she said. So, she smiled and nodded slightly to bid farewell.

After this period, Fu Xian was also full of contradictions toward Huo Du, but after all, the kindness of saving them was real. Before leaving, he also cupped his hands and bowed to Huo Du.

Huo Du was stunned for a moment, then nodded to the two of them.

The curtains fell, and the carriage began to move.

Le Zhi stood for a long time until the carriage shadow disappeared from sight. Her expression was solemn, and her heart was sour. Not long after the reunion with her sister, they had to separate again.

Feeling her fingertips warming up, she lowered her eyes and saw a pair of hands holding her fingers.

“Thank you.” She thanked him earnestly, and then she became a little worried, “Can you really hide the truth by using the words of illness and death?”

Huo Du did not say a word, he just dragged her into the mansion through the back door.

It was the safest way to quietly let Le Jin and Fu Xian leave through the back door when the twilight was all around.

“Fifty-one time.”

Le Zhi raised her eyes in amazement and puzzled at his meaning.

Huo Du did not explain, but said, “There are secret guards following around the carriage, which will definitely protect your sister’s safety.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi heaved a sigh of relief. Although she asked Dong Yi to escort her sister, she was still uneasy. Now that Huo Du’s people were secretly protecting her, her heart was completely relieved.

“Thank you.”

“Fifty-two times.”

At this point, Le Zhi could not understand what he was talking about. She bit her lip and murmured in a low voice, “What are you counting this for…”

She was answered by Huo Du’s laughter, and then she heard him say word by word, “You don’t think it’s enough to say thank you every time, do you?”

After a pause, he continued, “You have to pay it back, understand?”

In an instant, all the moving gratitude dissipated. Le Zhi glared at him with a sullen face and wanted to shake his hand away even more. It was a pity that he held it too tightly to break free.

Fortunately, Li Yao ran over at this moment with a hurried expression, and after saluting, she presented the letter in her sleeve to Le Zhi.

“Master, it’s a letter from Deshun.”

Le Zhi took the letter, looked at Huo Du, and only then did she open the letter to see. Gradually, a faint smile appeared on her face.

“Your Highness.” She raised her eyes, handed the letter to Huo Du, and smiled, “Some people seem to be playing with fire and setting themselves on fire.”

These things, if it were not for Huo Du’s help, with the power of her and Shen Qingyan alone, would never have gone so smoothly. Therefore, she never intended to hide from him.

Besides, even if she hid it, would not he know?


“Naturally, we can’t miss this opportunity.” Le Zhi smiled even more, “Your Highness is just waiting to watch a good show.”

The stars were gradually revealing, but no matter how bright the stars were, it was not as bright as the one in her eyes.

Huo Du smiled along, his palms gradually closed, and held her hand tightly. He raised his eyes, looked into her bright eyes, and said, “Good.”

Wait and see.

After being grounded for many days, Huo Xu could hardly believe it when the order to lift the ban came.

Imperial father finally forgave him!

After all, he was the most valued son of his imperial father, and it was only a matter of time before the ban was lifted.

Therefore, Huo Xu straightened his back when he entered the palace for the morning court the next day. However, he tripped over the threshold when he entered the palace hall and staggered a few steps before he could stand firmly.

His eyebrows twitched, and some bad premonitions floated in his heart.

But with just one breath, he shook his head and put aside all the nonsense in his mind.

He must have been grounded for too long, making him timid. After calming down, his expression became calm.

What was so scary about it?

He, Huo Xu, naturally was still the most well-regarded Third Prince of Great Qi!

The author has something to say:
Huo Xu: Yo ho! I’m back!!!
Du: Excuse me, the green light is piercing my eyes.
Zhi: Puff.

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