After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 71          Disdain

On the throne room, civil and military officials stood respectfully on both sides.

Emperor Qi looked gloomy, and after discussing all matters, he said, “Dear ministers, if you have anything please report, else please withdraw from the court.”

Seeing his gloomy expression, the officials did not even dare to breathe, let alone start reporting. However, Prime Minister Shen Huai, who was standing in the first place on the right, stepped forward resolutely and calmly, “Your Majesty, I have something to report.”

Seeing this, all the officials on both sides trembled, and then they all lowered their eyes and shrank.

“What’s the matter?”

“Recently, this official has learned of an incident. This matter is related to the country, and I did not dare not to report it.” Shen Huai bowed and stood, with a steady and firm tone, “The Third Prince secretly has close contacts with the imperial family of country Jiang.”

“You, venomous slander!”

Huo Xu was shocked, and his cheeks were flushed. He did not have time to find out how Shen Huai learned about it. He could only interrupt him swiftly, trying to cover it up.

“Shut up!” Huo Changyun opened his mouth, but his tone was not angry. He shot a glance at Huo Xu, then set his eyes on Shen Huai, and said, “This regards the prince, does Prime Minister have any evidence?”

Shen Huai took out the letter from his wide-mouthed sleeves, presented it with both hands, and responded with a serious expression, “If there is no evidence, I will definitely not dare to talk nonsense casually.”

The silence in the hall made his voice even more pronounced. Cui Feng, who was standing beside Emperor Qi, walked down the steps quickly, took the letter from Shen Huai’s hand with a solemn expression, and then walked to Emperor Qi tremblingly, presenting the letter with shaking hands.

Emperor Qi took the letter, lowered his eyes, and read it lightly.

The officials below did not even dare to let out the air. They shrank their necks and waited for the thunderous anger to sound.


“Third Prince, what else do you have to refute?” Huo Changyun’s tone was calm, which was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Hearing this, Huo Xu gritted his teeth and refused to admit it no matter what, “Imperial Father! I did not… Someone, someone wanted to frame me!”

“Xu’er.” Huo Changyun persuaded and gently said, “If I give you a chance, do you know what’s wrong?”

Huo Xu choked, and his eyes flickered.

Just this moment was enough as his hesitation was telling everyone.

He admitted it.


Huo Du, who always stood quietly at the first place on the left, sneered indifferently. He could not help thinking that if his little fox could see this scene with her own eyes, she would be very happy, right?

She would definitely try her best to hold back her laughter, and when no one was around, she would bend her foxy eyes wantonly, and smile so much that she would show her little tiger teeth.

Huo Du’s black eyes stared blankly. He placed his palm on the top of the white jade cane and tapped the handle of the cane with his index finger lightly. New bones were growing on the disabled leg slowly, and he no longer needed the support of the cane. However, he did not want others to know that his disabled leg was gradually healing, so he continued to rely on the cane and the wheelchair.

Huo Xu was at loss over and over again, and finally knelt with his head hung down, “I was confused. Imperial Father, please punish me.”

He thought, after all, he was the son of his imperial father. Since the emperor said before that he was willing to forgive him, as long as he admitted his mistakes properly, this matter would definitely be over.

“Huo Xu, the Third Prince’s words and deeds are insolence, and his mind is evil. Starting from today, he will be removed from his post as the commander of the Shenyi Army. He will be confined in the mansion and will not be allowed to leave without an imperial order.”

“Wh… what?” Huo Xu knelt on the ground in disbelief and muttered.

The icy tone knocked the words into his heart word by word. So, his gentle persuasion just now was all an illusion.

His imperial father deceived him.

Huo Changyun stared at Huo Xu without any expression. He knew about the affairs between his two sons, Huo Xu and country Jiang, and Huo Du and country Ning, much earlier.

The reason why he did not intervene was just to see what they could do.

Plotting to usurp the throne?

He was looking forward to it. If his son really could kill his father, and be able to drag him down from the throne… If there was such a day, he believed that the unification of the five countries and three tribes would be possible.

Under the sky, everything that could be seen was ruled by the Huo clan. Then he would really die in peace.

Unfortunately, it was difficult for Huo Xu to succeed in such a major event. He confessed without duress with just some intimidation and a few more lies.


At this time, Shen Huai took two steps forward and knelt down, “My daughter has been lingering on the sick bed for many days, and afraid that she may not endure the pain of confinement. I boldly ask Your Majesty for mercy and allow my daughter to return to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to recuperate.”

Huo Changyun’s black eyes gradually sank. He had also heard about Huo Xu’s rear courtyard matters. He gave Huo Xu the best marriage and the most useful assistance, but he messed it up like this.

He was truly a rotten wood that could not be carved!

He could not even pacify his wife and the rear courtyard, so how could he rule the world?


“I thank Your Majesty.” Shen Huai bowed heavily, almost crying. He knew that Emperor bestowed the marriage, and was not it easier for him to say it if he wanted them to divorce? Now it was better to take Qingyan back to the mansion first, and then make plans.

Huo Xu did not know how he got back to the mansion.

He stood in the front of the courtyard in a daze, watching the servants in the mansion being transferred away, and the mansion that used to be as busy as a marketplace fell into a dead silence. Even Shen Qingyan had left, and when she stepped out of the mansion, she did not even have a trace of nostalgia or even looked at him.

How could this be?

Did not she like to be around him and talk sweetly the most? At this time, should not she come over to hug him and give him comfort?

Hypocritical woman.

The love in her mouth was really superficial.

With Huo Xu’s thoughts drifting away, he thought of his imperial father in the morning court today, and his heart was depressed. He vaguely remembered in those years when he was in Great Li that Emperor Li was kind and gentle, and even if he did something wrong, he never said a harsh word to him.

In his childhood memories, Emperor Li always smiled and said to him, “Xiao Xu, this is your home…”

It was him who ruined it all with his own hands.

The winter wind blew away the mist in front of his eyes. Huo Xu tilted his head, unwilling to think about it anymore.

He raised his legs and walked in the direction of the western courtyard.

He pushed open the door of the room, and the familiar sweet fragrance wafted into his nose. Huo Xu took a deep breath, and when he looked up, he saw Jiang Man wearing thin clothes and was about to come over. Before she could get close, he quickly stepped forward and hugged her in his arms.

“Zhizhi, Zhizhi…”

Huo Xu’s eyes were blurred, and the kiss was fierce and intense. The manic restlessness and resentment in his heart turned into a fire at this time. He picked up the weak and boneless person and fell into the bed with her.

Let himself be lost in the sea of desire.

The bed curtain shook violently a few times and soon calmed down.

After the enthusiasm subsided, there was nothing but emptiness in his heart. Only then did Huo Xu realize that the stand-in was a stand-in after all, and she could not help to calm his mind.

He wanted to see Zhizhi, he must see her.

Thinking of this, he suddenly turned over abruptly to get off the bed, put on his clothes, and strode towards the door.

The woman on the bed looked at his departing back and evoked a contemptuous smile. She snorted in disgust, pulled the quilt to cover herself, and closed her eyes to sleep peacefully.

Le Zhi was not surprised at all to receive Huo Xu’s letter.

Coincidentally, several fireworks exploded in the night sky, which was gorgeous and dazzling. Her eyes moved from the letter to the sky.

“The dog thing wants to see you?” Huo Du also looked at the night sky.

“En.” Le Zhi responded, threw the letter on the stone table, and smiled, “I suffered such a big loss today, can’t you see me complaining?”

Hearing this, Huo Du smiled and “tsk” softly, “Are you happy?”

That’s it?
Where’s enough?

“Not bad.” Le Zhi said reluctantly, and then she got up to prepare to meet Huo Xu. But after she turned around, she turned her head back and asked in a low voice, “Can Your Highness tell me which acupuncture point on a person’s body can make a person go limp?”

She was a little scared as Huo Xu wanted to see her at this time. Under the indignation, it was inevitable to make some actions that went beyond the norm. Although she knew that Huo Du would follow, she had to be on guard.

She did not want to be touched by dirty things.

“Acupuncture points? Why bother so much.” Huo Du chuckled, raised his hand to hold her palm, gently tugged at the person, and then said to the tip of her ear, “Brother will teach you. Kick at one place is the most effective.”

Le Zhi’s face turned red suddenly as she knew which place he was talking about.

It was true that the book had its golden knowledge. She was forced to read so many messy books that now she knew what he said as soon as she heard it.

Pulling her palm away, she glared at him fiercely, turned, and walked away quickly.

When stepping into the inn, Le Zhi felt like she was separated from the world. The previous two times, she came in trembling with fear, but this time, it was clear to her that she came to see some people’s jokes.

When Huo Du asked her if she wanted to kill Huo Xu directly, she refused. What she wanted to see was exactly what he looked like now.

Just like a lost dog.

In the side room, Huo Xu was sitting on a wooden chair. He tugged at his collar irritably, the servant’s clothes were rough, and he could not get used to it. However, now that he was confined in the mansion, it would be difficult for him to get out if he had not dressed up as a servant.

He was terribly upset.

Why hasn’t Zhizhi arrived yet?


The door of the room was pushed open, and the figure he was thinking of finally appeared in sight. She was wearing a light blue dress and a fluffy cloak that reached to the ground. After not seeing each other for many days, Huo Xu felt that Zhizhi’s appearance became more and more beautiful.


He could not bear it any longer, got up, and stepped forward, wanting to hold her tightly in his arms.

Seeing this, Le Zhi’s heart sank, Huo Xu’s speed was so fast that she could hardly react. But as soon as his breath approached, her stomach rolled up and became very sick.

She clenched her fists, ready to pretend to kick accidentally.

However, before Huo Xu touched her cloak, he seemed to trip over something under his feet and threw himself straight toward the ground.


He fell suddenly. His chin hit the ground, and the unbearable pain sounded. While his back foot hooked on the wooden chair, knocking it over, and made another sound.

Le Zhi looked at this sudden scene in surprise and felt a little funny.

But she could not laugh at the moment, so she bent over and pretended to give him a hand. After the two sat down, Huo Xu was still rubbing his chin.

“Hiss.” The skin of his chin was torn apart, and blood oozed out, causing him to grin in pain.

“Zhizhi…” Huo Xu felt a little aggrieved.

“Brother Ah Xu, let’s talk quickly. Huo Du put a lot of spies around me, so I can’t come out for too long.”

Huo Xu felt sour in his heart, “I’ve wronged you.”

But Le Zhi smiled and shook her head, showing a pure and obedient smile.

The irritability in his heart gradually dissipated, Huo Xu made a long story short and told Le Zhi all the trouble of the past few days.

“Brother Ah Xu…” Le Zhi hesitated, “I…”

“What’s the matter? You say.”

“I went to Fuxi Temple earlier, and I asked for a sign for you. At that time, I thought that the master was wrong. Now that I thought about it…”

Huo Xu was shocked and asked, “What did she say?”

“The master said, because the person you marry is not your good match, it will affect your luck. Only by cutting ties with her can your good luck return.” Le Zhi said seriously, and then the conversation changed. She lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, “I was afraid that you would think I was jealous, so I didn’t tell you. I didn’t expect it… I’m sorry.”

It turned out that it was because of Shen Qingyan!

Huo Xu frowned. He must divorce that woman as soon as possible.

“What does it have to do with you?” Huo Xu’s eyes showed a firm look, and said solemnly, “Even if the emperor bestowed the marriage, I have to divorce her!”


After chatting for a while, Huo Xu reluctantly left the inn.

After he left, Le Zhi hurriedly got up and walked to the water basin.

I touched his sleeve when I was pretending to help him. Dirty.

She leaned down slightly, dipped her hands in the water, and scrubbed hard. She was more like scrubbing her hands than washing her hands. She used so much force that her soft white hands turned red from her scrubbing.

Suddenly, a pair of familiar hands reached into the water basin, held hers, and stopped her movements.

Huo Du held her hands, rubbed them gently for her, and his cold white fingers carefully helped her wash. Then he took the cotton towel on the side and helped her dry it.

But the skin that she had scrubbed so hard was still red.

His eyebrows furrowed, and he looked up at her, somewhat displeased, “What are you doing? If you don’t know how to wash your hands, just wait ah.”

Le Zhi stared at him blankly. Because of his words, her eyes were a little sour.

The author has something to say:
Du: Dog thing.
Zhi: Dirty thing.
Qingyan: Green thing.
Jiang Man: Disgusting…
Huo Xu: I am not Sister Li???

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