After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 69          Foot Up

Fortunately, this stun only lasted for a moment. Soon, he returned to normal and replied, “Not tired.”

It was just that the voice was a little hoarse. He did not know whether it was because he did not sleep all night or for other reasons.

Le Jin understood thoroughly but said, “With the status and ability of Taizi, no matter which woman you choose, it will be easier than loving Zhizhi. So, why bother?”

Yeah, why bother?

However, for him, Le Zhi was not just one of the thousands of women. It was not after weighing and comparing that he fell in love with her; it was only because of her that he was aroused.

So, it was not a matter of easy or not. He had no choice at all.

Huo Du’s eyes moved slightly, but he did not answer.

“I understand.” Le Jin gave him a meaningful look, then got up to leave. When she walked to the door, she said again, “Thank you.”

“You don’t hate me?” Huo Du asked.

With a hand on the door, Le Jin turned around with a complicated look. She should naturally hate the enemy’s son.

However, without him, Zhizhi’s situation would never be better these days. And she, at this time, should still be in Xia Feitai and muddled head.

It was the Taizi of country Qi who preserved the dignity of their two subjugated princesses.

During these days she lived in the Taizi Mansion, the maids and servants in the mansion were all respectful and courteous, especially when referring to Taizifei. Also, just now after she came out of Zhizhi’s bedroom, she asked Fu Xian to inquire about Zhizhi’s condition a few days ago… as there were still a lot of medicinal residues in the decoction pharmacy. After a little investigation, how could she not know that Zhizhi did not catch a common cold?

If it were not for the person in front of her, the two sisters would not have had a chance to meet again.

Hatred and gratitude collided intensely in the bottom of her heart, making it difficult for Le Jin to sort it out. Therefore, she was even more worried.

Even she could not straighten it out. What about Zhizhi, would not Zhizhi be even more tormented?

That was the reason why she thought of seeing Huo Du and trying to get him to give up. But his expression clearly told her that he would never let go.

Indeed, how could a person who was not afraid of malaria let go easily?

As an elder sister, she was very happy that her younger sister could find such a good person, but as a princess of Great Li, she could not ignore the hatred between the two countries.

“To be honest, I don’t know.” Le Jin’s eyes were slightly red, and she sighed. After a pause, she added, “I only have one request, no matter what happens in the future, please don’t force her. Can you?”

Huo Du could not believe it for a moment as he never thought that Le Jin would say these words to him. Without any hesitation, he replied firmly to her, “Yes.”

From the moment he fell in love with Le Zhi, he put the decision in Le Zhi’s hands. Between them, she had the final say.

“Thank you.” Le Jin smiled, then turned around to open the door and walked away slowly.

Looking at the back of her leaving, Huo Du was a little dazed. In fact, Le Jin was not older than him, on the contrary, she was two years younger than him. But what she said reminded him of his sister. If his sister was still there, she should be the same as Le Jin.

Friendly and gentle.

He would never forget that his sister shouted at him with her last breath before she closed her eyes, telling him to run… Was this the case with all sisters? Always thinking about younger siblings. His sister was like this, and so was Le Zhi’s sister.

After all, it was Great Qi who wronged them, and it was Huo Changyun’s sin.

Gradually closing the palm and clenching the hand into a fist, Huo Du turned his head to look out the window and his eyes were getting darker.

There was light snow floating outside, and Le Jin stopped when she reached the rear courtyard. She raised her head and let the snowflakes fall on her face, spreading the coldness. The end of her eyes was wet and it blended with the melted snow, which made the original tears could not be seen.

Her imperial father was right, her sister was a person with a big heart, but she was not. She was a little selfish, and just wanted to protect the little love in her heart, as long as her sister could be genuinely happy, that was enough.

Le Jin believed that her imperial father, imperial mother, and imperial brother would understand her.

Because their love for their sister would never be less than her.

After meeting Le Zhi, Shen Qingyan’s heart became calmer than ever. She understood the truth that she could no longer feel sorry for herself. Even if she cooperated with Le Zhi, she had to cheer herself up and could not put all her faith in the hands of others.

The next day, when she had breakfast, she did not take two bites as usual but ate a lot seriously, and even Lu Ying was surprised. But she was very happy that her master had such a change.

After breakfast, she did not go back to the bedroom directly but walked around the mansion randomly. But this time, she saw a young manservant walking towards the western courtyard with a twinkle in his eyes.

Western courtyard? Isn’t it Jiang Man’s residence?

Shen Qingyan frowned slightly, turned her head to look at Lu Ying for a moment, and then followed along.

These days, Huo Xu was confined in the mansion, feeling very depressed. He felt that he had no face, so he dismissed many of the guards and servants in the mansion, unwilling to let the subordinates see his depressed look.

During the day, he drank until he was intoxicated and would not come out of the study until night. Usually, he would go to the western courtyard to sleep, and occasionally he would go to Shen Qingyan’s residence.

And now, Shen Qingyan wished that he would live in the western courtyard forever. The smell of alcohol on his body, and the ferocious appearance when he forced her, made her sick.

The young manservant was born handsome, but instead of approaching the west courtyard directly, he slipped through the back window into Jiang Man’s bedroom.

Shen Qingyan followed not far away, covering her lips in shock, and almost cried out in surprise. She looked sideways and found that Lu Ying was also frightened.

“You keep watch here, and I’ll go take a look.” She lowered her voice and said to Lu Ying.

There were no guards in the western rear courtyard. Judging from the fact that the young manservant was familiar with the way, it must not be the first time he came here. Shen Qingyan approached quietly, leaning against the window, and listening quietly.

After a while, there were some women’s murmurs and men’s wanton laughs, “Manman, Manman…”

He called more and more affectionately, and the woman whispered softly in answering him.

“Ah!” The woman let out a coquettish cry. Although her tone was broken, she was still pleased.

“It’s so good.” The man’s smile became even stronger, and his tone softened. Jiang Man’s appearance was really captivating.

Shen Qingyan’s face flushed with anger when she heard it outside. The upbringing of a noblewoman made her raise her legs several times to walk away, but she still held back. She wanted to figure out, what was going on?

Finally, after messing around for a while, the two made a muffled sound together, and the room was quiet for a while.

“What are you busy with recently?” Jiang Man hummed in dissatisfaction, “It’s been a long time since you came to see me.”

“Naturally, it’s a big deal!”

“What’s the big deal?”

“Want to know?” The man leaned over and bit the woman’s soft tofu-like skin, and said with a smile, “It depends on what Manman exchanged it for?”

Jiang Man let out a low snort, then leaned forward delicately, letting him take anything he wanted.

With softness in his hand, his mouth was relieved in the end, “Our Third Prince, who has been confined, seems to be unable to hold back.”

“What do you mean?”

“Little baddie, aren’t you complaining that I didn’t come to you recently?” The man pinched her face and said, “I can’t do anything either. I made two trips to country Jiang for our Third Prince!”

“Country Jiang?” Jiang Man’s eyes rolled, and she suddenly understood what he meant. She whispered, “You mean, he wants to… um”

The man covered her mouth and said solemnly, “It’s enough to know.”

Jiang Man was too shocked to speak, so she could only nod her head obediently. The man let go of her hand when he saw her well-behaved appearance.

“How dare he…” Jiang Man murmured.

The man took Jiang Man by the hand, held her under his body, and said, “What do you care about this? With this effort, it’s more important to do something happy.”

After a pause, he said again, “I hope our master can succeed. When the time comes, you will become the imperial concubine and then give birth to a son for me. Our son will be a prince… If you are lucky, he might even be a Taizi. Hahaha…”

The man was completely immersed in his own beautiful fantasies, and even unconsciously increased the strength of his hand. Jiang Man could not stand it anymore and whimpered softly.

Shen Qingyan’s face on the outside turned from red to white, and her palms gradually became colder. She lowered her hand unconsciously, but unexpectedly touched the edge of the window and made a small sound.

“Who!” The ear tip of the man on the bed moved, and he turned his eyes to the back window alertly, even more, wanting to get off the bed to take a look.

Shen Qingyan was so frightened that her heart trembled and did not dare to move her feet. At this time, Lu Ying walked over quickly, threw the black cat in her hand to the ground, and then pulled Shen Qingyan out of the western rear courtyard.

“Meow, meow.”

“It’s just a wild cat, why are you panicking?” Jiang Man hooked his neck, her body was uncomfortably tight, and groaned in dissatisfaction.

The man breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and leaned over to kiss the woman’s soft lips, swallowing all her dissatisfaction.

Shen Qingyan did not know how she returned to the bedroom, she just felt that her steps were weak. It was not until Lu Ying helped her to the beauty couch that she felt relieved after leaning on the pillow.

“They, how dare they…”

Her thoughts were a mess, and Jiang Man’s boldness was inevitably too big. Compared to Jiang Man, Huo Xu was even more so. How dared he formed an alliance with another country? What did he want to do?

Plotting to usurp the throne?

Shen Qingyan’s cold sweat came out drop by drop.

Suddenly, she remembered something, so she quickly looked at Lu Ying, “Who gave you the little black cat just now?”

“I didn’t see very clearly. I vaguely saw De Shun from the dining room.” Lu Ying was also a little confused, “He just stuffed the cat into my arms and hurried away. Seeing you suddenly panicked in front of the window, I came over.”

De Shun?

Shen Qingyan remembered Le Zhi’s words.

Therefore, was Huo Xu’s every move under the control of His Highness Taizi?

“Lu Ying, help me up.” She did not have time to think much about it, whether Taizi knew Huo Xu’s intentions or not, she had to seize this opportunity.

Le Zhi fell asleep dazedly, and her sleep was not peaceful. When she woke up, there was no one beside her. She reached out dazedly and touched the mattress on the side but found that there was no warmth at all. So, Huo Du got up a long time ago.

Where did he go?

Her eyes turned left and right, and she suddenly remembered something.

Oh no!

She bit her lip, lifted the quilt, and got off the bed anxiously that she even forgot to wear shoes and socks and ran towards the door.

Coincidentally, the door of the room was pushed open, and the familiar figure sat in a wheelchair and entered the room leisurely.

Looking at each other, Huo Du glanced at her bare little feet. He frowned and raised his eyes, and his gaze fell on her anxious face, “Put your shoes and socks on.”

Le Zhi could not care less about this, she took two steps forward, looked at him, and asked, “You went to see my sister?”

Seeing her disobedience, Huo Du’s face turned gloomy and made a light hum.

“Are you alright…” Le Zhi became more and more worried. Her sister was a well-known talented girl in Great Li. She could crush people to death by reading the verses from the book of sages. If she wanted to ridicule a person, that person definitely would not be able to get off lightly.

She thought about Huo Du’s temperament, and if the talk between the two of them did not turn out well, would not it be…

Huo Du snorted coldly, ignored her, and went straight to the edge of the bed.

What was her expression? Did he do anything to her sister? Why did not she know how to care about him? What if he was scolded or beaten by her sister?

Really no conscience!

Hearing this cold snort, Le Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and it seemed that she was thinking too much. But she could not be blamed for that. If he had not gotten angry at every turn, she would not have been so worried!

“Is it cold outside?” She ran to the bedside, supported Huo Du, and helped him lie down on the bed.

Sure enough, this person started ignoring her with a flat face.

But she was not afraid of him long ago. She stood on the bedside but did not get on the bed, only lifted her little foot off the ground and looked at him aggrievedly.

“It’s so cold on the ground, can I sleep with you on the bed?”

The author has something to say:
Du & Zhi: Emmm, it turns out that Dog Xu is starting to turn green, so let’s call him Green Xu…
Huo Xu: ?!?

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