After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 61          Coax People

Only one piece of the bed curtain hung down. When Le Zhi stepped out of Huo Du’s embrace with a steady breath, her eyes just fell on the calves of the two of them next to each other. Through the fabric, she felt his cool body temperature. Then she unconsciously rubbed her lips with her fingers, the warmth still lingering on them.

“Still reminiscing?” A melodious tone of voice sounded.

Le Zhi turned her head to look at him in disbelief, and he was also looking at her. He even fiddled his lip line with his fingers as she did.

Sell it cheaply and play it vividly.

“Is today’s debt paid off?” She bit her lip, raised her flushed cheeks, then reached out to grab his sleeve, and tugged hard, “Your Highness, go back!”

Huo Du stared at her and was extremely pleased by her puffed-up appearance. Gradually, a faint smile appeared in the cold eyes.

He held her hand, gently pulled her into his arms, and asked with a low smile, “You’re driving me away?”

Le Zhi put her palm on his chest and tried to push, but after finding that it was useless, she simply gave up.

“How dare I drive away Your Highness Taizi.” She said sullenly.

He was always so unpredictable.

When he said he was angry, he got angry, and when he wanted to tease her, he teased her. He had always done whatever he wanted.

The more Le Zhi thought about it, the more aggrieved she became. She blinked her sour eyes and shed tears silently. Huo Du thought she did not speak as she was holding back until he heard some sobbing sounds.

He put away his smile.

The hand on Le Zhi’s waist tightened slightly, hugging her even tighter. The other hand stretched out to her back and patted gently… again and again.

Unexpectedly, the person in his arms not only did not stop crying but cried even harder. Her face was pressed against his heart, and tears fell down like rain, wetting his thin shirt.

Huo Du’s hand froze, and his eyes, which had always been unfathomable, seemed to appear stunned.

He did not know how to coax people, and he had never coaxed people. In the past, he never thought of coaxing people one day.

If he knew it earlier, he would not tease her. No, it should be said that he should not have sulked with her yesterday.

He was indeed shooting at his own foot.

His expression sank, his eyes fixed on her hanging hand. Then he reached out and took her soft, feeble hand.


The crisp slap sounded particularly loud in the silent late night.

Le Zhi was so shocked that she stopped crying and stood up slightly to withdraw from Huo Du’s embrace. Her wrist was still held in Huo Du’s hand, and her palm was slightly painful.

Then, she raised her eyes in a daze and looked at Huo Du’s face.

She saw a shallow five-fingerprint on his cold white left face and a thin long red line. Le Zhi’s finger moved slightly and thus was scratched by her fingernails.

Huo Du raised his hand, wiped the tears from her cheeks with his fingers, and asked, “Have you calmed down?”

Le Zhi did not understand what he was asking. Could it be that he was coaxing her in this way?

This is not a normal way to coax people!

Seeing that she did not speak for a long time, Huo Du clenched her wrist expressionlessly, with a little force in his hand. He wanted to hold her hand again and smacked it on his face.

Fortunately, Le Zhi was in time this time and deflected when her palm was about to touch his face, leaving only the wind grazing his cheek.

“What are you doing…” Le Zhi said, her voice was a little hoarse, and her eyes were still red.

Huo Du leaned over and looked at her red fox eyes seriously. Then he released her wrist and said nothing. He moved toward the end of the bed as if he was going to get off bed.

“I’m leaving.” Huo Du said.

The cold tone was the same as usual, but Le Zhi heard a different meaning from usual. Her heart seemed to be suddenly crushed, stuffy, and a little uncomfortable.

Before she could sort out her state of mind, she had already reached out and grabbed Huo Du’s arm, trying her best to say in a calm tone, “It’s too cold outside…”

Don’t go.

The hand that had just touched the bed curtain paused, and the action that wanted to lift the curtain changed, unexpectedly lowering the other side of the bed curtain down instead. The bed was instantly plunged into darkness.

Huo Du hugged her and lay down silently, bending his lips in the darkness, showing a successful smile. He deliberately lowered the curtain of the bed so that he would not be seen by her.

Le Zhi quietly rested her head on his heart, hesitated for a moment, but still said softly, “Can Your Highness not get angry easily in the future?”

After a while, Huo Du made a low hum.

He knew that yesterday he was too much. But Le Zhi did not know how dangerous it was to go on a journey with Lin Wanning. Although he had ordered the dark guards to protect her in secret all the way to Fuxi Temple, he was still restless.

When he thought of Lin Wanning, those bloody images followed, making his heart suffocate and unbearable.

His sister was covered in blood and bled all over the place. He could only watch her helplessly, unable to do anything.

The reason why Lin Wanning was not killed was that it was too cheap to simply let her die. She must be tortured. Otherwise, how could he go to see his sister?

After all these years, his good show had just begun. How could they just die so casually?

But yesterday, his long-lost killing intent returned. He wanted to save their lives and play slowly. But what if this gave Lin Wanning a chance to hurt Le Zhi?

He fell into an endless struggle.

At this time, Le Zhi muttered in a very low voice, “Your temper is really bad…”

As his thoughts returned, he reached out his long fingers to twirl her black hair and wrapped it in his fingers, loop after loop. He chuckled softly and said, “Is your temper any better?”

It did not work at all coaxing while cuddling.

If she had coaxed him like this yesterday, she would have gotten out of the difficult situation long ago.

“What’s wrong with my temper!” Le Zhi muttered in dissatisfaction. She did not even realize it herself, now she had begun to make a small temper in front of Huo Du.

Hearing this, Huo Du laughed. He touched her head and said, “Everywhere is good.”

His little princess should just lose her temper at will.

It was rare to hear him say such coaxing words, and Le Zhi smiled. However, the next moment, she suddenly thought of Shen Qingyan.

Propping herself up, Le Zhi pulled one of the bed curtains away, looked at Huo Du with serious eyes, and asked, “Your Highness should have come over a long time ago, did you hear what Shen Qingyan said just now?”

The candlelight shone in, illuminating the bed a little bit. The black eyes narrowed slightly by the bright light, and Huo Du looked back at her with a complicated expression and nodded lightly.

“According to Your Highness, how true are her words?” Le Zhi still did not dare to trust her easily, so she just wanted to hear Huo Du’s opinion.

“The bruises on her body were indeed caused by Huo Xu.” Huo Du continued to raise his hand to twirl her long hair, and then slowly said, “As for how true her words are… I can only say that she was sincere when she said that.”

But a person’s heart was fickle, who could guarantee that she would not turn against each other in the future?

Huo Du stared at his long fingers that were entangled in her black hair and curled his lips. However, in the next moment, the back of his hand was slapped hard, and the black hair that was entangled in him had pulled away. He raised her eyes in confusion and bumped into a pair of angry eyes.

“How do you know there are bruises on her body?” Le Zhi asked coldly, her anger had reached the bottom of her eyes, and it could not be concealed away.

Those ones?

Obviously, they were hidden in the bed, if he relied on their conversation, how could he know so clearly that Shen Qingyan had bruises on her body?

Could it be that… he raised the bed curtain and peek at it secretly?
He must have seen it! And saw it very attentively and very seriously!


Le Zhi turned her head, not wanting to look at him again.

Huo Du really did not expect that Le Zhi would be so inexplicably angry, and even the way she looked at him changed as if she was looking at some wild person.

He frowned.

“I know everything that happened in Huo Xu’s mansion, no matter how big or small.” He explained with a blank face, “I put a lot of spies in his mansion.”

“Le Zhi.” He continued to speak word by word, and his voice was cold, “I’m here to collect debts today, not to see other women.”

The moment he spoke, Le Zhi regretted it. In fact, she did not really think he was debauched. She did not know what was wrong with her and became suddenly so angry. She was so angry without thinking seriously.

Could it be true, as he said, that her temper was also very bad?


How could that be possible? Even if she really had a bad temper, she was led badly by him.

But… After all, she was still in the wrong.

She turned her head, moved her body in front of Huo Du, raised her arms to hug him, and raised her face with a gentle smile. Then she batted her eyes at him again and asked, “Do you want to collect some interest?”

Huo Du was really annoyed by her flattering appearance. He put his hand on her shoulder and pushed gently, “I’m not interested.”

However, Le Zhi did not listen to him. She leaned forward and kissed the corner of his lips lightly. Then she opened her arms to hug him, rubbed her face against his neck, and kissed again, “I’m sorry.”

Huo Du was a man of his word, and he had promised her that he would be less angry in the future so that he would not be as moody as she was!

Holding the person in his arms again, he asked directly, “You want to help her?”

Le Zhi thought seriously for a moment and finally nodded.

Shen Qingyan did not do anything wrong, she just chose the wrong person. But the price had to pay was too heavy.

“Firstly, I want to help her.” Le Zhi rolled her eyes as if she was thinking about something, “Secondly, … it’s not just about helping her.”

She was not a saint who could help others without expecting anything in return, and she also had her own thoughts.

“Shen Huai.” She said two words softly, “Isn’t Huo Xu marrying Shen Qingyan for the power of Prime Minister? Now that Shen Qingyan hates him and loathes him, why don’t we take this opportunity to make friends with Shen Huai?”

The fox’s eyes glowed slyly. Her eyes were curved.

This was the result Huo Xu deserved as he used a bamboo basket to draw water*.

(Used bamboo basket to draw water* – using the method that is not suitable)

Huo Du was trapped in her smiling eyes and leaned over to kiss her eyes.

The way she looked when she was thinking and planning her own plans on the bed was really touching.

The author has something to say:
Du: My wife hit me again!!!
Zhizhi: …This lunatic did not reveal anything, did he!?!
Ps. Stupid straight guy Du, the girl is so obviously jealous, and can’t you see through it!?! Rubbish!

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  1. The translation is great, but the story plot bores me ☺️. Too slow burn and repetitive. FL’s character is so-so coming from a family who’s murdered and betrayed.

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