After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 62          Angry at Her

With the warm breath coming over, Le Zhi lowered her head in a panic, and his kiss fell on her forehead. It was just a light kiss, leaving only a little warmth.

At night, even with a heater burning in the room, it was still a little cold. Huo Du lightly hugged Le Zhi and lay down together, then pulled the quilt and covered the two of them. The quilt in the temple was a bit rough, not as soft as in the mansion. Le Zhi tossed around and frowned slightly.

Her neck was a little uncomfortable being rubbed by the rough quilt.

Seeing this, Huo Du pulled the quilt off her body and stared at her neck. In just a short moment, her tender white skin was rubbed red. Without giving it much thought, he took off the crimson shirt on his body, covered her exposed neck, and then covered her with the quilt.

His clothes were wrapped around her, and the faint familiar smell was wrapped in her nose, making her a little daze. But she did not want to think about the reason why she was in a daze.

Le Zhi continued to think about Shen Qingyan’s affairs after gently closing her eyes and then opening them again. She detailed all the plans she had in mind and compared them carefully.

“But if this is the case and if Shen Qingyan changes her mind halfway, it will be very unfavorable for us.”

Her voice gradually weakened. She finally could not hold back her sleepiness and closed her eyelids and fell asleep.

With the long breathing sound coming to Huo Du’s ears, he got up, fixed his eyes on her sleeping face, and watched quietly for a long time.

Le Zhi suddenly fell into a nightmare when she was about to wake up. There was an invisible force dragging her in, and she had returned to Great Li and was in the bustling street of the capital in her unconsciousness.

She lowered her eyes and saw that she was wearing the clothes of ordinary people.


A string of sugar gourds suddenly appeared in front of Le Zhi’s eyes, and she looked up in amazement and saw a familiar face.

Imperial Brother.

“Why are you dumbfounded? Take it quickly!”

Le Zhi raised her hand to wipe the wetness from the corners of her eyes and then took the sugar gourd. Le Xun turned around with a smile and walked to the end of the street to buy her a candy figurine.

This was the scene of the previous summer when her imperial brother secretly took her out of the palace to visit the city center. Le Zhi was instantly clear-headed. She understood that she was in a dream, but she did not want to wake up as she wanted to see her imperial brother’s face again.

Feeling suffocated, she raised her legs to quickly follow.

But suddenly, there was a strong wind, and she was blocked by the wind and could not move forward. She shielded the sandstorm with her sleeves until the wind subsided.

When she opened her eyes again, there was no longer any hustle and bustle around her. All the people who were joking and laughing on the street side just now fell to the ground and were covered in blood. They looked up weakly and looked at her.

“Princess, have you forgotten?”

There was no anger on their faces, only utter sadness.

Le Zhi’s face turned deathly pale, and she shook her head vigorously. She did not forget, not a single moment.

But the expressions of the people had not changed. The people of Great Li had always been kind. They did not blame her. They just close their eyes in disappointment.

Upon seeing this, Le Zhi’s heart ached. She turned around hurriedly and went to find her imperial brother. Finally, she saw Le Xun standing at the end of the street looking at her.

She ran towards him quickly, and when she was about to reach him, she saw Le Xun suddenly fall to the ground, and blood holes appeared on his body one after another, blood flowing out nonstop.

“Imperial Brother!” Le Zhi ran over crying, half-kneeling to hug Le Xun’s shoulder, “I was wrong, I was wrong. I shouldn’t, shouldn’t…”

Shouldn’t have let myself fall in love.

No matter how many reasons and excuses she found for herself, it would not work.

The blood-stained Le Zhi’s clothes and the palm of her hand touched the warm blood flowing from Le Xun’s body, and her vision was blurred. Blood spilled from the corners of Le Xun’s lips. He could not speak, he could only smile and shake his head, his eyes were full of consolation and understanding.

No matter what she did wrong, her imperial brother would never be angry or blame her.

The temperature in her arms was getting colder and colder bit by bit until it was completely cold.

Le Zhi opened her eyes in the middle of coldness, and her neck was wet with tears. She turned her head and found that the person beside her was long gone. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Perhaps, Huo Du never came last night? Could it be that he was also just a part of her dream?

She propped up in confusion, and the crimson shirt around her neck slid down and landed on the quilt. The bright red stung her eyes. She stared blankly at the tears that fell on the crimson shirt, wetting a large area of the shirt.

Even so, the faint mint smell had not dissipated.

The stuffiness in her heart was getting heavier and heavier, and she spat out a mouthful of blood while surrounded by the mint smell.

The tears on the crimson shirt blended with the blood, creating a dazzling red.

“Have you found out clearly?” The Empress sat on the soft chair and took a sip of tea.

After Qin Momo entered the room, she closed the door carefully. She walked up to the Empress and said, “Yes, as expected by Empress, someone is protecting her secretly.”

Hearing this, Lin Wanning raised the corners of her lips slightly.

This time, she did not plan to do anything on this trip. She just wanted to determine something through this trip.

“It’s just that…” Qin Momo showed a look of distress.

“What?” Lin Wanning put down the teacup and asked with a frown.

“It’s just that there seems to be more than one person protecting her. The spies said that there are many hidden guards scattered around outside her room, some of them are so skilled that they can’t even locate their figures. There are also some who are not so skilled. They look like they are not from the same group of people at first glance.”

“Who are the ones who are not so skilled?”

“It should be from Concubine Hui.”

Lin Wanning could not help laughing, “Meddling into other people’s business. She deserves to be from the same clan as Chu Yu, they’re both just as stupid.”

As for the ones with good skills, Lin Wanning knew who they were without asking. In Great Qi, apart from the secret guards that Huo Changyun had trained, the only people who could avoid her spies were Huo Du’s people.

The more rewarding this trip was, the stronger the smile on her face. For so many years, she could not get rid of Huo Du and paved an unimpeded road for Xu’er to the throne.

But now, Huo Du had a weakness.

Oh, he’s already lame, and then added a weakness. He became useless.

The vixen that Xu’er brought back had some effect after all.

Then let’s keep her for now.

Since Huo Du liked her, let her die with him when the time came which could be regarded as a gift to the underworld from her as an imperial mother to him.

The prayer lasted for three days, but nothing special happened and the Empress did not even summon her to speak alone. This trip seemed to be really just to pray for blessings.

However, except for the day when Huo Du first arrived, he never came again in the next few days.

Le Zhi, on the contrary, was relieved. The nightmare haunted her, making her not know how to face him. She wanted to take advantage of these few days to think about what she should do next, but the more she thought about it, the more confused she became.

They were going back at noon today, what should she do?

“Li Yao.” Le Zhi put down the silver spoon in her hand and raised her eyes to look at the person next to her, “Accompany me for a walk outside.”

Now was the time to clean up and pack. The two master and servant walked out of Fuxi Temple slowly, looked at their position where they were standing halfway up the mountain, and walked up the mountain.

The warm sun shone brightly, and the sky was clear.

She was praying in the temple a few days ago and missed this wonderful scenery. After walking for a while, she met Shen Qingyan head-on.

Because of what happened that night, both of them were obviously taken aback. In just a moment, Le Zhi reacted, and she nodded to Shen Qingyan.

Seeing this, Shen Qingyan bowed slightly and saluted, “Taizifei.”

Le Zhi already had a plan in her heart, but now was not a good time to talk to Shen Qingyan. So, she only smiled, then took Li Yao’s hand and continued to walk up the mountain.

But after only two steps, the voice behind her sounded.

“Taizifei, this Cangyan Mountain is getting hotter as it goes higher. Don’t stay too long at the top.”

When Le Zhi looked back, Shen Qingyan had already turned and walked down the mountain. Looking at her distant back, Le Zhi sighed silently.

After a while, she turned to look at the top of the mountain again, thinking of Shen Qingyan’s words, she realized that the temperature around her had indeed risen a lot, and even her palms were slightly sweaty.

This mountain was so strange. Ordinary mountains would get colder as they got higher, but this mountain would get hotter.

“Master, let’s go back.” Li Yao frowned, apparently feeling a little strange here, and muttered in a low voice, “Which mountain is so hot at this time of the year?”

Le Zhi wanted to agree with Li Yao initially, but when she saw the lush trees on the mountain, which contrasted sharply with the depressed trees on the lower mountain. She suddenly remembered Uncle Yin’s medical book.

Was not the lush jungle and hot and humid temperature the best environment for snow bone lotus to grow?

She did not realize that she had memorized that page by heart.

“Let’s go up and have a look.”

Seeing that Le Zhi insisted on going up, Li Yao did not stop her and walked up the mountain with her. Qiu Yu and Xiao Xi quietly followed them not far away, carefully observing whether there was an ambush around them.

When she finally reached the top of the mountain, Le Zhi’s cheeks were a little red. She took a few breaths and felt a little stuffy. Sure enough, the temperature at the top of the mountain made her feel like it was back in summer.

She looked at the wildflowers and plants around her and was shocked.

She broke off a twig, pushed aside the long grasses under her feet, and rummaged carefully.

Li Yao finally understood something, her master was looking for something?

“What is Master looking for? I’ll help you to find it.”

“I’m looking for a flower whose petals are like snowflakes.” Le Zhi continued to lean over and pushed aside the grasses.

The two people in the distance looked at their figures silently but could not come forward. Le Zhi had told them that they should not show up unless there was danger.

“Master, it’s almost time to leave. We have to go back.”

Li Zhi’s hand that held the twig paused for a while and her footsteps stopped, straightened up, and nodded.

Forget it, she was not a lucky person, how could she find the snow bone lotus that even Uncle Yin could not find?

Throwing the twig away, she prepared to go down the mountain. But at the moment she turned around, there was a little white cone that looked like snowflakes that appeared on the north side of the jungle. Le Zhi’s heart moved and strode over to check.

“Slow down!” Li Yao quickly followed, but she tripped on her foot and sprained a little, so she had to drag her feet to chase after her.

When she finally reached the side of the white cone, Le Zhi squatted down and carefully pushed aside the grass outside, and finally saw a flower that was as white as snow.

Exactly as depicted in the medical book.

She also remembered that the flower must be picked carefully, and its root must not be broken. Because the rootless snow bone lotus was useless.

She did not dare to use the twig to poke it. She reached out her hand to push aside the soil under it. There was a slight pain in her fingertips, and Le Zhi thought she had stuck some small rocks, so she did not care.

The delicate roots that had been buried in the soil were exposed and Le Zhi gently breathed a sigh of relief. She dug out the snow bone lotus together with the roots, took out a handkerchief, and gently wrap it in the wide sleeves.

Not daring to delay any longer, the master and servant went straight down the mountain.

The carriage set off and headed in the direction of the capital.

“How did it get swollen?” Li Yao stared at Le Zhi’s index finger, feeling very uneasy.

It was all her fault. If she had not sprained her foot and kept up, her master would not have been bitten by bugs.

“It’s just a small matter.” Le Zhi smiled, “It’s just that I was bitten by a bug, how can I be so delicate.”

She did not care at all about her red and swollen finger.

Gently peeling off the handkerchief, Le Zhi stared at the snow bone lotus, and the panic and confusion in her heart faded a lot.

With it, Huo Du’s leg can be cured.

She had seen how good he had been to her these days. She knew better what he wanted. However, she could not give him what he wanted.

With regard to love and hate, she was very clear-headed.

Therefore, she knew very well in her heart. Le Zhi could like Huo Du, but the princess of Great Li could not.

How could there be a way to satisfy both sides of the world?

To live up to Le clan’s and Great Li’s people, and to let him no longer rely on the cane to walk, was the best way to satisfy both sides of which she could think of.

Because of her responsibilities and feelings, she could never satisfy both sides.

Closing her eyes, she let herself relax in the chaos.

It was not until the carriage stopped that Li Yao called Le Zhi softly to wake her from her slumber. She thought she might have caught a cold as her body was a little heavy and her head hurt a little.

After getting off the carriage, Li Yao hurriedly went to invite a doctor.

Jing Xin supported Le Zhi and walked towards the bedroom, but after entering the gate for only a few steps, she bumped into Huo Du who was walking slowly towards her with a cane.

Not seeing him for three days, Le Zhi was stunned for a moment. Then she walked in front of Huo Du, took out the item in her sleeve with a smile, and handed it to him.

“Here, I found it.”

As soon as the words came out, Le Zhi frowned. Why did her voice become so hoarse?

Huo Du looked at the dark red on her snowy cheeks, and his heart skipped a beat. Then he lowered his eyes on her hand, only glanced at the snow bone lotus, and his eyes were all fixed on her red and swollen finger.

He raised his hand to pull her wrist and put his long fingers on it.

The hot body temperature, the chaotic pulse, and the abnormal red complexion…

Huo Du’s heart froze for a moment.

“Who told you to meddle in other people’s business?” He stared at the snow bone lotus she was holding in her hand and felt his eyes being pricked with pain.

Le Zhi was startled and did not understand what he meant.

“Who told you to meddle in other people’s business!” Huo Du raised his eyes and repeated again. It was just that the volume had increased a lot this time, with anger and a trace of trembling hidden in his tone.

This was the first time since the two met that Huo Du had spoken to her in such an angry tone. Le Zhi lowered her eyes, trying to hold back the uncomfortable feeling of hot and cold entanglement on her body, and looked at the snow bone lotus in her hand.

The petals as thin as snow were blown slightly by the wind.

She suddenly felt like a joke.

The author has something to say:
Du: I think I’m going to die… (the back is having chills)

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