After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 60          Debt Collection

On the contrary, Shen Qingyan had no emotions on her face. She straightened her collar and sat down again. Then she smiled at the stunned Le Zhi and said, “Have you seen it clearly? This is the man you have been helping.”

Le Zhi recovered slightly and asked in a trembling tone, “Is it… made by Huo Xu?”

Those dark red marks were ghastly. It did not look like it was beaten… But it was a little familiar.

The memories welled up in her mind, and Le Zhi suddenly remembered that before the wedding, momo had shown her those books. There were a lot of patterns and postures painted inside, all of which were twisted and hideous. This also made her tremble on the wedding night.

The traces on those women’s bodies in the book were very similar to Shen Qingyan’s red marks. So instead of being beaten, she was brutally abused during sexual intercourse.

“Since you and I are both married, you can naturally understand some things.” Shen Qingyan’s lips curled into a self-deprecating smile, then looked at Le Zhi and said, “I have eyes but fail to see, but you…”

Shen Qingyan’s eyes were full of doubts as she did not understand that in the eyes of this princess of country Li, the hatred of destroying the country and the blood feud of her parents still could not be compared to a man.

But what qualifications did she have to speak to others? She had been infatuated with Huo Xu before, knowing that he disregarded the kindness and righteousness and wiped out the country Li. She actually dreamed that she could warm such an ungrateful person’s heart.

It was just a fool’s dream!

Le Zhi probably understood what Shen Qingyan meant.

Shen Qingyan certainly was not kept in the dark the last time Lin Yuxian made such as fuss during the private meeting between her and Huo Xu. Therefore, was she here today to persuade her to stop being so obsessed?

After a moment of silence, Le Zhi suppressed the emotions in her heart, and then pretended to ask calmly, “Since you all know that I am in contact with Third Highness, why did you come to tell me this today? Aren’t you afraid that I will tell him all this?”

Hearing this, Shen Qingyan was obviously startled, but it was only for a moment, then she laughed lightly, “Since I came tonight, I have already anticipated all the possibilities.”

Now that she was in torment every day, what else was there to be afraid of?

Death? She was looking forward to death.

But Huo Xu would not let her die, and she did not dare to commit suicide, which would hurt her father’s heart.

“It seems to be the worst kind of possibility.” Shen Qingyan let out a low laugh, then stood up and wanted to leave, “Tell him or not, it’s up to Taizifei.”

“Wait.” Le Zhi stared at her side face and asked, “You told me this, not just to let me know the character of Third Highness, right?”

With the friendship between her and Shen Qingyan, if it was just to warn her, she would not let herself take a risk.

The candles in the room swayed slightly by the wind and the flames burned the candle wicks, making some crackling sounds. Shen Qingyan bent down to pick up the cotton cloak on the ground, shook it casually, and then draped it over her shoulder.

She reached out her hands to carefully tie the bright red laces of the cotton cloak and looked solemnly at Le Zhi and replied, “I want to make a deal with you.”

“Oh?” Le Zhi blinked, showing a look of interest, “Please speak.”

“I want to divorce him, but he refuses. I know he will listen to you. As long as you can get him to sign the divorce paper, in exchange, I will let my father help you leave Great Qi and promise to never let Huo Xu find you.” Shen Qingyan frowned and continued without hesitation, “I don’t believe that you have no resentment towards him. If you are forced to stay here, why not consider my suggestions to find a way to free yourself.”

Le Zhi looked at Shen Qingyan quietly, and her words came clearly into her ears word by word. The candlelight printed the cotton cloak on her body bright red, and Le Zhi felt that she was more beautiful at this moment than on the day she first saw her.

Shen Qingyan like this had the demeanor of the daughter of the Prime Minister and the noble daughter of Great Qi.

She sighed in her heart, but she could not answer Shen Qingyan immediately. Just listening to superficial words was not enough, she needed proof.

“I see. It’s dark outside, be careful on the road.”

The meaning of her words was obvious. Shen Qingyan nodded slightly, then straightened her back and headed towards the door. The wooden door opened and closed once again. Li Yao came in from outside the room and walked to Le Zhi.

“Sit.” Le Zhi pulled Li Yao’s wrist and asked her to sit down.

After standing outside for a long time, Li Yao’s hand was cold, and Le Zhi quickly stuffed the handwarmer into her hand. Except in front of outsiders, Le Zhi had always did not like to adhere to the propriety of master and servant.

“Master.” Li Yao sniffled her frozen red nose and said solemnly, “Lu Ying has taken precautions early on, and her mouth is very tight. I made some indirect inquiries, but couldn’t find any useful information. But there is one thing that is certain, her master has not had a good life since she married Huo Xu. Because Lu Ying always has some sighs in her tone when she speaks.”

The more details laid out, the harder it was to feign.

Le Zhi nodded, but her face turned colder. Although she had already believed most of them just now, she still hoped in her heart that Shen Qingyan lied to her and helped Huo Xu to test her, or for her own peace of mind.

She hoped that Li Yao could detect Lu Ying’s flaws and see through the plot of the master and servant. She even hoped that the red marks on Shen Qingyan’s body were the marks she smeared with something, rather than real scars.

She would rather Shen Qingyan was a stupid woman who was deeply in love than suffer from that kind of terrible thing.

The mottled blood marks lingered in Le Zhi’s mind. She could not imagine how Shen Qingyan felt when Huo Xu did those things to Shen Qingyan.

“Bastard!” Le Zhi clenched her right fist tightly, and shouted in anger, “Do you think he is still a human being?”

In any case, Shen Qingyan was the wife he willingly married. Even if it was just for Shen Huai’s power and even if he did not like her, he should not have done that to her.

The more Le Zhi thought about it, the angrier she became. Slowly, she felt a chill in her heart, and her body could not help trembling. Such a bastard had been in Great Li as a hostage for twelve years, but none of them could see his selfish, cruel and dirty mind.

Were they too stupid and slow-witted, or were Huo Xu too good at disguising?

Li Yao’s heart was slightly stagnant, and she knew who her master was talking about.

“Master, don’t be angry. It’s late at night, let’s rest first.” Li Yao advised.

Le Zhi hummed softly, then looked up at Li Yao and asked, “Will Xiao Xi and Qiu Yu be cold outside?”

“Master, don’t worry. I have sewn a special layer of material into their clothes to keep them warm and windproof. They’ll never freeze.”

Hearing what Li Yao said, Le Zhi was relieved. Her brows relaxed, and she finally instructed Li Yao, “You must be careful as the temple is unlike the mansion, especially after nightfall.”

The words she said to Huo Du yesterday were not without thinking the matter through, she was really cautious. That was the reason why she brought Qiu Yu and Xiao Xi along. Xiao Xi was very good at crossbows, Qiu Yu’s darts were excellent, and the two were very good at martial skills. With the two of them secretly guarding, she could absolutely ensure her safety.

Even if she was outnumbered, she could keep herself and Li Yao out of danger.

Li Yao nodded solemnly and then withdrew.

Fuxi Temple was located halfway up the mountain, and there was not enough water source. Le Zhi could only simply wash up and change into bedclothes. Although she had barely slept last night, she was still not sleepy at this time.

Even if the arrangements were in place, she was still a little worried.

Turning her eyes slightly, Le Zhi carefully looked at this simple and unfamiliar room. She felt a little scared being here alone.

Somehow, she suddenly thought of someone, someone who should still be angry.

She frowned and bit her lip.

How can someone have such a big temper?!
He might as well change his name to Unhappy Huo!

After a while, Le Zhi shook her head and was unwilling to think about him anymore. Just let him be angry by himself in the mansion.

Even if she was not sleepy, she still walked to bed. Even if she could not fall asleep, she could lie down and rest on the bed. But when she opened the bed curtain, she saw a person who should not have appeared there.

“Unhappy Huo” was leaning lazily on the cotton pillow at this time.

Le Zhi quickly raised her hand to cover her mouth, hiding the exclamation. Then the whole person stood there stupidly, motionless.

Huo Du raised his eyelids and glanced at her, not intending to pay any attention to her.

Le Zhi suddenly laughed. This person came all the way, would not he still be angry, right? Or was he pretending to be angry on purpose and waiting for her to coax him?


She climbed onto the bed gently and leaned against the cotton pillow with him. The bed in the temple was not as soft as the bed in the Taizi Mansion, and Le Zhi’s back was sore that she could not help frowning.

But she did not have time for that.

She tilted her head and set her eyes on Huo Du’s face, then looked down to see him holding the purple stone with his left hand and rubbing it lightly. So, she reached out to hold his long finger, and then asked gently, “Your Highness came here, are you worried about me or miss me?”

Although Le Zhi’s asked directly, she was a little embarrassed, so she lowered her eyes and did not look at him after asking.

Huo Du did not answer, just raised his right hand, and pinched Le Zhi’s cheek with his thumb and index finger. He used some strength so that she could feel a slight pain in her face. She frowned in displeasure and reached out to swat the back of his hand.

“What are you doing!”

Huo Du let go of his hand, and his stern face finally loosened. He sneered and said, “I just want to see how thick your skin is.”

Le Zhi really did not hear this kind of eccentric tone for a long time ago.

She smiled while approaching him, looked at his eyes, and then asked tenderly, “Has Your Highness seen it clearly? Do you want to… pinch again?”

After a pause, she raised her hand to rub her red cheek that was pinched by him. She shrank her head in fear, and then added, “Don’t use too much force!”

Hearing this, Huo Du really stretched out his hand, as if he really wanted to pinch her cheek again. However, her fingers just caressed her soft cheeks gently.

Then, he got up slightly and touched the tip of her nose with the tip of his nose.

“Want to know why I’m here?” he asked.

The warm breath brushed against the cherry lips, and Le Zhi’s eyes moved slightly. She looked into his eyes quietly, waiting for his answer.

Huo Du was stunned by her obedient look.

After a while, he chuckled.

“Come to collect debts.”

She owed him dozens of kisses, and she was not done yet.

The author has something to say:
Du: I’m angry, and I’m fine again!
Zhi: …? (outrages)

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