After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 47          Dazed

There was an underground secret prison in the Taizi Mansion.

Huo Du calmly walked down the steps with a cane. Step by step, he walked to the handsome man who was tied up.

There were chairs in the secret prison, but he did not sit. A pair of black eyes swept across the man’s face.

The man was about eighteen or nineteen years old, wearing a blue long shirt and dressed like a scholar. Even if he was caught and his face was dirty, it was not difficult to see his handsome facial features. Especially his pair of clear eyes, revealing a clear light.

Even though his hands were tied, he still straightened his back.

Huo Du chuckled.

He had the character of those scholars.

He lowered his eyes and saw his hand resting on the cane and then glanced at the tall and straight figure of the man. His eyes moved slightly, and he smiled.

“You’re from the country Li?” Huo Du said leisurely.

The man snorted coldly and did not answer.

Huo Du laughed, “Why, you don’t even dare to speak?”

He knew the common problems of these scholars. The most effective method was the use of the goading method.

“Why don’t I dare?” The man sneered, looking directly at Huo Du without any fear, “I know who you are. Since I fall into your hands today, if you want to kill or chop, do whatever you like.”

“Tsk, don’t worry.” Huo Du clenched the purple stone in his hand, and said in a light tone, “You came to Great Qi for the princess of country Li?”

“Yes!” The man’s eyes were firm.

Huo Du raised his hand slightly, motioning the secret guard to untie the rope on the man’s hand. After that, he took a few steps closer, grabbed the man’s wrist, and felt his pulse.

He is weak, without even a little internal strength.

“Want to save people?” Huo Du sneered with a disdainful look, “Just by you?”

Hearing this, the man’s proud face finally crumbled. He gritted his teeth and his face turned red, could not think of anything to say.

Because he had nothing to refute. In the current situation, the ink in his stomach* was really useless!

(the ink in his stomach* – referring to the culture and knowledge of a scholar)

“Even if you can save people…” Huo Du laughed and continued to interrogate, “Do you think she is still the superior princess of country Li of the past?”

Finally, the man showed pain on his face and his eyes dimmed.

Huo Du did it on purpose. He said this on purpose, just hoping to hear what he wanted to hear. He hoped that this useless scholar would wake up to his senses and stop acting in this kind of pretentious and affectionate drama, just like those scholars who were ruthless in their words.

Then he could have no qualms of conscience to send him on his way.

However, …

The man raised his eyes suddenly, word by word, with stubbornness and perseverance in his tone, “Whether she is the princess of country Li or not, in my heart, she will always be my princess. I am useless, but as long as there is a breath left, I will never give up!”

Silence, a long silence, as if the atmosphere had frozen.

“Let him go.”

The secret guards standing on both sides looked at each other in astonishment and disbelief.

Did His Highness make a mistake?
Or did they hear it wrong?

No one moved for a long time. Huo Du raised his cold eyes, and said impatiently, “Are you all deaf?”

Now, everyone was clear. They hurriedly dragged the man towards the stairs. The man glanced at Huo Du suspiciously and finally followed the secret guards out of the secret prison without saying much.

An Xuan stepped forward and asked, “Your Highness, do you want to investigate the relationship between this person and Taizifei?”

“No need.” Huo Du said coldly, and he commanded with a facial expression, “All go out.”

Soon, Huo Du was the only one left in the secret prison.

Huo Du sat down on the soft chair silently, recalling the man’s stubborn expression just now.

He could probably guess who this person was. After the fall of the country Li, the imperial families and courtiers of Great Li were all given death, and those who were wise and prudent to protect themselves were recruited…. also, those who escaped while taking advantage of the chaos to escape had long been scattered all over the place.

Looking at that man’s appearance, he was neither wealthy nor a nobleman. Listening to what he said, it was even more certain that he and Le Zhi knew each other.

His little fox was so good, besides the son of the b*tch Huo Xu, there must be many people who like her.

He knew it.

So, he purposely tempted him, but unexpectedly heard a vow of repentance until death.

Huo Du remembered the legend that Le Zhi told him about the God of Good Deeds of Great Li when they were in the hot spring villa. He could not help but associate with that man’s clear eyes.

He suddenly felt that there should be such a person besides Le Zhi. He was gentle and kindhearted, and his hands had never been stained with blood.

If she had not been dragged into hell by the Huo clan, she should have been like this.

For a split second, he really wanted to kill that man. However, he could not.

Even though this was Huo Du’s first love, he would not make such a low-level mistake. Regardless of the relationship between this man and Le Zhi, whether he was close or not, as long as he was from country Li, a person who had done nothing wrong, he could not kill him.

Because no secret could be kept forever in the world. Once Le Zhi knew about it, she would definitely distance away from him.

Even though she could not leave, her heart would still go further away.

He was not stupid, how could he allow such a thing to happen?

It was a sunny day.

Le Zhi was enjoying tea in the rear courtyard. At this time, Li Yao came over.

“Master.” Li Yao Yu was delighted and excited, “Good news. Recently, there have been more and more people talking about Jingxian Wang in the imperial court. Since Huo Xu successfully returned to Great Qi, he has made no achievements. Moreover, the news about spoiling his bedwarmer and ignoring his wife has been spread. Shen Xiang’s face was gloomy, and he actually presented a memorial to the emperor in the morning court today!”

“Really? Since that’s the case, let’s add more fire to him.” Le Zhi curled her lips, and a light flashed across her eyes, “Li Yao, get a writing brush and paper.”

“Yes!” Li Yao responded happily.

「Jingxian means peace and virtue. In fact, he is without peace and without virtue;

    A nobleman in the light, but a demon in the dark;


   Shameless and ungrateful;

   If the virtue does not match, it’s hard for the country to be at peace. 」

When the last word landed, the last stroke almost pierced the paper. Le Zhi put down the writing brush and handed the paper to Li Yao. Next, it was up to the common people to sing this ballad.

Returning to the country with the victory was only temporary. No matter how well he did, over time, he would inevitably be judged. Besides, there were too many places that could be criticized by people for what Huo Xu had done.

The common people needed this kind of remediation the most over their leisure time.

As long as the children spread this ballad, Emperor Qi would be alarmed in the future. Coupled with the fact that Huo Xu was entangled in many things today, there must be a good show to watch when the time came.

Le Zhi sneered. She quietly waited for the good news, and then looked for opportunities to attack him little by little.

She must walk steadily and accurately at every step.

Picking up the teacup, Le Zhi gently sniffed the delicate tea fragrance. When she was about to take a sip, a slender hand took away the teacup in her hand.


Le Zhi could not help but frown and look sideways.

Huo Du came over in a wheelchair at some point, and after snatching her teacup, he took a sip unhurriedly.

“Meow, meow.”

Little snow fluffy, who was lying on Huo Du’s lap, was very excited when it saw Le Zhi and extended its paws for a hug. Le Zhi curled her lips, naturally hugged the little snow fluffy into her arms, and then touched its soft little head.

Huo Du put down the teacup, picked up the book just above his knees that was held down by Little Lame Huo, and opened it.

“Your Highness is really in good mood. What book are you reading?” Le Zhi lightly poked Little Lame Huo’s restless paw with her hand, then turned slightly towards Huo Du and glanced at the title in his hand.

Huo Du casually put the book down and said, “I’m reading an interesting story.”


“The story of a princess choosing a consort.” Huo Du chuckled and said with sarcasm, “I didn’t expect that she actually chose a top scholar.”

After a pause, he added, “She really has no vision.”

“Oh, it’s just a story. Don’t read it if Your Highness doesn’t like it.” Le Zhi did not know the twists and turns in Huo Du’s heart. She only thought he was really commenting on the story, “How nice to bask in the sun and drink tea!”

“Oh.” Huo Du raised her peach blossom eyes and looked at Le Zhi, “I forgot that Taizifei is also a princess. Do you like a top scholar too?”

Le Zhi frowned.

She hated studying the most since she was a child and did not know how many times she had been told about this. She was going to lose her teeth by those sour poems of those scholars!

She was about to say she did not like it. But something suddenly came to her mind, she swallowed the words “did not like”, and reluctantly said, “It’s all right. They’re not too annoying.”

Le Zhi’s tangled little expressions all fell into Huo Du’s eyes.

He lowered his eyes and smiled.

Sure enough, she likes them.

In the morning court three days later.

Huo Du, who rarely came to court, caught up with the wrath of the emperor.


Huo Changyun closed the memorial abruptly and made a loud noise in the quiet hall.

“Jingxian Wang, you are really capable!”

Hearing this, Huo Xu’s feet trembled. He took a few steps forward and kneeled in the hall, “I don’t know what happened, so I ask Imperial Father to make it clear.”

Huo Changyun threw the memorial to Cui Feng beside him, “Read, read to him.”

Cui Feng took it with sweats and read out the words written in the memorial with a trembling voice and Huo Xu’s face became paler as he read along.

Huo Changyun snorted coldly. Originally, destroying the country Li was a great victory and joy. However, the neighboring countries all expressed regret for her destruction despite the well-known reputation of the country Li. In recent days, the country An had even pointed the finger at Huo Xu, slandering him for being ungrateful in their country.

If only country An was like this, it would be fine. But somehow, the rumors turned into ballads and spread among the people of Great Qi. In addition, Huo Xu had indeed been restless recently, lingering in the brothels and always in a drunken stupor.

Huo Changyun had already long been dissatisfied with him. Just took the opportunity to beat him today.

“I know my crimes and ask Imperial Father to punish me.”

After a long while, Huo Changyun pretended to sigh, “I think you have done meritorious deeds in destroying country Li. This time I won’t punish you. Go back and reflect on your misdeeds behind closed doors.”

After a short pause, he looked at Huo Du again and said, “All affairs of Xia Feitai will be taken care of by Taizi.”

All the people detained in Xia Feitai were from the country Li. With this arrangement, Huo Xu could be relieved of some verbal abuse.

But Huo Xu did not think so. There was a deep sense of unwillingness and resentment in his eyes.

“Dismiss court. Taizi stays.”

When the people in the hall were gone, only the father and son were left.

“Du’er, Xia Feitai will be handed over to you, but don’t let me down like your imperial brother.”

Huo Du chuckled and said unhurriedly, “It seems that Imperial Father has taken my words to heart. According to your intention, is it clear that you want to give me the one from Xia Feitai too?”

“You bastard!” Huo Changyun scolded angrily, and his hands trembled with anger.

“Tsk, I’m retiring.” Huo Du turned around with a cane.

“Wait.” Huo Changyun said coldly, but his tone softened a lot, “Whatever you want.”

Huo Du did not answer and left on his own.

Looking at his cold back, Huo Changyun’s eyes sunk.

Over the years, he had not discovered much about what his son was doing behind his back, but he was not completely unaware. Huo Changyun was very satisfied that he had exceeded his predecessor. But he knew even better Huo Du hated him. He wished that his most capable son was not him. If it was Huo Xu, it would be much easier.

After all, he was old and did not know if the move to unify the four kingdoms and three tribes could be realized in his lifetime.

Huo Du’s back disappeared from sight.

Huo Changyun sneered. It would be a good thing if he really just covets the unparallel beauty of the Le clan, which was better than having real feelings.

It doesn’t matter if he resembled his mother, but if he’s like her emotionally, it will certainly…

“What? Say it again!”

Jing Xin’s face was full of smiles, looking at Le Zhi’s dumbfounded appearance, she repeated it patiently, “During the morning court today, His Majesty handed over everything in Xia Feitai to His Highness Taizi to take care of.”

Le Zhi was still startled, with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Are you happy?”

The familiar voice pulled her thoughts back, and Le Zhi hurried over to grab Huo Du’s sleeves, choking with emotion in her voice, “Is it true?”

Huo Du rubbed her head and hummed.

“Great!” She shook his sleeve and asked softly, “Then, can I… can I visit her every day?”

“That’s all?” Huo Du laughed softly, and said, “An Xuan has already been sent to pick up your sister, and she will live in the mansion from now on.”

This was the gift he prepared for Le Zhi.

Surprise after surprise, Le Zhi almost fainted happily. She had nowhere to put her hands, and she did not know what to do for a while. Suddenly, she said with a smile, “I’ll go to the kitchen first and prepare some of my sister’s favorite food!”

Huo Du frowned discontentedly as he watched Le Zhi disappear without a trace of smoke.

That’s it?

With such a big gift, she actually did not say anything at all? Even a hug would do.


After a while, An Xuan came back but with a solemn expression, and his clothes were a little crumpled, which was obviously a sign of a fight.

“What happened?” Huo Du asked in a deep voice.

“Reporting to Your Highness, someone wanted to hijack the carriage on the way back to the mansion, but fortunately, he was beaten back and captured by this subordinate.” An Xuan raised his eyes and glanced at Huo Du’s face, and then said, “It’s the same person as last time. He should be trying to save Taizifei’s sister.”

Is it him again?
The ghost still lingers.

Huo Du was expressionless.

It seemed that this person knew Le Zhi very well and knew what she cared about most, so he wanted to help her save her sister just like him, right?

At this time, Le Zhi came back. Seeing An Xuan, she smiled, “Lord An is back, so is my sister here too? Where is she now?”

Huo Du stood up and held Le Zhi’s wrist, “Your sister is resting in the guest room. You go with me to a place to meet someone first.”

“Where are we going?” Le Zhi frowned, and she muttered, “Can’t I go to see my sister first?”

Huo Du’s face became cold and did not speak.

“Alright, I’ll go with Your Highness first.” Le Zhi softly coaxed him.

This time, instead of being taken to the secret prison, the man was tied up and stood in the rear courtyard.

“Who are we seeing? Why so mysterious…” Le Zhi muttered while being led away by Huo Du.

Until she saw that man, being held and standing under the sun.

The muttering stopped abruptly.

Huo Du looked at Le Zhi’s face and there was a confused look appeared on it.

Sure enough, as he expected, they knew each other.

“Brother Fu Xian…” Le Zhi called out almost subconsciously.

Fu Xian obviously saw her too, “Zhizhi!”

Huo Du’s eyes became colder and colder. He looked at Le Zhi and the other men coldly and met his gaze.

Brother Fu Xian?
Why does she have so many brothers?

“Your Highness!” Le Zhi looked at Fu Xian who was being tied up and immediately regained her senses and grabbed Huo Du’s palm. “Why arrest him? There must be a misunderstanding. He’s a good man.”

“A good man?” Huo Du carefully carved these two words and repeated, “He’s a good man.”

He hooked his lips and looked at Le Zhi with a gloomy expression on his face.

So, you like good men, don’t you?

“Zhizhi, don’t beg him!” Fu Xian felt angry when he saw Le Zhi’s submissive appearance. He glared at Huo Du, “Come at me if you have anything, why make things difficult for a little girl!”

The smile on Huo Du’s face was even worse, and he looked at Fu Xian.

Tsk, love to be a hero?

The hands gradually closed and clenched tightly.

Le Zhi hurriedly reached out her hand and covered his fist, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. He’s talking nonsense. Your Highness, don’t argue with him.”

“Zhizhi, don’t beg him!”

“Can you please stop talking first…”

It would only add more chaos!

Le Zhi was really speechless, why does my sister like this nerd?!

After a pause, she looked at Fu Xian’s drooping eyes and the sad look on his face, so she could only call him earnestly, “Brother-in-law…”

Brother… in-law?

Huo Du had lived for 20 years, and for the first time, he almost lost his footing due to being stunned.

The author has something to say:
Fu Xian: Speechless. So, only your wife is a princess?
Du: I couldn’t hold back. Why brother-in-law didn’t say earlier that we’re relative? Do you think I still have a chance?
Zhi: … don’t be disgraced. (drag away)

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