After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 46          Kiss

Huo Du did not answer.

Le Zhi looked at him earnestly, only to see that his deep eyes were always focused on her face. She breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

Such a reaction should not exclude her from entering, right?

The hand on the door exerted a little force, and the door of the study was pushed wide open. Le Zhi stepped into the room and closed the door gently. Turning around again, she found that Huo Du had turned his head away and continued to look out the window… as if he had not looked at her just now.

Le Zhi held the mahogany box in her hand and hid it properly in her sleeve. She lightened her footsteps, took a soft stool with her, and walked to Huo Du’s side. She took off her cotton cloak and sat beside him unhurriedly.

She followed Huo Du’s gaze and looked out the window with him.

The sky was clear, and the golden sun shone brightly. Although it was bitterly cold Laba, there was also a slight warmth in the breezy cold wind.

After a while, Le Zhi withdrew her gaze from the outside and turned to look at Huo Du’s side face. His face was pale and there was chilliness in his cold jawline.

She lowered her voice and asked cautiously, “Can I speak? If Your Highness finds it annoying, then I won’t speak.”

Huo Du’s eyes moved, and he looked sideways at Le Zhi again, taking a closer look at the emotions that appeared at the bottom of her eyes.

Cautious, a slight fear with a trace of courage.

This was the most common emotion she had when facing him.

“Go ahead.”

Somehow, Le Zhi heard something spiritless from his reply. But fortunately, he did not shut her up.

Le Zhi curled her lips and smiled slyly. She took out the mahogany box, opened it, then reached out her hand to take out the purple stone inside, and waved it in front of Huo Du as if presenting a treasure.

Seeing his mediocre reaction, Le Zhi made a mysterious expression and said, “Don’t look at its ordinary appearance. It’s not an ordinary stone.”

After she finished speaking, she grabbed Huo Du’s wrist so that his palms were spread out. Then she put the purple stone on it, and then covered it with her hands. She gently held his hand across the warm stone.

After a while, Le Zhi felt Huo Du’s cold hands begin to warm up. She raised her eyes and asked with a smile, “How is it? It’s a treasure, right? Does Your Highness like it?”

Huo Du looked at her smiling eyes, the frost that was originally covered in the cold eyes gradually dissipated, and his eyes gradually became darker. The warmth from the purple stone in his palm was hard to ignore. He looked down and the delicate, soft, and white hands were printed into his eyes.

“Loved it.” He simply said two words.

He seemed to be answering Le Zhi’s question, but it seemed to be more than that question.

Huo Du’s expression was always faint, but the smile in his downcast eyes became stronger, and there was a compromise in addition to the smile. He could not help sighing inwardly.

It was more than just a treasure, more like a soul-sucking poison.

And he enjoyed it.

After getting the affirmative answer, Le Zhi instantly became proud of herself. However, when she thought of the price of this stone, she could not help but pout, “Does Your Highness know how expensive this is?”

With distress all over her face, she said word by word, “It’s very expensive!”

Huo Du raised his eyes and put away the emotions in his eyes, the original coldness faded in the end. He looked at Le Zhi’s vibrant cheeks, chuckled lightly, and then patted his leg with the other hand that was not held by her.

Le Zhi naturally knew what he meant. She got up, sat down on his lap as he wished, and put a hand on his shoulder.

A set of actions with which she was awfully familiar. This made Le Zhi’s heart tremble slightly.

When did it start? Now she could sit on Huo Du’s lap so naturally. There was no resistance, and even the initial fear was gone.

The cold wind that was blowing from the window was blocked by Le Zhi’s body. Huo Du casually raised his hand, and the window closed slowly to block out the cold wind.

Huo Du looked closely at the person in front of him and found that the corner of her eyes was still red. He had noticed a long time ago that as long as she cried, the redness at the end of her eyes always dissipated very slowly.

It was not difficult to guess that Le Zhi would cry every time she went to Xia Feitai.

Obviously, she was not happy, but she still had to coax him.

Is it really just to please?

“It’s so expensive.” Huo Du chuckled and said in a deep voice, “But I didn’t prepare a gift for you today.”

“No, it’s not that.” Le Zhi’s cheeks blushed, and said anxiously, “I didn’t buy it on purpose. I just happened to see it and thought it was suitable to buy it for Your Highness.”

She said it was expensive, but she did not mean to ask him for a gift in return!

If Le Zhi was more attentive, she would realize that Huo Du’s words had a deeper meaning. He did not mean that there was no gift prepared, rather he did not prepare it “today”.

But she was in a hurry to explain and did not study his words carefully.

Suddenly, the hand on the side of the waist tightened, and Le Zhi followed his force into Huo Du’s arms, nestling the side of her face on his neck, and it actually felt warmth.

Le Zhi praised silently. It is a bit more expensive, but this purple stone is really the right one to buy!

Huo Du looked at her black hair silently. They were so close that the faint scent of hibiscus flowers from her hair wafted into his nose. He glanced at the bun she had rolled up simply, then raised his hand to remove the hairpiece inserted in the bun and threw it on the windowsill casually.

The black hair fell down and fell on his shoulders. Huo Du leaned closer to her, closed his eyes, and inhaled it lightly.

In the midst of indulgence, he absurdly wanted to keep the smell of her body.

With his palms closed, Huo Du held both the purple stone and her delicate hand firmly.

Today was really not a good day.

But he would prepare a big gift for her very soon. She would definitely love it.

“Knock, knock.” There were soft knocks sounded on the door.

Le Zhi was suddenly clear-headed. She pushed Huo Du away against his chest and stood up quickly. She looked at the wrinkled fabric around her waist and the somewhat messy loose hair and glared at the initiator angrily.

She straightened her clothes and put her hair together before walking toward the door. She obviously did not do anything, but she inexplicably felt guilty and embarrassed.

The door of the room opened, and after seeing the person who opened the door, a look of astonishment flashed across An Xuan’s solemn face. After being stunned for a moment, he delivered the tray in his hand forward, “Taizifei, is this enough food?”

“Enough.” Le Zhi took it and said calmly, “Thank you for your trouble, Lord An.”

An Xuan nodded slightly and closed the door.

He turned around, and suddenly recalled in his mind the appearance of His Highness when he lectured Lin Yuxian with seriousness, which was in stark contrast to the blush that lingered on the face of Taizifei just now. He frowned and shook his head.

Although An Xuan’s birth was ordinary, he was as restrained and polite as a scholar. These days, because of Jing Xin, he would also observe Taizifei intentionally or unintentionally. An Xuan knew that Taizifei was very dignified and self-restrained, but on the contrary, it was his own Taizi who had an unrestrained manner.

Although they were husband and wife, in the study room… it was too frivolous. He raised his eyes and looked at the guards outside the study with an unsettled expression. He finally sighed and found an excuse to send them elsewhere.

Le Zhi put the tray down heavily and sat at the table angrily. Just now, An Xuan’s eyes were obviously misunderstood, but she could not explain it yet.

How can this be explained clearly?!

Her image of decency and dignity was gone!

Looking at the food on the tray, Le Zhi raised her hand to get a chestnut cake but pulled the old wound due to too much force. In fact, the old wound on her shoulder was actually almost healed, but too much force was exerted due to her anger.

With a groan, she changed her hand, picked up the chestnut cake, and bit it hard.

Huo Du, who had watched the entire process, smiled and pushed the wheelchair to Le Zhi’s side. He looked at her injured shoulder and asked, “The wound is not healed yet?”

It was originally just a question of concern, but when it was said at this moment, it bore some inexplicable charm.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Le Zhi was choked and coughed violently. She almost could not help thinking about it.

“When the injury on my shoulder is healed, let’s consummate.”

The words she had said came to her mind evidently.

Huo Du patted her back, poured her a cup of tea, and handed it to her. Le Zhi coughed a few times, picked up the teacup and took a few sips of the tea, then finally calmed down.

It was just that the redness on her face was getting deeper and deeper. She muttered in a low voice, “Soon, it’ll get better soon.”

Huo Du was angry but also find it laughable by her. He stretched out his finger and poked her head, “What are you thinking about?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi glanced sideways, and when she saw his expression was sober and calm, she scratched her head with some annoyance. Knowing that she was in the wrong, she obediently picked up the Laba porridge, scooped half a spoonful and handed it over, and said in a coquettish tone, “Will Your Highness eat it?”

Huo Du did not say anything, just looked at the corners of her raised lips, opened his mouth, and swallowed the Laba porridge he hated the most.

At the end of the meal, although Huo Du did not eat much, he still took a few bites.

Le Zhi pursed her lips in satisfaction.

Huo Du tossed the purple stone in his hand up and down, playing with it seriously. Seeing that the coldness on him had faded, Le Zhi thought of a batch of tea that was arriving in the afternoon, and she needed to go to inspect the goods in person!

Her business had not improved yet, so she could not relax.

Le Zhi stood up with a smile on her face, “Then Your Highness play slowly? I’ll go first.”

“Wait.” Huo Du took her hand and said with a puzzled expression, “There seems to be something wrong with this stone.”

“Ah?” Le Zhi frowned, squatted down, leaned close to his hand, and took a closer look at the purple stone, “What’s the problem…”

Before she could finish speaking, the purple stone had been placed on the cherry lips. A smooth and warm touch came from her lips, and Huo Du took the stone away in just a split second.


“My mistake, there is no problem.” Huo Du said unhurriedly.

Le Zhi never understood his strange behavior, so she did not bother to argue with him and walked away.

Huo Du smiled while staring at her blushing back until she left his sight. After a while, he picked up the warm stone, stared at the side where Le Zhi’s lips had been, and then placed it onto his lips.

The warmth covered the cold lips. He did not know if it was the warmth of the purple stone or the warmth left by her.

The whole heart was filled, and the black fog that had gathered initially had been driven away. He thought about Le Zhi’s slightly curled lips, but he could not help but curl his lips and smile.

After a while, Huo Du picked up his cane and walked toward the door. The haze of Laba was gone, and he did not want to trap himself in the study.

Le Zhi should have gone to try the tea. Huo Du gently rubbed the stone in his hand.

All right, for the sake of the gift, he could go help her.

But when he walked out of the door, he saw An Xuan standing not far away, waiting for him.

An Xuan also did not expect that His Highness would come out so quickly. He walked over and said in a deep voice, “Your Highness, every time Taizifei goes to Xia Feitai, the man who has been quietly following behind Taizifei’s carriage has been caught.”

After a pause, An Xuan raised his eyes to look at Huo Du’s expression, and then added, “He’s from the country Li.”

The light smile that rarely appeared on Huo Du’s face disappeared in an instant.

The author has something to say:
An Xiaoxuan: Unexpectedly, in the study room… (10,000 words are added here) What a scandal!!!
Zhi: ???
Du: You may not believe it, let alone in the study room, I didn’t do anything in the bedroom too! Ha, ha!!!

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