After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 48          Half an Hour

The guards once again untied Fu Xian, with skillful movements and as swift as possible. After untying the hemp rope, they quickly left the rear courtyard as per the instructions of His Highness Taizi.

Soon, only Le Zhi and Fu Xian were left in the huge courtyard.

Le Zhi stared in dazed at the direction Huo Du had left, greatly puzzled. Just now, she clearly felt the anger in his eyes, but for some reason, after he staggered slightly, his eyes lit up again.

He quickly gave a few orders to the guards, and then dropped a sentence “You two talk” at her, and hurriedly away.

That attitude of his was like fleeting an escape.

Le Zhi frowned, more and more confused about what he was thinking.


Fu Xian’s call brought Le Zhi’s thoughts back. She took a few steps forward and asked, “Brother Fu Xian, what’s going on? Why are you here?”

Fu Xian looked at Le Zhi’s face and was shocked to realize that this little princess, who was so delicate in everyone’s eyes, now had an air of maturity in her countenance, but it was not due to her age, but the result of a dramatic change in her state of mind.

His heart was pricked.

On the day the Qi soldiers attacked the city, he was not in the capital but was writing a local journal in Fengyang City. Later, when the Qi soldiers besieged the city, he desperately wanted to go back.

The one he loved most and his relatives were all in the city!

But the governor of Fengyang City stopped him and even did not hesitate to knock him out and placed him in a secret room. When he came out, everything changed.

Country and home were gone.

These days, Fu Xian gathered the people of Li who were scattered everywhere, trying to come to Great Qi to rescue their relatives.

However, after lurking in Great Qi for so long, Fu Xian understood how difficult it was to rescue them after seeing the powerful troops of Great Qi and the few remaining soldiers of the country Li. However, ever since he knew the humiliation Xiaojin had suffered on the day the capital was defeated, his heart was twisted in unbearable pain all the time.

He hated himself that he read all the sage books in vain. To this day, it was useless. If he had known earlier, he would have studied martial arts and not literature since he was a child. If so, would he be able to protect his beloved?

Xia Feitai was heavily guarded. Fu Xian went to investigate several times, but he could not find any breakthrough. However, he saw Le Zhi who went to visit her sister. Only then did he know that Huo Xu, the bastard, brought Le Zhi back to country Qi, but he turned around and let her marry the Taizi of country Qi.

He did not know how many horrible things had happened to Xiaojin’s most beloved sister. Fu Xian did not dare to think about it.

He could only follow her quietly, but he did not dare to come forward to acknowledge her. Firstly, he was afraid that his appearance would bring trouble to Le Zhi, and secondly, his guilt made him unable to face Le Zhi.

When Xiaojin and Le Zhi were in the most painful period, he could not accompany them.

Until he was caught by Huo Du, Fu Xian thought he was doomed, but Huo Du just let him go after asking him a few weird questions.

Since he was not dead, Fu Xian came up with a bold plan.

Breaking into Xia Feitai to save Xiaojin.

Fu Xian was already in a tight spot. He did not know what crimes Xiaojin would suffer inside. Instead of waiting painfully and suffering every day, he might as well make one last desperate bet. Why be afraid of death? He could not bear to wait anymore.

This despair was endless.

When Fu Xian was about to act, he did not expect someone to help Xiaojin out of Xia Fei Tai and got into the carriage. And the carriage was surrounded by guards, and Fu Xian recognized the leader who was the person with Huo Du that day.

Fu Xian knew that most people in Qi were lecherous, and the imperial family was even more unbearable. Therefore, when Huo Du picked up Xiaojin, could it be that he wanted…? He no longer hesitated. Xia Feitai was like an iron wall. Since Xiaojin had come out, he must seize this rare opportunity and act on the journey!

… But he still failed and was even captured by Huo Du’s people again.

“I’m sorry, Zhizhi.” Fu Xian lowered his head as he was filled with struggle and self-blame, “It’s because I’m useless. I can’t save your sister… and I’ve also implicated you.”

Le Zhi looked at his haggard expression and sighed. How could she blame him? What did the current situation have to do with Fu Xian?

He… had done all he could.

“Don’t be sad, Brother Fu Xian. We… have to look forward.”

Hearing this, Fu Xian raised his eyes and asked cautiously, “How about you, Zhizhi, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. But sister, she…”

“What’s wrong with Xiaojin? Where is she, I want to see her!” Fu Xian was burned with impatience, but as soon as he thought of where he was now, his eyes darkened, “Can I… go? That Taizi of country Qi…”

Le Zhi thought for a moment, thinking that it would be better to talk to Huo Du about this, and then said to Fu Xian, “I’ll go ask him.”

After saying that, she turned to leave.

“Zhizhi…” Fu Xian stopped her by calling out to her, “If you going to beg him under the premise of seeing your sister, I’d rather die.”

After a pause, he added, “I believe Xiaojin will think the same as me.”

Le Zhi shook her head and comforted, “Don’t worry, he… he’s not a bad person.”

Hearing this, Fu Xian frowned, and he snorted in a low voice, completely disbelieving. This was probably Le Zhi’s nonsense because she was afraid that he would be worried.

When he was in the secret prison last time, Huo Du’s aggressive, contemptuous, and mocking words really made him unforgettable.

How could such a person be a good person? Besides, his family name was Huo and he was the son of Huo Changyun.

Le Zhi did not know the reason, and she was puzzled. How could Fu Xian have such a big resentment against Huo Du? It should be more than because Huo Du simply had arrested him. After all, Huo Du had not done anything to him yet!

“Brother Fu Xian, why do you hate him so much?”

Fu Xian did not intend to tell Le Zhi about the secret prison, but when she asked, he did not hide from her. With Fu Xian’s words, Le Zhi’s face became more and more surprised.

“He ridiculed Xiaojin, saying that she was no longer a high-ranking princess of the country Li.” Fu Xian said angrily.

It did not matter how Huo Du humiliated him, but he could not stand someone saying unpleasant things about Xiaojin!

Le Zhi was stunned, and after sorting out her thoughts, she roughly understood.

So that day in the secret prison, these two men talked for a long time, but they were not talking about the same princess.

She suddenly understood why Huo Du left in a hurry after she called out “brother-in-law”.

“He must have misunderstood.” Le Zhi muttered.


“I can’t explain it in the meantime.” Le Zhi sighed softly, “Brother Fu Xian, sit here for a while, and I will definitely let you see my sister.”

Fu Xian nodded.

Now that he was under other people’s roof, he could not act rashly and implicate Le Zhi.

Le Zhi looked all the way from the study to the main hall to the bedroom, but could not find Huo Du at all. She thought he had gone out of the mansion, so she went to the gate to ask, but the guards all said that they had never seen His Highness Taizi.

So, where did Huo Du go?

“Is Taizifei looking for His Highness?” An Xuan came from a distance and said in a deep voice, “Please come with me.”

Le Zhi nodded and followed An Xuan’s footsteps until he reached the greenhouse in the north corner.

“Here is?”

“When His Highness is upset, he will come here alone. This is a restricted area in the mansion, no one can enter without authorization. Taizifei can wait here for His Highness to come out.”

After Le Zhi nodded in response, An Xuan walked away.

When the north wind picked up, Le Zhi tightened the lapel of her clothes, sat down on the steps, and waited slowly.

Since this was his restricted area, she would not go in. Everyone had their own way of resolving their worries, and she respected him and would not disturb him.

Fortunately, it did not take long for Huo Du to come out. Seeing Le Zhi sitting on the steps with her knees in her arms, he was obviously taken aback and then turned to frown.

Le Zhi rubbed her hands and stood up, ran a few steps towards him, and deliberately said half-jokingly, “Your Highness has been inside for a long time. You won’t be hiding any beauties inside, will you?”

The cold wind blew in her ears and blew up her skirt along. Le Zhi was wearing a warm apricot-colored skirt today. At this time, her skirt was blown by the wind, and it was closely attached to Huo Du’s blue robe.

Huo Du’s eyes darkened, but he did not speak.

Suddenly, her wrist was tightened, and Le Zhi was pulled by Huo Du into the greenhouse together. As soon as the door was closed, the cold wind outside was blocked, and the warm fragrance in the greenhouse spread all over the body.

Le Zhi stared blankly at the unknown flowers of various colors. He did not expect Huo Du to like flowers and plants. She quietly looked sideways and found that he was still staring at the flowers in silence.

She also lowered her gaze to the petals, and said to herself, as if she was talking to the flowers, “Fu Xian, the son of the Grand Scholar of Hall Pavilion of country Li, was the top scholar at the age of fifteen. He and my sister were betrothed since they were young and very much in love with each other. Although they are not married yet, I call him brother-in-law in private.”

Le Zhi’s eyes twinkled and felt that she did not miss anything, but she still added, “Is there anything else Your Highness wants to know?”

At this moment, Huo Du smiled, but there was a slight sneer in his smile, “Why are you telling me this? Who is Fu Xian and what does it have to do with me?”

Le Zhi turned to face his side face and smiled softly, “Well, Your Highness doesn’t want to know at all. It’s just me who wants to say it.”

In an instant, Huo Du clearly realized that…

His own emotions, happiness, anger, and sorrow, had long been easily held in her hands and moved as she wished.

Le Zhi lowered her eyes and looked at his hand hanging beside him. Then, she reached out to hold his hand and said softly, “Thank you.”

Huo Du smiled, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

She only had gratitude towards him, did not she?

Le Zhi suddenly felt like crying.

Just now, she saw everything clearly. She knew that what Huo Du wanted was more than gratitude. But the bitterness in her heart forced her to face her heart honestly.

What was hidden in that heart that was wrapped in the cloak of gratitude?

Le Zhi raised her eyes and looked around. The greenhouse was very large and quiet, and it seemed to be isolated from the world in the corner to the north. Suddenly an absurd thought came to her mind.

Intense and uncontrollable.

She walked slowly to Huo Du, raised her arms around his waist and embraced him, and gently pressed her face to his neck. She felt a momentary tension in his back, a slightly puzzled cool breath came from his ears, “You…”

“Don’t talk.” Le Zhi stopped him from speaking.

She leaned on his shoulder and contemplated inwardly.

Half an hour, just for half an hour. She only allowed herself to be greedy once.

During this half an hour, there was neither the Princess of country Li nor the Taizi of country Qi.

Just him and her.

He stroked her back with his hand with a slight force, making her press to him even closer.

Le Zhi felt the temperature on his body and Huo Du becoming one, and quietly listened to the intertwined heartbeat of the two of them. She closed her eyes slowly, hiding her tears well.

The author has something to say:
Du: I’m a little confused… Did my wife take the initiative to hug me? (Still, no sense of reality)

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