After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 38          Strange

On the outskirts after the rain, the wildflowers and weeds were covered with water droplets. The dark clouds dissipated, and the rising sun gradually revealed, awakening all things everything in the world.

After a long silence, Le Zhi’s arms were a little sore, and she really did not have much strength left in her body. After holding Huo Du for so long, he did not react at all.

She used her actions to tell him clearly that she did not dislike him!

With Huo Du’s mind, it was impossible not to understand what she meant. But he did not respond, which only showed that he did not believe her, and he might even think she was acting.

With a sour heart, Le Zhi let go of her hand and let her arms fall down slowly. But when the palm of her hand fell to Huo Du’s waist, he stretched out his hand to hold it.

The temperature in Huo Du’s palm had always been cold. Le Zhi recalled how she felt every time she touched his palm and felt that today was the coldest one.

He just held her hand and turned around, staring deeply at her with black eyes, as if looking for something in her eyes.

At this time, An Xuan arrived with a carriage, and he parked the carriage not far from them, without getting near them or disturbing them.

Huo Du looked at Le Zhi’s eyes which were full of redness. He noticed that her standing posture was slightly slanted to one side, so he lowered his eyes to examine carefully. Sure enough, Le Zhi seemed to put all the strength of her body on her right foot, and her left foot was just stepping in the air.

He was a man with a broken hamstring, and he could tell from this appearance. It must have been twisted or sprained.

Since she was already like this, Huo Du held her hand and wanted to walk in the direction of the carriage, but Le Zhi threw his hand away fiercely.

The road under his feet was originally a slope. When Huo Du was suddenly flung aside by her, his body staggered as he did not pay attention for a while, but he was able to stand firmly on the cane with his right hand after a short while.

However, Le Zhi was not much better. Her twisted ankle hurt so much that she lost her center of gravity and stepped back a few steps.

For some reason, her chest was filled with pain. Annoyance appeared in the pair of misty fox eyes.

Le Zhi asked herself that she was by no means someone who cares, but his understatement made her uneasy. Obviously, he misunderstood her, but now he did not even say a word.

What did this mean?

“Get on the carriage first.” The low-pitched voice was tinged with subtle distress.

Naturally, the person who was surging in anger was unaware of it.

Le Zhi glared at him with pursed lips, then turned around in anger despite the pain, and walked in the opposite direction of the carriage.

Did he really think that everyone has no temper? Was not it just walking back on foot? If the dead lame person could do it, so could she.

She did not want to ride the carriage with him!

Since he liked to think so much, then went with it. Did not Huo Du think she hated him? Then she would let him take a good look, what was called hatred!

“Le Zhi.”

Huo Du frowned, calling while chasing in a deep voice. But the troublesome figure turned a deaf ear, dragging her injured foot and walking away resolutely.

She walked so fast regardless of the pain, and for a while, Huo Du could not catch up with her. He glanced at the white jade cane with a cold face, and the thoughts that had already grown in his chest grew wildly at this time.

The lousy cane was so much of a hindrance that he really wanted to throw it away.

An Xuan, who was standing and waiting by the side of the carriage in the distance, watched this scene with a look of astonishment on his face.

He did not understand what His Highness and Taizifei were doing! One moment she was chasing him, and the next moment he was chasing her. Was that fun?

An Xuan, who was busy all night, arresting people and cleaning up the mess, was really sleepy! He just wanted to go back to the mansion to sleep. His eyebrows tightened together as he looked at the two people who were getting farther and farther away.

After tossing for so long, would not they get tired!

The warm sun gradually appeared, and the sky brighten. But after all, it was still a harsh winter, and the cold wind was blowing.

Le Zhi hurried away angrily, and the cotton cloak was blown behind by the wind, unable to wrap around her slender body. Suddenly, she stopped.

A look of surprise crossed her face, and she was forced to stop. Her footsteps could not be moved as if they were glued to the ground, and even her dangling hands could not be lifted. Le Zhi stared at the empty space in front of her in a daze, obviously, there was nothing, but it was like there was a wall in front of her.

It appeared in her mind that when she was soaking in the hot spring in the mansion before, she fell into the pool weightlessly, a strange force lifted her up and made her involuntarily pounce on Huo Du.

In the past, she had heard from her imperial brother that those who practiced internal strength could control people or things within a certain distance by condensing qi and turning qi into force. Her imperial brother had been practicing internal strength since he was a child, but he could only control objects, let the objects rise into the air, and flew around with internal strength.

Therefore, how powerful should Huo Du’s internal strength be?

At this time, Huo Du had already walked in front of her, and the invisible blocking force in front of her also disappeared in an instant.

Perhaps she had walked in a hurry just now and inhaled too much cold air. Le Zhi’s throat became dry, and she turned her head and coughed lightly.

Upon seeing this, Huo Du reached out his hand and patted her back. When she was almost done coughing, he put his hand on the back of her neck and rubbed it gently.

Before Le Zhi had calmed down, she raised her hand to push his arm and scolded him discontentedly, “Let go, let go, it’s freezing cold!”

Where would Huo Du be willing to let it go? He chuckled lightly and added some force to let Le Zhi get closer to him. The tip of their noses touched slightly, and the warm and cool breaths intertwined.

He inadvertently rubbed the tip of her nose lightly with the tip of his nose, and then said in a coaxing tone, “Stop making trouble.”

The warm sunlight shone on Huo Du’s face, illuminating his silhouette.

Le Zhi took the tenderness in his eyes into her eyes, and her heart moved slightly. She lost her mind for a moment.

She lowered her eyes and took two steps back in a panic, distancing herself from him.

I can’t watch it anymore.

Now that the first light had arrived, she could no longer be like last night.

Le Zhi pursed her lips and put her little temper away, “Let’s go back to the mansion.”

She turned wearily and faced the direction of the carriage, but Huo Du reached out his hand to grab her wrist, forcing her to turn her head once again and faced his burning eyes.

“Still angry?”

“Yes.” Le Zhi nodded.

The appearance of telling the truth made Huo Du a little stunned. He had no experience with women. In the past, he only heard Old Man Yin nagging, saying that most women were duplicitous, and even if they were angry, they would deliberately say that they were not angry.

But his little fox did not seem to have those twists and turns.

“Your Highness, are you tired?” Le Zhi stretched out her fingertips to tap at Huo Du’s heart through his clothes, and then asked him back, imitating his tone from yesterday.

Seeing that he was silent, Le Zhi sighed, and she continued, “Is there anything you can’t say? There is no need to hold back in your heart. I told Your Highness before that I regard Your Highness as an associate. If you have anything unhappy, you can tell me directly.”

Le Zhi raised her eyes to look at the sky, thinking about her next path. The road she walked was extremely dangerous, and she did not know which day it would come to an end. Therefore, she did not want to waste time on these senseless misunderstandings at all.

“The smell of blood in the secret room is so heavy that I feel uncomfortable and can’t wait to spit it out. When I return to my sense, you were gone.” After a pause, she spoke again with a sad tone, “I thought we were together. Although we did not come together, we will always leave together. However, you left me there…”

Le Zhi lowered her eyes, not letting Huo Du see the sadness in her eyes. When she looked back and saw the empty space in the secret room just now, a painful feeling suddenly aroused.

She always seemed to be left behind.

Once the country was destroyed, her imperial father, imperial mother, and imperial elder brother passed away. The imperial elder sister still did not remember who she was, and she did not know the whereabouts of her imperial elder sister-in-law and Yu’er.

Alone and helpless, there was no one around her. Le Zhi had already made plans to walk alone, but that did not mean she would not be sad.

Even though there was a high wall between the Le clan and Huo clan, Huo Du had repeatedly helped her, and she truly regarded him as a friend.

Huo Du’s heart ached even worse.

The feeling of being left behind and being abandoned, he knew it all too well. But why did he do it today?

He strode forward and embraced Le Zhi into his arms. An apologetic heart was throbbing wildly, he leaned close to her ear and apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Only this time, never again.

Le Zhi let him hug her, and the haze of grievances gradually dissipated. After a while, she raised her hand to pat his back, and hummed softly, “I forgive you.”

She thought that friends should not fuss so much.

As the sound of the horse’s hoofs approached, An Xuan carefully observed the situation and judged that the two of them should be reconciled before slowly driving forward.

Hearing the sound, they remembered that there was a third person there, and the two of them let go coincidently. The cold wind blew past, but it could not dispel the redness on the tips of their ears.

When the two got into the carriage, An Xuan exhaled a breath and his eyebrows relaxed. With a yawn, he whipped the horse and smiled facing the wind.

Taizi Mansion.

Li Yao paced back and forth in the courtyard anxiously. Although Lin Yue and Jing Xin did not know what happened, Taizifei and His Highness had not returned overnight, and they could see some clues from Li Yao’s expression. The hearts of all three hung in the air.

Until the snowy figure appeared.

The three stepped forward quickly and saluted respectfully. They all set their eyes on Le Zhi, especially Li Yao, for fear that their master would be hurt. The old injury was not yet healed, and if she added a new injury, was it worth it?

But because of the presence of His Highness, they did not dare to go forward.

“All retreat.” Huo Du said.

The three of them stared at each other and nodded. But their gazes did not leave Le Zhi for a moment, and their footsteps did not move a little bit.

Le Zhi saw their worries, smiled, and said, “You all retreat first.”

Li Yao breathed a sigh of relief, and the three of them turned to retreat together.

Huo Du looked at Le Zhi’s side face with deep meaning in his eyes. There seemed to be a kind of magic about her, which made people willing to put all their minds on her.

He took her hand and walked into the bedroom, walking directly to the bed.

“Don’t have to take bath first?”

After taking off their outer clothing, the two of them lay on the bed. Although they had soaked in the hot spring for so long last night, after going to the secret room, their body always felt some bloody smell on them.

“Bathe after waking up.” Huo Du said lightly.

“Oh…” Le Zhi blinked, remembering the current time, and asked again, “Then Your Highness won’t be going to the morning court today?”

Le Zhi wondered about this question for a long time. Huo Du did not seem to go to court every day. Was being the heir to the throne so idle?

Did he really want to be the emperor?

“Not going.” Huo Du reached out his hands to pull her into his arms, and conveniently stopped her endless chattering, then closed his eyes after finding a comfortable position.

Le Zhi buried her head in his arms, while her snowy cheeks were pressed to his chest making her cheeks burn with redness.

How did it become like this between them?

She tried to push Huo Du’s chest but could not.

Forget it, she was really tired. It did not matter. It did not matter to be closer between friends.

After a long time, the sound of even breathing sounded.

Huo Du lazily opened his eyes and stared down at Le Zhi’s sleeping face, imprinting her expression in his eyes. Then he unconsciously hooked his lips, hugged her tighter, and fell asleep with her.

From early morning to noon, the warm sun shone brightly, and then to the setting sun, two people who had always been light sleepers embraced each other, slumbering without waking up.

The next two days were rare tranquility.

With something weighing on her mind, Le Zhi loosened her tense nerve slightly. But she knew in her heart that such tranquility was only temporary.

On the evening of the third day, Li Yao walked up to her with a grave expression, “Master, Huo Xu sent a message saying that he wanted to see you.”

After confiding with the master, Li Yao began to call Huo Xu by his full name according to Le Zhi’s words.

Indeed, such a hypocrite was not worthy of an honorary title.

Le Zhi was not surprised, just nodded in agreement.

Yang Heng and those three men had been missing for a few days, and there was no news about them, whether alive or dead. They were all prominent people in the Shenyi Army and their disappearance would inevitably cause an uproar.

Emperor Qi ordered a thorough investigation of the matter but found nothing. It could be assumed that Huo Du must have wiped the traces cleanly which made it impossible for people to investigate.

However, Huo Xu, the culprit, was naturally clear about the grudges between these people, and her and her sister. There were coincidences in the world, but when it was too coincidental, it was due to man-made.

Le Zhi knew that sooner or later, Huo Xu would definitely suspect her.

“Alright, I got it.”

After a while, Le Zhi simply cleaned up the front of the dressing table, counting the hours and preparing to go to the appointment.

But before she got up, she saw Huo Du enter the room leisurely.

Shouldn’t he be in the study at this hour?

Huo Du slowly approached the dressing table and looked at the hibiscus face in the bronze mirror. Before Le Zhi rolled up her hair, he smiled and reached out his hand to pick up a strand of her black hair to play with.

“Are you going to see Huo Xu?” He spoke suddenly.

“Yes.” Le Zhi smiled, knowing that he was not interested in her meeting with Huo Xu. Anyway, she would tell him what Huo Xu said when she came back.

After a pause, she just asked casually, “Does Your Highness want to go together?”

“Sure, ah.”

Le Zhi turned around in astonishment.

After returning from the hot spring villa, she always felt that Huo Du seemed a little strange.

It seemed to be different from before. But after thinking about it carefully, she could not think of a reason.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Friends go together for a lifetime!
Du: Who wants to be friends with you!!!
An Xiaoxuan: Still sleeping, don’t disturb.
Huo Xu: I know everyone must miss me again.
All: Get lost!!!

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