After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 39          A Good Show

Jingxian Wang Mansion.

“What?” Lin Yuxian patted the table and got up.

Shen Qingyan quickly grabbed her wrist, fearing that she would do something extreme.

When Lin Yuxian learned that Qingyan was ill, she could not help but frown. Today she came to visit her specially, only to hear that her good friend had suffered so much grievance. Although she had heard that Cousin Ah Xu had accepted a bedwarmer before, after all, it was just a rumor, so she did not care.

So, it turned out to be true.

“It’s absurd! How long have you been married? How can my cousin be so confused?” Lin Yuxian bit her lip, sat down reluctantly, and asked, “Then, what does my aunt say? Doesn’t she care?”

Hearing this, Shen Qingyan smiled helplessly. Her face was as pale as paper, and her morbidity was obvious.

After that night, Shen Qingyan thought that Huo Xu really liked her, but unexpectedly, he could not let go of the bedwarmer and even continued to keep her in the mansion.

She was getting more and more depressed, but Huo Xu softly persuaded her, “Yanyan, the Great Qi imperial family is composed of wives and concubines. As Jingxian Wangfei, you cannot be without tolerance. Moreover, no matter how many side concubines and bedwarmers I have, my Wangfei will always be you. Your position in my heart is the only one.”

The Empress was Huo Xu’s mother, what else could she say?

Shen Qingyan knew that Huo Xu was right. Even her father persuaded her to turn a blind eye. Huo Xu was a Wangye now, and her future was limitless. It was impossible for such a man to have only one woman.

She knew, she really knew.

However, the soreness in her chest made her lose her mind. It was not that she could not accept it, but it was too fast. How many days had they been married?

She could not even understand why a man who clearly had someone he loved could still be tempted by a different woman.

Men and women, were not all human beings?

Why did she only have Huo Xu in her heart and had no place to share with others?

Could it be that she was really too petty?

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Shen Qingyan turned her head and coughed relentlessly. The imperial doctor said that she was suffering from depression. The cough caused by anxiety was difficult to treat unless she could relax.

In order to avoid passing on her illness to Huo Xu, Huo Xu would still come to see her at night these days and then stay in the western courtyard. She was sick and could not serve her husband, so naturally, she could not stop him.

She also wanted to get better soon, but her heart knot was difficult to express, and her condition became even more serious.

Lin Yuxian’s expression froze, she stretched out her hand and patted her good friend’s back slowly, and then helped her to lie down on the bed, “Qingyan, you have to rest well and take care of yourself.”

Leave the rest to me.

“Alright.” Shen Qingyan nodded weakly. She looked at the darkening night outside, knowing that it was getting late, “Yuxian, go back earlier, and we’ll talk next time.”

Lin Yuxian said yes with a smile.

The night was getting darker, and Lin Yuxian’s face darkened when she stepped out of the room. She did not walk towards the gate but hurried to the western courtyard with her maids and servants.

Unexpectedly, there were so many guards in the western courtyard that Lin Yuxian was stopped before she even got close to the door. These guards were ordered by Huo Xu to guard the western courtyard. He was worried that if he was not in the mansion, Shen Qingyan would attack Xiao Zhi due to jealousy.

“Get out of the way!”

The guards looked troubled. They were no strangers to Lin Yuxian. She was the Empress’s niece, the cousin of Wangye, and the beloved daughter of the Taiwei*. They could not afford to provoke any of these identities.

(Taiwei* – the highest official in charge of military affairs)

However, Wangye had solemnly ordered again.

Lin Yuxian was used to being tyrannical, and no one dared to stop her. She said angrily, “You won’t let me pass, right? Someone comes!”

Her maids and servants were all proficient in martial arts, and when they heard her give orders, they immediately stepped forward.

The guards did not dare to really do anything with Lin Yuxian’s people and within a moment, Lin Yuxian saw the opportunity and rushed in.


Lin Yuxian pushed open the door vigorously, causing a great disturbance. Her eyes looked around, and she finally saw the delicate figure trembling in the corner.

The woman was like a frightened deer, “Who are you…”

With just one glance, Lin Yuxian’s eyes widened as she was stunned.

The appearance of this woman was too similar to Le Zhi. It turned out that this was the reason why her cousin could not let her go.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuxian returned to her senses, and frowned, “Someone, tie her up for me.”

Jiang Man’s eyes turned red, unable to resist. She could only let others tie her hands behind her back and her mouth was being gagged with a cloth ball.

After the servant brought the person in front of Lin Yuxian, she looked at her face carefully.

On a closer look, there was actually quite a significant difference between Le Zhi. The most obvious was her eyes, which were incomparable to Le Zhi’s seductive fox eyes. Also, even if Lin Yuxian hated Le Zhi so much in her heart, she had to admit that Le Zhi’s natural princess dispositions were undoubtedly revealed in her mannerism.

Looks could be similar, but dispositions could not be learned.

A fake is a fake after all.

But even if she was a fake, she could still hook her cousin’s heart and made him treat Qingyan coldly.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuxian’s eyes appeared disgusted.

This woman must go.

“Take her away!” she snapped.

The guards did not dare to stop them, so they could only send someone to find Wangye.

Lin Yuxian led Jiang Man towards the gate. She must send this woman away tonight so that her cousin could never find her again!

Only in this way could Qingyan’s illness get better.

But before she reached the gate, she saw her cousin hurriedly lead Qin Yu towards the outside of the mansion.

With this appearance of his, it looked like something fishy at first glance.

Could it be that in addition to this bedwarmer, my cousin also had a concubine?

Lin Yuxian frowned. She did not have time to settle this bedwarmer, so she had to quietly follow Huo Xu with her. If her cousin really had a concubine, then she would clean them all tonight!

In order not to be discovered by Huo Xu, she ordered the coachman to drive the horse quietly and keep a certain distance from Huo Xu’s carriage.

She lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at the direction in which the carriage was going, only to realize that this direction was the same as the route to the Taizi Mansion. A bold guess came to mind in an instant.

Not long after, Lin Yuxian saw Huo Xu’s carriage stop outside a hidden inn. Her cousin stepped out of the carriage and entered calmly. This did not seem like it was his first time here. But Qin Yu did not go in together. He stood outside the inn as if waiting for someone.

Soon, an unfamiliar carriage drove slowly, and after it stopped, a familiar figure got out of the carriage.

Le Zhi wore a snow-colored fox fur coat and seemed to be wearing an apricot-colored dress. Even in the dark night, her outstanding appearance was difficult to conceal.

Lin Yuxian pursed her lips tightly, with a resentful look on her face.

This vixen, after marrying Brother Taizi, actually did not abide by the morals of a woman and came here late at night to have a tryst with my cousin!

At this time, the feelings of injustice for her good friend gradually dissipated. Instead, she felt distressed for Brother Taizi.

Lin Yuxian had been in love with Huo Du since she was a child, and she could not understand why she liked him so much. Obviously, they had nothing to do with each other. Perhaps it was because of his appearance that no one else in the world could match. Since the first sight of him, no one else could enter her eyes.

Her aunt loved her since she was a child, and she knew that her aunt did not like Brother Taizi. But she persisted and begged her aunt again and again. It was not easy to get her to yield, and be willing to facilitate her marriage with Huo Du.

At that time, a marriage bestowed by Emperor had ruined her dream.

However, Lin Yuxian still did not mind. Even if she could not be the Taizifei, a side concubine would do, but her father disagreed, how could the daughter of Taiwei be a concubine?

Even though that person was Taizi. Besides, this Taizi was still disabled.

But Lin Yuxian was madly in love with Huo Du, and no one could stop her from running toward him. Moreover, there was nothing more than a bestowed marriage between Brother Taizi and Le Zhi. Brother Taizi treated everyone coldly, and he would not like Le Zhi.

Lin Yuxian was full of confidence, and only her passion could melt this piece of ice.

When she saw this scene tonight as if Heaven was reminding her. She could not wait any longer, she must marry Brother Taizi quickly. She could not let Le Zhi hurt Brother Taizi, even if he did not like her. Once Le Zhi’s unruly behavior spread, it would inevitably make others talk and joke about Brother Taizi during their leisure time.

Her thoughts returned, and she stared intently at the woman shrunk in the corner of the carriage. A sneer emerged from the corners of her mouth.

Le Zhi stepped into the inn once again and followed Qin Yu upstairs.

Just now, Huo Du said he wanted to come with her. Although she was a little surprised, she did not stop him. Anyway, it was the same whether he came or not. However, she wondered, how could he be with her?

After all, this was Huo Xu’s place, so it should be difficult for Huo Du to come in, right?

But Huo Du chuckled softly, and even deliberately kept the suspense without telling her. Just let her be one step ahead, saying that he could naturally be with her.

Le Zhi did not bother to pay attention to him.

As Le Zhi got closer to the guest room, she suppressed her inner nervousness and pretended to smile. Today was a tough battle, and she must do things very carefully and cautiously, without flaws to dispel Huo Xu’s suspicions.

When the door of the room opened, Le Zhi stepped in, and Qin Yu closed the door from outside.

Le Zhi raised her eyes to take a look at the surroundings of the guest room. This huge guest room had many furnishings and screens. She could not help wondering if Huo Du was already here, maybe he was secretly observing now.

Forget it, business is more important.
Don’t worry about him!

Le Zhi set her eyes on Huo Xu, and saw him with a weary expression, sitting on the armchair with his eyes lowered.

“Brother Ah Xu?” She lowered her voice and called softly.

Hearing the voice, Huo Xu raised his eyes and looked foolishly at the person whom he had been thinking about him for a long time.

At this time, the hidden figure behind the screen moved slightly, and the black-colored eyes were gradually covered with a layer of coldness.

Brother, Ah, Xu?

Huo Du took these words apart and recited them word by word in his heart silently. His cold white face was so cold that it could drip with water, he hooked his lips and sneered silently.

Did Le Zhi call him like this every day during the years when Huo Xu went to Great Li as a hostage?

It’s really unpleasant to hear.

However, Huo Xu’s heart trembled slightly at this call. Every time Le Zhi called him like this, his heart softened.

“Zhizhi…” He stared at her snowy cheeks and called her with a gentle tone of voice.

The affairs of Yang Heng and a few of the Shenyi Army troubled him for several days. They disappeared for no reason, and Huo Xu had sent many people to look for them, but they could not find them. He remembered what happened on the day he attacked the capital of country Li, and there was faint speculation in his heart.

But now facing her, he did not dare to ask.

At this time, the door of the guest room was pushed open from the outside.

“Miss, you can’t go in!”

Qin Yu shouted anxiously. He opened his arms to stop the angry person, but he could not stop her.

“Move aside!” Lin Yuxian charged into the guest room, and the servants behind her dragged Jiang Man’s arm and pulled her inside. Jiang Man’s mouth was gagged with a cloth ball, her eyes were full of moisture, and she looked at Huo Xu aggrievedly.

Upon seeing this, Huo Xu turned pale with fright.

He first stepped forward and protected Le Zhi behind him to prevent Lin Yuxian from doing any crazy moves toward her.

“What are you doing!” Huo Xu shouted furiously.

“Hehe, cousin.” Lin Yuxian snorted in a low voice, stretched out her hand to pull Jiang Man over, and sneered, “There are so many women around you!”

Looking at the tearful face of “Xiao Zhi”, Huo Xu felt a burst of pity in his heart. He pushed Lin Yuxian away, pulled Jiang Man to him, removed the cloth, and untied her bounded hands.


Jiang Man choked with sobs and threw herself into Huo Xu’s arms, wrapping her hands tightly around his waist. Huo Xu froze but could not bear to push her away at this moment.

However, Zhizhi was right behind him.

Huo Xu frowned, not knowing what to do. He did not dare to turn around to look at Le Zhi’s expression. Needless to say, Zhizhi must be very heartbroken. How could he explain to Zhizhi?

Le Zhi looked at this sudden scene in amazement.

When Lin Yuxian pulled that woman into the room, she was stunned for a moment. This woman looked so much like her.

It was not until the woman hugged Huo Xu with teary eyes that Le Zhi suddenly realized. It turned out that she was Huo Xu’s woman.

Le Zhi’s heart let out a sigh of relief. At this time, she really wanted to thank Lin Yuxian. Huo Xu would not ask her Yang Heng again after she made such a fuss.

Tsk. Huo Xu, who always faced her with an infatuated look, must be very nervous now that he was exposed in front of her!

It seemed that she was lucky again, joy welled up in her heart, and Le Zhi wanted to laugh. Fortunately, she tried her best to hold back.

If she laughed out loud, she certainly would be exposed!

Le Zhi thought about it, at this moment she should pretend to be sad and hurt. So, she showed a sad expression on her face. This expression fell in Lin Yuxian’s eyes, making her feel so unhappy!

She just wanted Le Zhi to have a hard time!

“You vixen! Being able to marry Brother Taizi is a blessing that you have cultivated in several lifetimes. However, you still don’t cherish it, and do not abide by the morals of a woman!” Lin Yuxian looked at Le Zhi with hatred, “Don’t you like my cousin? Unfortunately, there are too many women around him, and you are just one of his playthings! Hahaha!”

The person behind the screen originally had a playful smile due to the banters, watching the sudden blow in the room. But the harsh words instantly stained his eyes with insidiousness.

Not abiding by the morals of a woman.

Very good.
It seems that someone is tired of living.

Also… Brother Taizi? Through the screen, he could not see the woman’s face clearly. But listening to her voice, Huo Du was pretty sure that he did not know this person.

Could it be Huo Changyun’s illegitimate daughter among the commoner? Really unlucky.


A loud and clear slap sounded. Huo Xu pushed Jiang Man away and raised his hand to slap Lin Yuxian’s face fiercely.

This slap used a lot of strength until Lin Yuxian’s head was flung aside. She covered half of her face and turned her head in disbelief. Tears had already fallen, “You dare to hit me… How dare you hit me!”

She rushed towards Huo Xu like crazy, scratching him recklessly.

It was only because Lin Yuxian’s words were too unpleasant that Huo Xu became angry, but at this time he did not dare to really hit her again. But she scratched his face and neck with her nails.

“You let go of Wangye!” Jiang Man stepped forward and tried to stop her.

Lin Yuxian’s servants and Qin Yu also went over, trying to separate them.

Screams, cries, and angry shouts were mixed together, and the scene was chaotic. It took a long time before they calmed down.

The servants supported the exhausted Lin Yuxian. Huo Xu’s clothes were wrinkled, his face and neck were lacerated from the scratching, and Jiang Man’s hair bun was scattered messily.

Huo Xu ordered the two women to be taken out first, and then turned to Le Zhi with a guilty expression on his face, “Zhizhi, today’s incident… I, I will explain to you on another day, all right?”

Hearing this, Le Zhi nodded obediently and said with a distressed tone, “Brother Ah Xu, go back and apply medicine to the wound first.”

“Alright.” Huo Xu glanced at Le Zhi deeply, with bitterness in his heart. Then, he turned and walked out of the guest room.

Not long after, the sound of horseshoes outside sounded. Huo Xu had left.

Le Zhi finally did not have to hold back her smile anymore, she smiled with her lips and eyebrows curved. But she still did not dare to laugh out loud. After all, this inn belonged to Huo Xu, maybe the shopkeeper and the shop assistant were both his spies.

“If you want to laugh, just laugh.” A familiar voice sounded.

Huo Du walked out from behind the screen with a white jade cane.

Le Zhi turned to look at him, not surprised. He possessed remarkable abilities that it was not strange to see him appear here.

She approached him and asked, “Is it convenient to talk here?”

Huo Du hummed, held her wrist with a smile, and sat down at the table with her.

“Tsk. Let me guess…” Le Zhi blinked and looked at him again, “This is also Your Highness’s place, right?”

Huo Du raised his eyebrows and did not deny it.

“Have Your Highness seen what happened just now?”


“What a good show!” Le Zhi smiled happily, “It’s a pity that they don’t join the theatrical troupe.”

“Just them?” Huo Du chuckled and said disapprovingly, “They’re far worse than you.”

Le Zhi heard the eccentric meaning from his tone of voice. She suddenly remembered what Lin Yuxian said just now, so Huo Du also heard it, right?

She learned his tone and chuckled, “How is it? Lin Yuxian is obsessed with Your Highness and her heart is full of you!”

Hearing this, Huo Du set his gaze on Le Zhi’s face. Although not much, he still found a trace of displeasure in her expression.

That was enough to make him extremely happy.

However,… there was something he had to figure out first.

“Le Zhi, that one called Lin, Lin what Xian.” Huo Du really could not remember such an unpleasant name. He asked irritably, “Who is she?”

The author has something to say:
Du: Very good! My wife is jealous!
Zhi: ??? 
Lin Yuxian: Brother Taizi… 
Du: Who are you?  (Don’t touch me!)

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