After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 35          Farewell

Today, Le Zhi was wearing an apricot-colored dress. She smiled apologetically, which softened her expression.

Huo Du picked up the cane beside him and stood up. Le Zhi hurriedly stepped forward to support him, and took the opportunity to change the topic, “Why did Your Highness let them move to another place?”

“What do you think?”

Le Zhi pursed her lips. How could she know!

“It’s not enough to smash the teacup.” Huo Du looked straight ahead and said with a smile, “How about tearing this place down?”

His tone was calm as if he was talking about something trivial.

Le Zhi was unable to calm down. Her eyebrows frowned and her cherry lips were slightly opened in shock.

Tearing down the rooms… Don’t have to, ah!

Huo Du continued to ask, “Do you want to do it yourself, or watch others tear it down?”

Could she not choose?

“Of course, there is a third option.”

At this time, Le Zhi let out a sigh of relief and knew that this lunatic was probably just talking only. But the next moment…

“Or tear down those maids of yours.”


There was no other way as none of the three choices were normal. She could only choose a slightly more normal one.

The guards acted swiftly as if their job was not to guard the mansion but to tear down the rooms. Soon, Le Zhi saw all kinds of decorations, tables, chairs, beds, and even the doors of the rooms had been broken into pieces and thrown into the courtyard. All kinds of shattering sounds did not stop for a moment.

In a short time, the courtyard was a mess.

“Are you happy?” Huo Du raised his eyes slightly and said with a smile, “Isn’t it more interesting than throwing a cup?”

Le Zhi glanced at the broken pieces on the ground and was helpless. She realized that some of the anger in her heart due to the incident with Li Yao had dissipated. In the past, her imperial father had taught her that she should not vent at will because of emotional disturbance. She had been following it since she was a child, and today she was so angry that she threw a cup for the first time.

Could it be that getting close to bad people could make people bad, and her temperament had become more violent?

Before she could answer, An Xuan came over. He looked serious as if he had something important to report to Huo Du.

Huo Du understood clearly, raised his hand to rub Le Zhi’s head, and said, “Don’t you have something to do? Go ahead.”

After he finished speaking, he walked with An Xuan in the direction of the study.

Le Zhi looked at his dark blue back view and was a little dazed for a moment. In the scene just now, aside from the identities of the Taizi and the Princess of the subjugated country, she and Huo Du seemed to be really just an ordinary couple.

Farewell… Le Zhi suddenly remembered tonight’s plan. Although she was ninety percent sure, there were no absolutes in the world. In case of a miscalculation, just now may be the last time they saw each other.

And she did not say anything just now.

“Your Highness!”

Le Zhi shouted without thinking too much and at the same time, her footsteps had already stepped forward.

If this is really the last time. I have to say goodbye properly.

Huo Du paused in his footsteps and turned to look at the person who trotted over with a trace of surprise in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Le Zhi gasped after standing still and raised her eyes to look at the person in front of her. Her eyes were burning and suddenly did not know what to say.

Then Le Zhi raised her arms around Huo Du’s waist to hug him and put her chin on his shoulder on a slight tiptoe. The words she wanted to say finally merged into two words, and she murmured softly, “Thank you.”

Upon seeing this, An Xuan on the side took a few steps to the side knowingly and then turned his head away.

The faint fragrance of hibiscus spread to Huo Du’s nose. He stared at her black hair on the side, and chuckled, “Are you really so happy to tear down the rooms?”

Le Zhi let go of her hands and distanced herself for a while. She clenched the medicine jar in her hand and smiled without saying anything.

The familiar scent of mint wafted in the air. Le Zhi suddenly remembered something and advised, “Your Highness, it’s better to eat some hot food for breakfast.”

You have to take care of yourself.

Finally, she bowed slightly, “I’m leaving.”

After Le Zhi left, Huo Du stood still without any expression. What she said just now sounded like her last words, and he did not like them very much.

After a long time, Huo Du looked sideways and seemed to ask An Xuan, “You say, can she do it?”

Yang Mansion.

Yang Heng was not surprised at all to receive a secret letter from Le Zhi. With Le Jin as a threat, he had a hundred percent chance of a sure win.

Yang Heng frowned when he looked at the contents of the letter and a moment of worry flashed across his heart. Le Zhi said that Taizi was too suspicious and could not send Li Yao directly to the Yang Mansion. Instead, she would take Li Yao to a hot spring villa on the outskirts of the town and invite him to meet her at the villa.

However, Yang Heng was unexpectedly calculated half a month ago which made him a little afraid. What if it was to draw him into a trap?

The letter was crumpled by Yang Heng. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the wooden box on the bed. All kinds of tools in it reminded him of the fact that he was now castrated and the pain in his lower body wound tormented him every day.

A warm feeling rose inside when he thought of Li Yao’s innocent face.

Never mind. Aren’t they just young ladies, what can they do?

He decided to go to the hot spring villa.

Despite that, Yang Heng still decided to bring a few secret guards to protect him secretly. In order to avoid being calculated again.

Hot Spring Villa.

Le Zhi had already asked Li Yao to book the whole place in the name of a wealthy businessman’s wife. At this time, she and Li Yao were the only people in this huge villa. She sat on the swing in the backyard, looked at the gloomy sky, and made estimations in her heart. There should be a boundless heavy rain tonight and thought that Heaven was helping her.

“Master, everything is arranged.”

Li Yao walked to Le Zhi’s side and learned about her master’s overall plan. While she marveled at the meticulousness of the plan, Li Yao was still a little worried.

“Let Li Yao stay with you.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi shook her head with a smile, then took out a letter from her sleeve and handed it to Li Yao, “You have to go back to the mansion. If I haven’t returned to the mansion by the time of yinshi (3 am – 5 am), you’ll hand this letter to His Highness.”

Li Yao’s eyes turned red in an instant. She took a step back and was unwilling to accept the letter. She was very scared.

“What are you thinking?” Le Zhi stuffed the letter into her and said with a smile, “I’m not saying any depressing words. Don’t worry, I’ll come back safely.”

At the urging of Le Zhi, Li Yao left the hot spring villa step by step while looking back over and over again.

The atmosphere seemed to quiet down. Le Zhi raised her eyes and looked around, the eaves, along the edges of the doors, and even every window were not missed. There was also a prepared pool of warm hot springs.

Le Zhi straightened her lapel and approached a red plum tree. She twisted off a petal randomly and sniffed it lightly.

Everything was ready. This charming and gentle outskirt would eventually be dyed red with blood.

Back at the Taizi Mansion, Li Yao was restless with the letter in her hand.

Seeing the sky gradually getting darker, Li Yao was extremely anxious. The time passed little by little. She could no longer sit still, got up, and walked toward the study. She could not see through where Taizi placed her master in his heart, but since her master had left a letter to His Highness, at least… she trusted His Highness.

Huo Du stood quietly by the window of the study. He looked at the dark cloudy night sky and estimated the time. Not long after, a faint smile appeared on the cold white face. He raised his legs to walk towards the door. If he went over now, he should be able to see her murderous appearance.

But when An Xuan opened the door, there was a figure kneeling down outside.

“Pay respect to Your Highness.” Li Yao presented the letter with shaking hands, “My master is now in the hot spring villa on the outskirts. She said that if she does not return by yinshi, she will ask this maid to give the letter to His Highness. But… but this maid…”

Li Yao’s voice trembled and unable to speak. She was also betting that Huo Du could send someone to protect her master after reading the letter. As long as he was willing to help, her master would be in less danger.

Huo Du took the letter but did not answer.

Seeing his expression slightly frozen, An Xuan asked Li Yao to withdraw first.

After being blocked by Li Yao, Huo Du was in no hurry to go to the villa. He walked to the desk with the letter and sat back in the armchair. Recalling Li Yao’s timid face just now, she was obviously scared but still came to look for him for the sake of Le Zhi.

Huo Du remembered what Le Zhi had said not long ago when she begged him to save Li Yao.

“Sincerity, I use my sincerity.”

At that time, he was still laughing at her naivety in his heart. Thinking of this, Huo Du curled his lips, and his smile grew stronger.

His little fox won the bet.

Opening the letter, Huo Du looked at the familiar handwriting on the letter. The smile on the corner of his lips dissipated, and his black eyes gradually became gloomy.

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