After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 36          Stabbed to Death

The moment he stepped into the hot spring villa, the fragrance of flowers wafted to his face.

But for some unknown reason, Yang Heng was a little terrified, and a chill gathered in his heart. He looked back and was a little relieved when he saw the secret guards were hidden by the eaves.

Once bitten, twice shy. He cursed and grumbled to himself for becoming timider and timider nowadays.

“Lord Yang is here.”

A gentle and pleasant voice pulled back Yang Heng’s thoughts, and soon a red begonia dress came into view. The corridors in the villa courtyard were all brightly lit, illuminating the snowy cheeks of Le Zhi.

Yang Heng was stunned on the spot, staring at the faint blush outlined in the corner of Le Zhi’s eyes, as if his heart was moved.

Beautiful and charming, like a demon spirit.

Although Yang Heng preferred gentle and innocent women, which kind of man could resist this look? In other words, even if he was not a man, he could be seduced. Even though he reminded himself that this woman could not be seen, let alone touched, his mind rippled endlessly.

Le Zhi curved the corner of her lips, took a few steps closer, and said again, “Lord Yang?”

Only then did Yang Heng return to his senses. He coughed softly and saw that there was no one around Le Zhi, and asked, “Taizifei, where is Li Yao?”

“My lord, follow me. Li Yao is waiting for you in the hot spring pool.”

Le Zhi turned around to lead him the way, and Yang Heng stepped in to follow.

The wind suddenly turned violent as if the mountain rain was about to come. After all, Yang Heng came from a military background and had extraordinary vigilance beyond ordinary people. He looked around and saw that there was not a single maidservant serving in the huge villa. Looking at the hot spring pool that he was about to walk to in the distance, there was warm light from the door, but a gloomy feeling rose in his chest.

Thus, he stopped and no longer moved forward.

When Le Zhi saw the person behind her stop, her heart froze slightly. She thought that things might not go as smoothly as she thought. After a pause, she also stopped and turned around, and saw Yang Heng staring at her with a wary look.

At this time, she must not mess up. She gave a soft smile and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Why is there no one here?”

“There are things that my lord doesn’t know. There will be more gossip with more people. Taizi must not know about the meeting between you and me here. That’s why all the people were sent to the rear courtyard of the villa.”

Knowing that his suspicion had arisen, Le Zhi did not urge him, but said instead, “If my lord still has doubts, then sit here for a while, and I will go call Li Yao here.”

Yang Heng thought for a moment as he walked toward the pavilion but did not sit down after he entered the pavilion.

There was a stone table in the center of the pavilion with warmed sake on the table. Le Zhi picked up the wine cup at random, poured a cup, and handed it to Yang Heng, “My lord, please drink.”

Yang Heng took the wine cup and only glanced at the wine faintly, without drinking it.

At this moment, Le Zhi looked behind Yang Heng with her eyes flashing brightly and exclaimed, “Li Yao, why did you come out?”

Without taking time to think, Yang Heng almost subconsciously turned around to look following her voice.

When Yang Heng turned around, Le Zhi quickly took out the handkerchief and dagger from her waist, and she stared closely. There was only one moment of opportunity, and she must hit it with one blow!

Fortunately, Yang Heng still had old injuries now. Without the slightest hesitation, Le Zhi raised her leg and kicked this lower body hard!

The wound suddenly burst open, and the piercing pain caused Yang Heng to stumble out of the pavilion. He cursed angrily in his heart but could not fight back immediately. He raised his head to look at the eaves and shouted in pain, “Come…”

Before the word “someone” could be shouted, his mouth and nose were covered with a wet handkerchief that had a strong smell of wine. The white palm covered him firmly through the handkerchief!

There is dizziness in my head… This wine is mixed with medicine!

While there was still a little bit of consciousness left, Yang Heng raised his hand and pulled Le Zhi’s arm in an attempt to release her grip. He was at a loss. Even if he could not make a sound, the secret guards could not be completely unaware of such a big movement.

At this time, the four secret guards, who were lying on the eaves, were severely poisoned and were struggling painfully. After they got on the eaves, they smelled the heavy fragrance. They did not think much about it because they were observing Lord Yang’s movements with all their heart. However, their head gradually became confused. In the end, there was a sweetness in the throat, and black blood overflowed from the corners of their mouth.

Le Zhi firmly pressed Yang Heng’s chest with her knees, ignoring his scratching and pulling, covering his mouth and nose with both hands, and staring at his panicked eyes.

She sneered in her heart. Now, Yang Heng should be able to understand the horror feelings that her sister felt when she was humiliated that day, right?

Gradually, Yang Heng’s pupils became cloudy.

Le Zhi let go of one hand, picked up the dagger, and thrust it into his left heart.

In an instant, Yang Heng’s eyes widened, as if his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Apart from being forcibly held by Huo Du to take someone’s life with a crossbow, Le Zhi had never killed anyone. She did not know if she had stabbed in the wrong position but felt the sticky hot blood splashed on her face, then gushed out of his chest and soaked her right hand.

After a short while, Yang Heng lost his breath with his eyes opened.


The sound of someone falling to the ground behind her.

Le Zhi stood up and saw a secret guard dressed in black struggling for his last breath, trying to save his master. She stared silently at the man’s distorted expression and hateful eyes. He walked toward her with a knife, but after only two steps, he spat out black blood and fell to the ground.

The villa fell into silence again.

One man and five corpses, as well as a strong smell of blood.

At this time, the heavy rain came, and Heaven poured down all the rain that had accumulated for a day. Le Zhi stood dazedly in the pouring rain, letting the rain pour through her.

Sure enough, even Heaven was helping her. Heavy rain could wash away all traces in the surroundings.

She had succeeded.

However, Le Zhi’s head was a little muddled, as if she had lost all five senses.

She squatted down weakly and raised her face after closing her eyes. The freezing rain washed her cheeks and washed away all the blood. Suddenly, Le Zhi seemed to hear a burst of footsteps. She had long been familiar with the subtle sound made by the cane touching the ground.

Could it be that she had auditory hallucinations?

But the next moment, the raindrops that fell on the top of her head seemed to be cut off. Le Zhi raised her eyes and saw Huo Du holding an umbrella while looking at her silently.

“Can you stand up by yourself?”

Le Zhi did not know if the rain was too cold, but she suddenly felt that the voice had a lot of warmth. She nodded, and then stood up. The umbrella was not big, and Le Zhi was afraid of passing the wetness to him, so she stepped back hastily and stepped into the rain.

She knew how embarrassed she was as her whole body was dirty and wet. Huo Du dressed in a crimson straight shirt, neat and clean, which was in stark contrast to her. Le Zhi was extremely confused.

Why is he here?

Huo Du’s eyes were heavy and moved the umbrella forward, “You come to hold the umbrella.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi nodded and took the umbrella, but she still did not move her body a little bit.

Huo Du without any better way had to walk quickly in the direction of the hot spring pool. When the two walked into the corridor, Le Zhi still held up the umbrella senselessly. Huo Du sighed softly, took the umbrella, and threw it aside.

“Go in and change your clothes.”

Huo Du raised his hand to push the door, but was stopped by Le Zhi holding his wrist, “Go to another place, the hot spring inside is poisoned.”

The crimson sleeves were soaked by her wet palm, and the water stains spread out on the cuffs. Le Zhi quickly let go of her hand. She saw bloodstains left under her nails and felt a little apologetic, “I’m sorry. Your Highness, come with me and change into a new one.”

Huo Du glanced sideways at the corpses on the eaves and on the ground, and then at the door beside him.

How much effort did she spend to kill this son of the b*tch?
Even the suicide note was written.

The moment Le Zhi turned around, a voice sounded behind her, “Le Zhi, are you tired?”

Tired? Le Zhi suddenly wanted to cry. Since early this morning, her body and mind have not stopped for a moment.

Seeing that she did not answer, Huo Du continued to ask, “Do you want to continue?”

Le Zhi understood what he meant. In addition to Yang Heng, there were also several despicable and shameless Shenyi Army that she had to get rid of. But killing Yang Heng had exhausted her physically and mentally. The next road would be even more difficult, right?

But she could not retreat.

Le Zhi looked at the reflection on the ground swaying gently in the wind and hummed firmly.

After a short silence, Huo Du stepped forward and hugged Le Zhi firmly from behind. He wrapped a hand around her slender waist and held her tightly in his arms. But he still felt that it was not enough. He could not wrap her tightly with one hand, which was far from enough.

He looked down at his other hand on the cane, and his face became cold.

Le Zhi felt his strength and was startled that her wet clothes had stained Huo Du’s clothes. Her heart fluttered slightly and raised her hand to cover the arm around her waist. She did not know why Huo Du wanted to hug her, she only felt the fear and uneasiness in her heart disappear at this moment. The frozen limbs seemed to have consciousness again.

Then, a warm breath came close to her ear, and the familiar tone was mixed with a hint of seduction.

“Le Zhi, do you want to… take a shortcut?”

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  1. Thank you for the update, I like Le Zhi, dares to hate, dares to take action. Also like Huo Du who let her take her revenge.

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