After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 34          Relieved

At noon, the sky was depressingly gloomy.

Le Zhi walked quickly to the outside of the main hall. An Xuan stood in front of the door and reported in a deep voice, “Taizifei, this subordinate intercepted and brought Li Yao back from a mile away from the Yang Mansion. Your Highness said your maid should be at your disposal.”

“Yes. Lord An, you can withdraw first.”

An Xuan bowed his head and left with a group of attendants outside the hall.

The wind picked up. The piercing wind blew into the hall and brushed Li Yao’s back, who was kneeling on the ground. Le Zhi looked at her back view, thin and shivering. Suppressing the bitterness in her heart, she strode into the main hall and sat on the armchair in the middle.

For a moment, neither the master nor the servant spokes.

Perhaps the atmosphere was too depressing, Li Yao could not bear it any longer and raised her scarlet eyes, “Master, I…” With only two words, her voice was already choked with sobs.

“Do you know where you did wrong?”

When the cold tone of voice reached Li Yao’s ears, her heart froze, and spoke in a tearful voice, “This maid is wrong. This maid should not make a decision without your approval… But Master, please believe in this maid. This maid is sure to take Yang Heng’s life.”

Li Yao knew that Master was very thoughtful, and thought that she was worried something bad would happen to her. But what she could do well, she could definitely do it.

Hearing this, Le Zhi frowned.

This girl obviously hasn’t figured it out yet.

With a suffocated chest, Le Zhi brushed her hands off angrily and caused the teacup placed on the table to fall heavily. Unexpectedly, the hot tea was boiling hot, and the tea that was brushed off from the sleeves, most of it, spilled on the back of Le Zhi’s hand. The cup shattered all over the place, and the back of her hand also burnt red.

Le Zhi could not care less about the pain on the back of her hand and said, “Of course, you can. Li Yao, I never doubted your ability.”

Li Yao suddenly raised her eyes.

If that’s the case, then why… don’t let her go?

“So? You just want to die with that beast?” Le Zhi clenched her fists and was deeply saddened when she thought of Li Yao’s plan.

“I like your capability, and I hope you can help me. But I never thought of asking you to use your life to help me pave the way.”

“You are a person, not a tool.”

Le Zhi leaned weakly on the back of the chair. She could not help asking herself if she had done something wrong.

In the beginning, Li Yao, Jing Xin, and Lin Yue were chosen more or less because of their respective advantages that could help her. However, the current situation was obviously not what she wanted to see.

The loyalty she wanted was not like this. She did not want innocent people to use blood to build the road of revenge for her. Everyone had the right to live and the meaning of their own life.

Thinking of today, without Huo Du’s help, Li Yao might have disappeared into this world without any sound like nothingness. Le Zhi covered her heart and sighed, “Li Yao, you can leave. I’ll prepare some travel expenses for you. Don’t worry about Huo Xu. From now on, you are you, and no one will control you anymore.”

Li Yao had been dazed since Le Zhi spoke. When she finally came to her senses, she threw herself on Le Zhi’s lap, and wept, “Li Yao is wrong. I really know I’m wrong. Master, don’t drive me away. This maid promised that I’ll never do this again. This maid will cherish oneself.”

Li Yao had long been used to being at the mercy of others and sacrificing herself for others. She had completely forgotten that she was also a person, a person with flesh and blood that would hurt too. Every word of Le Zhi just now hit her heart and finally reminded her that…

How can she leave such a good master?

The sobbing whimper and the powerful resounding words of assurance made Le Zhi heave a sigh of relief. She did not really want to drive away Li Yao, but she had to make Li Yao realize how wrong this was. It was impossible for her to stare at Li Yao forever. She must let Li Yao really understand so that she could put things right once and for all.

“Do you really understand?”

Li Yao raised her head and nodded earnestly.

“Alright.” Le Zhi helped her up, “There can be no next time. You can withdraw now.”

“But… but Yang Heng it’s too dangerous.” Li Yao’s face was full of worries, “Master, tell me the plan. At that time, you can watch it from the side and let me do it, alright?”

Le Zhi shook her head in refusal. She knew that Li Yao was worried, and she also knew that if it was left to Li Yao, she would not miss it. But… the humiliation suffered by her sister and the hatred in her sister’s heart made her unable to use someone else’s hand. This was something she had to do herself.

Seeing this, Li Yao had no choice but to retire.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Le Zhi lowered her eyes and looked at the mess, a little annoyed. Just as she was about to call someone to clean up, she saw Huo Du leisurely pushing his wheelchair into the hall.

Le Zhi frowned.

How long has this person been here?

“Is it fun to throw the cup?”

Seeing Huo Du’s gaze fall on the shards of porcelain on the ground, Le Zhi hurriedly said, “Sorry, I’ll call someone to clean it up right away.”

“Come back.”

The foot that had just taken a step had to be taken back. Le Zhi walked over to Huo Du with her head down, and apologized again, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to throw things. There’ll be no next time.”

There was no reply.

After all, there would be always the first mistake, and Le Zhi did not dare to look up. Her left hand was lifted suddenly, and then there was an icy cold feeling on the back of her hand.

Le Zhi raised her eyes in surprise and saw Huo Du holding an ointment jar. His cold white fingers dipped in the creamy white ointment, and gently applied to the back of her burnt red hand. She was stunned and could not speak for a while.

“You can hurt yourself by teaching the maid.” Huo Du did not raise his eyes and sneered, “You are really promising.”

“I… I was just careless.” Le Zhi’s face flushed slightly as it was indeed embarrassing.

Huo Du closed the ointment jar, then grabbed Le Zhi’s right hand and placed the ointment jar in her palm.

“This?” Le Zhi picked up the ointment jar and was a little puzzled.

Huo Du laughed and raised his eyelids slightly, “Three times a day, apply it yourself. What? Do you want this loneliness to help you apply it?”

“No, no… no need.” Le Zhi held the medicine jar and shook her head, “Thank you.”

At this moment, An Xuan came in. He respectfully saluted Huo Du, “Your Highness, everything is ready.”

“Let’s go.”

Le Zhi did not know what he was going to do but thinking that she still had important things to do today, she thought of taking the opportunity to be excused, “Your Highness, I…”

Before she finished speaking, Huo Du pushed the wheelchair out. The white jade wheelchair glowed with a cold light and gave people a sense of oppression.

Le Zhi did not dare to refuse, so she could only bite the bullet to keep up with him.

As she walked, the doubt in Le Zhi’s heart grew bigger and bigger. This direction… was toward the maid’s quarters.

As they got nearer, Le Zhi saw from a distance that Li Yao walking out of the room with her baggage and the two guards.

Le Zhi’s breathing was a little stagnant and her heart was filled with fear.

What did Huo Du want to do with Li Yao? Did not he say to let her deal with it?

“Your Highness, where are they taking Li Yao?” Le Zhi reached out her hand to gently tug at Huo Du’s sleeve and asked anxiously.

“Can you feel relieved just by throwing one cup?” Huo Du asked rhetorically instead of answering.

“I’m relieved.” Le Zhi nodded, “I’m really relieved!”

“But this loneliness thinks it’s not enough.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi was dumbfounded. She looked anxiously in the direction of Li Yao and saw that Li Yao had lowered her head, while the guard walking in front of her had a stern expression.

She was shocked, what exactly is Huo Du trying to do?!

“Your Highness, tell them to stop.” Le Zhi was anxious, and her voice quivered a little, “Don’t make it difficult for her!”

But Huo Du still smiled indifferently and did not answer.

“Huo Du!”

Seeing his indifference, Le Zhi blurted out and called out his name angrily. Regardless of his reaction, she raised her legs and chased in the direction of Li Yao.

“You let her go!”

The guards and Li Yao turned around together, all with a surprised look.

“Master? What’s wrong?” Li Yao was a little confused.

“Where are they taking you?” Le Zhi said with a serious face, “Why are you carrying baggage?”

“Don’t you know? The brother guard said that His Highness was going to move the quarters of the maids to the northern courtyard. Jing Xin and the others have already gone over.”

…how can this be?!

The corners of Le Zhi’s mouth froze. She laughed twice and let Li Yao follow the guards away.

She lowered her eyes and turned around. Her feet felt like weighed thousands of pounds. She seemed to have called him by his first and last name just now.

Walking slowly to Huo Du, Le Zhi raised her eyes suddenly and ran into a pair of peach blossom eyes that seemed to be smiling yet not smiling.

The author has something to say:
Zhi: Bigmouth… It’s over…
Du: Heh.

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