After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 33          Anger

When stepping into the gate of Xia Feitai, Le Zhi looked up at the dark sky.

It was obviously daytime, but the sky was gray as if heavy rain was brewing.

Yang Heng sat in the center of the main hall of Xia Feitai with a gloomy face. His eyes were cloudy, and his dry lips were slightly white. His vitality was obviously severely damaged. He stared at a group of prison guards kneeling on the ground and carefully discerning whether there was a sneering look on their faces. If there was even the slightest bit, he would kill one to set an example!

After losing the dignity of a man, Yang Heng’s temperament became more and more sinister.

A guard came in from outside to report that Taizifei had arrived.

Yang Heng was not at all surprised as he knew that Huo Xu had given Le Zhi the right to visit. If she came today, it would be the last visit of the month.

Oh, what’s the use?!

During the period of recuperation, Yang Heng sent the best spies to investigate the person who harmed him to this point but found nothing. As the Deputy Commander of the Shenyi Army, he had formed grudges with many people, but he knew that those people did not dare to do anything to him.

He had thought carefully that it was probably the pair of sisters whose country was subjugated recently who had a deep grudge against him, right?

However, Le Jin had been imprisoned here, and Le Zhi was so frightened that her hands trembled at the wedding banquet of Jingxian Wang. How could it be possible?


Yang Heng had a hypothesis that Le Zhi used beauty tricks and filled Huo Du with ecstasy drugs and asked Huo Du to hurt him.

After all, the Taizi with a crippled leg was a person that neither the Empress nor Jingxian Wang could eliminate. Over the years, they could not even get to the bottom of him. Huo Du was like a monster who was dormant in the dark night, and no one could find out anything. They were at a loss for what to do.

But Yang Heng knew that Huo Du’s methods were bound to be ruthless. Otherwise, how could those spies and dark guards disappear completely, as if there had never been a trace of them in the world?

Now that Le Zhi was here, he also wanted to see her reaction.

The prison guards kneeling on the ground were very grateful for Le Zhi’s arrival, or else they would not know how long they would have to kneel. Everyone saluted Le Zhi respectfully and then asked for leave to withdraw.

The hall became quiet. Although Xia Feitai had the word Xia* on it, it was icy cold that pierced to the bone.

(Xia* – means summer in the Chinese language)

“Pay respect to Taizifei.”

“Lord Yang doesn’t have to be polite.” Le Zhi pretended to be concerned, “I see that Lord’s complexion is not good, so why don’t you rest for a while?”

Yang Heng stared coldly at the seductive face in front of him, extremely beautiful and hypocritical. He sneered, “Since I receive the official salary, I should share the Emperor’s worries. So, how dare I take a rest.”

After a pause, he said again, “Taizifei and I have known each other for a while. Now that I have been assigned here, I will definitely take more care of your sister.”

In an instant, coldness permeated Le Zhi’s whole body. She gripped the dagger in her sleeve tightly. He dared to provoke her openly!

However, if she made a move in the Xia Feitai, she would have no chance of winning. Besides, the visitation was almost over, and Le Zhi could only play along with him first. At least it had to be delayed until the evening, otherwise, only her elder sister would suffer if he got annoyed!

“Xia Feitai is cold and gloomy all the year round which is really not suitable for Lord Yang to recuperate. Why don’t you request a transfer to another place?” Le Zhi thought to lure him first, so she said softly, “I recently got a rare thing, Beihai Golden Coral. This thing has the effect of calming the nerves and refreshing the mind. It will be delivered to Lord’s mansion in a while, which is considered as my intention.”

Le Zhi’s flattering tone made Yang Heng extremely happy. It seemed that he thought too much. She was nothing more than a young lady who lost her country and family and could be manipulated by others. She was so timid that she got afraid when she was frightened.

“I’m just a layman and can’t use such a precious thing.” Yang Heng sneered and turned his eyes to Li Yao’s body and sized her up, “Now that I’m like this, I just want to have a caring intimate person.”

This was what Yang Heng planned. To cast a brick to attract the jade. It was false to use Le Jin as a threat, but it was true that he wanted Li Yao.

He did not want to use Le Jin to test Le Zhi. Firstly, Huo Xu had ordered that Le Jin could not be touched. Secondly, Le Jin was too important to Le Zhi, and he also did not want to push her to a dead end. After all, an anxious rabbit would bite.

It was enough to use a personal maid to test her.

Besides, Li Yao did look pure and lovely, indeed an innocent girl, which was really seductive.

Although the root was broken now, the desire in his heart was hard to eliminate. Looking at Li Yao’s little face, Yang Heng felt very itchy. Moreover, there were many tricks for castrated people. He fantasized about it in his mind, and his body could not help but heat up.

He stared straight at Li Yao like a poisonous snake, which made Li Yao feel uncomfortable all over. She lowered her eyes and trembled in fear, feeling a little overwhelmed for a while.

After a moment of silence, Le Zhi clenched both her fists and suppressed the discomfort in her stomach. She sneered in her heart that some beasts were useless even if they were castrated and that living was a disgrace in the human eye.

Since he was in a hurry to court death, he saved her from forging the letter and leading him into the trap.

“I understand what Lord Yang means.” Le Zhi stretched out her hand to cover the back of Li Yao’s hand and said as if she was embarrassed, “How about this… Lord, please give me some time.”

She could not agree outright, which would make Yang Heng suspicious.

At this time, a prison guard hurried in and knelt down to make a report, “Lord, Jingxian Wang requests you to go over to his mansion for a chat.”

Le Zhi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good. I’ll wait for the good news from Taizifei.” Yang Heng’s tone was full of determination, “I also ask Taizifei not to make me wait too long.”

Li Yao’s heart was full of mixed feelings when she walked out of Xia Feitai with Le Zhi.

She and the master met by chance, from the beginning of the suspicion to the present companion. These days, Li Yao kept all the kindness of her master to her in her heart. Her master detoxified her, took care of her body, and even ate and wore the best. After her grandmother passed away, no one treated her so well.

But Li Yao knew that there were too many things in her master’s mind, and she knew her master’s feelings for her sister even more. Yang Heng was despicable and shameless and even threatened her with this.

After thinking about Li Yao, she could not make things difficult for her master.

“Li Yao, Li Yao?”

Since getting on the carriage, Li Yao had been absent-minded. Just now at Xia Feitai, some words could not be explained to her in time. Le Zhi knew that this silly girl must have thought too much.

Le Zhi held Li Yao’s hand and patted it lightly, “Don’t think too much. Don’t pay attention to the filthy words Yang Heng said just now. Don’t worry, I’m here!”

A warm feeling poured into her heart, and Li Yao’s eyes were sore. She could not speak for fear that she would cry as soon as she made a sound.

So, this was the feeling of being protected by someone?

“Li Yao is back!”

Just as she entered the room, Lin Yue’s crisp and pleasant voice came, and Li Yao was pulled to the table to sit down. Although Lin Yue and Jing Xin did not know much about the matter between Yang Heng and Le Zhi, they also knew more or less.

Seeing that Li Yao’s complexion was not good, she hurriedly asked, “Are things not going well?”

Li Yao shook her head, “It went well.”

“That’s good.” Jing Xin raised her hand and touched the medicine cup on the table, “The tonic is still warm, so drink it quickly.”

Hearing this, Lin Yue nodded, “Master is afraid that you’ll forget, so she told us to watch you drink every day! Although it’s a bit bitter, it’ll be over in two more days!”

Li Yao opened the lid, and the familiar smell of medicine wafted through the air. Since her detoxification, Le Zhi sent someone to check her pulse. The doctor said that she was weak, and it was best to drink some tonics.

She drank it all in one gulp. Who said the medicine was bitter, she did not feel it at all but felt a sweet taste in the bitter medicine.

“I’m a little tired and want to rest.”

“All right, you go to sleep for a while.” Lin Yue smiled, “When you wake up, let’s pick the pearl hairpins together!”

After Lin Yue and Jing Xin left, Li Yao did not rest. She stared at the empty medicine cup in a daze. She knew that her master was going to do something to Yang Heng.

But Yang Heng just had an accident not long ago, and it was too dangerous to do it at this time. She did not want her master to take risks. Could she remove a threat to her master if she followed Yang Heng’s wishes and used her body as bait?

After a while, a slight smile appeared on Li Yao’s face. She had made a decision and did not regret it.

Le Zhi was sorting out her thoughts in the bedroom, and she wanted to make the most appropriate plan. She unfolded the paper and listed clearly what needed to be done every hour.

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from outside the door.

She raised her eyes and saw Huo Du holding the snow fluffy in his arms and slowly pushing the wheelchair into the bedroom.

At this time, Le Zhi really did not have time to pay attention to him. She bluntly said, “Your Highness, I am a little busy today.”

The meaning of the spoken words to drive someone away was obvious.

Go some elsewhere for fun!

Huo Du chuckled lightly and said in a casual tone, “Taizifei is so busy that you didn’t even notice that your personal maid is missing.”

Le Zhi’s heart trembled greatly as the writing brush fell suddenly. She had a faint bad premonition.

Li Yao… Are you going to do something stupid!?

Yang Mansion! She had to stop her!

Le Zhi raised her leg and rushed out of the room, but when she ran past Huo Du’s side, she was grabbed by the wrist.

“Let me go!” She was anxious and distressed, and said with a sobbing tone, “It’s too late. I want to save her.”

Huo Du frowned and did not let go, “What are you panicking about? I’ve caught her back for you.”

Is it necessary? She looks like the sky is about to collapse.

The worried heart fell heavily. Le Zhi heaved a sigh of relief, and her panicked expression calmed down. She asked in a deep voice, “Where is the person?”

“In the main hall.” Huo Du let go of her hand and watched her changing expression calmly.

Le Zhi’s complexion became darker and darker. She bowed and saluted Huo Du, “Thank you Your Highness, and has caused trouble for Your Highness.” After saying that, she left the bedroom and walked quickly towards the main hall.

Huo Du did not stop her, only stared at her back view quietly, and even her back view could reveal her anger.

This was the first time he saw her angry. Her foxy eyes glowed gloomily.

Tsk, it’s really scary.

The author has something to say:
Du: I’m so scared!

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