After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 32          Disabled Leg

The noisy platform quieted down unknowingly.

Le Zhi turned around and no longer raised her hand to increase the price, let alone look at him again. Not long after, she caught a glimpse of the maids beside her moving to the right to make room, and then the purple figure took a seat beside her.

Shortly after that, the sound of “Deal” came.

The person was robbed.

She was so angry that she scrunched her face.

Everyone on the platform was either rich or noble, all of them were elite. They quickly understood, was not it just that the young couple was at odds with each other?!

Sitting behind Le Zhi was an older wealthy merchant couple. The noble madam in a soft cotton cloak could not help it and chuckled, “Hey, I said this gentleman, you can’t coax your wife like this. You wasted five hundred taels for nothing, and your wife will only blame you for being a loser. Take a look, isn’t your wife getting angrier? You have to coax her well, ah!”

“Sorry, you two. Don’t pay attention to her.” The elegant man beside the madam hugged her, “Ah Wu, don’t make trouble.” Although it was a reproachful word, the tone was extremely gentle.

Le Zhi’s cheeks flushed. She turned her head and nodded slightly towards the couple.

Perhaps due to the appearance of the two being too outstanding and coupled with the words of the madam, the surrounding people look at them one after another curiously.

The two sat very closely together, and the light purple hem was on Le Zhi’s snow-colored fox fur coat. Le Zhi raised her eyes and saw that Huo Du still had a casual expression.

That’s right, he is always blind to everything.

However, the person beside her reached out his arms around Le Zhi’s shoulders the next moment, following the example of the couple behind them.

“Didn’t Your Highness say that you wouldn’t come? What are you doing now?” Le Zhi asked in a faint voice.

“Tsk.” Huo Du raised his eyes slightly and said with a deliberate smile, “To coax Madam, ah.”

Le Zhi thought that it would be nice if he did not make trouble.

After a pause, Le Zhi who was still aggrieved, muttered dissatisfiedly, “Then why are you robbing people from me? Obviously, I saw him first…”

“What did you see in him?”

“That young man has a strong body, and his feet were fast as wind when he made a move.” Le Zhi was still shocked when she recalled the scene on the field just now, and could not hide her admiration, “Even An Xuan said he was good!”

Feet as fast as wind?

Huo Du glanced at the cane beside him, and the smile on his face disappeared instantly.

Seeing this, Le Zhi instantly regained her senses and her cheeks lost color. She hurriedly held his hand. She wanted to explain but did not know what to say, and her throat seems to be blocked. She really just forgot for a moment, which by no means despised him.

“I am sorry…”

Huo Du looked sideways and chuckled, “Why do you apologize, you’re right.”

A small panicked face appeared in his black eyes. This was her truest feeling for him. After stripping the false flattery, she was only afraid of him. Those bright and beautiful smiles, insincere hugs, and soft whispers were just acted out of desperation.

How normal.
If she was sincere, it would be abnormal.

Huo Du frowned.

Don’t you always know it?
Then, what’s with the suffocation of the heart?

Even just now when he looked at his disabled leg, he had such an absurd idea. He wanted to throw away the cane and healed his leg to become a normal person.

His thoughts drifted away and drifted back more than ten years ago. When he broke his leg at that time, his eyes were full of ruthlessness.

“Xiao Du, you really don’t want to treat it?”


“That’s up to you. Anyway, you can treat it anytime you want.”

“Will never.”

He took an oath. He would not treat himself and wanted to be a lame person for life.

Withdrawing his hand, Huo Du put away his complicated emotions and distanced himself from Le Zhi.

Le Zhi’s eyes sank. It was obvious that he did not want to pay attention to her. She hurriedly untied the fox fur coat, leaned closer to Huo Du, and draped the fox fur coat on both of them. The fox fur coat was not small, but to cover two people, they needed to be very close. She hugged Huo Du’s arm tightly as if she was afraid of being pushed away by him.

“It’s obvious that you’re angry.” Le Zhi’s eyes were red, both worried and aggrieved.

After a long silence, Huo Du sighed helplessly, “I’m not angry.”

“Then why don’t you hug me?”

Huo Du was surprised at Le Zhi’s reckless behavior in full view of the public. He chuckled softly, “This is a public place, please restrain yourself.”

Although he said that, he still wrapped his arms around her unconsciously, as she intended.

Huo Du replaced An Xuan and personally helped Le Zhi pick people in the second half. In the end, Le Zhi picked four young people with extraordinary martial arts skills. Two men and two women.

But she still remembered the young man who was bought by Huo Du. After getting into the carriage, Le Zhi hesitated several times. She wanted to speak but was worried about touching his wound.

“I’ll give him to you as a gift.”

Le Zhi widened her eyes and somewhat could not believe it. Seeing Huo Du did not seem to be joking, she cheered a loud and dozed off against his shoulder happily. This trip had been rather fruitful.

The slave market was quite far from the Taizi Mansion. Le Zhi fell asleep gradually.

Huo Du lowered his eyes and stared at her sleeping face.


Insisted on sleeping next to him.

However, instead of pushing her away, he put his forehead on hers and got even closer to her.

For the next half month, Le Zhi was very busy.

First, Tianle Pavilion opened for business in full swing.

Although Le Zhi had chosen a suitable shopkeeper, her daily accounts would be sent to the mansion for her to review. Le Zhi had never read the account books in the past, so she had to learn them slowly. When she did not understand, she went to consult the old housekeeper in the mansion. She learned very quickly and was able to point out some shortcomings in the operation of the shop in a few days.

Jing Xin and Lin Yue often went to check on the shop for her. Although the shop had not yet made a profit, it had at least taken the first step.

As for the five people brought back from the slave market, Le Zhi did not arrange for them to do things immediately. They were too skinny, as thin as children in their teens. Le Zhi just asked them to rest and recuperate first, and they had to nurse their bodies first.

There was one more thing. For some unknown reason, Huo Xu actually granted her the right to visit her sister three times a month.

Le Zhi went to visit her sister again. Although her sister’s mind had not recovered as before, her complexion was much ruddier. Knowing that Li Yao was careful, she often asked her to bring some food and drink to the prison guards. After going back and forth, the prison guards who had received a lot of benefits naturally took more care of Le Jin.

The heavy snow kept falling non-stop, and the flowers and trees were all covered up with snow. The days were getting colder and colder.

The Weaving Bureau sent a lot of fabrics to make winter clothes for Taizifei. It was only then Le Zhi remembered that the clothes of Jing Xin and the others were not thick enough. She was a little upset that she was not an attentive type of person.

So, Le Zhi summoned people to order a batch of winter clothes at Jinxiu Cloth Shop and rewarded them to the people in the mansion. For a moment, the atmosphere in the mansion became a little warmer.

Speaking of working in the Taizi Mansion, the monthly salary was not low. But His Highness was cold-hearted, and the servants had never received such a heart-warming reward.

They were deeply moved. It was really different after Taizifei entered the mansion this year!

Huo Du naturally scoffed at this. It was really boring to bestow petty favors to win people’s hearts.

Soon, other things ordered by Le Zhi were also delivered one after another. She called Jing Xin and Lin Yue with a smile and pointed to the table. The two girls looked over in the direction she pointed.

A table was full of pearl hairpins, bracelets, and beautiful fabrics.

Smiles bloomed on their faces, and Lin Yue was overjoyed, “These things…”

“It’s all for you.” Le Zhi winked. She always wanted to be partial to three of them. “We’ll pick them together when Li Yao comes back from work.”

The two girls responded with a smile and hoped that Li Yao would come back quickly.

Jing Xin became cheerful day by day. She poured a cup of hot tea for Le Zhi, and a trace of slyness flashed across the apricot eyes, “Master is so nice to prepare these things for us separately. Then, what Your Highness received must be unique!”

“That’s natural!”

Lin Yue had an expression of “I understand very well” and winked at Le Zhi after saying that.

The smile on Le Zhi’s face was slightly dull.

She… seemed to have forgotten.

But before she could have time to think about it, Li Yao came back. However, her face was somewhat pale.

“Master, something happened.” Li Yao bit her lip, and her little hands trembled a little, “Yang Heng, he…”

Seeing this, Jing Xin and Lin Yue hurriedly stepped forward and each grabbed one of her hands to warm her up.

“What’s wrong with him? Don’t hurry, talk slowly.”

Hearing the name, Le Zhi’s eyelids jumped unconsciously. She knew that Yang Heng was removed from the position of Deputy Commander of the Shenyi Army the day after the accident. According to his current situation, what else could he do?

Li Yao calmed down after she took a few breaths and said slowly, “Master, although Yang Heng can’t continue to be the Deputy Commander, the Emperor remembered his former meritorious deeds and let him work at Xia Feitai.”


Le Zhi clenched her fists suddenly and her heart sank.

Her elder sister finally became more stable. She could not let Yang Heng appear in front of her. Absolutely not!

“Did he just start work today?”

“Listen to what the prison guards said, it should be.” Li Yao nodded with a grave expression, “They received the insider news from the palace ahead of time, and it is estimated that Yang Heng will go over after the morning court.”

Le Zhi made a decision right there. Her eyes were cold, and she said each and every word, “Great, then let’s go meet this Lord Yang for a while.”

The author has something to say:
Du: Why don’t I have any gifts?!
Zhi: Get down to business! Do not cut the cue.
Du: (Nosey) Do you want to kill someone? I’m good at this!
Zhi: Don’t you want to be a lame person for the rest of your life? Go take a hike.
Du: …
Die of laughter, your wife is going to make a big job!

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