After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 29          Firm

The candlelight in the bedroom was bright, so as not to hurt the eyes when writing. But at this time, Le Zhi’s side face was close to Huo Du’s neck, and in the corner of her eyes could clearly see the two people embracing on the ground.

The candle wick flickered, and the shadows on the ground also swayed with it, but what remained unchanged was the posture of the two people, close and inseparable.

The shallow smile that spread on Le Zhi’s face was slightly frozen, and her eyes were slightly startled as if she had lost her mind for a moment.

The palms circled around her waist loosened, and Huo Du put his arms around Le Zhi’s shoulders, keeping a distance from her, “Can you write something else now?”

With four eyes facing each other, Le Zhi stared at the pair of peach blossom eyes earnestly, trying to find some different emotions from the bottom of his eyes.

No, there is still only indifference and alienation which is no different from the past.

Le Zhi breathed out a sigh of relief and broke into a smile.

Fortunately, the thoughtful thinking just now was probably just her misconception. Sometimes, Le Zhi felt very conflicted in her heart. On the one hand, she hoped that Huo Du would like her so that she would not be too restrained in doing things. However, on the other hand, she was afraid that Huo Du liked her too much, which made her more worried than that he did not like her.

Although they had not been together for a long time, Le Zhi had already sensed the dangerous aura emanating from Huo Du. Moreover, he seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts and his thoughts were meticulous while composed. How could Le Zhi not know that provoking such a person would easily set her on fire if she was not careful?

In all fairness, Huo Du was really nice to her. So much so that as a princess of a subjugated country, she could still live decently in Great Qi. He even allowed her to take revenge.

Le Zhi thought that she and Huo Du could be allies who used each other, or allies with common goals. Other than that, there could be no other feelings.

Even though Huo Du did not participate in the war of the country Qi to destroy the country Li. But from the day the country Qi army stepped into the capital of the country Li, there was always an indelible wall between the Le clan of Great Li and the Huo clan of Great Qi.

However, one thing belonged to one thing and could not be confused with others. In terms of fairness, Le Zhi was surprised to find that she and Huo Du were miraculously similar. Therefore, she thought about helping Huo Du secure the throne as his reward.

The premise was that Huo Du would not change and would not prevent her from taking revenge, including killing his father… Huo Changyun.

Was it difficult?

Blood was thicker than water. She was indeed a little whimsical.

So sometimes, Le Zhi hoped that Huo Du could be simpler and cruder and take what he wanted from her. For example, made use of her body and made use her relationship with Huo Xu to help him gain benefits. In this way, she could feel less guilty when they turned against each other in the future.

Huo Du kept looking at Le Zhi’s dazed appearance but did not say anything to urge her. He knew in his heart that her mind was very heavy. Precisely, if someone who had been betrayed was still as naive as before, then that person was called stupid.

The candle burned to the heart of the candle, making a subtle crackling sound.

Le Zhi’s eyes moved slightly, and her thoughts were pulled back. She lowered her eyes and sighed silently. She really thought too much, perhaps he just treated her purely as a plaything! There was no need to make trouble for herself.

Seeing the shadows on the ground again, Le Zhi raised her head, her expression returned to normal and nodded in agreement. She was still sitting on Huo Du’s lap, slowly approached the desk, picked up a writing brush, and started writing. After a while, she picked up the paper and handed it to Huo Du.

Huo Du stretched out his hand to take it unhurriedly and looked at the content on the paper casually. It was a few letter words…

The branches are full of the ferry*’s shadow.

(ferry* – it is pronounced as Du in the Chinese language)

He chuckled lightly as she did not deliberately imitate Huo Xu’s handwriting. These words were probably her usual style of writing. The writing was neat and decisive, unlike the words of ordinary girls, soft and gentle.

“This is?”

Le Zhi blinked and smiled slyly, “A thank you gift to Your Highness.”

Hearing this, Huo Du glanced at her with a disgusted expression on his cold white face. The meaning could not be more obvious.

Do you have the nerve to just give these few broken words as a thank you gift?

“It’s not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it, ah.”

Huo Du sneered lightly. He leaned closer to her ear and said with a smile, “This loneliness didn’t study well when I was young. It’s better for Taizifei to tell this loneliness about it. What does this ‘full of’ mean in The branches are full of the ferry’s shadow?”

After a pause, he deliberately tightened the hand around Le Zhi’s waist to bring her closer to him. The thin lips seemed to lightly touch the tip of her ear, and he continued to ask, “The branches are full… How to be full?”

The cool mint breath swept across her ears, and Le Zhi’s cheeks began to turn red.

Here we go again!
He deliberately misinterpreted it.

Le Zhi knew what he meant, but she did not want to do what he meant every time. She put both her hands on Huo Du’s shoulders, stood up, and took his palms to put them on her heart. She said in a delicate voice, “The full means that Your Highness is now occupying all of Zhizhi’s heart!”

Huo Du laughed and listened to her nonsense. The heavy worry that got her distracted just now faded away. She could always quickly return to her hypocritical appearance. He knew that from beginning to end, she had her own purpose every time she deliberately approached and tempted him.

Without saying more, Huo Du only withdrew his palms and stared at those foxy eyes with darkened black eyes.

Perhaps Huo Du’s gaze was too hard to guess. Le Zhi got nervous, and the wound on her shoulder stung a little. She could not help but frown.

“The wound hurts?”

 Le Zhi hummed, “A little bit…”

“Sit down on the bed.” Huo Du was helpless and went to get the spare medicine box in the bedroom. By the time he pushed the wheelchair to the bed, Le Zhi had already taken off her boots and socks and sat on the bed. She unbuttoned the three buttons on the top of her clothing on her own initiative and pulled down the fabric on her right shoulder.

Upon seeing this, Huo Du’s Adam’s apple rolled gently.

“Le Zhi, do you know how to write the word shame?”

Le Zhi curled her lips and said in her heart. Didn’t you not want me even when I sent myself to the door before? Even the aphrodisiac is useless. Does it make a difference that I wear them or not now?

Of course, she did not dare say it.

Huo Du glanced at her. Then he began to untie the cotton cloth on her wound and put on the medicine and bandaged it again.

After it was over, Huo Du packed the medicine box aside. Le Zhi suddenly thought of the wound that had been bandaged on her shoulder when she woke up in the morning. She thought that Huo Du had not returned to the room last night, probably Jing Xin helped bandage her. But at this time only did she realize that the bandaging technique was the same. Therefore, Huo Du had been taking care of her personally since she was injured.

“Did Your Highness also change the medicine for me last night?” Le Zhi asked tentatively.

“Not me.” Huo Du did not even lift his eyelids and said eccentrically, “Perhaps a ghost?”

Le Zhi sneered and started talking nonsense in a lively tone, “I see. Your Highness actually cares about me so much. Since I was injured, Your Highness must have been so worried, right? I see that Your Highness’s face is quite haggard.”

Huo Du was speechless. He held her shoulders and made her lie down. He pulled the brocade quilt to wrap around her, “Taizifei’s delusion is really getting worse.”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the white jade cane beside him and prepared to get up with the medicine box. Unexpectedly, a slender hand grabbed his sleeve firmly and he turned to look at her.

“Your Highness, when the wound on my shoulder is healed, we will…” Le Zhi’s eyes were firm with a smile on her face, “Consummate.”

Afraid that he would feel reluctant, she added, “I am very willing.”

She could see that Huo Du was interested in her, but as for how much, she did not know. However, she did not want to see things go beyond her expectations. Although Huo Du would not fall in love with her, what if? If this lunatic really fell for her, then it would be too serious.

It was said that men in Great Qi liked the new and hated the old. They treated women with contempt and would quickly dislike them after they got them. After they had consummated, it probably would not take long before they become pure allies and maintain a safe distance for mutual benefits.

When she finished speaking, Huo Xu’s eyes were burning but he did not respond. After a while, he asked, “Le Zhi, how old are you?”

Le Zhi was puzzled. Huo Du obviously knew her age, but she still answered obediently, “Sixteen.”

“Sixteen…” Huo Du chuckled, shook his head with disapproval, and then turned around to arrange the medicine box on his own.

Le Zhi’s cheeks were red for a while, then began to turn white again, and her eyes were slightly red. She turned her body to the inside of the bed and bit her lip.

It’s too embarrassing. It seems I got rejected again.

All right, Huo Du probably just thinks she was a very interesting person and had no interest in her body at all. This seemed like a good thing.

Not long after, Huo Du also lay down on the bed. The embarrassment just now had not yet eased, Le Zhi decided to turn her back to him and just sleep like this for one night.

However, the brocade quilt on her body was suddenly lifted, her wrist was held, and with a gentle pull, Huo Du hugged her from behind. Then she heard him speak with a bit of hoarseness in his voice.

“Have you really thought about it?”

The author has something to say:
Du: I want to date my wife, but she just wants to consummate with me? 
Zhi: It’s risky to provoke a lunatic, so I’m starting to panic.

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