After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 30          Happiness

The cool breath of mint was overwhelming, and her back that was attached to the warm chest made Le Zhi’s body stiffen. In her impression, Huo Du had always been cold, from the inside out, from the body to the heart. But at this moment, he was very different from usual.

Le Zhi’s mind was blank for a long while, only motionless and startled senselessly. The person behind her did not hear the answer, nor did he urge her. He just let go of her and distanced himself from her.

Le Zhi only reacted when the heat source on the back disappeared suddenly. She turned around slowly, annoyed that she did not respond in time. Would not it be too obvious to hug him now?

After thinking for a moment, Le Zhi gently moved her hand under the quilt. After finding Huo Du’s palm, her delicate fingers held his fingers gently and interlocked with his fingers.

Le Zhi was stunned by the cold temperature coming from the palm of his hand.

Did the warm embrace and the cold palm just now really come from the same person?

Without thinking much about it, she replied in a low voice, “En.”

After a long time, it was so long that Le Zhi thought that the person beside her had fallen asleep, and then a burst of soft laughter came to her ear.

“All right.” Huo Du said, “This loneliness agreed.”

In an instant, Le Zhi’s little face became creased. She did not know what other people liked after they got married, but it must not be like her.

All right, all right… All right!
How reluctant is he with this tone?!

He made it seem like she begged him to consummate.

When she was recuperating from her injuries a few days ago, Le Zhi did carefully read the booklet that Huo Du gave her. Although she was a little ashamed, she really did not understand the affairs between men and women. In today’s situation, Le Zhi did not want to be passive in anything, including bedroom matters. As a result, she studied very carefully.

And the content of this booklet was very different from what momo taught. After reading it, Le Zhi felt that the matter of consummation was not as scary as the momo described that she had to let her husband do whatever he wanted.

She wondered where Huo Du found this booklet.

Le Zhi remembered that he once said that he would not consummate the marriage. Logically speaking, it should not be. It was said that the imperial family of Great Qi could accept bedwarmers very early and had many beautiful concubines. In addition to listening to Qingyu talking about the deeds of the Eldest Prince that day, Le Zhi did not quite believe that Huo Du, who was four years older than her, had never had a woman. However, there were indeed no bedwarmers, little concubines, and other women in the Eastern Palace and Taizi Mansion.

However, Huo Du had a weird temperament. She could not be sure if by chance he kept the woman he liked outside. Who knows! Anyway, that was not something she should be worried about.

Le Zhi already had a plan in mind…

If, as Huo Du said, he has never had a woman, then she should learn more, and guide him a little more during the consummation. After all, he still had inconvenience in his leg. If he was experienced, then she should learn more techniques, so as not to let herself be at a disadvantage position. In short, the most important thing was not to let herself suffer!

She pulled her thoughts back. After all, the matter of consummation was still far away. Le Zhi began to think about the plan to kill Yang Heng tomorrow, for fear that she would make mistakes if she was not careful enough in her consideration. While she was thinking about it, her eyelids closed without even realizing it.

The sound of even breathing gradually subsided. Huo Du got up by himself and looked at Le Zhi’s sleeping face. There was a solemn look on her white snowy cheeks and she did not even relax in her sleep.

Are you not tired of thinking so much?

He sneered slightly and laughed indifferently. Without even realizing it at all, a soft look flashed through the peach blossom eyes.

Lying down again, Huo Du felt the hand she used to hold his slightly loose after she fell asleep. He clenched a little tighter unconsciously as if he had moved that part of her strength into his own hands.

The long dark night was endless, and the moon had already waned.

Unlike the tranquility of the Taizi mansion, there was someone in the Jingxian Mansion who could not sleep alone and sat in a daze looking at the flickering candlelight.

Wangfei*, it’s better to go to bed first.” Shen Qingyan’s dowry maid, Lu Ying, comforted her with a worried expression on her face.

(Wangfei* – the title given to a prince’s wife)

“Lu Ying…” Shen Qingyan’s eyes were red, and her voice was hoarse. “If he doesn’t like me, why does he marry me?”

Seeing the appearance of her master’s lost soul, Lu Ying also became sad. She unfolded the cloak in her hand and wrapped it around Shen Qingyan’s thin body. Thinking of what happened just now, Lu Ying gritted her teeth angrily.

Wangye* is also too insulting!

(Wangye* – the title of a prince)

“No, Master is so good. Wangye, he, he just hasn’t seen Master’s best yet.”

“Really?” Shen Qingyan curled her lips and smiled sadly. She knew that Lu Ying just did not want her to be sad and tried her best to comfort her.

It’s so cold.
How can this mansion be so cold?

Shen Qingyan’s eyes were blurred with tears running down her face. She originally thought that Le Zhi was the only one who could not be erased from Huo Xu’s heart, and he did not touch her on the wedding night last night was out of consideration. However, when she returned to the mansion today, Huo Xu disappeared after dinner. She thought he was busy with official duties, so she took Lu Ying to stroll around the mansion.

Until she approached the corner of the western courtyard. For some reason, the guards and maids guarding by the side looked weird and prevented her from approaching several times. Out of curiosity, she ignored the obstacles and insisted on going over to take a look.

“Who lives here?”                    

The maids looked at each other in dismay, did not dare not to answer her, and said with a trembling voice, “Wangfei, the person who lives here is called… is called Jiang Man.”

After all, it was only a bedwarmer that Wangye had accepted. The maids did not know what to call her since she did not have any title or status. They had no other alternative than to tell Wangfei her name.

Hearing this, Shen Qingyan swayed and almost lost her footing, but fortunately, Lu Ying supported her by the side.

Jiang Man…

So, before marrying her, Huo Xu already had a woman a long time ago?

Although such things were not uncommon in Great Qi, Shen Qingyan still felt deceived. She thought that Le Zhi was the only one that Huo Xu could not let go of, but why was there still a Jiang Man?

Who is Jiang Man? How many women does he have?

She hurried forward with a frown until she reached the door of the room. Lu Ying on the side raised her hand and prepared to knock on the door.

There was a low panting sound coming from inside the room, accompanied by a woman’s soft moan. One after another without stopping.

The master and servant looked at each other in shock. Lu Ying’s hand paused for a while, neither knocking nor withdrawing.

For a moment, shame and anger swept through her body. The etiquette of a noble young woman that she had learned since childhood made Shen Qingyan unable to rush in recklessly. Besides, what could she do if she went in? It just added humiliation for herself.

She forgot how she got back to the bedroom. She only felt that her whole body was soaked in ice water, and it hurt from the cold.

“Let’s go, go back to the Prime Minister Mansion.” Shen Qingyan wiped the tears from her face and said solemnly.

Lu Ying’s eyes widened in shock, “Must not, Master. It’s not even the day of the bride returning to her parent’s home yet!”

But Shen Qingyan stood up resolutely and walked out the door. Her back view from behind was absolutely determined.

The next day.

While Le Zhi and Huo Du were having breakfast, Li Yao walked toward the dining hall with an anxious look. When she saw Huo Du there, she waited outside the hall and did not dare to enter.

Upon seeing this, Le Zhi’s expression hardened. She instructed Li Yao yesterday to go outside the Yang Mansion to investigate this morning, and if there were no setbacks, she would proceed to the next step. Li Yao was a very measured person. If it was not for a major event, she would definitely not rush here, and could not even wait for after breakfast.

Could it be that something happened in the Yang Mansion?

With a sinking heart, Le Zhi quickly opened her mouth to call Li Yao in. At this critical moment, if something happened to the Yang Mansion, it would affect her plan today.

Li Yao bowed to salute and wanted to say something but then hesitated.

Le Zhi thought she was concerned about Huo Du’s presence and did not dare to speak, so she said, “Just speak out what’s on your mind.”

“Master, this maid has just gone outside the Yang Mansion…” Li Yao bit her lip and paused before continuing, “Something happened to Yang Heng, the Deputy Commander of the Shenyi Army, last night…”

Li Yao reported clearly. Le Zhi’s eyes widened gradually as if in disbelief. Her hand trembled and even the red bean pastry held by her silver chopsticks fell into the porcelain bowl.

With her cherry lips parted slightly, she said, “Was, was…”


After all, Le Zhi was still sitting at the dining table, and could not say that word out loud.

Looking at Le Zhi’s expression, Li Yao understood her master’s mood very well. Because when she heard the people talking outside the Yang Mansion not long ago, she had the same reaction.

“Yes.” Li Yao’s tone was firm, “Although this maid did not find out what happened specifically, it was indeed true.”

Le Zhi nodded slightly. She raised her eyes to look at Li Yao and said, “Today’s plan is canceled for the time being. You should go to have breakfast first, and then have a good rest.”

She knew that Li Yao was cautious, and definitely did not have a good rest last night.

After Li Yao left, it took a long time for Le Zhi to digest this fact. So, Yang Heng was crippled first before she could make a move?

After the initial shock faded, a feeling of happiness flashed through her heart. Could it be that evil had its retribution and that the wicked had their own punishment?

What a wonderful thing!

The curvature of the corners of her mouth became wider and wider, and Le Zhi lowered her eyes, trying her best not to lose her composure. But her shoulders could not help shaking as she could not hold the happiness in her heart.

“All right, don’t hold back.” Huo Du said faintly, “If you want to laugh, just laugh.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi no longer pretended to be calm. She raised her eyes and smiled brightly. Perhaps she was so happy that even her little canine teeth were exposed with the smile.

Huo Du turned his head sideways and stared at her smile. He had never seen her smile so much these days. There was no pretense, no repression, let alone her deliberate appearance.

It turned out that this was how she was when she was really happy. Her countenance was glowing, her eyes were innocent and playful and even the little canine teeth showed her happiness.

Perhaps Huo Du was infected by her smile, he could not help but curl his lips and asked with a smile, “Are you so happy?”

“Of course!” Le Zhi made no secret of it. After holding back for a long time, she finally felt relieved. After a pause, she restrained her smile and murmured in confusion with her chin in her hands, “But who would have done it…?”

“It must be Yang Heng who has done a lot of evil and has grudges with many people!”

Huo Du laughed, raised his hand to poke Le Zhi’s forehead lightly, and asked inadvertently, “Is that satisfactory?”

The happiness gradually faded. Le Zhi thought for a moment, and then shook her head, “It’s not enough.”

Thinking of her sister’s empty eyes, she pursed her lips. Yang Heng must die. If he did not die and even if her sister’s mind returned to normal, seeing him would definitely bring back bad memories. She must remove the thorns that pierced her sister’s heart one by one with her own hands.

But now that something happened to Yang Heng, the Yang Mansion must be heavily guarded, and her plan had to be pushed back. But it did not matter, she could wait.

Huo Du watched Le Zhi regain her calmness, but the killing intent in her eyes was still firm and obvious. He was slightly startled, was not that her earlier? No matter how excited she was, she would not be carried away by the happiness, and she could always make plans for the next step very quickly.

But to make her happy for a while, it could be considered that he did not waste any time last night.

Suddenly, Huo Du felt some anticipation in his heart. He wanted to see how Le Zhi would take that dog’s life.

Hiss, it must be quite interesting.

The author has something to say:
Du: Praise me. Wife, praise me quickly! I did it!!

PS. Huo Xu, your rear courtyard is on fire!

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