After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 28          Hug Me

Suddenly plunged into darkness, Yang Heng had not yet reacted to what had happened, and his back had already touched something cold.

What was going on? He was obviously having fun with the beauty. The little beauty had a seductive figure, and her snowy cheeks were half-covered. He had a hard time embracing the person and took the opportunity to fall on the spacious bed.

Then he rolled inwards twice, but he did not expect his body to suddenly rise high into the air and fell straight down.

Who? Who was calculating him?

Yang Heng stood up, gasped a few breaths, and the elegant aroma wafted between his nose and mouth. He cursed loudly, “How dare you! Do you know who this lord is…”

As his voice became weaker, he was surprised to find that his body became softer and softer, and even his throat seemed to be blocked. The propped-up body could not help but fall to the ground, and the fear exploded in the scalp in an instant!


Accompanied by a clear roar, the dark secret room lit up with bright candlelight. Yang Heng raised his eyes and saw a lot of hedgehogs appearing out of nowhere, rushing towards him like going crazy!

Five or ten? More than that. He saw that there were almost dozens of them.

Yang Heng’s body was already paralyzed, but his consciousness was very clear, and the outline of the hedgehogs was printed in his scarlet cloudy eyes.

Then, the melodious sound of the flute reached his ears.

Sure enough! Someone wanted to harm him!

Yang Heng did not understand the music, but these hedgehogs seemed to understand it. The hedgehogs tore his limbs apart according to the tune of the flute and spread them out on the ground like the word “big”.

It was better to directly give him a knife on his neck than this kind of feeling of being played with by animals!

Suddenly, the tune of the flute became faster. The hedgehogs hovering around his limbs gathered in an instant, and then rushed towards him violently. Yang Heng’s eyes froze.

He knew he was done.

The throat that had been blocked was torn open in a dull pain and a scream was made. But that array of hedgehogs was indifferent as they only listened to the tune of the flute.

They would not stop if the tune of the flute did not stop.

Soon, Yang Heng was unaware of the severe pain in his lower body, leaving only numbness and a strong smell of blood, which was his own blood. And there was wetness passed across his lips.

Oh, it turned out to be his tears.

Before he passed out, Yang Heng’s chest heaved up and down. He just hoped that all this was just a nightmare and that would be fine once he woke up. If it was not a dream, he hoped that he would never wake up.

The pleasant scream in the secret room disappeared, leaving only the small biting sound of the hedgehog.

Huo Du put down the white jade flute and An Xuan, who stood at the side, pushed open the iron gate. The pungent smell of blood wafted out instantly, making people frown involuntarily.

The little hedgehogs happily ran to Huo Du’s feet, circled around the white jade wheelchair, and several of them lay on Huo Du’s boots with their heads held high as if they were asking for credit.

This array of hedgehogs was not ordinary hedgehogs. They lived on blood and were called blood hedgehogs. After drinking blood, they would get extremely excited.

Huo Du raised his feet in disgust as the little animals were stained with a lot of blood.

The filthy blood of the son of the b*tch.

“Take it away and wash it clean.”

The person who fed the blood hedgehog took the order, shook the bell in his hand, and the little hedgehogs left obediently following the sound of the bell.

The wheelchair slowly entered the secret room, and his heart, which had been suffocated for a day, finally felt much more comfortable. Huo Du curled his lips while admiring his masterpiece.

The man, whose lower body was badly mutilated, still had tears left on his face due to fear and pain.

Tsk, it’s so beautiful.

Huo Du raised his foot and kicked Yang Heng in the face, and raised his peach blossom eyes slightly, “Waste.”

His little fox, the little fox who dared to give him aphrodisiacs, was so frightened by such a thing that she had a high fever and even the wound on her shoulder broke open.

Thinking about this, the smile in his eyes disappeared, and he could not help but increase his strength under his feet to crush Yang Heng’s face.

“Your Highness, is it still the same old rule?” An Xuan asked.

“No.” Huo Du’s thin lips parted lightly and said, “Throw him back to the gate of the Yang Mansion.”

An Xuan frowned slightly and was a little puzzled.

Does His Highness actually want to keep him alive? It’s rare.

Huo Du glanced at the ground, curled his lips, and smiled.

It would not work to just play to death like this. He had to keep Yang Heng’s life for his little fox to play with.

“Don’t let the wise and outstanding Commander Yang lose his breath.”

As soon as the words came out, Huo Du suddenly felt that he had a slipped tongue.

How could there be any Commander Yang now, it should be Yang Gonggong*.

(Gonggong* – a eunuch)


The Taizi Mansion.

It was late at night, but the bedroom was brightly lit.

Le Zhi copied it over and over again, carefully comparing which one resembled Huo Xu’s handwriting the most. She lowered her eyes to compare earnestly, her eyebrows frowned slightly and did not even notice that Huo Du had entered the room.

The wheelchair slowly approached Le Zhi’s side, and a laugh sounded, “As expected of a childhood sweetheart, the handwriting is really similar.”

Huo Du picked up the letter paper beside him, looked at the contents, and smiled softly. It turned out that she had this idea. Unfortunately, the person had already been crippled.

He shook his head regretfully, crumpled the letter paper in his hand into a ball, and threw it on the table.

“You!” Le Zhi’s eyes were so cold and stood up in anger.

What’s wrong with this man?!

Le Zhi unfolded the letter paper in distress, but the crumpled letter could no longer be restored as new. She bit her lip, and her hands trembled with anger!

Time was running out. She must write the letter in the fastest time, so she practiced over and over again. But now, most of it was ruined easily by this lunatic.

Le Zhi clenched her fists, took a few deep breaths, and meditated in her heart three times. Don’t squabble with this lunatic, don’t squabble with this lunatic, don’t squabble with this lunatic!

Le Zhi glared at him quickly. She rubbed the corners of her eyes with her fingers, sat down, and continued to write.

Huo Du liked to see Le Zhi’s appearance of daring to be angry but not daring to speak. The more she was like this, the more he wanted to tease her. He raised his hand and pulled out the piece of paper she was writing and crumpled it into a ball again.

“Has Your Highness played enough?” Le Zhi put the writing brush down hard and fumed with anger between her gritted teeth.

“Write something else.”

Le Zhi was speechless, so she reached out her hand to hold Huo Du’s hand, and spoke patiently with some coaxing tone, “Your Highness, don’t make trouble. I must write this letter tonight. How about tomorrow? I will write to Your Highness tomorrow, and I can write anything!”

“Not good.” Huo Du’s tone was faint.

Le Zhi lowered her head and pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

How can this person be so stubborn?!

“Don’t you just want to kill someone?” Huo Du spoke in a casual tone with great disdain, “Why do you write so many times?”

Le Zhi raised her head abruptly.

Of! Course! Have! To!

She wanted to kill the Deputy Commander of the Shenyi Army, not just any chicken or duck. If there was a mistake in one part, it might lead to failure.

“Do you want to kill Yang Heng so much?”

Le Zhi sighed and murmured, “Your Highness said that Huo Xu’s affairs are up to me.”

She did not intend to hide this matter from Huo Du. Firstly, Huo Du said before that this matter was up to her, and secondly, she could tell that Huo Du did not bother to take care of these things at all. Thus, she did not think Huo Du was concerned about anything.

But tonight, he insisted on making trouble!

“Le Zhi.” Huo Du curled his lips, “Come and hug me.”

For a moment, Le Zhi thought she had auditory hallucinations, “W-what?”

“Come and hug me, ah.”

Although she did not know what Huo Du wanted to play again, Le Zhi sat on his lap reluctantly, gently hugged him briefly, and then prepared to get up.

Huo Du sneered softly, pulled the person into his arms, and firmly wrapped her slender waist. Then approach the mahogany table, unfold a new piece of letter paper, and held Le Zhi’s hand to pick up the fine writing brush.

The tip of the writing brush was lightly dipped in ink, and familiar words fell on the paper one by one.

In a short time, a letter was written.

Le Zhi’s cherry lips parted slightly.

This handwriting was exactly the same as Huo Xu’s and even the few words that she wrote a while ago were not very similar, but now they were all the same!

Joy bubbled up in her heart. Le Zhi turned to face Huo Du and the joy in her eyes was about to overflow.

This lunatic was quite righteous, and it turned out that he wanted to help her!

Le Zhi wrapped her hands around his neck, rubbed her cheek against Huo Du’s neck obediently, and then said sincerely, “Thank you…”

Huo Du snorted softly. Just now she was so reluctant but now, she actually threw herself to him naturally.

Oh, a hypocritical woman.

“You earned it.”

“Huh?” Le Zhi raised her head and blinked, a little puzzled.

Huo Du did not answer. He just raised his hand over the back of Le Zhi’s head and gently pressed to let her continue to stay close to him, “Hold tighter.”

He put his chin on her head and caressed her black hair with one hand. Huo Du began to think seriously.

After a busy night of work, I only get a hug and an understated thank you.
It’s really… a loss-making business, ah.

The author has something to say:
Du: Damn, it’s a big loss.
Zhi: Shameless man!!!

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