After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 27          Sister


The cat was suddenly picked up. Its feet were lifted into the air and fell firmly into Huo Du’s arms. Little Lame Huo hurriedly stuck out its head and stared at Le Zhi on the bed with round eyes impatiently.

Soon it was put on the ground. The chubby snow fluffy who was worried and dissatisfied, dragged his lame leg to jump on the bed again. But a bony hand pressed against its soft white forehead.

“You are not allowed to go to bed these few days.”

 A tone that could not be ignored.

The snow fluffy “meow” twice unhappily, but still obediently lay down on the side of the bed.

When Huo Du brought the medicine box, Le Zhi’s originally pale cheeks turned strangely red. He sat on the bed and reached out to touch her forehead.

Sure enough, she had a fever.

The heater in the bedroom was burning vigorously, and the burning silver charcoal occasionally made a slight sound. Since Le Zhi was injured, the heater in the mansion had not been stopped.

Huo Du lifted the quilt and held Le Zhi’s wrist.

His face sank in an instant and directly pushed up Le Zhi’s sleeves. It was the same for her arms. Her whole body seemed to have just emerged from the ice cellar, but her forehead was scalding hot. The ice and fire seemed to flow in her body together.

The blood oozing out from the open wound on the shoulder had soaked the sleeping clothes covering the skin, and the blood was half-clotted.

Huo Du raised his hand to open the stained clothes on Le Zhi’s right shoulder and pulled her sleeping clothes down slightly. When uncovering, the fabric was separated from the sticky flesh and blood. Even though Huo Du was very gentle in his movements, the person in her sleep was still in pain from the pull.

Le Zhi’s eyelids trembled slightly, and her black eyelashes hung with remnant tears as if she was about to wake up from a chaotic nightmare. However, in the next moment, the trembling black eyelashes stopped, and her eyebrows smoothed out as if she had lost all consciousness.

Huo Du tapped her sleeping acupoint. For some reason, he did not want to see the emotions in Le Zhi’s eyes at the moment. Whether it was sadness, loss, or pretending to be strong as if nothing had happened, he did not want to see it at all.

Or maybe, he dared not look at it.

Huo Du carefully medicated the wound and bandage it and went to the pharmacy again to get the medicine. The high fever was more critical than the wound.

However, why did he have to do it himself? It was not that there were no doctors in the mansion.

When he realized this problem, Huo Du was leaning back against the head of the bed, half supporting Le Zhi and hugging her from behind. One hand rested on her shoulder, and the other was holding a soup bowl and preparing to feed her.

With a frown, he found the most appropriate word for his behavior.


Huo Du impatiently removed the silver spoon from the medicine bowl, not wanting to feed her mouthful by mouthful.

She already used him as a pillow to lean on. Did he have to feed her medicine mouthful by mouthful again?

For what reason?

She was not his ancestor!

The edge of the porcelain bowl was kept close to Le Zhi’s mouth, and Huo Du tilted the bowl slowly, but the sleeping person seemed to smell the bitter smell of the decoction, frowned, and refused to open her mouth.

“Tsk, not drinking?” Huo Du chuckled and leaned closer to Le Zhi’s ear, “Then this loneliness will help Yang Heng be promoted to the Commander of the Shenyi Army.”

Hearing this, the small face of the person in his arms frowned even more severely. Huo Du continued to talk nonsense, “Not only that, but this loneliness must also give up the position of the Taizi to Huo Xu so that he can inherit the great power righteously.”

When she heard the words “Huo Xu”, Le Zhi’s body trembled slightly. Immediately, as if she understood, her cherry lips slightly opened, and she actually drank all the medicine in one mouthful.

These two words actually could make her fight with high spirits even in a coma.

Huo Du took out candy from his sleeve. On the way to the pharmacy just now, perhaps he was being possessed, he randomly called a servant to get candy. He peeled off the candy paper and stuffed the candy into Le Zhi’s mouth. Her eyebrows frowned because the bitter medicine gradually smooth out.

“How much do you hate him?” Huo Du asked as he put the person back on the bed and pulled the quilt over her, “If he repents strenuously, will you be softhearted?”

The person who was asleep due to the effect of the medicine could not hear and answer his questions.

Huo Du chuckled lightly. His peach blossom eyes stared at her sickly face and sat quietly all night until dawn.

When Le Zhi woke up, it was already late in the morning. There was no one beside her. She slept in a daze last night, and she did not know if Huo Du had ever returned to the bedroom.

She was surprised that she slept so soundly and even suffered a serious illness in her sleep. She vaguely remembered that an immortal saved her… and all kinds of discomfort on her body also disappeared before falling asleep.

The haze brought about by Yang Heng was over.

Le Zhi was not a person who would trap herself in sorrow. On the contrary, she would become stronger because of sorrow.

After freshening up, she called Li Yao alone.

“Li Yao, send a message to Huo Xu right away. Tell him that since the wedding banquet last night, I have been so worried that I have been physically and mentally hurt. Now I have only one wish, begging him to let me see my sister.”

Le Zhi deliberately chose this excellent time. Huo Xu was already very remorseful as he accidentally injured her when the assassination failed to kill Huo Du. In addition to the meeting at the wedding banquet yesterday, Huo Xu’s guilt toward her had reached its peak at the present moment.

She must seize this opportunity.

Sure enough, after learning about Le Zhi’s message, Huo Xu was absent-minded for a while. Emperor Qi entrusted Huo Xu with all matters related to the detention of Great Li prisoners of war, and it was not difficult for Le Zhi to see Le Jin. But what he was worried about was that seeing Le Jin would make Le Zhi bring back those bad memories again.

Huo Xu was afraid of… the way Le Zhi looked at him that day made him shudder. He did not want to see such strong hatred in Le Zhi’s eyes again.

He could not take it.

However, after all, he was ashamed of her and also had married someone else. If he did not even satisfy such a small request, would Zhizhi’s heart be farther and farther away from him?

No, he must not let this happen.

Therefore, when Li Yao came with the news that Huo Xu agreed, Le Zhi was not surprised at all. She had even changed into the clothes for going out and packed herself up properly so as not to delay for a moment.

Xia Feitai.

It was built by Huo Changyun, Emperor Qi, and was especially used to imprison the relatives of the surrendered emperor.

This prison was still brand new, and now only a few imperial relatives of the country Li were being held in it. Emperor Qi was ambitious, and his ambition to unify the five countries had never been reduced by half.

The imperial family of country Qi even threatened to send the remaining nobles of the three countries of Jiang, Wu, and Ning to Xia Feitai one by one.

When the iron gate was pulled open, there was a burst of extremely eerie cold wind blew out. Le Zhi’s shoulders could not help shivering from the cold.

Seeing this, Li Yao stretched out her hand and tightened the fox fur coat on Le Zhi’s body, and then supported her arm. The two, master and servant, walked slowly into the iron gate.

Probably Huo Xu had explained to them earlier as the prison guards inside politely led the way to the deepest part of the prison to the front of a silver-white door. Le Zhi had never seen an iron door of this color before and could not help but reach out to touch it. The icy coldness pierced through her fingertips, causing her to withdraw them abruptly.

“This door is made of cold iron. Taizifei should be careful and not let the cold hurt your body.” The prison guard said lightly.

Le Zhi’s heart stung unbearably. Her sister was imprisoned here day and night, how could her body be able to endure it?

As soon as the prison door opened, Le Zhi walked in quickly.

Fortunately, the temperature inside was not as cold as the cold iron. There was a heater, soothing incense, and everything that was needed was available. There was even a maid to serve Le Jin’s daily life.

Le Zhi saw her sister sitting quietly on the bed at a glance. Her eyes were lowered and did not say a word. She did not even move when someone came in.

“Sister!” Le Zhi trotted to Le Jin, sat on the bed, and held her hand. Her eyes were sour, and she repeated calling her with choking sobs in her tone, “Sister…”

At this time and place, she could no longer call Imperial Sister. They were no longer princesses anymore.

Hearing this, Le Jin finally had a reaction. She raised her eyes slightly and stared at Le Zhi, but there was no expression on her face, and her eyes were still empty. The same as when she was taken away that day.

The only difference was that Le Jin had lost a lot of weight, and her already slender body became even frailer.

Le Zhi and Le Jin had similar temperaments, but not in appearance. Le Jin was not as bright and beautiful as Le Zhi. She was gentler and more graceful with snowy skin like snow. More importantly, Le Jin was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, which was worthy of the statement talented and beautiful.

But now, she seemed to have lost her vitality.

Le Zhi wiped away the tears on her face and clasped Le Jin’s hand firmly, “Sister, I’m here. Zhizhi is here.”

Still, there was no response.

The maid on the side could not bear it. She took a few steps forward, and reported, “Taizifei, Master is already doing very well like this today. This maid has never seen Master raise her eyes before.”

After the maid finished speaking, Le Zhi threw herself on Le Jin and hugged her sister tightly. She approached Le Jin’s ear and whispered, “Sister, hold on a little longer. I will definitely find a way to get you out of here.”

After a short time, the prison guard outside came to urge her.

But all this time, her sister did not say a word. Le Zhi clenched her fists tightly, letting her fingernails sink into her palms, and then stood up. Even if she did not want to, she had to leave.

Li Yao gave the money to the maid and the prison guards outside, telling them to take more care of Le Jin. Money could make people feel good. After they took the money, the prison guards immediately put bright smiles on their faces.

It was already dusk outside when she got on the carriage back to the mansion.

The anger in Le Zhi’s chest was hard to dispel. Now her sister had become like this, she could not calm down at all! And she could not kill the main culprit, Huo Xu, yet. But those accomplices, especially Yang Heng who took the lead…

He must die!

Le Zhi had inquired before that Yang Heng loved to go to brothels so much and could not refuse a woman’s beauty. If one had a weakness, it was much easier to handle.

As the saying goes, there was a knife above the character for lust*.

(there was a knife above the character for lust* – lascivious activities can lead to bitter consequences)

Le Zhi lowered her eyes and hooked her lips, as a perfect plan appeared from the bottom of her heart. She was very fortunate that she had studied with Huo Xu since she was a child and could copy Huo Xu’s handwriting exactly like his.

Then tomorrow would be Yang Heng’s death.

It was just that she did not expect that no matter how perfect the plan was, there would still be unexpected. For example, someone was one step faster than her.

The sky seemed to be painted with black ink, and even the bright moon and stars were hidden.

After drinking with a group of subordinates of the Shenyi Army, Yang Heng stepped into a familiar place with a red face.

Huanxian Pavilion.

When it came to this Huanxian Pavilion, the brothel was different from the ordinary. The girls inside were all from all over the world. The charming, the elegant, the apricot-face and the peach cheeks*, the delicate like water, there were all here. There were even exotic beauties.

(the apricot face and the peach cheeks* – describe the beauty of a woman with a white and ruddy face)

However, common people were not allowed here. They only did business with the nobles of the imperial palace, court officials, and military generals who had status, prestige, money, and power.

According to the rules of the Huanxian Pavilion, the newly arrived beauty needed to be determined in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. Whoever paid the money first would be the first one.

As a matter of fact, as early as five days ago, Yang Heng’s back foot came as soon as the beauty’s front foot arrived.

“Hey Commander Yang, look how anxious you are!” Wen Qiu, the female owner of Huanxian Pavilion, greeted him with a smile.

“Don’t, don’t talk nonsense!” Yang Heng was drunk and impatient. “Where is the person?”

Wen Qiu was used to seeing impatient men and immediately shouted inside, “Little Six, take Commander Yang upstairs!”

Yang Heng was a little confused when he stumbled up the stairs with the support of Little Six. During this month, he had not been able to forget Le Jin.

When he was stopped by Huo Xu that day, his body had already reacted. However, since Master shouted to stop, he had to obey. From that day on, Le Jin’s white shoulders and tender arms had always appeared in his dreams, which enchanted his soul.

Yang Heng had been to Xia Feitai.

She was just a princess of a subjugated country. So, what if he acted first and then reported later?

However, Huo Xu seemed to have foreseen it in advance, so he stopped him and reprimanded him severely.

He had to give up.

Was not it just for that little princess! When it came to that little princess, the beauty was beautiful, but she was too beautiful, like a fairy. One would not know which day she would capture the heart and soul. What was so good about her?

When it came to women, one had to be like Le Jin.

Fortunately, a new beauty had arrived at Huanxian Pavilion recently. He had seen the picture of the beauty, which was exactly the type of smooth and fair with incomparable tenderness. Was not this exactly Le Jin?

Thinking that he would be able to intimate with the beauty soon, Yang Heng quickened his pace with half-closed eyes, and laughter overflowed from his lips.

The author has something to say:
Huo Du’s heart and soul have been captured: Are you laughing at me? Hehe.
Tsk, tsk. It’s not good to provoke anyone. However, you insist on provoking these two, husband and wife. There are only two options: Either die today or die tomorrow.

The author said: Early death and early rebirth.
(Hehe, Hehe, lite the candle in advance.)

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