After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 23          Happy

Feeling that she was surrounded by warmth, Le Zhi raised her eyes slightly and saw two heaters placed not far away.

What was going on? She remembered that there was no heater in the pharmacy!

However, Le Zhi was not in the mood to think about these at this moment, and the courage to cut off all means of retreat last night had long disappeared. Since she did not die, she naturally could not boldly offend Huo Du anymore.

After taking a deep breath, Le Zhi cowered and raised her head cautiously. The foxy eyes looked at Huo Du skeptically and saw that there was no expression on his face. Since Le Zhi was unable to discern his mood, she thought of…

At least apologies first, right?

After all, she dug a hole for him.

Le Zhi whispered softly, “I’m sorry…” The tone was good, and the words were sincere.

Huo Du raised his eyelids and stared at Le Zhi, who looked completely different from last night and could not help but felt amused.

How many faces did this girl have, or in other words, how many masks did she bring? Huo Du was puzzled, who was the real her?

The warmth in the room made Huo Du feel uncomfortable. He frowned impatiently, picked up the cane beside the wheelchair at will, walked over slowly, and finally sat down on the soft bed.

Le Zhi’s anxious heart could not settle down while waiting for Huo Du’s indefinite response. Seeing him sitting down, she reluctantly gave an apologetic smile, and then stretched out her little hand to pull his sleeve, shaking it while saying, “Your Highness is not mad at me…”

Huo Du’s eyes were cold, did you still want to fool again?

He raised his hand to brush her fingers away and sneered lowly, “Aphrodisiac? You’re very capable.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi moved her body to Huo Du’s side, hugged his arm, and asked with concern, “Is Your Highness alright? Is your body still uncomfortable?”

Before she lost consciousness, she clearly remembered the abnormal blush on Huo Du’s cheeks and the abnormal warmth in his palms. But he did not seem to have consummate with her. So, how did he resolve it?

“This loneliness is very good.” Huo Du said lazily, “However, there is one thing this loneliness wants to discuss with Taizifei.”

He glanced at Le Zhi’s confused expression, and deliberately cooked up nonsense, “Last night, in order to understand this aphrodisiac, this loneliness was fortunate to have a maid. According to Taizifei, does this loneliness have to take her as a concubine?”

As soon as the words fell, Le Zhi could not help widening her eyes. So, Huo Du did not touch her last night, but rather find a maid at random?

It was not that Le Zhi had not thought about this possibility, so she asked Li Yao to move all the maids in the mansion to the west rooms ahead of time. Logically speaking, it should not be. When the effect of the aphrodisiac flared up, Huo Du would not have time to rush to the western courtyard.

Could it be that something went wrong?

In an instant, suffocation emerged from her chest, her eyes were sore, and burst into tears. Le Zhi hugged her knees and sobbed.

Blame her! Blame her for being clever!

Now that she had involved an innocent person and ruined the innocence of a girl for nothing.

Le Zhi did not know whether there was a duration for a maid to work in country Qi. In the past in Great Li, a maid could ask for marriage as long as she was twenty years old. After getting married, she had a choice to stay with her master as before or go to her husband’s house to live her own life. A better master would also choose a suitable husband for the maid around them.

This kind of without title and without status unmarried girl was given to a man for… No matter how high the status of this man was, it was indelible harm to the girl.

Le Zhi’s heart ached unceasingly. She had made a great disaster. The crying gradually became louder, and Huo Du panicked. This grievance looked as if he had done something to her!

Huo Du sighed when he saw Le Zhi crying out of breath and reached out to hold her white wrist. Unexpectedly, as soon as he touched her skin, he was waved away by her with effort. Shortly after that, she lifted up her small fuming little face and the red fox eyes stared at him hatefully.

Le Zhi bit her lips, angry and anxious.

She obviously had delivered herself to the door, but he did not touch her. He insisted on ruining the girl’s innocent.


But on second thought, she caused this all by herself. How could someone like Huo Du willingly step into her trap? He deliberately did not do what she wanted, and deliberately used this method to hit her in the face.

The hatred in her eyes gradually faded, and Le Zhi continued to cry in self-blame.

“All right, don’t cry anymore.”

Le Zhi ignored him and continued to cry.

Huo Du’s face became blank upon seeing this, “I didn’t touch any maids.”

Le Zhi raised her head abruptly, and the light in her eyes flashed past. She choked with sobs and said, “You are lying. If you didn’t touch the maid, how did you resolve the effects of the drug? I added a whole bottle of medicine to the tea.”

One! Whole! Bottle!

The corners of Huo Du’s mouth twitched.

No wonder the effects are so powerful!

How dare she say it? Also, dare to cry?

He held his forehead and sneered, “How about you go to the western courtyard to ask if this loneliness was there.”

Listening to Huo Du who spoke with certainty, Le Zhi stopped crying and looked at his expression with tears in her hazy eyes.

It did seem to be true.

Le Zhi’s foxy eyes were spinning back and forth and carefully went through the events of last night in her mind. So, after she calculated and drugged Huo Du, he not only did not consummate with her but also let her suffer and did not even kill her. He even detoxified the poison from the silver arrow for her and bandaged her wound.

The reason why she put all eggs in one basket was that she felt Huo Du regarded her as a dispensable plaything and could kill her anytime according to his mood. However, after cutting off all means of the retreat this time, she seemed to have tested one thing. For Huo Du, she was not dispensable. At least for now, he did not want to kill her yet.

For her, living was naturally much better than dying and the next best strategy was to trade her death for her sister’s freedom. It was different now. She could finally stop being overly cautious, worrying too much, and afraid of being stabbed in the back by Huo Du at any time.

She could deal with Huo Xu wholeheartedly.

Joy gradually filled her eyes, and Le Zhi curved the corners of her lips without hesitation. She leaned softly towards Huo Du, rested her head on his shoulder, wrapped her arms around his waist, and said softly, “Your Highness is reluctant to part with me.”

All of Le Zhi’s reactions fell into Huo Du’s eyes. He watched her indifferently from grievance and anger to joy, and finally to triumphant. She was like a victorious fox waving its arms. He had seen too many calculating women, which one was not cautious and like walking on thin ice?

What about Le Zhi? She wanted to show off proudly after she succeeded in her calculations, not at all afraid of her fox tail being seen. She even wagged her tail on purpose.

She was cunning and candid and knew how to calculate without pretense. This was the most brilliant method.

Huo Du raised his hand to push her, but she pressed at him even tighter instead of letting go.

Clingy spirit.

He laughed and said mockingly, “Reluctant to part? Le Zhi, you’re so thick skin and shameless.”

Finally, Le Zhi let go of his hand and distanced herself from him. Then she pulled his hand with a smile on her face, put his hand on her cheek, and said, “I’m not thick skin and shameless.”

Huo Du’s eyes were deep, and Adam’s apple rolled slightly. He did not answer.

At this moment, a knock came on the door. Lin Yue delivered the decoction.

“Master, drink the medicine while it’s hot.” Lin Yue brought the medicine over.

“Drink the medicine.” Huo Du dropped two words and prepared to get up.

Unexpectedly, his fingers were pulled, and he looked at the person on the bed suspiciously.

A sly smile appeared in Le Zhi’s eyes. She played with his little finger and said tenderly, “Your Highness, feed me…”

The author has something to say:
Du: No feeding.

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  1. Her previous home (Great Li) sounds amazing with better societal rules and royal family being good leaders…sadly, it was destroyed bc they trusted evil people.

  2. i love that when we start of with le zhi being so Normal and is struggling to keep up with the lunatic crown prince and then the author is just like no shes also unhinged actually

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