After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 24          Annoying

Seeing this, Lin Yue, who was on the side, put down the medicine bowl cleverly and retreated quickly.

“Tsk.” Huo Du looked at her inexplicably, “Wasn’t you very capable when you pulled out the arrow last night? What’s the pretentious now?”

Seeing that he mentioned the wound from the arrow, Le Zhi quickly followed along. She frowned and raised her hand to cover her right shoulder, “It hurts, it hurts so much…”

Although she was exaggerating, the wound really hurts. Just now, she ignored it because of her anxiousness, but now she really felt a little tear-like pain.

Huo Du snorted coldly, aren’t you exaggerating too much?

He did not see her feel pain when she hugged him without letting go just now. But in the end, he still picked up the medicine bowl, scooped a spoonful of the decoction, and fed it to Le Zhi’s mouth with a stern face.

Le Zhi immediately opened her cherry lips and drank them obediently. The bitter decoction spread in her mouth, and the bitter taste slid from the tip of her tongue all the way to her throat, making her whole face wrinkle.

Seeing the little face in front of her wrinkled with bitterness and her eyes also turned red, Huo Du sneered, “Is it so unpleasant to drink?”

Really squeamish.

Hearing this, Le Zhi rubbed her eyes, curled her lips into a bright smile, and shook her head, “It was so bitter when it first entered, but now it’s not bitter anymore.”

She smiled while blinking, and suddenly realized, “Ah! I know. It must be because Your Highness feeds me, so my heart is so sweet!”

The hand holding the silver spoon trembled slightly and almost did not hold it firmly. So, even the bitter medicine could not stop her babbling little mouth, eh?


Huo Du ignored her and finished feeding the medicine under the pressure. Then he put the medicine bowl away casually and stood up with a cane.

“Where is Your Highness going?” Le Zhi asked hastily.

“Go back to the bedroom.”

As soon as he finished, Le Zhi immediately lifted the fleece blanket and quickly got down from the bed, without even paying attention to the wound on her shoulder for fear that Huo Du would leave first, “I’ll go back with Your Highness.”

“It’s really strange.” Huo Du curled his lips and teased her deliberately, “You can’t even drink the medicine just now, but your movements are pretty swift now.”

He originally planned to call her maid to help her back to the room, but he did not expect her to insist on going with him.

Clingy and annoying.

Le Zhi smiled and hugged his arm, “Let’s go together…”

Huo Du ruthlessly pulled his arm back, and Le Zhi’s face darkened in an instant.

“Go, sit there.”

Huo Du raised his hand unhurriedly, pointed to the wheelchair, and said to Le Zhi.

Le Zhi was slightly stunned. She initially thought he did not like others to sit in his wheelchair, but now it did not seem so. She smiled and sat in a wheelchair obediently according to what he said.

An Xuan, who was waiting outside, thoughtfully opened the door as if he knew they were going out. The cold wind outside entered the room, blowing away the warm heat that had been lingering around the room for a long time. Le Zhi’s body could not help shivering from the cold.

Huo Du raised his eyelids, walked back to the soft bed to get the fleece blanket, and threw it on Le Zhi’s lap. Then he walked slowly out the door with a cane in one hand and a wheelchair in the other.

His leg was already inconvenient and now even he had to push her in a wheelchair.

Women are really troublesome.

“Your Highness, let this subordinate push it.”

Huo Du glanced at An Xuan, and said quietly, “No need.”


An Xuan was stunned. When he reacted, the two of them only left their back view for him.

In fact, Le Zhi did not want to leave the pharmacy so soon, not for anything else, just for the two heaters in the pharmacy. There was no heater in the bedroom.

But after entering the bedroom, the warmth in the room was no different from that in the pharmacy. Le Zhi looked around attentively and saw that there were two heaters in the corner of the room.

She got up and looked at Huo Du, and asked softly, “Did Your Highness put the heaters for me?”

Huo Du’s expression was a little unnatural. He turned his face away and walked towards the bed on his own, “Perhaps only you are cold. This loneliness doesn’t feel cold.”

Le Zhi rolled her eyes, unable to hide her smile.

Don’t want to admit it?
Never mind.

She followed Huo Du’s footsteps and lay down on the bed with him.

Since Huo Du did not close his eyes all night, he was extremely sleepy and closed his eyes to prepare to sleep. However, the corner of the brocade quilt on the body was slightly lifted by someone, and then a piece of softness was stuck to the side of his body.

Although the two of them have been sharing a bed for many days, they were basically one person and one quilt, with clear boundaries. Obviously, someone wanted to cross the line now.

“Le Zhi, go out if you don’t want to sleep.” Huo Du moved his body inward without opening his eyes but his tone was very irritable, “If you make trouble again, you will be responsible for the consequences.”

The sudden rise in the temperature in this room had already made Huo Du feel uncomfortable and the person beside him had to stick to him. He could feel the flames burning in his body, making him extremely uncomfortable.

Huo Du naturally knew what was going on, but the perpetrator did not give up and continued to move closer to him. Recalling last night’s aphrodisiac and her current provocative behavior, his little patience was instantly burned to ashes by the fire in his body.

He sneered. Did she really regard him as a righteous man?

Huo Du leaned sideways and pushed Le Zhi’s uninjured left shoulder. He was about to speak, but he saw the snowy cheeks close up flushed with redness, and his cherry lips were slightly parted.

That’s right. How can husband and wife sleep together while having their own quilt?

The hand that was pressing on her shoulder loosened slightly. Le Zhi seized the opportunity and wormed into his arms, muttering, “Cold…”

Glancing at the wound on Le Zhi’s right shoulder, there was still some bleeding. Huo Du rubbed his temples. In the end, he did not stop her and let her nestle in his arms, neither hugged her nor pushed her away.

All right, next time.

After a while, there was a shallow breathing sound on the bed, and the two fell asleep together.

Le Zhi had already slept through the night, so she was not very sleepy, and woke up quickly. She looked at the person who was still asleep beside her whose appearance was all exhausted.

She lowered her eyes to think deeply. In fact, her situation had been much better than she thought since she married Huo Du. The next thing she needed to do was to use her injury in exchange for a chance to see her sister.

After a while, Huo Du also woke up. Le Zhi kept thinking about matters but did not realize that the person next to her had opened his eyes and was looking at her.

“What are you thinking about?”

Le Zhi was startled and turned to Huo Du, “Your Highness is awake? Did you sleep enough?”

Huo Du hummed lazily.

“I was thinking about how to deal with those spies of Huo Xu in our mansion.”

This was exactly what Le Zhi was most worried about. Even though Li Yao had turned to her now, Huo Xu had more than one Li Yao to monitor her. There were other spies watching her every move beside Huo Du.

“No need to deal with them.” Huo Du chuckled, “From today onwards, all Huo Xu can know is only what you want him to know.”

Hearing this, Le Zhi was astonished, what do you mean?

Huo Du raised his eyebrows, “Because those spies are these loneliness people.”

To be more precise, Huo Xu’s spies disappeared from the world on the first day they entered the Taizi Mansion. Today’s “spies” were just a few people who look exactly the same as those sent by Huo Xu.

So, what Le Zhi was worried about would not happen. On the contrary, Huo Du knew every time she went out of the mansion to meet Huo Xu, and every word she said to him.

Le Zhi’s mouth was slightly opened. She was surprised by Huo Du’s meticulous thinking and even sweated coldly for her recklessness. She said earnestly, “Then the next thing…”

“With regards to Huo Xu, it’s up to you and this loneliness won’t interfere with your affairs.” Huo Du interrupted her and said in a deep voice, “But you must remember that yesterday’s incident is only this time. If you dare to be smart and calculating again, then this loneliness…”

Before he could finish speaking, Le Zhi quickly raised the palm of her hand with three straight fingers beside her face, “I promise, there will be no next time!”

The foxy eyes seemed to be shining, which tempted Huo Du to raise his hand to stroke her head, “Just behave yourself.”

He thought about it. Although she was a bit annoying, he would not mind keeping her by his side if she was obedient.

Just like Little Lame Huo.

One person, one cat, and one fox.
Yes, it’s quite interesting.

Perhaps the long-standing anxiety dissipated and coupled with Huo Du’s care where he personally changed her dressing every day, the wound on Le Zhi’s shoulder healed quickly.

In just a few days, the wound began to form a scab gradually.

During this period, she kept asking Li Yao to pass the news to Huo Xu, saying that she was seriously injured. Huo Xu wanted to see her repeatedly, but she avoided him because of her serious injury.

Le Zhi was waiting, waiting for Huo Xu’s wedding day.

Just before Huo Du’s wedding, Emperor Qi issued a decree to announce to the world that he conferred the Third Prince of Great Qi as Wang* with the title Jingxian.

(Wang* – a monarch, a ruler)

This was the first prince in the imperial family of Great Qi to be conferred Wang besides the Taizi.

For a while, there were a lot of discussions in the imperial court and among the people.

Finally, the day of Huo Xu’s wedding arrived. Unlike the cold and desolate of Huo Du’s wedding that day, there was an endless stream of laughter and firecrackers today. Even in the mansion, Le Zhi could hear the laughter and blessings from the street corners and alleys.


Le Zhi raised her eyes and saw Huo Du outside the room, with a smile yet not a smile expression on his face. She smiled as she ran to his side, pretending to be angry, “When I got married to Your Highness that day, Your Highness didn’t even come. Your Highness didn’t like to see me at that time?”

That’s true. Huo Du thought to himself.

“You hold grudges like this?”

“I’m very generous. I’ve forgiven you long ago.” Le Zhi took his palm and walked with him towards the sedan chair outside.

Tsk, I still need to be forgiven.

Who cares?

Huo Du did not answer and let her lead him outward.

Both of them enter the palace together to attend the evening wedding banquet.

Emperor and Empress Qi stood in the center of the hall and left after saying a few congratulations words. They handed over the main venue to Huo Xu.

Although today’s banquet was called a wedding banquet, it was actually a palace banquet that allowed Huo Xu to win over the courtiers.

Huo Xu was dressed in a bright red wedding dress and smiled proudly. He was congratulated and complimented by the courtiers at the wedding banquet. This made him a little smug and conceited.

Until he saw that familiar figure.

She was dressed in a light red palace dress, and her little face had become thinner and thinner. Although her face was covered by rouge, it still could not completely cover the haggardness on her face.

His heart seemed to be clenched and suffocated with pain.

For the past few days, his heart had not been able to relax. The plan failed that night, and she was grabbed by Huo Du to block the arrow for him. Later, Li Yao passed on a message saying that she was seriously injured and had been bedridden for a long time, so could not leave the mansion to meet him.

He hated him very much. He did not know how would Huo Du, a vicious villain, abuse his Zhizhi.

Every time he thought of this, his heart ached endlessly.

Seeing Zhizhi sitting next to Huo Du with a submissive appearance, he felt that she had suffered a lot of grievances. He did not know why his poison had no effect on Huo Du. It seemed that his imperial brother was really difficult to deal with!

Huo Xu stared at Le Zhi in a daze without blinking his black eyes. He swore in his heart that he would take Huo Du’s life next time and let Zhizhi get out of the sea of suffering as soon as possible and return to his side.

When Huo Xu looked toward Le Zhi, Huo Du saw it. The faint smile in the peach blossom eyes faded away, only viciousness flashed across his eyes.

At this very moment, he still dared to covet someone who he should not.

Indeed, a damn thing.

The author has something to say:
Huo Xu: Zhizhi, wait for me to save you from the sea of suffering!!!
Zhi: Fool.
Du: Damn thing! Look again, I’ll dig your eyeballs out!

No doubt, he was jealous of him.

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