After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 22          Poppies

Le Zhi half-squinted her eyes, and her throat was getting drier and drier.

Crazy? How could she not be crazy?

In recent days, Le Zhi had fallen into nightmares almost every night. She had the patience and time to take it slow, but what about her sister? On the day when the army of Great Qi invaded, her sister suffered such great humiliation. Le Zhi would never forget those empty eyes when her sister was taken away, and her entire person seemed to fall into a dead silence.

She could not wait indefinitely longer. For the sake of her sister, she also had to fight.

There could be no construction without destruction.

It was impossible to enter Huo Du’s heart in a short time. In this case, she could only change the method. Even if she died, she had to leave a deep impression on him and made it unforgettable.

Huo Xu who was a hypocrite, would definitely not treat her sister harshly for her own sake if she really died.

Le Zhi wanted to use her life to give her sister a chance.

“Does Your Highness think I’m crazy?” Le Zhi chuckled, “Is this more suitable for Your Highness?”

No reply was heard. Le Zhi frowned slightly. When she was about to look back, her eyes suddenly turned black, and then her side face completely leaned on the soft pillow without consciousness.

Huo Du’s face was still tinged with redness, but his eyes were so misty that water dripped, and there were a few drops of water on his white fingertips. He only felt a sweetness in his throat, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood sideways.

After a long time, his complexion finally recovered as before.

“What kind of aphrodisiac?” Huo Du looked at Le Zhi’s unconscious side face and saw some tears on her long eyelashes. He rubbed it with his fingers and then licked his fingertips. The lingering sweetness in his mouth was mixed with her tears.


Huo Du sneered. Sure enough, all tears followed their master. They were equally unpleasant and unadorable.

He stretched out his hand and patted Le Zhi’s face with some force, “You thought so beautifully, eh?”

To leave a deep impression on him? She had moved her brain to this level. Only she could think of aphrodisiac. And also, she had put so much.

If it was not for his deep internal strength, he would really have consummated with her at this time and she would possibly die too unsightly.

At this time, the blood color on Le Zhi’s cherry lips was almost completely white and almost lost her breath.

A trace of panic flashed through Huo Du’s black eyes. He immediately picked up the cane beside him and walked toward the medicine shelf. He could not figure out what he was thinking, and there was no time for him to think so much at this time. The only thing he was certain of was that he did not want her to die.

He was calculated, drugged, and then he had to save her. Was he out of his mind?

Huo Du took down a dark red porcelain bottle, curled his lips, and smiled. Indeed, he was not normal, to begin with.

After feeding the antidote to Le Zhi, Huo Du wiped away the solidified bloodstains on her back shoulder with a warm cotton towel, and then simply bandaged her. The wound on the back shoulder was extremely serious and coupled with Le Zhi’s recklessness in yanking out the arrow made the wound even bigger. When he put on the medicine, the unconscious person frowned in pain, and her face was crumpled into a ball.

“Serve you right.” Huo Du said coldly, “But don’t die of pain. Are you willing to die before you get consummated?”

Huo Du felt extremely ridiculous that this girl seemed to regard consummation as something like experiencing the most severe trials and tribulations. Although he was inexperienced, this matter should obviously be full of pleasure.

He purposely did not want to fulfill her wish.

He had to make her cheeks blush, and those foxy eyes glowed blurry, entangling with him and begging him for more.

“Cold…” Le Zhi pursed her lips and her body trembled uncontrollably. The excessive loss of blood in her body made her tremble.

“An Xuan.” Huo Du called in a deep voice.

An Xuan, who had been waiting outside the pharmacy, immediately entered the room, “What is Your Highness’s order?”

“Add two heaters here.”

An Xuan was stunned after hearing this. He had followed His Highness for so many years and had never seen His Highness put a heater in the room. But now…

He did not dare to say more, just nodded to say yes.

The heater came quickly. Soon after it was put down, the pharmacy warmed up quickly.

Huo Du could not help frowning. He still hated the comfortable feeling of being surrounded by warmth. Staring down at the sleepy person, he saw her breath gradually stabilize and her lips began to regain their blood color. He was surprised to find that his heart, which had been anxious for a long time, was only able to relax at this moment.

He pulled up the fleece blanket on Le Zhi’s body and laughed like mocking himself.

Huo Du, ah… Huo Du, you are more than abnormal.
You’re quite cheap.

Stepping out of the pharmacy, Huo Du said to An Xuan, “Call her maid to change her clothes.”

An Xuan nodded. Looking at Huo Du’s back, An Xuan had a feeling that His Highness seemed to have changed a little. However, he could not tell where exactly had changed.

There was a greenhouse in the northern corner of the Taizi Mansion, which was forbidden. Except for Huo Du, no one in the mansion could enter without permission. He pushed the door open and walked in slowly with a cane.

There were not many different types of flowers and plants in the greenhouse. On the contrary, there was only one kind of flower here. Although the flower had several colors like red, purple, white…


When he was a child, the meridian of his right leg was completely broken, which was not only incurable but also painful. The imperial doctor could not do anything to help. In order to prevent him from being tortured to death, Emperor Qi started to use the forbidden drug in the palace which was bailuo powder*.

(bailuo powder* – morphine)

As soon as this drug was used, he really no longer suffered from the pain. But after he gradually recovered from his leg injury, he became addicted to the drug.

Only then did Huo Du know why bailuo powder was listed as a banned drug. Because in addition to relieving the pain, this drug also made people addicted.

If he could do it all over again, he would rather die of pain than experience the pain of quitting the addiction. During that time, he did not live like a human being and was like a ghost that was about to fall into purgatory at any time.

Even if he tried hundreds of poisons by himself later, it was like a drop in the ocean compared to quitting the addiction.

Huo Du closed his eyes as he was unwilling to recall the past again. This greenhouse was set up by him to remind himself. Hatred must not be forgotten, and addiction must not be allowed.

He approached the flowers, stretched out his hand to pick a poppy, and stared at it silently. The red petals were bright in color, beautiful yet dangerous. However, Huo Du was never afraid of danger.

Not long after, Huo Du chuckled as an answer appeared clearly from his heart. Finally, he seemed to have encountered something more powerful than poppies after so many years.

Le Zhi.

Since he did not want to dispose of her, he wanted to give her a try.

Huo Du wanted to know, could he be addicted? If he was really addicted, then he could quit again. What if he could not quit? The pride in Huo Du’s core made him despise this kind of question.

How can it be impossible to quit?
Must be joking.

When Le Zhi opened her eyes in a daze, she met two pairs of tearful eyes.

“Master finally wakes up?” Lin Yue wiped the corners of her eyes, “How could you get hurt until like this? This maid was almost scared to death.”

Li Yao also wiped away her tears quietly on the side.

Le Zhi sat up with difficulty, and the two maids quickly helped her lean on the soft pillow. Le Zhi lowered her eyes and saw that she had changed into new clothing. Except for the pain in the shoulder, there was no pain in other places. Therefore, Huo Du neither consummated nor killed her.

What was going on? Could it be that the aphrodisiac medicine was fake?

Her head seemed to be in a mess. At this time, there was a faint sound from the door, and Le Zhi raised her eyes to see a familiar person slowly entering the room in a wheelchair.

“Go out.” The tone was plain and indifferent.

This was said to Li Yao and Lin Yue. The two maids retreated after making meaningful glances and closed the door conveniently.

Le Zhi was stunned. She had the determination to die last night, only then did she be so bold as to say those explicit words. She never thought she would be able to live.

Seeing Huo Du at this time, her cheeks burned instantly. She hurriedly lowered her head and did not dare to look at him.

The author has something to say:

In the beginning,
Du: How could it be impossible to quit? Must be joking.

Du: Damn! Can’t quit, can’t quit at all!!!

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