After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

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Chapter 15          Honesty

Le Zhi flinched in panic, “I… I’ll do it myself.”

“Don’t think about it. I just don’t like to owe others.”

He did not get up, just took off Le Zhi’s boots and socks seriously, and lightly lifted her legs to the bed. Then he pushed the wheelchair to get ready to leave.

“Your Highness!” Le Zhi called out to stop him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Now I am honest with His Highness, whether His Highness believes it or not, I sincerely regard His Highness as an ally.” After a pause, Le Zhi frowned slightly, and said cautiously, “Your Highness, can you stop trying the poison with your body like last night? There are obviously many ways to test the poison…”

The little girl’s tone was aggrieved as if she was frightened by the scene last night.

Huo Du smiled and said nothing. He would not agree to what he could not do.

“Lie down and sleep.”

Seeing that he did not answer, Le Zhi stopped asking and lay down with a sigh.

“Cover with the quilt.”

Le Zhi was stunned for a moment. Maybe she was so worried that she even forgot to cover herself with the quilt. She hurriedly pulled the quilt beside her, wrapped herself, and closed her eyes tightly.

Huo Du raised his hand and threw some sleeping spice into the incense burner beside the bed, and then left the bedroom.

The prime minister’s mansion was decorated with lanterns and colorful hangings, radiant with joy. The maids in the mansion were busy all over, and with cheerful smiles on their faces.

The prime minister’s only daughter was getting married to the third prince with the most prestigious reputation in the Great Qi.

This was a big happy event!

“Qingyan, Qingyan?”

Lin Yuxian walked into Shen Qingyan’s boudoir cheerfully, but seeing her worried look, she shook her arm and asked, “What’s the matter? What are you thinking about until lost in thought?”

There were not many noble ladies with high status in the Great Qi. Since the two were the same age, they naturally became close friends from a young age. Now that Shen Qingyan’s wedding was imminent, Lin Yuxian was happier than her.

Shen Qingyan recovered, pulled a smile, and said, “I didn’t think of anything.”

This was the wishful husband that she was getting married to. Logically speaking, she should never have such a worried look. This girl’s mood was very delicate, and Lin Yuxian could see at a glance what she was thinking.

“Are you worried about that Le Zhi?” Lin Yuxian pouted with slight anger, “Look at her charming foxy appearance. She is a disaster at first glance!”

Even if Lin Yuxian was dissatisfied, she had to admit that Le Zhi’s beautiful appearance was overwhelming.

Shen Qingyan could not help frowning after hearing this, “Yuxian, don’t say that. She… is also quite pitiful.”

“What’s her pity! Don’t be so sympathetic. In this world, heroes are based on success and failure.” Lin Yuxian’s face turned red while biting her lip, “She should have been locked up like her sister… It’s all to blame for His Majesty’s messing with the mandarin ducks, and cousin Taizi doesn’t like her!”

Shen Qingyan sighed as she did not know what Lin Yuxian thought of Taizi. His Majesty’s marriage bestowment was a sharp stab in her heart. Even without the marriage bestowment, she never saw that His Highness Taizi treated Yuxian differently.

Alas, this silly girl ah.

Thinking of this, she could not help but smile bitterly. A bystander saw through everything, these words were indeed true.

But what about Huo Xu toward her? Although he agreed to the marriage bestowment, the look on his face when he met Le Zhi before the palace banquet could not deceive anyone.

He had not let go of her yet.

Shen Qingyan did not know that Huo Xu had a marriage contract with Le Zhi when he was a hostage in the country Li, and the two were also childhood sweethearts for more than ten years. But now things had changed dramatically, and Le Zhi had also become the Taizifei.

So… so would she have a chance to slowly replace Le Zhi and become that person in his heart?

She was willing to give it a try.

From the day that Huo Xu returned home in triumph, he had grown in her heart with just one look and was hard to get rid of. And in this month, he had often brought her some novelty playthings and also asked for a peace charm for her at Huguo Temple.

Did this mean that he also treated her differently?

The corners of her lips gradually raised, and her smile glowed. Shen Qingyan’s heart raised a little bit of confidence.

After staying up all night, Le Zhi slept in a daze and woke up with some dizziness.

It was already dusk outside. The afterglow of the setting sun came in from the window and printed the room with dim yellow.

Le Zhi got up and walked to the table and found that there were several plates of exquisite desserts on the table somehow. She touched her stomach and was surprised to find that she had not eaten for a long time.

She poured a cup of hot tea and ate it slowly with the pastries.

She thought as she ate that Li Yao was really a considerate girl.

After eating half full, Le Zhi still remembered the remaining poison on Huo Du’s body, so she went out of the bedroom to see him. But as soon as she opened the door, the maid waiting outside greeted her.

“Greetings Taizifei.” The maid bowed to salute, and said, “His Highness has instructed that when Taizifei wakes up, let this maid take you to the hot spring to find him.”

Hot spring?

Le Zhi took a deep breath and raised her legs to follow the maid who led the way.

It was not until the maid closed the door that Le Zhi returned to her senses. The hot mist in the hot springs pool made her vision blurry. She followed the direction towards the pool and finally came to the edge of the hot spring.

She also saw Huo Du who was soaking in the hot spring with his eyes closed.

She got closer and saw that Huo Du’s complexion was much better, not as pale as last night. Perhaps due to the temperature of the hot spring pool being high, which made his face a little red at this moment.

Le Zhi felt relieved that everything seemed all right.

“Have you seen enough?”

The silent atmosphere was suddenly broken, and Le Zhi took a step back subconsciously.

She stared at Huo Du in a daze and watched him open his eyes slowly.

“What are you doing in a daze? Come down, ah.” Huo Du closed his eyes again and smiled softly, “Didn’t Taizifei say to be honest?”

“Now I am honest with His Highness…”

What she said to him in the morning was deliberately misinterpreted by him like this!

The cherry lips were about to be bitten to bleed by her, and the tense string in Le Zhi’s heart suddenly snapped.

Why are you coy? She asked herself this.

Did not she prepare earlier? This matter was supposed to happen on the wedding night, and it was not bad to delay until now.

It was just… After all, there was still a difference between being in the bedroom and in the hot spring pool.

She stopped herself from having the messy thoughts in her head. Le Zhi lowered her eyes and began to untie the belt around her waist.

“That’s fine, go…” Huo Du opened his eyes, but before he could say anything, he saw her clothes fall to the ground in front of his eyes.

He originally planned to tease her, to see her at a loss with her face turning red and white. Then drove her out and enjoyed her embarrassing moments of fleeing in a hurry.

However, things did not turn out the way he expected.

Le Zhi kept her eyes low, so she did not see Huo Du had already opened his eyes. Her outer clothing was all gone, and she reached her fingertips to the back of her neck to loosen the ties of her innerwear.

Her graceful body was as white as the bright moon that was surrounded by the hot mist and made people even more lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Her innerwear was loose but had not yet fallen. Huo Du’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and the tip of his ear could not help but turn red.

For the first time, he hurriedly turned his head to close his peach blossom eyes, stabilized his breath, and covered the panic in his eyes.

With all her innerwear gone, Le Zhi hurriedly stepped into the hot spring and the feeling of being naked all over made her panic.

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