After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 14          Detoxification

Le Zhi did not know that there was such a special pharmacy in the mansion.

She pushed Huo Du here according to his instructions. After seeing the arrangement inside, she could not help but widen her eyes.

This was completely different from the ordinary pharmacy.

There were no wooden cabinets with all kinds of medicinal ingredients, let alone the slightest medicinal fragrance. On the wooden shelf, there were only bottles of different colors of porcelain bottles, which dazzled people.

“If Taizifei continues to appreciate it carefully, you can collect the corpse for this loneliness.” Huo Du joked, but his voice became hoarse due to the poison.

After Le Zhi regained her sense, she hurriedly pushed him to the table. She stood in front of the table with a grave expression while holding an empty porcelain bowl in front of her.

“Three drops of the fifth bottle in the third row.”

“Four drops of the seventh bottle in the fifth row.”


Le Zhi methodically took down the medicine bottle according to what he said, and carefully dropped the medicine into the bowl. But in the end, her hand holding the medicine bottle was shaking uncontrollably due to panic.

“Don’t panic, ah.” Huo Du rested weakly against the back of the chair but the smile on his face was even more when his life was in danger, “It doesn’t matter if there is an extra drop or less a drop. This loneliness is very relieved that Taizifei will collect the corpse for this loneliness.”

Le Zhi raised her eyes to look at him. His face was as white as paper, and black blood continued to spill from his mouth, sliding across his white and slender neck to his crimson-colored middle clothes. And his peach blossom eyes were scarlet.

Red and white formed a contrast that made his appearance very captivating.

He was poisoned until like this, and still had the time to tease her. Le Zhi was angry, could not help but glared at him, and scolded in her heart ‘A crazy lame person!’

But she only dared to scold him in her heart, and her tone was slightly resentful, “Your Highness, you’d better talk less. Why don’t you save some energy to rest?”

Looking at the expression on Le Zhi’s face that dared to be angry but dared not say anything, Huo Du thought it was very interesting.

Gee, she still has a temper.

Yes ah, how could a princess of a country have no temper? He thought that she looked much better when she was angry than when she pretended to be obedient.

Huo Du chuckled and stopped teasing her. He just continued to tell her how to dispense the medicine.

The slender figure was busy, composed, and calm, with uncontrollable nervousness.

Huo Du raised his eyebrows. Are you so afraid?

Although this poison looked dangerous, it was really incomparable to the hundreds of poisons he had tasted before. Everyone knew he had a weird personality and acted crazily. Especially his imperial younger brother, who both feared and hated him, sent many people to take his life, but those people never came back, and no corpses had been found in the end.

Only a few people in this world knew that this sinister Huo Du was actually a doctor with excellent medical skills.

As for the reasons for studying medicine, it was a bit ridiculous.

Too many people want his life, but it was difficult to get close to him and the best way was to use poison.

Poisons, poisonous gases, poisonous snakes, and poisonous insects… everything that one expected to find.

He could only avoid it once or twice, but he could not avoid it every time. In this way, before they started, he had tasted thousands of strange poisons in the world and most of these poisons had no cure.

But Huo Du did not believe it. If it was poisonous, there must be a solution.

He never left a way out for himself. No matter what poison it was, it was like drinking a sweet syrup and then forcing himself to make the antidote before the poison struck his death. Maybe Heaven did not want him to die, therefore he succeeded every time.

But what if he failed? Huo Du naturally thought about this question before.

If he failed, then he would die. Since he could not cure the poison, it was better to die in his own hands than to be poisoned by others. Which was much better.

The last drop of liquid medicine dropped into the porcelain bowl. The liquid medicine in the bowl boiled rapidly and changed color, becoming a bowl of steaming thick black soup in an instant.

Le Zhi walked up to Huo Du with the medicine in hand. The thick and bitter smell of the medicine made her frown. She used to be most afraid of drinking this kind of bitter soup when she was sick. However, she handed the bowl to Huo Du’s lips, and he drank it straight away without even frowning.

“Your Highness, is there any candy or candied fruit here? I’ll get some for Your Highness to suppress the bitterness.”

Huo Du squinted his eyes slightly. Although he had drunk the antidote, the poison in his body would not detoxify quickly. He shook his head.

Candy? He hated this kind of sweet and greasy thing most.

Le Zhi sighed inwardly, then turned her eyes to look at the pharmacy seriously and found a soft bed in the corner. She breathed a sigh of relief. Now that Huo Du’s body was weak, it would make things worse if he was blown by the cold wind on the way and got a cold when she pushed him back to the bedroom.

That’s just right.

She pushed the person to the edge of the soft bed and bent down to put his hand on her shoulder. Huo Du’s right leg was crippled and had no strength, so the whole body’s weight was placed on Le Zhi’s body.

Le Zhi’s face blushed and finally helped the person to lie down on the bed. The dispensing of the medicine just now had already exhausted her. After doing all this, she sat weakly on Huo Du’s wheelchair and gasped for a few breaths.

The consciousness of the person on the collapse was chaotic, but he still said in a hoarse voice, “Won’t Taizifei sleep with me on the bed?”

Huo Du’s forehead began to sweat, presumably, the poison had begun to detoxify. Le Zhi shook her head as she was about to rest for a short while and then let someone prepare hot water and gave him a simple wipe down.

“Afraid?” Huo Du hooked his lips, “Afraid of waking up with a corpse lying beside you?”

Why can’t you shut up?!

Le Zhi glared at him, raised her hand to press his peach blossom eye, and massaged it lightly with her fingertips, “Close your eyes and rest.”

After a while, she took her hand away. She did not know if it was because of the poisoning or if he was really tired, Huo Du’s breathing became shallow and he seemed to be really asleep.

She got up and went outside to call someone to prepare hot water.

After all, Taizi being poisoned was a big deal, and Le Zhi dared not say anything. The servants of the Taizi Mansion knew the rules very well and did not ask much, only acting according to her orders.

After wiping off the sweat on Huo Du’s forehead and the bloodstain between his lips and neck with a warm handkerchief, Le Zhi propped up her cheeks with her hand and stared at his sleeping face for fear that the poison would not clear, and he would really stop breathing in his sleep.

Recalling everything that happened tonight, she drooped her head and felt depressed.

What kind of ally did she choose…?

At this time, he was sound asleep, and Le Zhi dared to open her mouth lightly, “Lunatic!”

At this time, the eyelashes of the person on the collapse moved slightly, which frightened Le Zhi. She quickly bent over to have a look, but his slender eyelashes trembled a few times and then stopped moving.

She breathed a sigh of relief and blinked her dry eyes. Although she was physically and mentally exhausted, she still did not dare to close her eyes and rest.

The sky was bright, and the winter sun shone through the window and brushed on Huo Du’s face. He was originally a light sleeper, but he had slept for a long time because of the poisoning.

When he opened his eyes, there was a smiling hibiscus face in front of him. Seeing him wake up, a smile appeared between her eyebrows, “Your Highness is awake?”

Huo Du got up, and a strange feeling rose in his heart. He looked at the person in front of him again, the eyes were bloodshot, and the lower part of her eyelid was black.

Apparently, she did not sleep all night.

He suddenly became serious, “Le Zhi, are you sick?”

Le Zhi’s smile suddenly froze. She looked left and right and did not know where she had provoked him. When she lowered her eyes, she remembered that she was sitting in his wheelchair.

Could it be that he did not allow others to sit in his wheelchair?

She quickly got up and helped him to the wheelchair. But the grievance in her heart was getting worse and worse.

This man really had no conscience. She took care of him all night, but he turned against her after sitting in his wheelchair for a while.

“Come with me.”

There was no warmth in his tone again.

Le Zhi thought that she should not argue with the lunatic, so she sniffed and followed.

Huo Du did not go elsewhere, just returned to the bedroom.

Le Zhi was stunned. Is he going to continue sleeping?

“Go to bed.”

Huo Du held her wrist and pulled the person to the bed to sit down facing him. And then leaned over to lift her feet.

The author has something to say:
Du: Are you sick?
Zhi: You are sick, your whole family is sick!
Du: I just want to sleep with my wife… (feel wronged)
laughing to death… lunatic, as expected of you!

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