After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 16          Consummation

The water in the hot spring pool rippled. Le Zhi pursed her lips and walked to Huo Du’s side. She leaned against the warm stone wall and distance herself from Huo Du.

“Is Your Highness in good health?”

Huo Du opened his eyes and hummed with a smile, “Thanks to Taizifei.”

Le Zhi smiled shyly and did not know what to say.

There were a lot of food and fruits laid out on the edge of the hot spring pool. Le Zhi watched Huo Du take the cup and hand it to her. She deliberately lowered her body and held out a hand to take it.

Inside the ceramic glazed cup was a colorless liquid, which was no different from water. However, the pungent smell was very familiar.

It was the smell of night fragrance.

Le Zhi opened her lips slightly, but before she could open her mouth, she heard the person beside her say slowly, “Night fragrance is also known as mint.”

“Mint.” Le Zhi murmured, “It’s a beautiful name.”

Then, she brought the ceramic glazed cup to the tip of her nose, but the slightly strong smell forced her to move the cup away.

Huo Du took the cup and drank it in one gulp. Then he sneered, “Don’t force yourself. You and I are not the same kinds of people.”

Le Zhi frowned after hearing this.

What did he mean? Could it be that she did all this and only got his words of “not the same kind”? This was obviously not the outcome Le Zhi expected.

She bit her lip, slowly walked to Huo Du, and raised her eyes to look at him. There was still no emotion in his eyes, and his upper lip was stained with some mint juice.

Surrounded by hot mist, there seemed to be a thin layer of water vapor between the two. Suddenly, Le Zhi stepped forward, put both her hands on Huo Du’s shoulders, and pressed her body close to him.

“Taizifei, this is…”

Before the words were finished, Le Zhi had already put her cherry lips on his, and the two of them were pressed against each other in an instant.

Although the premarital momo had taught a lot before the wedding, it was not easy to actually do it. Le Zhi has never been like this with anyone, let alone know how to kiss. There was only a faint smile in the eyes of the peach blossoms that were up close, and no other reaction.

She had no choice but to gently kiss Huo Du’s lips stained with mint juice. It was not as pungent as she expected, and the tip of the tongue only felt a hint of coolness. She kissed carefully, and the tip of her tongue penetrated slowly until it touched his tightly closed teeth.

What should I do next?

Le Zhi’s mind went blank. She entered in order, but Huo Du was not moved at all. She suddenly felt defeated, looked down dejectedly, and was ready to back away.

However, a palm was suddenly placed on her lower back to make her stick even closer.

The softness in front of her chest hit a hard one. Perhaps the water in the hot spring pool was too warm, and Le Zhi’s body was instantly tense. And the person in front of her slowly stuck out the tip of his tongue and entangled with her.

This was the real kiss at this moment.

Le Zhi felt her cheeks burn like fire.

Huo Du’s kiss was long, as unhurried as being attentive, but it also took all her breath away. Neither of them closed their eyes, and they just stared at each other. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness and desire, and the kiss was not passionate at all.

Until Le Zhi felt that she was about out of breath, Huo Du let go of her as if he had calculated the time.

Le Zhi gasped a few times, and then pretended to be calm before commenting, “It tastes great.”

Seeing that Huo Du was silent, she wanted to reach out to hold his hand. However, his hand was submerged in the water, and it was difficult to find it for a while. Le Zhi was extremely patient, and her little hands carefully groped under the water.

…Until she grasped something.

What is this?
It’s hot and hard.

Le Zhi was stunned. Could it be that there was something else in the hot spring pool? She squeezed it with a little caution.

She saw the complexion of the person in front of her suddenly sunk, and there was a trace of consternation in his eyes.

Le Zhi did not know whether it was an illusion or not, she felt that Huo Du’s eyes were a little red.

This is…. what’s the matter?

“Is it fun?” His voice was hoarse.

This was the first time that Le Zhi saw him like this, and she squeezed harder in panic… Then she heard a muffled groan.

She finally realized what she was holding. Although she has not seen it with her own eyes, she could roughly judge from the portrayal in the book and the description of the momo.

With a low cry, she quickly let go and took two steps back. A state of panic, helplessness, and embarrassment appeared on her snowy cheeks. Her already tense body trembled even more and caused her lower leg to be pulled at this time.

The whole person suddenly lost weight and fell backward. The whole body was immersed in the hot spring pool, and a splash of water splashed on Huo Du’s face.

Le Zhi, who was struggling in the water, closed her eyes and could not help thinking that she should be the most disgraceful princess who drowned in the hot spring pool without any trace.

After a while, she suddenly felt that the hot spring water behind her pushed her upwards as if it had strength. When her head was exposed to the surface of the water, the hot spring strength had not disappeared, and it pushed her straight towards Huo Du.

When her thoughts returned, her whole body was already on Huo Du, and her chin was resting on his shoulder.

Le Zhi’s eyes were sore, and the tears that had been suppressed for a long time fell straight down. She did not know what to do anymore. She had done everything that she should and should not do, but Huo Du kept teasing her. She was really useless.

There was a small whimper, and the soft body clinging to him trembled slightly. Huo Du was angry at her but also found it laughable.

Obviously, it was her that took the initiative to kiss him, but the kiss was not very good. Her little hand was still grabbing restlessly under the water. But unexpectedly, she felt wronged first?

However, this look really looked like a little fox caught in the rain.

Strangely pitiful.

He did not tease her anymore. He put his hand around her slender waist and patted her back gently with his other hand as if to coax her.

“Your Highness always teases me.” Le Zhi buried her face in his neck, rubbed lightly, sniffed again, and muttered, “You bully people…”


He gave her an inch and she wanted a mile. She was still the villain who had to complain first.

Huo Du pulled the person away from his body, stared at her red fox eyes, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Who throw herself at me like wolves and tigers? Who kissed who first? In the end, who bullied who first?”

Le Zhi’s face turned red after hearing this, hurriedly lowered her head and said aggrievedly, “But Your Highness said that I am not the same kind.”

Huo Du pressed his palm to Le Zhi’s heart and Le Zhi raised her eyes in puzzled.

“If you want to be with me, you can’t be so fragile here. Understand?”

Le Zhi was slightly startled and then nodded seriously.

The palm of his hand moved up slowly, held her white shoulder, and pulled her closer slightly. The tip of their noses touched and Huo Du hooked his lips, “Besides, what kind of bullying is this? At most… it’s just affection between husband and wife.”

After a long delay in the hot spring pool, it was already late at night when the two returned to the bedroom.

Le Zhi lay on the bed, feeling puzzled in her heart. Just now, she accidentally grabbed his… If according to momo’s interpretation, Huo Du did not have any desire for her because he still did not touch her, which was strange. No matter what he thought, it was fine like this too.

“What are you thinking?”

Le Zhi returned to her senses and remembered what Huo Xu had said to her earlier in the guest house, so she said to Huo Du, “Your Highness knew that the Eastern Palace also has Huo Xu’s spy.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“Because he knew that Your Highness and I have not…” After a pause, Le Zhi bit her tongue in annoyance.

Why did she have to say this at this moment?!

“Have not what?” Huo Du asked with a smile.

Le Zhi glared at him. This person clearly understood, but he insisted on me saying it!

She vaguely spat out the word “consummate”.

“What?” Huo Du deliberately said, “Say it clearly.”

“Consummate!” Le Zhi was embarrassed. “He knew that we have not consummated yet. How could he know such a private matter if he didn’t have a spy?”

There was no heater in the bedroom, and the residual heat from the hot spring pool had long dissipated. Le Zhi pulled the brocade quilt up and bundled herself up.

“Consummate…” Huo Du leaned on the embroidered pillow and looked sideways at her, “Do you want to?”

Le Zhi raised her head in astonishment, thought for a moment, and bit her lip, “I’ll listen to Your Highness.”

That means not wanting to.

“But I will not, ah.”

Le Zhi was at a loss, “Huh?”

Will not…
Will not what? Will not consummate? Come on…

Huo Du smiled softly and gently put the book at the head of the bed next to Le Zhi’s face. Le Zhi got out of the quilt and took the book in her hand.

Was not this the book he had been reading? She opened the book with curiosity and flipped through the pages. Gradually, Le Zhi’s cherry lips opened slightly, as if struck by lightning.

The description in this book was more detailed than the book shown by momo before the wedding. The illustrations were also drawn more clearly, and the women were mostly on the top. Both her hands could not help trembling, and the book fell on the bed.

Huo Du laughed out loud, picked up the book, and said in deadly earnest, “This loneliness’s legs are inconvenient. I am afraid that I have to trouble Taizifei.”

As he spoke, he shoved the book into Le Zhi’s hand and chuckled, “Study hard.”

Unexpectedly, there was such a thing! Le Zhi blushed and summoned up her courage to respond to him with a yes.

“Taizifei is so smart that it won’t take long to master the secrets.” Huo Du leaned over, his breath brushed over the tip of Le Zhi’s ears, and said softly, “Then this loneliness will wait for the day when Taizifei help to take off my pants.”

Boom! Her brain was buzzing.

Purposely, this man did it on purpose!

Huo Du looked at Le Zhi’s stiff body with satisfaction.

Oh, now she just looks like a little fox with fried fur.

He waved his hand casually which made the bed curtain fall, and the inside of the bed fell into darkness.

Le Zhi lay down. Her heart still beating so fast that she was not sleepy at all.

“By the way, I haven’t thanked Taizifei for detoxifying this loneliness. Is there anything you want?”

After a long silence, Huo Du said again, “If you don’t have any, then forget it.”

“Yes…” Le Zhi said softly, “I want to have two more maids. Can I have Jing Xin from the Eastern Palace and Lin Yue from this mansion?”

“The internal maids are original in charge by you, which is nothing. What else do you want?”

“I want to ask Your Highness to borrow some money…”

Le Zhi had long thought about it that if she wanted to take root in Great Qi, she absolutely could not do it without money at hand. Which one did not need money, to recruit people and bribe people’s hearts? It would not be enough if just rely on Taizifei’s salary alone.

She needed capital to do some business. Only in this way could there be a guaranteed return.

“Yes. How much do you want to borrow?”

“Five… five thousand taels?” Le Zhi asked cautiously as the amount was obviously not small.

“Let the steward bring it to you tomorrow.”

How could it be so smooth? Le Zhi was speechless, and said doubtfully, “Your Highness, won’t you ask me what I’m going do with this money?”

Her answer was a laugh.

“Commit murder and arson are fine. But…” Huo Du said lightly, “You have to pay back to this loneliness three times the principal with interest within a year.”

Three times!?

This man was even shadier than a profiteer!

Le Zhi was terrified and could not help but say, “If it doesn’t work out…”

Huo Du did not answer.

“All right! Three times it is!” Le Zhi gritted her teeth in response.

Inside the dark bed curtain, Huo Du closed his eyes and hooked his lips. He could guess her expression without opening his eyes

If it doesn’t work out, you can pay it back with something else.

The author has something to say:
Du: What’s the point of paying the debt?!
Zhi: That’s it, you cannot even consummate with me. Tut, is it cannot or unwilling?
Du: ?????

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