After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 13          Crazy

The cold wind dispersed the plum fragrance in the plum forest, but this plum fragrance could not hide the smell of plum wine on her body.

“En…” Le Zhi lowered her eyes in embarrassment, her face was even redder, and said softly, “Only three cups, no more.”

Huo Du did not bother to break free of the hand that was being held by her. He extended his other hand, put the palm of his hand on the back of her neck, and made a slight effort to make her move closer to him.

The coldness on her neck made Le Zhi shiver and raised her eyes in panic. Huo Du’s peach blossom eyes were so close that she could see her terrified look in his eyes.

Seeing this, Huo Du had a smile on his face, but there was still no emotion in his eyes. He looked at the intoxicating fox eyes in front of him and asked, “Between Imperial Third Brother and me, do you want to choose me?”

When he asked directly, it made Le Zhi’s heart settle. She nodded vigorously, and answered firmly, “Yes.”

Huo Du stared at her eyes carefully, as if trying to discern how true her words were. After a long while, he withdrew his hands, leaned lazily against the back of the chair, and sneered, “What conditions did Huo Xu promise you and what did he want you to do for him?”

Le Zhi took out the medicine bag in her sleeve and put it on the stone table, “He will reward me with the position of Empress and asked me to wait for the opportunity besides Your Highness until I took Your Highness’s life.”

Huo Du glanced at her again, but he believed it. However, …

“You’re not even moved with the position of Empress?”

For women, the noblest status in the world should be the position of Empress. Even the position of Empress had not moved her, so what else could catch her eye?

Huo Du laughed. Could it be that she wanted to talk nonsense about falling in love with him at first sight?

“If I want to be Empress, Your Highness is the Taizi and as long as you succeed to the throne accordingly in the future, I am naturally the Empress. So, why do I have to make such an unnecessary move?”

After a pause, Le Zhi held Huo Du’s hands slightly harder and said again, “Besides, I have something that I wanted more than the position of Empress.”

“Oh?” Huo Du raised his eyebrows and motioned her to continue.

Le Zhi said frankly, “Huo Xu’s life.”

Hearing this, Huo Du really laughed. He naturally knew that Huo Xu had been a hostage in the country Li for many years, but in the end, he cooperated with the Qi army and destroyed the country Li.

It was normal for Le Zhi to hate him.

Hate. He had seen too many.

But how many people could really be completely heartless to hate till the end?

Huo Du believed what she said now but did not believe that she would always be like this.

Not at all.

His face turned cold, and raised his hand to squeeze her chin, “With this face of Taizifei that everyone admires plus the ten-year friendship with the imperial younger brother, isn’t it difficult to kill him?”

If she really hated him, it was not difficult to kill Huo Xu with her ability.

She did not kill him, which meant she still had feelings for him.

The fingers squeezing her chin tightened, and Le Zhi frowned in pain, but her eyes were still firm, “Your Highness is right, killing Huo Xu alone is not difficult. But I want to kill not only him but also his associates. Besides that, I want to save my older sister.”

Le Zhi only spoke half of it. She wanted to take revenge, and her ultimate goal was to kill the Emperor of the Great Qi. After all, he was the main culprit who ordered the destruction of the country Li. Huo Xu was just an accomplice at best.

But she could not say it.

No matter how much Emperor Qi attached importance to Huo Xu and despised Huo Du, blood was thicker than water and he was Huo Du’s biological father after all. She did not know how Huo Du felt about his imperial father.

Looking at Le Zhi’s painful expression, Huo Du let go of his hand, looked away, and stopped asking questions.

Le Zhi hesitated in her heart as she wondered how much Huo Du could believe what she said, and also felt that what she said just now was a bit blunt, without any feelings.

How to remedy it?

She hesitated, but her fingertips lightly squeezed Huo Du’s hand, and asked softly, “Does Your Highness have someone you like?”

The marriage between Huo Du and her was bestowed by Emperor Qi and he did not even show up for her conferment ceremony. She assumed that he was dissatisfied with it, and maybe he already had a sweetheart in his heart.

Huo Du did not answer after listening to her question.

Le Zhi continued, “If Your Highness has a sweetheart and when the matter succeeded in the future, Your Highness will ascend to the throne and can find an excuse to depose me at will. Naturally, the Empress position is reserved for the person in Your Highness’s heart.”


Huo Du suddenly found it a little funny. He did not even have a heart, so how could he have someone in his heart?

But he did not deny it, just asked indifferently, “What if not?”

“If not…” Le Zhi curved her lips and raised her eyes slightly, “Does Your Highness believe in fate?”

Seeing that Huo Du did not answer after asking, she continued, “I believe in fate. Isn’t it because of fate that Your Highness and I who have been separated by thousands of miles away become husband and wife?”

“Fate?” Huo Du sneered.

What the hell is that? He definitely did not believe it.

“Yes, ah.” Le Zhi smiled brightly, “Although I did not fall in love with Your Highness at first sight, after getting along with Your Highness these past few days, I don’t think it will take long for me to be moved by Your Highness. Although Your Highness has no interest in me now, maybe love will come in time and Your Highness will gradually like me!”

Le Zhi winked and said with a bit of coquettishness at the end.

Huo Du looked at her with burning eyes.

Throughout the ages, how many heroes had fallen under beautiful women?

Sure enough, beauty was hard to guard against!

If what she said tonight were all lies, that would mean that Huo Xu had chosen the right person.


It’s very impressive.

Whether it was true or not, he did not want to kill her, at least for now. Because he really wanted to see what she wanted to do.

Looking at the medicine bag on the stone table, Huo Du asked, “What medicine is it?”

Le Zhi withdrew her hands holding his palms and went to get the medicine bag.

Huo Du could not help frowning as his palm suddenly lost its softness and warmth.

The tea on the stone table was already cold. Le Zhi took off the tea lid and poured all the white medicinal powder into it.

In just a moment, the medicinal powder was completely dissolved in the tea, but the brown color did not change at all. She picked up the teacup and put it under her nose to sniff it, but there was not any peculiar smell.

Huo Xu did not lie to her. This medicine was really colorless and tasteless.

Le Zhi passed the tea to Huo Du and said, “Huo Xu said that this is a colorless and tasteless poison. Just add it to Your Highness’s food and drink ten times, and Your Highness will…”

There was no need to say the rest, she knew that Huo Du would definitely understand.

Then, she saw Huo Du take the teacup from her, glance at it, and then drink it in one gulp.

“Such a powerful poison, how can you tell it is genuine or fake without trying it.” Huo Du put the empty teacup back on the stone table, and then looked at the stunned Le Zhi, “Does Taizifei say yes, or no?”

He actually tries the poison himself!

Le Zhi’s eyes trembled, and her cherry lips opened slightly. Seeing that Huo Du was still calm and unhurried, she calmed down for the time being, “Looks like Your Highness has an antidote.”

Huo Du did not respond to her, just lightly tightening the armrest of the wheelchair with his fingertips. It did not take long for acute pain to come from his internal organs, and black blood began to spill from the corners of his lips.

Le Zhi’s eyes widened in surprise, and her voice trembled, “Since Your Highness has tried it, then take the antidote quickly!”

Huo Du took out the snow handkerchief from his sleeve, slowly wiped the blood from his lips, and enjoyed the pain of tearing his internal organs. He looked at Le Zhi with weary eyes, “I don’t have the antidote.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly turned his head sideways and spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Le Zhi stood up in horror.  Fear, helplessness, and deep puzzlement showed in her eyes instantly.

No, no antidote?!

Then, how dared he drank poison casually…

Is he crazy?

The author has something to say:
Du: Yes, ah.

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