After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country

Chapter 12          Embolden

The east back gate was still unguarded, and Le Zhi quietly returned to the mansion.

Recalling the scene in the study, Huo Du’s reaction, and without anyone around at the east back gate, Le Zhi felt that it was impossible for Huo Du to be without any inkling of the spy in the Taizi Mansion. She was a little afraid thinking of this. If she did not go to him to surrender in advance, what would be the situation now?

The corners of her mouth rose slightly.

She was very happy. She made the right choice.

However, what should she say to Huo Du next?

Just now she was desperate to confess to him, but she did not know how much he believed it. Le Zhi knew that she did not have many bargaining chips in her hand, and Huo Du was not a kind person.

She asked him to wait for her to come back before she went out. Would he… really wait for her?

Feeling flustered, Le Zhi turned around and walked toward the dining hall.

She had to be brave.

It was late at night and the mansion was quiet.

However, there were many guards on duty at night, one in every ten steps. The guards were not surprised to see Le Zhi, only saluted and greeted her.

Finally, she reached the dining hall. The maid on duty in the dining hall saw her and was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted and hurriedly welcomed and greeted her, “Taizifei, the cold dew is heavy at night, and Master’s body is very precious. If you need anything, just send someone to give an order.”

The maid gently supported Le Zhi into the dining hall, and after she sat down, she added a few lights in the hall. The hall gradually became brighter, and the beautiful and tender face of the maid was illuminated by the lights.

Le Zhi looked at her busy figure and asked with a smile, “What’s your name?”

“Taizifei, this maid’s name is Lin Yue.”

“Lin Yue… is a good name.” Le Zhi nodded with a smile and asked, “Is there any wine here?”

Lin Yue was stunned for a moment and replied, “Yes. Taizifei please will wait a moment.”

Le Zhi watched Lin Yue walk out of the dining hall quickly and thought to herself… What a clever girl.

Not long after, Lin Yue came back with a jar of wine and a wine cup. She poured the wine into the cup, and the aroma of the wine, accompanied by the fragrance of red plum blossoms, wafted all over the hall.

Le Zhi picked up the wine cup and drank it all at once. The warm wine slid smoothly into her throat, not spicy, just mellow.

“This maid doesn’t know what kind of wine Taizifei likes to drink, so I took this plum blossom wine on my own accord. This wine is not strong, can Taizifei used to drinking it?”

“Good wine.” Le Zhi praised.

After putting down the wine cup, Lin Yue added another cup to her. After drinking three cups, Lin Yue could not help frowning.

Although this plum blossom wine is not strong, it has great stamina. I’m afraid it will be inappropriate if Taizifei continues to drink it.

Before she could remind her, Le Zhi put down the cup and stood up. Lin Yue hurriedly supported her, “This maid will send Taizifei back to the bedroom.”

“No need.” Le Zhi gently pushed her hand away with a smile, “Thank you for your hard work. You can go get your reward tomorrow.”

Le Zhi’s snow cheeks were slightly red perhaps due to the effect of the wine, and even the corner of her eyes was dyed red which made her fox eyes even more charming. Lin Yue could not help but stare at her in awe, even forgetting to salute when sending her off.

After she regained her sense, Le Zhi had already gone far.

Lin Yue thought to herself that Taizifei was really as beautiful as rumored. No! It was more than the rumors and so gracious and kind-hearted. It was not her duty tonight, but Xi Chen who was on duty was not feeling well, so she begged her to take her place.

She did not expect to be able to get in close contact with Taizifei because of this, which was an unexpected joy. She had to talk to Xi Chen and the others when she went back!

After staring for a long time, Lin Yue yawned before patting her head and turning around to clear the dining table.

Huo Xu was expressionless, and his eyes were blank when he was unfastening the tie behind the head of the person beside him. The eyelashes of the person lying on the side fluttered, obviously not asleep yet.

Her fair and delicate body was covered with mottled bite marks and red marks, which was shocking to see. And a little white trace could be seen at the corner of her mouth.

Huo Xu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he wiped the corners of her lips with the silk that he took off. He knew that he was a little out of control tonight, but even as a substitute, he did not want to abuse a woman during sexual intercourse. He, Huo Xu was gentle as a jade type of person, was not he?

But the fire of resentment in his heart made him unable to control himself.

This face was very similar to Le Zhi’s. It would be great if it was really Zhizhi lying beside him at this time. Le Zhi’s smiling face suddenly appeared in his mind, and Huo Xu’s heart sank suddenly.

If Zhizhi knew that he had touched the woman next to him, would she be angry or heartbroken?

For more than ten years in the country Li, Huo Xu knew that Great Li believed in the word of one person for life, from the Emperor to the common people. In Great Li, it was not that there were no men who took concubines, but very few.

In a split second, Huo Xu changed his mind as the country Li was gone now. One must observe the customs of the place. Most men in Great Qi have three wives and four concubines. He assumed Zhizhi would get used to it.

Besides, was not that enough for him to only like her the most in his heart?

Moreover, Le Zhi may have become Huo Du’s person at this moment. Since he did not despise her, how could she blame him?

He sighed calmly, tossed around the bed, and had difficulty falling asleep. Then he turned around to get down from the bed and walked out of the room. The dark guards on the roof knew he must have instructions, so they dropped down together.

“Let the spy in the Taizi Mansion keep an eye on Le Zhi’s every move.” After a pause, Huo Xu said again, “Tell Li Yao, she must send the news immediately if there is any unusual movement.”

“Yes!” The dark guards accepted the order in unison.

The cold wind outside the room was rustling and Huo Xu was wearing only thin sleeping clothes. The cold wind went in from the collar and caused him to cough uncontrollably. Suddenly someone put the robe on him from behind. He turned around, and said warmly, “Woke you up?”

The woman knew that he did not like her voice, and was even more aware that the sound “Zhizhi” he called on the bed was not calling her. Thus, she just smiled and shook her head, without opening her mouth at all.

This docile and tender appearance fell in Huo Xu’s eyes, which aroused tenderness and shame even more so in his heart.

“Close your eyes.”

He picked up the person in front of him and stepped into the bedroom. He gently placed the person on the bed and raised his hand to unbutton her sleeping clothes. He thought that the silk was dirty and said, “Don’t open your eyes.”

The people under him nodded obediently.

Huo Xu smiled with satisfaction. If earlier was just to vent his resentment, then this time was the real desire that overcame his whole body at this time.

He bent down and held her swollen lips gently.

Le Zhi gently pushed open the door of the bedroom, and it was dark inside. She thought that Huo Du had already fallen asleep, so she walked slowly to the side of the bed but found that there was no one on the bed.

If he was not in the bedroom, where did he go?

Suddenly, a faint sound of the flute came to her ears.

Who else could play the flute unscrupulously in the mansion in the dead of the night? Le Zhi walked out of the room and followed the sound of the flute along the corridor to the back garden behind the bedroom, where many plum trees were planted.

Finally, she saw Huo Du.

She saw him sitting on the wheelchair beside the stone table in the back garden with his back facing her, playing the white jade flute she had selected.

Before the song was over, Le Zhi leaned against the corridor pillar and did not come forward to disturb him.

The flute sounds were melodious and yet familiar. If there was anything that could be completely interlinked between countries, it would be this melody.

At this time, Huo Du was playing “Snowy Wild Plums Song”. This song was not famous, but it was her imperial sister’s favorite song. In the past, when she was held by her imperial brother to read, her imperial sister smiled while playing this song.

Great Li was located in the south, and it rarely snowed in winter. When they were young, the three brothers and sisters wanted to see the snow-covered sky, and the scenery of silver-covered nature between heaven and earth.

Now that she came to the country Qi, she had seen the snow-covered sky. But her imperial elder brother was gone, and her imperial elder sister was still under house arrest.

The song ended, and the memories came to an abrupt end.

Le Zhi raised her hand and pressed the wetness at the end of her eyes with her fingers. Then, without hesitation, she raised her leg to walk over to Huo Du. After walking to his side, Le Zhi saw that he was wearing only crimson middle clothes as if he was completely unafraid of the harsh winter.

The wheelchair turned slightly, and Huo Du’s face was reflected in her eyes. Le Zhi took off the snow-colored cotton cloak from her body, put it on Huo Du’s lap, and then sat down on the stone chair facing him.

The plum blossom wine seemed to have gained some strength. Le Zhi felt her cheeks start to heat up, she lowered her eyes and did not know which words to start with. Her eyes saw Huo Du’s hand casually placed on the cotton cloak and his fingertips had turned white.

Unknown to where the courage came from, she stretched out her hands to hold his palm.

Huo Du’s hands were cold, and her palms so happened to be burning hot, which could pass on some warmth to him. Le Zhi raised her eyes, looked into Huo Du’s eyes, and said, “I…”

“You drank?” Huo Du interrupted her with a gentle smile.

The author has something to say:
Du: What if my wife is an alcoholic? (Put his hand up)

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